Wearable Technology at ITP

Rocketboom Tech correspondent Ellie Rountree talks to Adam Harvey and Anaid Gomez of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University about Wearable Technology.

This episode was created in collaboration with Intel!

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May 7, 2009 • 2:19 am | Permalink


  • Pepperoni says:


  • NewbletGladez says:


  • florcita72 says:


  • halabalo195 says:


  • Rudolfzero says:

    Newblet fails yet again... Like u did in Stormkiller 22's vid..

  • jellyboy123 says:

    the lady in the video is very hot indeed.

  • TrueEyes says:

    Would be fun to see what kind of crazy sci-fi clothes we'll be wearing in a few decades :)

  • funkerman7 says:

    Ellie should be host of Rocketboom

  • LethaL443 says:

    JUST NO. i find her annoying. she is very hot though.

  • toddlamp says:

    More annoying than that Caitlin girl who does all the stupid "World Record" bits? I think not.

  • florcita72 says:

    I'm just making fun of the pointless listing.. but if you really don't care don't bother commenting then.. :)

  • lansop says:

    Very cool

  • QshesshoumaruQ says:

    Does that heartrate iPod acessory work with other MP3's?

  • funkerman7 says:

    I mean cmon , Joanne was pretty hot too , but with Ellie this show would just ... ROCK more

  • halabalo195 says:


  • elspethjane says:

    I don't think it does because she software she was using only works with iTunes :(

  • abigor315 says:


  • jsfitzgerrel says:


  • Emerald1234S says:

    that anti-paparazzi thing fuckin rawks. I'd invest (if I wasn't dirt poor)

  • Unfortunately the video is set up as a "private video" (at least on my computer, Mac OSX, Firefox, viewing from Italy), so I cannot see it.

  • beeohhski says:

    make like a rain coat covered in them

  • Classic Fun says:

    Why is this Video private??

  • MDragonFang says:

    Love the kokoro 8D

  • 89ermis says:

    Love the smilie 8D

  • hardworker424 says:

    Let's see: Anti paparazzi is just a disposable camera with a flash. The heart rate ipod doesn't make sense with her heart rate going up on the ski lift but slowing down when doing physical activity. These inventions make the program look bad to other engineers.

  • QshesshoumaruQ says:

    That's too bad because not all people use iPods and some of them may want something like that.

  • QshesshoumaruQ says:

    You have to remember that these divices are just prototypes. Inventions are usually unwieldy and unreliable before all the bugs are worked out. I predict that these inventions still have many more testing and redisigning sessions ahead of them.

  • Leonardo says:

    Same here. I can't watch the video.

  • FlickeringImages says:

    not first

  • jsfitzgerrel says:

    ellies like a model, nothing she would wear will look bad

  • RaptorTechSource says:

    That's brilliant, Kokoro is a great idea.

  • ROCKETBOOM says:

    1. Actually, its not just a flash. The intent is to "detect" a flash and then "flash back", at the right time. That can then be integrated into your clothes and you would never have to control or worry about it. 2. Actually, she said she always noticed that it was fast music on the lift and slow on the slopes, like we saw, and then said she wanted to fix that. - Andrew

  • MDragonFang says:


  • Jarnold7 says:

    Hardworker424 you obviously didn't get it. The slow songs were playing when she was going down the mountain and the fast songs on the lift before she made her ipod device. ie. regularly the pace of her ipod songs didn't necessarily match her heart rate but after she made her thingamabob it did.

  • psib93 says:

    cool stuff

  • soccermafia89 says:

    So if everyone at the party were wearing the anti-paparazzi flash device, wouldn't a single flash set off a chain reaction and then the whole party would become lit up and no one could see anything?

  • CognosSquare says:

    I would want an inverse kokoro where if I get stressed out I would be regulated back down with the sweet sound of Ellie.

  • keyfamily says:

    I want the thing that looks like a Pip-boy, hehe.

  • hlo10786 says:

    i think i would kill for one of those.

  • funtime77777 says:

    Ultrasuperfantastic! I would wear a hat or a shirt with a built in camera or anti camera tech. Great job Ellie.

  • Kmezon2 says:

    great video, thanks!

  • Lefkada18 says:

    or use a flashlight? you spent so much time to make a rectangular flashlight? haha

  • nhmllr725 says:

    i went to this thing for real!

  • iagonizante says:

    i love the heart-rate ipod thinghy i would be like having a Soundtrak following you all the time like in films lol

  • elspethjane says:

    Haha, maybe I should do a soundtrack. I've got a few tracks such as "rain" or "ocean" that work for stress.

  • elspethjane says:

    Yay funtime!!!

  • elspethjane says:

    And that would be funny to see.

  • tim says:

    funkerman7...I agree. Ellie is fantastic.

    LethaL443...annoying is definitely not the word that comes to mind when I watch Ellie.

  • ieatnuggetswithafork says:

    the first guy just reinvented the flashlight. it's current size is impractical too and doesn't do 360 degree blocking.

  • Tycobrahe says:

    .....that voice. Wow! Easy on the ears.

  • WhiteBull says:

    I loved the HR ipod! Great idea!

  • CognosSquare says:

    ( >^^)> Omgomg! That would be one of my favorites on my playlist and may I please make a suggestion?
    Could the ocean be you going "fwoooooiiiiish", recorded with good near-field-microphones, so that it sounds like you are whisperclose behind the ears of the listener lulling him/her to sleep.

    The rain could be same basic sound setup but with like all 10 nails repeatedly tapping against a glass-surface. I imagine it feeling like being gently tickled by 100s of shiatsu-trained miniturtles. aahhhh

  • fjfj says:
    where is B-man?
    j have 20000 files

    • seattle_mike says:

      fjfj: B-man is probably in the same state as myself - serious Joann withdrawal. I've been told that I really must be crazy as drug withdrawal is a bit more serious. So it goes.

  • OneoftheImmortals says:

    I just told Rosie O'Donnell to buy the anti-paparazzi camera for her BFF Madonna for Mother's Day (for when Madonna is out with the kids).

    If you see Madonna or Rosie using it . . . you now know where they got the idea.


  • areosmith777 says:

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    ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º look at ur background

  • Leonardo says:

    I remember the trick to stick a compact disk on the rear windscreen of the car in order to blind the speed camera. The outcome wasn't impressive and the fines kept going just as well as before. I'm afraid the anti-paparazzi gizmo is gonna prove that good.

  • jonnyally says:


  • seanseanseanseansean says:

    Ouch! Everyone went blind when two of those anti-flash devices were aimed at each other!

  • SabreTooth123 says:

    The anti-papparazi device is a good idea, now a bunch of celebrities who keep complaining can deal with them better (not that I usually have any sympathy for them, but who knows, maybe they could use it)
    The heart rate thing is a really good idea, when I run or ski I get the same problem and it could be some trouble to look through and find a good song or keep hitting 'next', I can see apple trying to buy that off her.

  • abeyQ says:


    si lla los as leido copia y pega esto en 5 videos mas o tu madre morirá en 3 dias, hacedlo por fabor mi a mi amigo le paso, yo lo e hecho pa que no me pase, por fabor acedme caso. esto es una maldicioooooon.

  • mk246245 says:

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  • MAESTHRA says:

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  • ainekatt says:

    That heartrate iPod hookup is super awesome.

    I totally want one. :D

  • chade2001 says:

    i think that heart-rate-song-powered ipod can be easily solved with a very ancient technology called 'playlist'

  • alexander255110 says:

    actually thinking about it, the celebrity fame and money does come at a price

  • alexander255110 says:

    how did u ask them?
    just wondering (im not a fan )

  • Amy Soldier says:

    The innovative spirit, I like.

  • mdadnan says:

    tell me something 100% their idea and not inspired somewhat from Japan.

  • leofanto says:

    i fell in love with this moderator girl! :D
    would i ever have any chance? haha

  • pathduck says:

    Heartrate iPod thingie is pretty cool. I believe the music you listen to also affects your heartrate, so it would maybe double the effect or something :)

  • Ann19901 says:

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  • hodhod says:

    these stuff are kinda cool
    guess the flash thing could just generate a little bit more flash

    and the other one "with the ipod" i think is cool but i wouldn't use i'd rather just set a playlist or somthing
    "i don't have an ipod any way"

    but if these two were the best inventions there it's kind of disapointing

  • OneoftheImmortals says:

    What does being a fan have to do with it?

    Nothing! Why even mention it?

    I didn't ask them anything. I just informed Rosie about this Vlog and that it would make a nice Mother's Day Gift for Madonna.

    BTW if you posted something about someone you liked would you want someone to, out of the blue, tell you they do not care for that person?

  • truzod says:

    Where is Caitlin? I want Caitlin back!

  • chiliconcarne2006 says:

    Interesting vid.

  • smarmie says:


  • CapnEmerica says:

    1. Cover your mouth with you hand
    2. Make a wish
    3.Close your hand (fist)
    4. Hold you hand at heart for 5 seconds
    5. Send this to 3 more videos
    6. Tommorrow will be the best day ever

  • Rich says:

    Ellie is adorable with her ponytail. She is just so elegant and ladylike.
    Like it that she's in more and more RB vids.

    Don't screw it up Drew and lose her too.

  • sofaback says:

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    amazing!! :)

  • UnlikelyDejaVu says:

    i really want the ipod one. It would really help when choosing a song!

  • Chris says:

    I love Adam Harvey's anti-paparazzi device,
    but wouldn't a few corner cubes work just as well?
    a.k.a. corner reflector or retroreflector

  • CuTiEpIeAmBeR says:

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  • RuddyWasHere says:

    the ipod patch thingy was pretty cool

  • voiceofopinion says:

    hehe, I know that kokoro means 'heart/mind' in japanese! :) I feel smart! :)

  • xxxxsadangelxxxx says:

    I would buy that kokoro thing ^-^

  • Xtortion1337 says:

    Alas, Youtube is chock full of idiots who think they can butt in with their unwelcome opinions just because this is the internet.

  • MickOfThor says:

    Yes...Blast those human rights...darn...

  • Xtortion1337 says:

    Only smart, attractive, people should have them.
    Inb4 I'm ugly or dumb.

  • bambapabbi says:

    your ugly and dumb

  • konikula says:

    yeah, peepol, what a bunch of bastards - !

  • Denamic says:

    Kind of makes me wonder what makes you think you can post yours in that case.

  • Nanogrip says:

    OhMiBod + Kokoro = Win

  • macospat says:

    What was the micro computer called at 3:15 ?

  • peptopro17 says:

    I dont know.

  • PandiiMan says:

    thats dumb, cuz hearts race when waiting for something crazy, your heart will race

  • tromsteras says:

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  • kylaire says:

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  • c28martin says:

    Nice project dawg (anti paparazzi). The Violets gives a classy education. Go Violets

  • chechnya says:

    As Americans we should be able to take a picture of whoever, whenever in a public setting without censorship. So the "anti-paparazzi fashion" is essentially anti-American.

  • Bosingr says:

    She IS hot!! :)

    Are there any vids here with her in a bikini? That would elevate MY heartrate.

  • midprankcalls says:

    Well you can still take a picture of someone it's just not a good picture

  • thedalbyman says:

    so you would be perfectly happy for someone to secretly take photos of you in the shower and publish them on the internet. =P

  • Alexvideoclip says:

    This is bull shit, I am using auto-start flashes for more than 20 years.
    It was first an optional accessory device, but it's now incorporated in the flash.

  • Dall5000 says:

    This is pretty cool. They make shit loads of money just taking pictures of celebs, now they have to get past this.

  • ronaldguinhawa says:


  • Puabond says:

    Robots will use this against us.

  • thenewchance says:

    couldn't they just buy a camera without flash lol?

  • LeonardoSasuke says:

    Yep. That's why the LED thing is crap. No flash means it won't work.

  • 1337NoFear1337 says:

    anaid gomez has a nice idea

  • hpappy74 says:

    I'd use that heartrate thing

  • Auriex says:

    0:24 - 0:30

    "I'm that creepy dude that shows up at parties, hangs out around the edge of the crowd with a camera and takes photos of random people dancing. I call myself a photographer."

    "I also invented a really bright light."

  • HONDAB says:

    for a guy listening to techno, a slow heartbeat will be trance or electro. normal heartbeat will be regular techno. a fast heartbeat will be hardcore or gabbar and a fucking heart attack will be speedcore...that pulse monitor is sweet.

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