VidCon 2010: Interviews with John & Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers

Molly interviews John & Hank Green (Vlogbrothers) about VidCon 2010. Click here for Show Credits: VidCon 2010: Interviews with John & Hank Green of the Vlogbrothers.

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July 12, 2010 • 11:55 am | Permalink


  • omgitsvikka says:

    I SEE MITCHEL DAVIS! :D (Lavahead)

  • Harminatron says:

    hank is awesome ... awesome is hank :D

  • RVBDeathbot says:

    @AndrewFaulds this is true, as I went back to the thing we were having the last fight on about a month later after nobody had commented for a while and just put in last, thus winning that for now. so you are correct about that, but then again, what if youtube becomes obsolete in 10 years?

  • olesto says:

    is he gay? he look gay? Ge the stones

  • samiejivers16 says:


  • MachtenCH says:

    @olesto he has a wife!

  • ThePhildalegend says:

    i wish i was there so i could stalk molly :P

  • NoWehDude says:

    Vidcon looked so awesome! I wish I was there!

  • Asianised says:

    why has no one else commented on the ham man?!?!

  • LikingThings says:

    Who the eff is Hank?

  • AndrewFaulds says:

    @RVBDeathbot Then the last ever YouTube comment wins. Which will probably be "first", ironically.

  • Cookiekid369 says:

    stay awesome youtube

  • emaline23 says:

    I wish I could've gone to VidCon. :(

  • buccaneerpenguin says:

    @LikingThings *Hifive*

  • muzicaon says:


  • Jo2Be says:

    i would hug molly

  • firnantok says:

    Thank you, Molly!

  • vearheart42 says:

    @LikingThings Vlogbrothers, go checkem out. They are on the 100 most subscribed list.

  • emoly1994 says:

    Ahahaha Shawna was hilarious xD

  • TheAlliApples says:

    @LikingThings how the hell r u on youtube and you dont know who hank green is?!

  • HalfAssHorse0 says:

    @LikingThings :O

  • TheAlliApples says:


  • TessieTee says:

    @Asianised I believe it was a tongue. Epic none the less.

  • artvandelay13 says:

    @LikingThings Hank is a small plastic horn most notable for the controversy surrounding its use at the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Many viewers and reporters insisted that Hank be banned from all future World Cup games.

  • kevin92764 says:

    DFTBA :D

  • spongah says:

    hahaha poor hank looks soo stressed out but thats how it goes when u do this big of a show rofl

  • GermanGangrel says:

    I saw Molly interviewing Hank in either Shay's or Charles Trippy's vlog. It's crazy seeing VidCon from so many angles.

  • XGytis says:

    Ahhhhhh MOLLYYYYYYYYY !!! Hi. ^^

  • NeichaMooonfire says:

    who's the dumbass who thumbed down? XD

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    Nice interview ,I've never heard of this guys before but they seem to be pretty smart and inventive. Thank you Molly, I hope you've got a couple of interview coming :-)
    BTW, Molly, if you haven't seen one of the most recent "TheOnion" videos I suggest that you should see it, it is called "Apple Friend Bar" and describes the last offer of Apple: a bar where people could talk to geeky bartenders about their Apple products for hours, and an online version of it. That's really funny :-)

  • ellorybockting says:

    This is why the Main Stream Media is freaking out over the internet. They know that unless they restrict the peoples ability to organize things on the own for the sake of communication and sharing of ideas that their strangle hold on the control grid of information will finally be dead. From there, when you control the information, you control the world. You release the information, you FREE the world. Go VidCon!!!!

  • MonsteriuM says:

    @gaundmaster so what are you doing here "cool" person? GTFO and take your FAIL with you. thanks :D

  • cidthecoatrack says:

    Two things I love TOGETHER! yAy Rocketboom and Vlogbrothers!

  • midsizeb says:


  • SloCheetah13 says:

    YES! thumbed up for Shawna!

  • ssbaum says:


  • MattesonHaglund1998 says:

    i saw Rhett and Link in the background

  • wiley086 says:

    kill the KILLSWITCH!!!!!!

  • j0ames says:

    lol at nanalew

  • TheonlyIsaac says:

    i wish i was there and thank you rocketboom for showing me this :D and wow the blonde interviewing is HOT! xD hope u read this HOT blonde

  • ajsahaf says:

    Nerd convention.

  • piratecheese13 says:

    ball pit?

  • ItsAndyYo says:

    @TheonlyIsaac yeah thats molly, shes a regular on rocketboom, to see more of her her personal channel is mememolly

  • 4lifeand4love says:

    @TheonlyIsaac the hot blonde is molly... her youtube is mememolly

  • PsyIn2D says:

    Vidcon looked freaking awesome :D

  • IAmRobbE says:

    @ajsahaf The best kind of convention!

  • willstokes123 says:

    awesome awesome awesome!!

  • RayWilliamJohnston says:

    Ractalfece made a movie called information dystopia and he jerked off to steve woolf's wife since he's basically her pimp.

    I'm GayNiggerFaggot and I approve this message.

  • BridgetCarey1 says:

    @ajsahaf represent.

  • says437 says:


  • TheGreatTrashy says:

    thank ganesh for these guys.
    a side note: "get in via cheating" i like 'via' in this context.

  • GmasterRED says:

    Rocketboom, way to stay on top of things. I've seen amature footage on YouTube from Vidcon way before you guys.

  • LethalLemonLime says:

    Nanalew and WheezyWaiter were there?!!?!
    I haven't seen them in any videos so far.
    Hank is amazing.
    He said most likely this won't happen again and it makes me depressed.
    If this happened in two years when I'm out of my parents house I would've been able to go. The teens who came with their parents are lucky and have some pretty cool parents.

  • GmasterRED says:

    I approve of you trolling that faggot RWJ.
    Internet brofist.

  • zeromagic says:


  • tekoa says:

    needs more molly.

  • tekoa says:

    @RayWilliamJohnston stop being such a horrible person.

  • UnholyRoflcopter says:

    87th comment woot

  • nevek20 says:

    Hank looks a lil frazzled

  • KellyJockus says:

    Hank is SO cute.
    I ADORE him. How is he so smart and attractive?

  • LOLChaOTiKz says:

    LOL at Hank
    3:34 - He gets a nice glimpse of Mollys boobies!

  • yohatube says:

    @tekoa yes it does......

  • ArchMageFarnos says:

    @RayWilliamJohnston for someone who is constantly telling trolls to shut up you do troll quite a lot.

  • timar03 says:

    molly seemed always huge compared to other people.
    but hank is huge compared to molly O.o

  • ojp1991 says:

    was smpfilms there?

  • gofightlose says:

    okay. mitchell gained like 30 lbs. :o

  • Potame25 says:

    *insert random molly's boobs comment*

  • sarahismadeofawesome says:

    At first I thought it was Kristina in the tongue suit because of twitter. Then I saw the guy holding it...darn.

  • stereokid says:

    Glad to see that the Vlogbrothers were the ones behind VidCon, and not some big corporation.

  • ThatBookGirl says:

    This is what's so cool about YouTube! Everyone's invited to the party

  • Alchemydude667 says:

    At 00:09 I spy @BrandnewGen and @akalaynee

  • jklmanthe5 says:

    Vlogbrothers!!! w00t!

  • WoahGreeceLightning says:

    "so to them..bluuuhh...WE DID IT"

  • portnizzle says:

    goddamn I wanted to go to Vidcon...

  • alfman111 says:

    Link at 2:18!

  • nninolol says:

    molly !

  • owlsflyatnight says:

    Behind Shawna/Nanalew I spy Link! :D 2:11

  • TheBigStupidHead says:

    OMG Nerdfighters own

  • andid says:

    Vlog Brothers are annoying, I'd rather Viacom organize the event :)

  • Fensterplaetzchen says:

    This was really only semi-informative.
    What happened at the conference? From the interview alone I can't tell the difference from... like... a youtube convention.

  • cricketbat08 says:

    NERDFEST 2010

  • whatallison says:

    Soo much puff. I love it. :)

  • ImUrNightTerror says:

    i would christian sidehug molly...

  • MercTheGreatest says:

    he didnt even invite skyy john what a fag

  • SlurpeeJones says:

    rhett and link in backround 2:19

  • tunny2000 says:

    They really are the sweetest!

  • TheBatchGuy says:

    @andid They are annoyingly awesome... I get it. They are more successful than you'll ever be... I can tell. :)

  • HighKingTurgon says:

    Molly, is it odd to interview people in your own line of work?

  • nerdboy32121 says:

    @LikingThings nerdfighter inside jokes make me happy.

  • realtoyz13 says:

    @Jo2Be who wouldn't? =D
    wish i could be there

  • RedJoker says:

    I would prefer fuck because it rhymes with hug and it's even better ;)

  • marcuelcajon says:

    Sxe Phil is probably the only Youtuber other than Molly and Ellie worthy of appraisal.

  • mmp2011 says:

    2:18 OMG IT'S LINK!!!

  • MarchingBandDropout says:

    It's pathetic the way I can name so many of the different YouTubers in the background. Or is it cool? .... Best not to let the internet decide that... :)

  • ChateauOfADoubt says:

    hahaha Shawna. That was a beautiful interview, but I would expect no less:)

  • jergsden says:

    YouTube talking about itself. Ack.

  • TheseApples says:

    GAH! COULD'VE BEEN THERE!!! Oh well, I'll catch 'em next year

  • yousefamar says:

    So many cool people in one place!!!

  • idrils says:

    wow, hank is tall
    or molly is short
    or both

  • kenshin9 says:

    what the hell that livealive guy is fat now?! lol

  • 8Tails says:

    @idrils He's 6' or so.

  • thebober10 says:

    rofl nanalew got fat

  • anggoesgrr says:

    Where is Bubz Beauty, haha.

  • Vexed34 says:

    That was so nice of Molly to laugh at his jokes.

  • HiBeccaBye says:

    Tongues. Tongues everywhere.

  • ROCKETBOOM says:

    @idrils i'm 5'8! hank is a tall, awesome man.

  • ROCKETBOOM says:

    @MarchingBandDropout You would've loved Vidcon :]

  • ROCKETBOOM says:

    @HighKingTurgon It's actually really nice! I'm so familiar with everybody's work and experiences. It's only strange when I consider them my friends.

  • ROCKETBOOM says:

    @ojp1991 i didn't see cory, nope.

  • ROCKETBOOM says:

    @sarahismadeofawesome haha! oh that tongue..

  • ROCKETBOOM says:

    @MattesonHaglund1998 more of them later this week :]

  • ROCKETBOOM says:

    @spongah They did a fantastic job this weekend. I'm sure it was stressful but I think everybody who attended came away with only positive things to say.

  • ROCKETBOOM says:

    @Nannirk We love Steve! :]

  • ROCKETBOOM says:

    @unquestionablelogic I'm happy to say there will be Vidcon videos all week on Rocketboom!

  • ROCKETBOOM says:

    @hbah427 Man, MEETING Hank Green made me explode with awesomeness. He's a great man.

  • ROCKETBOOM says:

    @HiBeccaBye 'shop it.

  • ROCKETBOOM says:

    @anggoesgrr I'd love to meet her!!

  • cellmate89 says:

    it feels awkward watching/hearing Hank speak at a normal pace. it feels like i'm in slow motion.

  • studdermouth1 says:

    call this number-1-403-969-8937, haha not the guy in the video, just for people who are bored and want to prank call some one, his name is robert and he's just a dick

  • adamlyons87 says:

    I totally appreciate that Molly makes awesome videos in her own right and I've been a loyal subscriber for ages now, but I also love her so much too :(

  • supaman1233 says:

    high 5 lol

  • wackattack180 says:

    A lot of love in one place !!! people who think together have fun together !!! peace -:o)

  • tummthps says:

    The vlog brothers totally want molly.

  • YOitsNat says:

    @tummthps too bad they are married and one with child

  • Teaspooninjabot says:

    2:20 I see Link!

  • XmcmuffinsX says:

    :D "I can jump in a ball pit with Tom Milsom!"

  • SakamotoIbuki says:

    Woah, Link from RhettandLink @ 2:14

  • mememolly says:

    @cellmate89 hahaha I actually never thought of that!

  • mememolly says:

    @whatallison puff levels through the roof.

  • mememolly says:

    @stereokid Absolutely. The fact that it was organized by such dedicated members of the community it was celebrating made the conference so much more enjoyable. John and Hank are wonderful, as was the atmosphere at Vidcon.

  • mememolly says:

    @ThatBookGirl Yes!!

  • mememolly says:

    @zeromagic Agree! <3 We have a little more Shawna later this week :]

  • mememolly says:

    @nevek20 haha, you would be too :]

  • mememolly says:

    @ellorybockting You win at comments for this video!

  • mememolly says:

    @GermanGangrel oh nice!

  • RocketBoobs says:

    Dear Molly RocketBoobs,

    Vlogs are OK, but the RocketBoobs are better!!
    (do vlogbros ever get laid?)

  • derekcolman says:

    Great interview, Molly. Also great you got Mitchell and Shawna in it.

  • xTurnipTimex says:


  • ThoughsBecomeThings says:

    HAHAHAH. That lady talked about Tom Milsom. He's all over my ipod.

  • lickmaballs says:

    I'm sure the Con in VidCon stands for Con Job.

    How do we CON advertisers into givings us big $$$ for the shit we do. Literally most of it is SHIT.

    If you all wanna be happy, stay home and drink a bottle of Jack Daniels.


  • treehamallama says:

    i hate the music in this video, and i dont think these are talented film makers, and everyone there is so awkward

  • treehamallama says:

    except awesome LIVELAVALIVE

  • pineapplemicrophone says:

    love the vlogbrothers...and you molly :D

  • billyhkc says:


  • murrymurrymurrymurry says:

    @xTurnipTimex lol

  • do0me0nice says:

    why is that guy talking so much. We want to hear Molly!

  • cellmate89 says:

    @mememolly i have the biggest smile on my face seeing your reply, Molly :D
    love your work with the rocketboom team, keep it up.

  • swiftdasher says:

    Gah, I have to get out to this next time.
    Actually, no. I need to get more subscirbers on my Vlog channel TheSwiftAdventures, THEN I need to get out to this next time!

  • 4181315141 says:


  • rosepetalears says:

    he looks taller standing up.

  • stephenrichy says:

    who the hell is this child molester

  • jldkrank says:

    @mememolly Molly, the fact that you actually take time to read comments and reply makes me glad I subbed to Rocketboom and mememolly. You're not just informative, you're also humble. I love it.

  • jldkrank says:

    I would love to be there, this culture is amazing. The internet community is so new but yet so vibrant; we are here to stay.

  • TheHill88 says:

    It was amazing. That kind of dedication from someone who decided to do this simply because of how awesome it would be is amazing. I also loved how much time they made for all the people attending even when they had to deal with so much. And haha, look, sneak attack xx

  • ThatBookGirl says:

    @marcuelcajon Why would you think so? Everybody puts a lot of work into what they do. What about the Green brothers organizing VidCon?

  • ThatBookGirl says:

    @marcuelcajon Why would you think so? Everybody puts a lot of work into what they do. What about the Green brothers organizing VidCon?

  • gaundmaster says:

    @MonsteriuM What in the hell you talking about? Take my fail with me? What in the fuck does that mean? Is that some nerd talk?

  • idrils says:

    @8Tails i guess it surprises me because he always films himself from slightly above !

  • idrils says:

    @ROCKETBOOM a tall molly answered me :) ! My day is now complete !

  • Mariswimmer7 says:


  • 23luckyno says:

    seriously how could u not laugh at hank hahahah his such a geek lols, and i can see u trying to hold it in lols

  • marcuelcajon says:

    @ThatBookGirl Sorry I was drunk when I typed that. What I meant was, they're the only casters worthy of appraisal in my opinion of coarse. PHIL being very informative, entertaining, educated, opinionated and able to appeal to an audience of people not infatuated with his TITS. In which he has none, so that makes it even harder . : - )

  • httprover says:

    VidCon 2010 rocks.

  • QuasiEvilScott says:

    Did all of rocketboom go? Or just Molly + a small crew?

  • HaydenHatTrick says:

    just wondering, how do you-tube people contact each other?

  • KaptenN says:

    MOLLY! :D
    Where's Meekakitty? :(

  • dextrosol11 says:

    You could totally see in Molly's eyes how cool she thought it was to meet the Vlogbrothers.

  • fingerdrop says:

    damn it I should have went!

  • 8Tails says:

    @idrils Hahaha

  • Storykilladude says:

    INTERNET PEOPLE... God fucking dammit... they have a computer... amazing shit.

  • AnonymousUser6969 says:

    fowardslash? really?

  • akaTBear says:

    @AnonymousUser6969 That is actually correct. The media just f*cks it up all the time.

  • lessasgirls says:

    Well, we did notice that the live stream didn't work most of the time.

  • someone332 says:

    ...I know ALL THESE PEOPLE. :D

  • ellorybockting says:

    @mememolly Thanks Molly ;)

  • ThePurpleSuperman says:

    Why aren't RocketBoom in the top 100? D:

  • downzekdthewrath says:

    because shut up.

  • unorthodoxJ says:

    @ThePurpleSuperman cus people are dumb and they don't know good quality vids when they see it

    You want to help out RocketBoom? Spread the word

  • Nicksbia says:

    <3 john

  • mtr2k says:

    @TheHill88 Hello former Molly, did not see you in the vid. What are up to these days?

  • mtr2k says:

    @TheHill88 Hello former Molly, did not see you in the vid. What are up to these days?

  • lickmaballs says:

    what? nobody getting CONned today?

    lick my IP

  • reinix says:

    It's kinda weird seeing Molly interview these people as though she wasn't one of them, lol.

  • OhNoItsGojira says:

    "We never actually get to hang out in real life." - Hank Green

    How sad :(

  • HighKingTurgon says:

    @ROCKETBOOM So, after Vidcon, will that be more difficult? I assume friends were made there.

  • MissyLovelyLady says:


  • ST1RFRYTV says:

    Excellent coverage!!

  • ghjurx452 says:

    molly is effin pro

  • BrandNewGen says:

    Bwahaha, that's me and my friends in the very beginning of the video. I'm in the black t-shirt.


    Ahaa @mgphenom looks stoned bahahah

  • badmojo420 says:

    "These are the people who control media now" LOL

  • twimkletoes45 says:

    @cellmate89 i think it would be even weirder to hear michael buckley talk at a slow pace! haha

  • meggoftw says:

    Johns "puff" is especially "puffy" in this video.

  • theXylinder says:

    Oh my DNA, I almost fell of my chair laguing when HankSocket (or whatever he's called, don't quite remember) appeared! That must've been sort of a chock to new and unknowing viewers of vlogbrothers, the founder talking with a sock...

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