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July 14, 2009 • 12:01 am | Permalink


  • amebchen says:

    :) very nice.... and fabulous shirt.

  • il3bood10 says:

    Molly is hot

  • ilikedurian says:


  • sinnsmd says:

    Wow im sorry but while the vid was good, the top you had on, yes i know, dirty filthy for looking but hey, theyre right there yelling at me :P lol. great job, nice top.....

  • T9C1P says:

    Very nice. Props to you!

  • etbitmydogucf says:

    How is this so awesome? Maybe it's the weird hot girl?

  • Wikkets says:

    Very nice :)

  • HeyRadialMoon says:

    Visions of the future from the past! Always an interesting topic. One word: Dymaxion.

  • ChaosGregor says:

    i love that 1:04 scene, hilarious! she makes missing joanne so comfortable...

  • IhaveTubes says:

    gundam ftw

  • ashcan007 says:

    Molly's cleavage has always been quite hypnotic

  • JonnoStrife says:

    Hot. Talks about Gundams. Perfect.

    Any Kidnappers out there?

  • rocketman6881 says:

    Do We Really Need Clothes That Take Pictures ???

    How Crazy Is That !!!

  • froman46992 says:

    shes doing good hosting rocket boom

  • eirikstran says:

    i love your videos:-P

  • ErickDamon says:

    Bond. James Bond.

  • Wyrmshadow says:

    Primative Robots: OOGA BOOGA!

  • Krygeryo says:

    Your mom = Did a horrible job raising you

  • SoothingHysteria says:

    My comment = You being butt hurt

  • thetreeorthebear says:

    That's not actually how we speak to women in civilised society. Grow up.

  • RyanChristianson says:

    rocketboom or rockitbaum?!

  • north21b says:

    oh mememolly how cool your reactions to facts and figures are 4x!

  • Medieval1991 says:

    I think it's racket bowl.

  • Nokorola says:


  • effilang says:

    Molly put on some weight....

  • raphas13 says:

    i dont care if its gonna dominate the world !
    i want an iphone 3GS

  • KanonXD says:

    nice shoes =D

  • Tetsiou says:

    still cute none the less.

  • TheGreatSteve says:

    They're rubbish. Good outfit though.

  • NB5BHVL says:

    Some of them bots looked like the old TV show called Ultra Man

  • TheGreatSteve says:

    No, maintain current mass.

  • manuelito1233 says:

    Holy Shit! IT'S CRYING WOLF!

    Ok whatever.

    A Bipedal tank is what i'm waiting for!

    Or a QuadPedal tank...

  • Tanru2000 says:

    Does Molly blink??

  • Tanru2000 says:

    At 0:35 is that a real robot or a human in a costume? Where is the link to the video of it!?! Looks cool.

  • UnlikelyDejaVu says:

    Molly is awesome, totally ok with her hosting this show =P

  • funkerman7 says:

    her voice is much better than Caitlin's and more like Joanne which is fucking awesoerr

  • SirKnobofCheese says:

    There were a couple of things in this video that were really interesting.

  • crayjay3 says:

    Metal Gear!

  • Docthewrench says:

    I still Love you MEMEMOLLY always have and I always will

  • Tripp393 says:

    great episode! Back to tech!

  • defect530 says:

    there will be nanobots that get injected into your blood stream and hunt down anything bad, like cancer.

  • Rightleggedleftback says:

    the HGP is already complete. I would suppose applications like that are going to be invented...

  • mememolly says:

    i heard she doesn't

  • Tanru2000 says:

    Molly!?! Is that YOU!?! COOL! :D

  • CatchFlipsidE says:

    What will come tomorrow? Skynet!

  • iliekwaffles says:

    Yes, but that would enable shit like mindcontrol (imagine nanobots that like change the way you think). The healing thing is great but that reveals much more dangers.

  • metalmulisha98101 says:

    shes hot

  • JXintheZ says:

    Nice Gladiator Shoes Molly!

  • Avery1now says:

    I miss Joanne. Hell I even miss Caitlin if this is what you have to offer.

    I want my money back.

    • GoCanada says:

      we all miss Joanne. not sure about Caitlin. But rocketboom is free and it looks like they are doing what they do best. News

  • twinklestarr2 says:

    love u molly, no matter what ppl say

  • HewbertLarzToast says:

    :o I love her shirt

    Alright,I don't understand.Why is mememolly on here now?

  • LazuhSniper says:

    lol 0:36 it's Ryarios from Aplleseed

  • TSWRgtivr6Vdub says:

    damn we're fucked... lol

  • emzirek says:

    SkyNet has become aware.

  • polywoly15 says:


  • defect530 says:

    yeah, or learn how to duplicate and then generate expodentially. then they would be able to take over a host with no problem.

  • Nirdjha says:

    There was something about Molly today that I liked- can't quite put my finger on it . . . because if I did I might be fined for harassment!!

  • Mickey Mouse says:

    Molly did great! Keep making those episodes!

  • victorcelmare says:

    awsome pair of titz

  • skappler26 says:

    Nice boobs you got there :)

  • hodhod says:

    ur ok
    keep rocketbooming

  • BrianJunglist says:


  • BrianJunglist says:

    i love all these comments, lol!

  • ZomgChair says:


  • DynamiteChild says:

    .... lolwut.

  • sth128 says:

    Molly is a robot. Her stiff movements and monotonic dictations all but confirms it.

    Really good on the eyes though.

  • jriktor says:

    i wish i was under the desk at 1:49.

  • httprover says:

    I, Robot makes a good story but it would make terrible history. Humanity would be in serious trouble if the robots tried to remake the world to conform to some idealized model and eliminate "errors". A group consensus has its advantages.

  • GrimEreaper says:

    1:38 nice side shot .

  • mygreenday69 says:

    What happened to the hot chick????

  • TriforceSlash says:

    OMFG, it's her! It's Molly!

    WHAAA WTF is she doing in ROCKETBOOM?

    Don't watch much rocket boom you see... =/

    AHH she's lovely!!

  • commandolam says:


  • camydoger says:

    We should wait until tomorrow to find out what it is like tomorrow. Then it will be today.

  • komoh says:

    wowwhata beauty

  • SearchBillHicks says:

    lol, checking the threads in the bottom of her skirt for cameras.

  • RyanChristianson says:

    rachet bomb?

  • Cannabinoidl says:

    yowch shes real cute

  • jhamaker says:

    I'm not much impressed with Molly.

  • This will help so many people, I am amazed at what technology has come to, helping disabled people out, wise. The sign-language project, the robots, it will help so many disabled people, you could not imagine. But, it still does need some work ...

  • ContinuumXT says:

    What will come tomorrow?

  • Leonardo says:

    The word "robot" is a misnomer for anything that isn't anthromorphic or at least zoomorphic. For good reasons, as the fungibility with humas is the essence of robots. Otherwise they are authomated machine tools.

    If there are members of the Asimovian brotherood here, they will be a little annoyed - like me - at this constant misuse of the term "robot".

  • thucydides01984 says:

    Molly did very nicely.

  • N1kdanbro says:

    I have to say, Molly is perfect for this job.

  • Unsuperior says:

    Gigantor also built a giant robot -.- these people must not have gotten the toys they wanted when they were children, so bring on the giant robots!

  • Barry Obama says:

    I am the Messiah. This girl does not have my eloquence.
    Not even a telepromter would help her "oh whatever" attitude.
    I'll ask Michelle to move in and take over as anchor
    as she's getting on my case in the WH with her big fat ass.

    BTW, you can't refuse this move. I am the President and you're not.

    • Obama Girl says:

      I love you and sexy robots. Now with cameras in my clothes you can watch me all day ( or i can watch you).

  • jonozoom says:

    right when we start getting used to her you're going to replace her aren't you rocketboom?

  • SkyMaro says:

    Gundam for the win, maaaan.

  • monkeywolf007 says:

    OMG Molly is beautiful!
    I liked rosey the robot and the fact that we, today, are all jetsons

  • yoshibear1009 says:

    I also love her accent :p

  • notdoug1 says:

    RIP used to be great....

  • Stephen Harper says:

    *rawr rawr rawr* I is a robot. ME like math and money but have no feelings for creatures called humans. *nom nom nom* i eated your recession!1!!!1

  • krab0 says:

    bewbz ?

  • Mickey Mouse says:

    Ponder the pleasant necessity for finding your real nature.
    It exists beneath all the artificialities imposed on you by
    both a ruthless society and your own unawareness of what is
    going on. You must discover who you really are because only
    your real self can make contact with rescuing Reality and Rocketboom.

    Mickey's getting heavy!
    Mickey's getting heavy!
    Off with your wings Peter Panski!

  • kmi187 says:

    What i don't get is that for years they have been pushing robots to replace us humans. Now that has become a reality they still expect us to work 8 hours a days as a bare minimum, every bloody day of the week if possible.

  • XTheFadedLineX says:

    I want Joanne back

  • Amy Soldier says:

    Elementary, my dear Molly. Let's make Rocketboom a video where we take the audience to someplace they can sink their teeth into some real meat and potatoes, though. One can only hope ... .

    Your fans need something to challenge them instead of spouting inane comments after every episode. Let's razzle 'em ...!

  • xyzomz says:

    she is good, at lots of tings.
    5 *'s

  • jbiggy94 says:

    tokyo already has a giant robot?
    i tought it would just have a couple small ones.

  • 5deaths says:

    no it is just a life size gundum statue

  • CrimsonDusk says:

    Well technically there was never built a Gundam that doesn't have a pilot because there was the theory in Gundam Wing that it would make wars less painful without the human loss and the realization if you are losing someone than wars shouldn't happen or shouldn't be to common. So I'm not worried by a mobile suit invasion but that Rosie replica scare the color out of me :P

  • UNIFICATI0N says:

    Will yawl be posting anything a bought the sun and its erratic magnetic field, I would just get a bang out of that one.

  • ZephonEx says:

    i love molly <3

  • adj789 says:

    whoever writes this should be fired

  • luroh says:

    the cleavage is totally negated by the incredibly annoying content

  • GemnaDaye says:

    bring Katelyn back!!!

  • SebakSwe says:

    Molly pwns, as do her cleavage.

  • santacruz4 says:

    I LOVE YOU,..... but this sux

  • fgrdssful says:

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  • antiecstacy says:

    i like molly, she is intelligent and sexy

  • 666oFallenAngel666 says:

    ...aaaaaaaaaaaaahh (pulsing <3) the video is end, what do you say?

  • kiwkee says:

    I counted 2

  • RCEbooks says:

    All the "sex toys" on the run will eventually form an underground culture to avoid execution, they'll be turnin' tricks on Craigslist too, just like your college classmates are now! But they'll be extremely unstable people and very dangerous. That's when they'll program real robots to hunt them down and kill them. Much like Terminator & AI combined. FUCK UP RACE OF BEINGS: HUMANS!

  • BilliLovesMargot says:

    i love robot.

  • BoomBoomSticks says:

    You should've mentioned we've already begun ARMING ROBOTS ZOMG!! Like the SWORDS robot in Iraq or the new UAVs armed with missiles.

  • Kazuma0Conor says:

    Gundam FTW! D:<

  • commsky says:

    Self aware robots FTW

  • misssy7ducks says:

    ughhhh i am SICK of molly!

  • mickhaus says:

    her left and right ....shoe?

  • Rakemaan says:

    Old news, in the early 70's we had armed autonomous robots, see Phalanx CIWS etc.

  • Maux4200 says:

    Thats because you're a girl :P

  • birthdayboi says:

    what happened to mememolly?

  • birthdayboi says:

    shes got a nice rack!

  • Karen says:

    I just miss Joanne....

  • SplendidDissenter says:

    Noob. That's a push up.

    She has a nice face.

  • italy430 says:

    she's got some ta tas!

  • Koshana says:


  • Koshana says:


  • EFEWQ says:

    nice boobs

  • gtfonewfag says:

    intelligent from what she reads off the sheet of paper she constantly looks at. bring back joanne

  • attajaan says:


  • Koshana says:

    Does you guys talk about anything but mammaries? Honestly, were you even interested in the topic at hand? Not saying I wasn't a little intrigued by other things in the video, but do you guys really have to talk about it? You're blowing our cover!

  • PalmTreeful says:

    Boobs are good..Not really big but good..

  • jordanjr23 says:

    nude pics plox kthnx <3

  • PrivateSlacker says:

    I like your pacific centered map.
    And your body.

  • xLisaRawr says:

    nice boobs

  • colin7474 says:

    Dam Does that belt hurt? look awful tight..
    Does bring up the boobs tho..thanks belt.

  • codpwnshalo says:

    not big?...

  • CGW129 says:

    God I want her

  • PalmTreeful says:

    Well they're okay, lol.

  • jonharker21 says:

    which iphone does that

  • StealthyBug says:

    I think we should send it card.

  • homogeneouspal says:

    do these robots are already made?

  • heresthadude1080 says:

    Nice pick-up line. Like it.

  • heresthadude1080 says:

    There's a certain possibility that robots will try to take over the world, but that can only be accomplished if something powerful, like a signal, can reprogam them, like Decepticons Soundwave, Laserbeak, and Ratbat did, as well as the Giant Brain from the Fairly OddParents.

  • Untemperedsteel says:

    Very pretty lady.

  • TTek says:

    the more cleavage -> the more viewers trust me!

  • elrunate says:

    yah...hahah try putting on less clothes...

  • mvannordenvolcano says:

    Nice boobies

  • heresthadude1080 says:

    I guess that's right.

  • Curas1 says:

    O my God she's wearing roman know HBO"s Rome....toga's and tata's ?

    Yeah ok I have weird fantisies, so what ?

  • upaste says:

    yes. cleavage is vital.
    do not underestimate the power of cleavage.

  • heresthadude1080 says:

    Nice rack. XD

  • TheKidStayz says:

    I have this terrible headache...and the doctor recommended more cleavage.

  • kaijmeris3000 says:

    don't really need cleavage - I LOVE HER ACCENT!

  • ApuDaleyS14 says:

    nahh its all about the cleavage!

  • squeehunter says:

    I... love you.

  • heyu300 says:

    video would be better if she took off her shirt! cute accent though

  • howsth1s says:

    "what will come tomorrow, that's what i want to know!"

    Answer: ME! If you hike up your skirt again!!

  • sandman574 says:

    Where are the subtitles? I see only the cleavage of the lady.

  • Macnavor says:

    if she gets so many views i HOPE is not becuse of the "cleavage" XD!

    But people keep repeating it!!!!

    cleavage cleavage cleavage!!!
    tomorrow will be cleavage and then after that kaboom CLEAVAGE it will go on........and on!!!
    til she use a shirt or sweater!!!

  • Jamie says:

    WOAH! SHES HOT! :)

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