The Suffersons – Episode 3: The Mother

The Suffersons, Episode 3:  Josh is interrupted in the middle of writing by a phone call from his mother. Created by Blair Singer. Starring Michael Chernus and Susan Pourfar. For more information, see: The Rocketboom Blog. Mememolly and the Rocketboom Daily News will return on Monday, January 4th.

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December 28, 2009 • 10:03 am | Permalink


  • withoutascript says:

    first...sorry had to

  • senorfatso says:


  • MrNottsCounty says:

    fuck second

  • MrNottsCounty says:

    damn ppl commen fast

  • petcalledros says:

    3rd one already?

  • Vleesball says:

    "fff yah.. i rather not say.."

    Something Jack black would say.. or say it like that : )

  • rjesensky says:

    too good for YT , prepare for worst

  • petcalledros says:

    but ok this 3rd one was quite amusing!

  • TheReasonWhyGuy says:

    Poor guy...

  • abramokids says:


  • NGstalagmite says:

    not funny, the acting is okay, but if your trying to pull off the "awkward" humour to push you through, well its not working. not for me anyway :3 try something smarter :3 im still staying subscribed coz i love memes :3

  • ehtyrret69 says:

    I will watch only out of morbid curiosity and for the slight chance that there may be a punchline at the end. But seriously? I'm feeling Curb Your Enthusiasm has nothing to worry about from this show.

  • XGexDirector says:

    Has a tiny bit of potential?......

  • iHateToRegister says:

    The episodes are as long as his chapters :)

  • CaptainAgnostic says:

    I like these two... the mother should die in a gease fire at the Red Lobster!

  • stitch626123 says:

    wow these are coming in fast

  • TheGrettaP says:


  • adirm18 says:

    rocked boom rocked but the suffersons suck!!!

  • Underdogz says:


  • rwese says:

    i kinda like it.

  • esunsinverguenza says:

    Mr. Sufferson looks like the amazing atheist...doesn't he?

  • WILLIAMLUTZ2 says:

    i love the beard

  • MrBubba584 says:

    Love it!

  • BigAndTall666 says:

    Fuck this! -I´m close to unsubbing!!!

  • XStarwarsMen says:

    They're probably revamping their studio and stuff.

  • grnlfe01 says:

    Its perfectly well put together but its nothing we haven't seen a million times before on more TV sitcoms than we care to remember. Nice set pieces but nothing really original!

  • JixMa says:

    Poor Josh. He married a bitch just like his mother.

  • RupertsCrystals says:

    I think that's the punchline.

  • nolanofeast says:

    Did that bitch, called his mother say shes going to the red lobster.... now. The yellow time stamps says 8:27 AM at 0:11 seconds. This series is such a fail.... rocketboom i am disappointed.

  • Dainbread82 says:

    grnlfe01said it best: This isn't terrible in itself, but I won't be watching any more of it. If I wanted to watch low-budget sitcoms I'd turn on the local TV channel or watch one that has a fond memory attached to it.

  • shahherwan93 says:

    @BigAndTall666 go ahead

  • shahherwan93 says:

    @esunsinverguenza haha

  • Matrice01 says:

    She's on speaker ... LOL .... WTF moment :))

  • purplepanda11 says:

    omg thats terrible! =(

  • RichVee says:

    I just watched all 3 and would like a refund please.

  • Exdigital says:

    why is this shit here why am i watching it

    tell me

  • ssivve says:


  • KirosatLive says:

    i am dissapoint

  • bigun89 says:

    Trying to sum up the 3 videos:

    I was married... now happily divorced.

    This is the most uncomfortable waste of time I've ever watched. I'm a fan of Rocketboom, but this is one of the most uncomfortable sketches I've ever watched. Almost like watching Married with Children without the laugh-track or the funny.

    Rocketboom... please stop...

  • T1carus says:

    this sucks, wheres ella and molly

  • ProfetaParanoia says:

    what is this I don't even

  • Jamesen666 says:

    lol he looks like one of the Ludolf brothers

  • IIIShizzyIII says:

    Lol, i actually kind of enjoyed it to be honest.

  • Tagmannnn says:

    Its supposed to be comedic...

  • uproariousRIOT says:

    bigun89 - "Almost like watching Married with Children without the laugh-track or the funny."

    sums it up perfectly

  • alexajuna says:

    Man kann Nudeln machen warm, man kann Nudeln mahen kalt.

  • flyingemu27 says:

    I liked it. :D

  • SpdrMnky says:

    Please, no more of these...

  • LaexProductions says:

    This is not why I subscribed to Rocketboom guys. We have some talking to do.

  • Nickzed says:


  • 31019596977 says:

    awesome, the new age "bickersons" more more more dude I feel you pain

  • Cakevspie94 says:

    Well, not what Rocketboom ussually does but I still like it.

  • artvandelay13 says:

    how can people not get this?

  • 618361 says:

    Wow... Why does this only get 3.5 stars, I think its totally a 5/5. It cracked me up :D

  • ohitsbree says:

    lol, poor guy.
    i like this :)

  • shirochen says:

    I liked it, but it's not Rocketboom. I don't know about everyone else, but I would be happy if this has its own channel.

  • AnonymousCoward23 says:

    I for one happen to think it's worth 0/5. :P

    Seriously though, I don't find it funny, or even interesting. Just... meh.

  • kamcomic1 says:

    I lvoed it ahahah :D please continue these <333

  • djtron1x says:

    3 stars because while this is somewhat entertaining, it hits a little too close to home. I'd have to donkey punch the wife for that kind of crap.

    This really should be on another channel. it isn't typical rocketboom stuff.

  • koalasthewise says:

    Oh, you people. Let Rocketboom expand their horizons. Do you really want them to just do the same thing all the time?

  • personno2 says:

    Good work on trying new stuff, I enjoy it a lot. Don't move it to a different channel, if people don't want to watch it they aren't being forced and can just remove it from their updates. I takes balls to do something like this and I think that you have done well. Is it going to have some sort of scheduled episodes?

  • Susano19 says:

    AWESOME, keep it up. I loved all 3.

    I also think Dana is cute =3

  • RethParish says:

    I really enjoy these. Keep em comin.

  • librano says:

    it's 'ok'... not what i've come to expect from RB tho...

    BTW from the thumbnails I thought that guy was RMS from the FSF.

  • OrphanPaper says:

    there not much funnyabout a frastrated pedophile,mum , its ne the bible people ,,, no wait that Greek

  • MarioTheThird says:

    Thanks for using acronyms that no-one is familiar with, so we don't what you're talking about.

  • OrphanPaper says:

    that frustrated lesbeion for mum , now that in the bible , or is it i should read it
    you book sounds instering i wonder why the girl though u were writing aboot her
    and not your parents paroiniod i guess ,,
    ,your mum sounds like a fucking bitch, you should stop bloging with her dude realy and try to losses some waight hit the gym or go for a long fast walk , or stop eating so friggin much ,it could be your thyroid, ,dude realy you look great keep up the great work ,

  • OrphanPaper says:

    o yeah sounds jewish ,,,

  • bitchslapper12 says:


  • librano says:

    i suppose people who would care would know what the acronyms meant right away, especially when used together... but i'll take your comment as a request to expand...

    RMS = Richard M. Stallman
    FSF = Free Software Foundation

    and in case you needed it..
    RB = Rocketboom
    BTW = by the way


  • loner2fly says:

    these clips are great!!! you show do a whole show.

  • Snowflake70 says:

    now I know what that sucking sound was....
    Let me know when Molly gets back.

  • daslost says:


  • MarioTheThird says:

    I appreciate your cooperativeness.

  • Cubicleboy04 says:


  • britbros says:

    Thank You, Come Again

  • ccofmight says:

    lol poor guy, he just wants to write his novel

  • TheGreatSteve says:



    ellie, needs ellie

  • OnlyFearOfDeath says:

    these are amusing i'd like to see more please

  • TheDorianGrayShow says:

    awesome, can't wait for the next one !!

    btw i'm somewhat interested to read what he wrote =P

  • TheDorianGrayShow says:

    why go all the way to the third episode and then comment something like that... remember when Molly got here? Nobody wanted her... embrace change!

  • tycoonassassin says:

    I still dont want molly here, shes just standing in for catlin.H

  • TheDorianGrayShow says:

    God, there is no pleasing the viewers _-_

  • TheDorianGrayShow says:


  • TheDorianGrayShow says:

    Please, more of these!!

  • TheDorianGrayShow says:

    so? some of us do like it...

  • TheDorianGrayShow says:

    yea BigAndTall66 go ahead...

  • quixgofar says:

    Dude, They're in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

    You can see Grand Army Plaza and the entrance to Prospect park in the background.

  • 03nmanni says:

    i love the suffersons!

  • Snowflake70 says:

    You can please some of the people some of the time.... If you love watching poor, disgusting acting glorifying stupidity there are a million other channels you can tune into. ROCKETBOOM as started by Joanne was what created the large number of subscribers. That what the ROCKETBOOM Faithful want, and Expect with new, creative and interesting variations on the theme. You want change - look somewhere else and give us our original ROCKETBOOM BACK !

  • Falcon1499 says:

    I liked it . Be needing my Molly fix though!

  • 618361 says:

    I guess I'm just a sucker for dry humor :P

    You gotta at least appreciate the actress, I think she did a great job :)

  • nomiSimple says:

    not bad.

  • Laurenty says:

    I get it. I can really relate to the "supportive" people around me when I am pursuing my art. My ex was every bit the twit his wife and mother are.

    I enjoyed it more than all that meme business why so much effort into nonsense just be cause it is popular? No accounting for taste.

  • GermanGangrel says:

    I like these.

  • TheDorianGrayShow says:

    Well that's just no fair Snowflake70 if I do say i liked the "disgusting acting glorifying stupidity" i would sound plain dumb, but if i instead tell you that maybe you, in fact, don't truly comprehend the deeper meaning behind the acting and are unable to see the magnificence in the differences that make this show unique from others, then maybe I would get you to see that change is really not that bad.

    There is enough room for the "original (or evolved) rocketboom" and this show to co-exist =P

  • Snowflake70 says:

    Ah, fine - common ground ! I AGREE with you Wholeheartedly. The indeed man and can "co-exist" as all thing being relative. you can watch that amature acting class on Any Other Channe than Rocketboom-- at the same time and we can all be happy.
    Can you imagine "injecting Rocket boom in to the middle of General Hospital or The Guiding Light - --I wouldn't want to be on the end of the fan mail from that train wreck.

  • pukirocks says:

    i agree

  • Froyle says:

    Sorry but this is poor fiction =S

    The actors are half ass, the setting is poor, the quality of the video is low, and i know for shure rocketboom is better than this.

    WTF dudes?

  • TOstevo says:

    The pacing is excruciating, the characters are uninteresting and the story is bland. Otherwise I love it!

  • supercommie says:


  • TheGizmofromPizmo says:

    Not bad.

  • b-man says:

    Watch The Cove about the horrendous insane slaughter of dolphins in Japan.
    Meanwhile the Japanese government continues to cover up their dirty little secret
    while buying $$$$votes from poor Caribbean nations.

    Don't just sit there. Get off your ass!

  • TheDorianGrayShow says:

    hey, I bet peanut butter and chocolate was a radical idea at its time, and look how it turned out XD

  • grecomic says:

    Red Lobster @ 8:30 in the morning? I'm assuming this is a lame 'senior early-bird discount' joke, but I doubt Red Lobster opens that early!

  • 7137271 says:

    Mom must be in another time zone, like somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic.

  • PuppetXeno says:

    This is good stuff, also because its under two minutes. Kinda quick fix comic relief about people with all the traits and troubles we recognize from daily life. In other words, it gets my votes.

  • LaexProductions says:

    Somehow I get the feeling you're involved in the productionf of this.

  • AvengerXP says:

    I expected a lot more.

  • Anonybon says:

    Viewer discression is advised?

  • Anonybon says:

    Moar please!

  • Raskolnikov32 says:

    Best thing Rb has done.
    Also the woman is sooo beautiful.

  • TheDorianGrayShow says:

    well your feeling is wrong... I just happen to like well made shorts...

  • badgerprints says:

    She's evil.

  • inchchua says:

    i don't care what people say, I LIKE IT ROCKETBOOM. keep them shorts coming! ;)

  • hashemalghaili says:


    nice part

  • badgerfrank10 says:

    pause at 0:38

    epic discomfort

  • tekbyte says:

    I like them
    Keep them coming!

  • pukirocks says:

    what an ambush

  • lemonsyay1 says:

    thank you video for not playing until I press the HD button

  • iurak6868 says:

    Dana is such a bitch

  • PariahOlympics says:


  • BrokenBjartur says:

    Dana is hot.

  • Blahblerdeda says:


  • neongamer says:

    I'm stopping here, not worth watching any more..

  • bogohotdogz says:

    can't take anymore of this

  • ImmortalDestructor says:

    And I thought my life sucked!

  • QuestionMarc says:

    Each episode is like 2/3 of a joke. I feel the funny coming...then its over. Also, the wife closes the pencil case and walks away, then it's open again in the next shot.

  • zazuinfl says:

    I am with you QuestionMarc. It needs a bit more punch Definitely has potential.

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