The Suffersons – Episode 1: The Novel

The Suffersons, Episode 1: Having recently lost his job, Josh Sufferson decides he’s going to write a novel. Created by Blair Singer. Starring Michael Chernus and Susan Pourfar. For more information, see: The Rocketboom Blog. Mememolly and the Rocketboom Daily News will return on Monday, January 4th.


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  • rwese says:

    i rather not write a comment either, or maybe i should i duno.

  • bjam89 says:

    what the hades is this about? i really do not get it

  • Exdigital says:

    is this web culture ??!
    good think youtube invented the unsubscribe button

  • PopeSnowball says:

    Neither do I :P

    All I can guess is that his suffering is meant to be funny?….I don’t know…. @_@

  • Thatangrydwarfguy says:

    I’m thinking their channel was hacked and this was posted….this isn’t their usual stuff.

  • Zwergenpaladin says:


  • CaptainAgnostic says:

    Women with curlers in their hair are always attractive!

  • petcalledros says:

    The Suffersons were created to make us suffer!

  • saemj says:


  • jgordon707 says:


  • BigAndTall666 says:

    Lame as dust and even worse, Ellie ain´t even in this video!!! :-(

  • Rupo452 says:

    ……. bad

  • Patrickwithk says:

    I know that this isn’t their normal stuff, but please don’t start bitching about it. They will have normal videos out somewhen else. Just deal with it for now please.

  • TrancePants78 says:

    diet coke is bad for you

  • MapleMovieMan says:


  • darkelivrio says:

    wow the wife sure is supportive

  • ROCKETBOOM says:

    In a few more minutes we’ll have the next two episodes up as well. We wanted everyone to have three episodes to start with to get the idea. Try not to suffer too much in the meantime.

  • espn1337 says:

    i like it

  • Vleesball says:

    God this is awefull writing -.-

    this serie is the definition of making people stupid.

  • JamesIsDreaming says:

    Seems like it can be interesting.

  • inchchua says:

    i like it.

  • londonpunk66 says:

    ahahaahah we will plz hurry :)

  • TheUnremarkableMe says:


  • iliekwaffles says:

    What a bitch, I SUPPORT HIS NOVEL

  • bobolle5 says:

    Who writes with pen and paper these days xD. I like it though

  • colin340 says:

    me to

  • abramokids says:


  • TheReasonWhyGuy says:

    Poor guy

  • roxyrazy says:

    where is molly ?!

  • johnnytastetest says:

    What a bitch! Why is he a “fucking idiot” for wanting to do something creative? He should have punched her in the mouth!

  • M4N1F3570R says:

    for that matter, why did she leave the kitchen at the end of the episode?

  • Duirward says:

    that bitch left the kitchen! that josh guy should put her in her place and tell her to make him a sammich

  • johnnytastetest says:

    She was probably heading off to her job in Washington at the White House. Pffft!

    Or more likely, she was going to take a dump….or surf the internet all day.

  • Underdogz says:

    Suffersons failed in every ways. Please, don’t insist on this in 2010!!!

  • JixMa says:

    Such a supportive wife.

  • magicalgoats says:

    the music is like super mario sunshine

  • nanderson1965 says:

    worst thing i’ve seen from RB
    I cant stand that type of life, even for others.
    no rly…

  • oetamFCTC says:

    Remember Molly…

  • rickcheyne says:

    maybe I’m the only one with a sense of humour. I thought it was hilarious.

  • alexk554 says:

    Yep, losing your job means you have to look unshaven and unkempt.

  • unsenseful says:

    @johnnytastetest I think she said it because of the “saying it out loud” not because of writing a novel.

  • johnnytastetest says:


    I don’t know that much of this makes sense. I invite you to check out the featured video I put up the other day on my channel page. It’s….a lot more offensive than this! : )

  • corplaxt says:

    Man… this is so damn subtle in it’s funniness !xD

  • mexicanzombie says:

    :D I like it

  • Cubicleboy04 says:


  • Cannabinoidl says:

    nothing offends me… the question is.. is it funny? who cares about offensive lol,, are u trying to get ur kick out of old ladies?

  • BranFlicks says:

    lol The amazing atheist?

  • Leonardo says:

    Nobody writes a novel because has something to say. That’s a recipe for failure. You lay out the 50-60,000 words of a novel only if you have a story to tell. Most of all nobody writes a novel in the kitchen with people coming and going.

  • OnlyFearOfDeath says:

    @BranFlicks LOL that’s his understudy

  • TenderHistoryInRust says:

    I like this

  • dakkon10 says:

    @BranFlicks lol i was thinking the same thing

  • TheDorianGrayShow says:

    I don’t know why all the low ratings, i did like it :D

  • Andyeightzero says:

    this is great! poor Josh :P

  • fecalforce says:

    I hated it.

  • b-man says:

    It’s funny how every Tom, Dickhead & Harry think they can act.

  • AjDotKom says:

    .. that’s it? no punchline? nobody falling over? no deepful meaning?

  • johnnytastetest says:

    I think it’s funny! : )

  • TheGizmofromPizmo says:

    Very Sienfield. Not sure if that’s a compliment or a slam at this point.

    By the way, who writes a novel on paper anymore?

  • KraZyRuskieFilms says:

    whats the name of the intro song

  • b-man says:

    Watch The Cove about the horrendous insane slaughter of dolphins in Japan.
    Meanwhile the Japanese government continues to cover up their dirty little secret
    while buying $$$$votes from poor Caribbean nations.

    Don’t just sit there. Get off your ass!

  • daftbottv says:

    @TheGizmofromPizmo Steven King? No seriously. A lot of novelists like the feel of pen and paper.

  • lovekilledcupid says:

    @TheDorianGrayShow Probably because it’s Christmas time and people are out.

  • Firster says:


  • imageignition23 says:

    Diet Coke…

  • aelia92 says:

    She looks a bit like Ellie

  • dudeinasuit says:

    that actually made sense hmm…
    i guess you can believe everything you hear on the internet haha

  • cobolt13 says:

    @aelia92 sister maybe?

  • aelia92 says:

    Seriously? Their last name isn’t the same

  • mas92 says:

    i know a guy who just won’t stop writing novels, his name is Kilgore Trout.

  • M4rple says:

    This is crap.

  • simonedday says:

    Made perfect sence tbh. used to write like journal of my feelings… totaly pointless now i got sum1 to talk to.

  • D3athM3at says:

    if you wont stop putting this shit im going to unsubscribe also..

  • angelmarine1292 says:

    What the hell is this shit?

  • nikamiw says:

    I feel like I need to write a novel on dip shits who are like “yeah I’m unsubscribing unless you stop putting this shit up,” like it’s so offensive to them. It’s not like they’re never doing meme videos AND it’s not like they owe you ANYTHING. Get your head out of your ass and STFU.

  • ramu50 says:

    lmao…………y does that zwinky ads look like its LisaNova.

  • namelesssavage says:

    what does she say at 1:20? i keep playing it back and what i hear sounds like: “taught toe dry”. what?

  • Jaximus023 says:

    talked it dry.

  • pundit says:

    What’s with all the hate? Am I the only one who thinks this is flippin’ sweet?

  • maxhavis says:

    Talked it dry I believe.

  • ImmortalDestructor says:

    I’m glad to see such a supportive wife!

  • kosovo83 says:

    She says “tugged it dry”

    Like masturbation

  • matthewarchambault says:

    What an utter lack of creativity. I’m not even bored in a new way…

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