The Turkey Song

Rocketboom’s Jamie Dubs explains Thanksgiving memes and teaches us the Turkey Song. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Rocketboom!

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November 26, 2009 • 3:04 pm | Permalink


  • TehLulShow says:


  • MOpedordie says:

    those are all the sweaters from the sweater myth video

  • stunevin says:

    sensational video

  • AAgibsonAA says:

    I would have most definitely muted the laptop and let him continue talking lol

  • pasterqb says:

    moar meme and mememolly pl0x

  • bbsoccergamer says:

    lol Jenga!!

  • equinox91 says:


  • OmegaGraham says:

    Rocketboom just keeps gettin' better. I love it!

  • gvi341984 says:

    who is the one with glasses?

  • demetry13 says:

    LOL awesome

  • toocoolcat says:

    Does RocketBoom only employ attractive people? And yet they seem so open minded about the world we live in. I feel sad and cheated by rocketboom. Thanks a lot

  • capitalistpig1968 says:

    LMAO some people still can't sing even with autotune.

  • diannebunny says:


  • HEROofTIME1337 says:

    @ 2:54 The pumpkin pie looks like it's surrounded by crack.

  • jaironzz says:

    meem or mean?

  • dannylerch says:


  • defect530 says:

    MOLLY <3

  • suurpunane says:


  • dtman83 says:

    haha Happy Thanksgiving

  • jaironzz says:

    Well what is a meme?

  • nemrod21 says:

    I wonder how they afford to pay all these people in rocketboom. They even brought Molly to the US just to work for them, yet I don't think they make much off these videos.

  • mandralyne says:



    Love it! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zevl12 says:

    a meme is a meme lol i put a meme in ur meme so you can meme while u meme

  • theholyviper says:

    ^me wanna know 2

  • Yarcofin says:

    What is this I don't even

  • funtime77777 says:

    Kenyatta eating "Cheese" is a meme. lol I love meme's and I love you guys. Nice voice Jamie! Happy Thanksgiving ROCKETBOOM!!!

  • Falcon1499 says:

    Must be nice working there. 5 Delicious women and everybody seems to get along

  • KevlarMannequin says:

    i wish my family would break out in random song writing

  • JixMa says:

    MEME YOU, Jamie!!!

  • TheDorianGrayShow says:

    its kind of mean, but i think the only thing i liked about this video is Molly...

  • TheDorianGrayShow says:

    ur mum's a meme...

  • Scottstimo says:


  • poptarttoshi says:


  • tanker58p says:

    you guys are awesome!

  • IIIIFile13IIII says:

    looks like a happy family!

  • ThisIsCleverUsername says:

    grat vido

  • testing4echo says:

    Good to see Leah. Happy Turkey Day

  • CrimsonsDeath12 says:


  • Ottawa3453 says:

    I liked Ella stacking the bricks.

    You guys went out of your way to procure pictures of not so good looking food and gravy :D

  • audidriver12 says:

    wtf is a meme?

  • SinisterSpade says:

    When they said 'can you name one thanksgiving song off the top of your head' I yelled 'I CAN'. Did you know that the Christmas song Jingle all the way was originally a Thanksgiving song, called One Horse Open Sleigh?

  • naynay101hotdog says:

    Lol nice Yutsuba toy.

  • OnTVads says:

    something thats was made popular fromthe web (utube, flikr, myspace, blogs, facebook, etc)

  • N1kdanbro says:


  • Timmehbob says:

    At the risk of sounding like an idiot,
    What the hell is a meme?

  • parkourdemon says:

    They have a series called "know your meme"....go watch it.

  • Blah13lah says:

    No i didn't but heres one can you name one person of the top of your head who cares?!"

  • SinisterSpade says:

    Yep, let's see. The person who told me. The person who told them. The person who wrote the book of useless facts. And your mom.

    Also, you need to pay better attention to the way you type.

  • Blah13lah says:

    Why you where able to fully understand or at lest enough to answer back.... My mom probly wont care considering she is dead thx tho, i was just joking around btw....

  • Bagonad says:

    You're a meme.

  • SinisterSpade says:

    Just because I can understand you it doesn't mean you're doing a good job.

  • BanjoGate says:

    This wasn't that good..

  • MichaelExe says:

    It sounds like CollegeHumor.

    I couldn't understand what he was singing, though. >.>

  • Timmehbob says:

    I do.

    I just don't know what a meme is.:/

  • Rooney10Nani17 says:


  • randomN3RDgirl says:


  • PARADOXo0o says:


  • marjan15 says:

    Meme is virus!

    r ppl r pun.

  • aWaterbottle420 says:

    thanksgiving is not a meme, is a meme.

  • plasticvideo says:

    ahahaha, Molly, "ooh, ooh"

  • thelonewolf86 says:

    That was funny!

    Happy Thanksgiving :)

  • TheYolk says:

    Jamie is a hot meme.
    He could meme me anytime. Hah.

  • locomotive147 says:

    is that yotsuba on the table?

  • Bloodsaberxy says:

    aww you killed it

  • thatsameoldsong says:

    that was irritating but I love you guys anyway happy turkey day

  • pmalveda02 says:


  • titanluu says:

    where can i download the background song please?

  • you401 says:

    HAHA love it!!!!.........who's the girl at 2:43 ;), she should be in more videos

  • edgehaedjr says:

    What's with the ugly jumpers? Not a meme.

    Yay for Molly's first Thanksgiving. She just did what others from England did ages ago.

  • sponjiraggae says:

    oh god more

  • dinosaursays says:

    ahahahaha. I liked this song.

  • ClockworkNinjaFilms says:

    Good times. Happy Thanksgiving RocketBoom!

  • Allingby says:

    I'm the nerd who has to point out... That MacBook Pro is in sleepmode, cause the light is breathing :P

  • DeRealUno says:


  • Staleghoti says:

    I like how they implied that there's a Molly video every day

  • BlitzWing00 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Rocketboom!

  • TheGreatSteve says:

    So a christmas meme!

  • TheGreatSteve says:

    Black Squadron!

  • MechaTamago says:

    Jamie Dubs FTW

  • Alekseyev says:


  • Peachk33n says:

    OMG LOVE YOU GUYS~ best vid ever. rocketboom makes life worth living...

  • Deathstrom1850 says:


  • mememolly says:

    i knew someone would notice!

  • mememolly says:

    i live infront of the map yo

  • Ouchthathurtslol says:

    mudkips, niggers and chicken, 404 bitch.

    memes i saw

  • Tanru2000 says:

    I like when they all get together! Was that Andrew with the glasses?

  • Blythe31 says:

    The chick with the glasses is gorgeous. :)

    She looks kinda funky with the sweater though. aha.

  • RuleOfRoseMysteries says:

    mememolly is a meme, even if the meme attached to molly doesn't mean meme.

  • JennJennJennifer says:

    What's a meme or mem?

  • hakkai999 says:

    Its like a fad. Look it up.

  • DetogorgoN says:

    Brilliant! :D

  • firnantok says:

    hilarious! :-)

  • agolosha says:

    Best drunk ever.

  • Cannabinoidl says:

    molly is the cutest girl i have ever seen... :D

  • sth128 says:

    1. Auto tune can't save Jamie's singing.
    2. Gorgeous girls win
    3. Turkey
    4 point tracking fail reaching epic fail level over nine thousand.
    5. ???
    6. PROFIT!!!

  • theredmission says:

    #2 AGREED

  • docrobphotostop says:

    happy memeturkeyday rocketboomers!

  • UncleChevitz says:


  • TheCharleycat says:

    eek, terrible music . stick to reporting ur better at it lol


    i love ellie

  • ChanielDan says:

    we need this sh!t down under.

  • novoctmar says:

    One of the topics of conversation at our dinner today was that there should be thanksgiving songs that can be played on this day instead of Christmas music. Now we have one! Every year we will start the day with this thanksgiving holiday carol. Thank you Rocketboom!

  • CounterCraftz says:

    This video channel needs more meme in "Know your meme" so the outta put "Know your meme" in your thanksgiving. So you can digest meme while you digest turkey.

  • Koujinkamu says:

    "Thank you Rockbottom" is what I saw. Did you guys see?

  • TheInunah says:

    Wow. You should've used more memes though.

  • coolstream1 says:

    Were they eating Jenga blocks instead of turkey?

    Lots of fiber I would imagine...

  • wildboy92004 says:

    Ella makes the cutest faces, especially at 2:04. She's so calm and collected all the time. It's like nothing bothers her. She's acts so cool.

  • DrGorgenflex says:

    I lold at the meme part, but more molly.

  • Tzar1400 says:

    I concur

  • colossusbeam says:

    haha that's an awesome Thanksgiving meal

  • roidroid says:


  • Vinnie0003 says:

    2:35 2:36 she is so beautiful,

  • ISnoggedHarry says:

    I saw this being WRITTEN.

    No, really. Great job guys :) It turned out awesome!

  • WashboardSam says:

    Is Thanksgiving Milhouse?

  • CNLMCF says:

    we must spam this song to force it into memehood

  • thePlasticNinja says:

    Man, I still love Rocketboom but that was the worst auto-tune from this channel.

  • elvispelt says:

    I laughed, but never do this again!

  • cascas2284 says:

    I see yotsubaaaaa

  • Weedhappy says:

    and FAIL

  • m0r1arty says:

    Jamie should get drunk more often!

    And Ellie is hot as the mum figurehead.

    Nice job guys, well done all round.

    Never do this again :)

  • cellmate89 says:


  • Firster says:

    Meme-alicious! (first)

  • LedZeppel1n says:

    I think they were all drunk to make this.

  • Aliyns says:

    @thePlasticNinja That's good to hear, ima let you finish... but ROCKETBOOM IS NOW THE GREATEST CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE IN ALL TIME... ALL TIME!

  • treehamallama says:

    i like this~!!

  • nasius95 says:

    Wow, that Mudkip follows Yatta everywhere!

  • mickey mouse says:

    where was boss baron? eating chinese?

  • JeffNiggy says:

    I think I'll pass...

  • jschrein says:


  • vrfl says:

    Fuck... that guy with the meme's... reminds me SO much of myself. I am constantly like that

  • bassistperson says:

    i hate these guys
    RULE 1

  • GoNoAMMo says:

    Couldn't you just slam the laptop closed? I would've...soon as he took mememolly's spot.

  • b-man says:

    Be thankful you guys are sitting around eating turkey
    and are not one of the 40,000 young men who will soon
    be sent to Afghanistan to slaughtered for no good reason.
    Maybe pour some gravy on that Hope 'n Change!

  • TheReasonWhyGuy says:

    and RULE 2

  • PariahOlympics says:

    HAhaha love it...I love your holiday ideas and am impressed ,interested and amused constantly by Rocketboom...Happy Thanksgiving all and keep up the brilliance as always.

    .....graa~vaaay.....hehe that will be stuck in my head for awhile Im sure.

  • HeartsFlame says:

    That only applies for raids, newb.

  • williamwzl says:

    Now I want a mudkip toy.

  • NickTechFilms says:


  • KraZyRuskieFilms says:

    thanksgiving is not a meme is a meme now?

  • BlitzWing00 says:

    Great work! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Lefkada18 says:


  • zoza119 says:

    Hubble Hubble

  • whoo689 says:

    memes are dumb

  • Kaarox says:


  • whoo689 says:

    That blonde chick is hot. But that black-haired chick across from her at the table is a bitch.

  • OhNoItsGojira says:

    i loled

  • Leonardo says:

    Very nice bit of sit com, really. More irritable overbearing and self-imposing Ellie like this in future, please. But truth is I liked them all and the whole of it.

    A deliberate attempt to make an uglier song would have been a failure. Only by a lucky chance you can get these epiphanies of suck.

  • AFnord says:

    Well, any idea that spreads is, per definition, a meme, so not all memes are dumb :P

  • nytrex2001 says:

    A really funny episode.

    What does a space turkey say? Hubble Hubble.

  • kostaawe says:

    2:50 sooo cute ^^

  • TranceElevation says:


    Can you hear me???

  • perfectlyMessy says:

    haha molly is def a meme! everything is a meme!

  • RayneyNight says:

    A little piece of me just died watching that but, you know, I don't really think I needed that part anyway. This was fracking funny!

  • upublic says:

    OMG you guys are the hottest "family" on the internetz, thanks for posting this, you guys fuckin ROCK you hear me, YOU FUCKIN ROCK!!!

  • drinkbeerdamnit says:

    wtf........... american is the only thanksgiving

  • Ook says:


  • rizwan1983 says:

    Just acting...She's really nice in the other videos!

  • rizwan1983 says:

    Though I hate the autotune thing... Enough already!

  • jakeisamilkshake says:


  • Pewdie says:

    Omg i laughed so hard at this video! ´haahahaha im so glad i subscribed!: D

  • NickTechFilms says:

    lmao that was amazing... hehehe

  • ChibsogItchy says:

    1:58 Mudkip!

  • Brokendrake7 says:

    @MrFluffay second hottest :P I prefer Ellie

  • shuttledik says:

    1:13 Yowza!

  • Cubicleboy04 says:

    I heard you liek... gravy?

  • Vermeer says:

    Meme of The Day = LameJamie

    Next Thanksgiving, SHOOT JAMIE! (not the turkey...) WTF!

  • ThisIsCleverUsername says:

    what does the Space Turkey say?

  • jogurtt1a says:

    gobble gobble?

  • misjahnner says:

    Hey, nice sweaters!

  • NORCALVLOG says:

    i really liked this one

  • CognosSquare says:

    Thats a frigging solid crunch at 0:19

  • Anonybon says:

    Failed attempt at a forced meme...

  • refreshingapathy says:

    FUCK Thanksgiving songs.


    Sigh, its like all you can eat newfaggatory.

  • provoko says:

    terrible, sorry

  • yuukisama2001 says:

    Hey it's Yotsuba with a lighter. Plus, one mudkip.

    I know I'm late but Happy b-lated Thanksgiving guys.

  • skel8tor says:

    at 2:05 my computer said, 'its time to upgrade ur virus software'

  • sakuraxcosplayer907 says:


  • RoboFillet says:

    I checked it out. I can endorse this observation. It's like, crunch.

  • skel8tor says:

    jamie just increased his awesomeness a millionbilllion

  • PolArbezcukru says:


    Lol "solid crunch" indeed. MY EARS!

  • anthonyrotar says:

    i thought it was funny

  • elspethjane says:

    I'm sure he'd let you know that awesomeness is a MEME!

  • nicknees93 says:

    loved it. "Gravayy"

  • 4K4K1K0 says:

    Turkey pie?

  • 4K4K1K0 says:

    tried WP?

  • DragonsRule02 says:

    OMG Its Yotsuba! :D

  • WolfSyndrome says:


  • Timmehbob says:

    @4K4K1K0 Good idea. o_o

  • BaronCreel says:

    I love memes memememememememmememememememememememmeemememememe

  • Alexraaar says:

    I could sure go for some.... pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes

  • kabloozie says:

    • Leftovers (turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey hash) meme
    • Loud knitted sweaters (yikes!) meme
    • The little heart shaped butt the dog ate off the turkey meme.

  • Emilyinthecity4 says:

    Auto-tune Turkey song ... that's awesome!

  • elrabin0 says:

    Rofl Gobble.

  • IIIIFile13IIII says:

    turducken is probably the most disgusting creation of all time.

  • Nocivel says:

    lol, Thanksgiving is totally a meme.

    Also when did Leah DEmilio jump Mahalo Daily for Rocketboom?!

  • lostcanuck says:

    hubble, hubble

  • httprover says:

    So, Rocketboom is not just Molly? It's nice to see the entire crew together...sort of.

    (Someone needs to work on the vocoder..or upgrade to Auto-Tune...or both.)

  • spazzles14 says:


  • Hypermobilemind says:

    Lol, what the hell, where did you guys get the Yotsuba doll that's on the table at 2:38?

    • Leonardo says:

      (. . .)
      Professor Andrew Watson, a long-term colleague of the researchers at the CRU, said the unit should have nothing to fear from an inquiry, as the CRU temperature data set at the heart of many of the e-mails is almost identical to the two other authoritative data sets, both in the US.

      "The difference between science and other branches of life - like politics - is that we should be completely transparent about what we do," he said.

      "Everything should be open to question. The people who have been alleging a conspiracy over the years will see that there is no conspiracy - that one side has clearly won the debate that the climate has been changing and that human activities are the only plausible explanation.

      "If this is the most evidence they can come up with of a conspiracy after looking through thousands of e-mails where researchers thought they were talking in private - well, it's pretty pathetic."
      (. . .)

      • Leonardo says:

        Oh wait, the literature mentioned in this Youtube video comes from this site:

        Fascist Soup

        have a taste:

        99.9% of American’s are fascist swine or communist totalitarians, either way I have dedicated this site to you.

        Given that you love wasting quadrillions of your own dollars on your own destruction, you should enjoy this site thoroughly.

        If you want to tell me about how much of a fascist you are, submit your story here:
        *email removed*

        If I find your story adequately fascist, I’ll post it on my wall of power.

  • eSilva90 says:

    I <3 Rocketboom

  • f00db01 says:

    millhouse is a meme

  • mickey mouse says:

    Wall Street Journal

    The Telegraph (UK)

    • Leonardo says:

      Chinese are doing their first substantial openings on the climate change, as it will be announced in a few days in Copenhagen, at the UN summit on global warming. Apparently, Chinese are stupid, don't read the Fascist Soup website and are still unaware that the climate change hoax has been exposed.

      China -- the world’s third largest economic power and its largest carbon polluter -- unveiled its first specific targets to slow carbon emissions. It also announced that premier Wen Jiabao would attend the United Nations summit on global climate change in Copenhagen next month.

      The announcement came a day after Washington put its own proposal for reducing emissions on the negotiating table for the first time and said that President Barack Obama would join the meeting.

      "At a time like this, everyone wants to take the high moral ground and no one wants to be blamed should talks in Copenhagen fail," said Wu Changhua, Greater China director for Climate Group, a Britain-based non-profit organisation.
      (. . .)

      • mickey mouse says:

        If you believe the Chinese will do anything to alleviate emissions of toxic gases when their economy is just in its infant stage (and is currently the biggest polluter) then you better go eat some egg fu young. Cause when they gear up to kindergarden level you won't see your own face in the mirror. YES, IN CHINA WE TRUST. THE WORST HUMAN RIGHTS RECORD ON THE PLANET. AS WELL.


        caps on by mistake.

        • Leonardo says:

          Unwarranted speculation on the future and elusive tactic to emotionally shift the subject of the talk to human rights. The sure mark you know full well that THE MATTER IS SETTLED AND NOT TO YOUR LIKING.

          caps on on purpose.

          • mickey mouse says:

            Maybe it's settled in your mind, but not in the minds of 10s of millions



            (what else is new....!!!)

  • mickey mouse says:

    copenhagen will be a joke just like Kyoto was. Man Kyoto really had a significant impact....on AL GORE's wallet.

  • mickey mouse says:

    Well, well, the hits keep on coming. Least they can do is postpone Copulatehagen until all the studies are investigated.

    Climate change scandal deepens as BBC expert claims he was sent leaked emails six weeks ago

  • ramanglass544 says:

    this comment is a meme

  • mickey mouse says:

    Climate Change is not the problem, it's the raping of Planet earth, the polluting of all its lakes, rivers and oceans, the absolute ignorant carnage to PRODUCE PRODUCT.

    That is the true crisis.....fresh water is disappearing faster than you can say IN CHINA WE TRUST.

    • mickey mouse says:

      Oh did I forget to mention, the ravaging of the forests around the world and the disappearance of diverse species of plants, animals, insects, and food sources. Those are the REAL ISSUES, not your next suntan.

  • AjikanPanda says:

    Your face is a meme

  • f00db01 says:

    you moms a meme! who didnt see that one comming!

  • Tracebones says:

    do a bibarel roll!

  • AjikanPanda says:

    That hurt:( hahahha

  • OnlyFearOfDeath says:

    know your memes

  • mickey mouse says:

    Final comment on the matter as my day old turkey is getting cold. Mickey only gets leftovers.

    The only way to know who is telling the truth is a comprehensive unbiased investigation. Then let the chips fall where they may. That's called science.

    And I thought you would go lady gaga over the Ella vids.

  • mickey mouse says:

    Screw Climate Change I'm going back to DisneyWorld. We have the freshest air on the planet and the cutest meeses.

  • f00db01 says:

    tee-hee =)

  • QuasiEvilScott says:

    I felt a part of the Rocketboom family...

    That dysfunctional, alcoholic family. I'm so happy!

  • gimblysam says:

    That was amazing!

  • SirKnobofCheese says:

    Facial hair FTW

  • Shiggiddie says:

    ha ha ha YES!!!!!!!!

  • nightscapemedia says:

    I want gravy for some reason.

  • fjfj says:
    can you hear 1 or every2...

  • Z0MGCODY says:


  • aca says:

    where is joanne colan

  • BigAndTall666 says:

    Molly and Ellie in the same video, NIIICE! ;-P

  • drehleierguy says:

    How's this for a song for y'all?

  • iagonizante says:

    Loved the cool Ella movements lol

  • JonnoStrife says:

    Hey didn't keeptheheat do basically the exactly the same thing? Only less memetically orientated.

  • alex1314159 says:

    yay, dysfunctional rocketboom family. I feel right at home

  • trickyfeet says:

    hooray for green screen skype!!

  • DorkiestCutie says:

    xD <3

  • driftster99 says:

    lmao! jamie finally lost it

  • GoldfishChannel says:

    lmao i love everybody's sweater in this ha ha

  • Cakevspie94 says:

    O man lol I lost it

  • txmoney says:

    Awesome! The whole cast of Rocketboom together at one awkward table. 5-Stars.

    And Autotune...Gravaayyy!!

  • kailindorian says:

    Truly original video! How do you guys do that... maybe because of Molly's superpowers?

  • ToLokyo says:

    If only Joanne would have made a guest appearance. :(
    But what an awesome video - MEME it!

  • neoerebus says:

    who are the 2 women at the end of the table opposite of the drunk on the skype?

  • Teh1337man says:

    Like everyone's sick of Jamie talkin' bout memes!

  • tchn339 says:

    You know your good when you can parody yourself and everyone still loves it.

  • mxcncarebear says:


  • kilikman says:

    Yeah, what does the space Turkey say? "Gobble gobble" epicness.

  • Chilenita74 says:

    I love the autotune!!

  • leahdemilio says:

    i started working for rocketboom in July of this year! i love it!

  • N3B0R3D says:

    Doesnt that dumb ass know that meme is pronounced may-may. Im telling 4chan about this.

  • SebakSwe says:

    "Hubble hubble" rofl

  • fraggle79 says:

    hahha, that was great. "hat does a space turkey say? gobble gobble" lol

  • Simanda says:

    It's not, it's just written that way. The correct pronunciation IS "meem".


  • GordonWolters says:

    THats my Ikea table!

  • paintballcraka says:

    2:35 would totally hit that

  • Uktrayf says:

    Oh god.

    The best Dx

  • BaCuurk says:

  • ForstaSvenskenIRymdn says:

    commenting is a meem

  • skywise404 says:

    This is the best vid yet!

    Your face is a meme...

  • Cororo96 says:


  • jsbud333 says:

    it was "hubble hubble"

  • camilok7 says:

    you guys trying to create a meme??? that's cute hahah

  • nasius95 says:

    Spelling 'meme' as 'meem' is a meme

  • Uktrayf says:

    "Guys why wont he stop talking about memes?"

    "I have no idea I think he's really drunk."

    I lol'd Dxz

  • rantingone says:

    COOL BEANS!!1!!!1

  • denxos says:

    YouTube is a meme.

  • part2themovie says:

    memes are all about mememememe, memes are like neurons, they encapsulate one idea that can be extended with othere memes (or neurons) to create an understanding of a concept. although memes as used in the context of rocket boom is 'popular shit'

  • speier says:

    jamie dubs is like my friend chris

  • intindse says:

    this song fails, but failing is a meme

  • Quizoid says:

    Damn you. I've had, "Who made that pumpkin pie? Who? Who?" stuck in my head for days.

  • skel8tor says:

    ty, it was 'coolness' at first, interesting how agressively they mutate when replicating

  • jables000 says:

    WTF is a meme???

  • KennSan says:

    Something that is well known on the internet, just look at RocketBoom's video series 'Know your memes'.

  • idiidiot123 says:

    wtf how bad

  • iamnotdrtran says:

    This is the worst video I've ever seen the folks at Rocketboom produce.

  • JLtheking2 says:

    no it isn't

  • JLtheking2 says:


  • ren says:

    Single greatest video ever lol who made that pumpkin pie rofl.

  • mickey mouse says:

    My ella videos ate awaiting moderation, as if ella can be taken in moderation.

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