Summer Solstice

Molly reports on the summer solstice, the game of life, SpaghettiO’s recall, and more. Headlines: The Draconid meteor shower coming next year may cause some damage. NASA preps., NASA says the Moon has more water than the Great Lakes, 15 million pounds of SpaghettiO’s have been recalled, 15 million pounds of SpaghettiO’s have been recalled 2, Lower calorie diets lead to longer lives, Lower calorie diets lead to longer lives 2, The animal that lives the longest: certain Jellyfish, which live indefinitely., The secret ingredient in Worcestershire sauce? Fermented fish., First self-replicating creature spawned in life simulator, World’s oldest shoe (emailed from a viewer last week), IBM supercomputer to compete on Jeopardy, Bangkok shuts down 43,000 websites deemed to be defamatory to the royal institution. Click here for Show Credits: Summer Solstice.

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  • StrollIR says:

    YES molly is slowly getting closer to showing HEr cleavage. ALmost there. guys where almost there. Chant MOLLY's ClEav"

  • mauriciohavok says:

    @NevadaChozo but she did say it

  • DukeToast says:


  • cricketbat08 says:

    Molly, what's the difference between a soldier and a sailor? You can't dip a sailor in your egg!

  • sexifencer says:

    thumbs up if you like comments that tell you to "thumbs up" them

  • djtron1x says:

    @TarikuKunn Thats why she said SOUTHERN hemisphere. comment FAIL!

  • Stripdancer100 says:

    Thumbs up if you want to watch a 1000th episode called "Behind the Map of Rocketboom! Funny Takes And Amusing Mistakes. Little Tricks of Gathering Information. All the Secrets of Remote-Controlled Chair. 12 Hours In a Studio - How To Keep On. Who Goes To Buy Some Beer? Press? Out Five Trolls Out of Comments and Get a Free Invitation Card to Watch Us Making Videos!"

  • NevadaChozo says:

    @mauriciohavok but ... eh ... not in the beginning -_-

  • mauriciohavok says:

    @NevadaChozo it's sexier this way, you've got to wait a bit for it

  • othdogg says:

    sorry you were saying "you and me" what?

  • ToshDog says:

    Like the fireplace at the end of the episode, i volunteer to keep Molly warm all winter.

  • Dxstroia says:

    Why can't Molly just show us her tits? :(

  • DrDaveTierney says:

    Molly should do a video on oxymorons e.g. pretty ugly, microsoft works, government organisation :)

  • coolstream1 says:

    Molly squeezes H2O out of internet comments? HOLY FRAK!

  • MovieMentalist says:

    @undulated Thank you muchly! :-)

  • GmasterRED says:

    Becase this is youtube. Some cleavage would be comendable, though.

  • MovieMentalist says:

    @mememolly Thank you, molly!

  • GmasterRED says:

    meh. Now that I've discovered Molly's channel, this just seems a step down.

  • JDEL123 says:

    You and I, Molly.....

  • thisisthegiiiirl says:

    @NevadaChozo 0:17

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  • MrDucktaper says:

    I like turtles!

  • banido says:

    @MrSweJohn Thumbs up if you want to engage in an inappropriate sexual relationship with Molly.

  • KirkAwesome says:

    @MrSweJohn change the h with a f and the g with a ck. Then yes =P

  • FooFighterFix says:

    @GmasterRED molly's channel?

  • Penguiroo says:

    Thumbs up if you hate comments that tell you to thumbs up.

  • DanniGirl2005 says:

    The secret ingerdient is dead fish? Phew, though they were living for a second.

  • lillsecrets says:

    @Penguiroo Isn't that ironic. You know, if anyone agrees with you, they won't thumbs up.

  • O0oSorousho0O says:

    Molly is sooo cute!! ^_^

  • GigaBoost says:

    mmm molly tits

  • Penguiroo says:

    @lillsecrets More or less the obvious point. But, sometimes, people appreciate irony.

  • GmasterRED says:

    Yeah! Just type in "mememolly"

  • littledmandan says:

    Molly will you come snuggle with me here in South Africa to stay warm??

  • sasukeichigo12 says:

    spagettio's were safe to eat already?

  • todd3293 says:

    darker shirts make it harder to see the curves of those big boobs :(

  • mattabesta says:

    Unless the jelly fish get's killed by some people that don't want anyone else to have immortality.

  • PesiCool says:

    Tough on you suthern hemispherers!!!

    Up here in Iceland, the sun stays up 24/7 during these months!!

  • SpyCrab says:

    @Penguiroo Oh the irony.

  • madelineschannel says:

    Ahh, you're a little late.
    My astronomy exam was this morning :(

  • comics4komix says:


  • Avrixhatter says:

    I love you Molly.

  • LesterMDK says:

    @PesiCool Nice to see another fellow Icelander Here! :)

  • techfoxpl says:

    Molly make some more about stars

  • canada995 says:

    @MrSweJohn ya and a squeeze her titssss

  • florcita72 says:

    it's funny because I had a question about this on my final geography exam :)

  • UltimaLinkStephen says:

    I eat spaghetti without heating it.

    Haters gonna hate

  • Hergonan says:

    Gemini wasn't the first self-replicating organism. No. The game features tons of self-replicating organisms, but Gemini is the "fastest glider". Also it travels at a strange angle, but that's it.

  • ArturoStojanoff says:

    Yeah, here it's coooold!

  • phantasMoon69 says:

    Winter ..? Not in the High lands of the Andes, baby, lol

  • DigitalCable says:


  • gecko7564 says:

    Trolls are annoying. "MOLLY'S BOOBS HERP DERP"

    Shut up.

  • WorstBestVids says:

    COOL and FUNNY

  • mememolly says:

    @PesiCool Send us photos! I'd love to see!

  • mememolly says:

    @DigitalCable you're a lemon!

  • pedrofgmartins says:

    @MrSweJohn thats just one of the things I wanted to do with her :P

  • MrSweJohn says:

    Hey, this is at least a start

  • tinymouse2 says:

    My birthday is today! :D

  • HenryMonmouth says:

    @SophomoreSlump236 I believe you fail.

  • DigitalCable says:

    @mememolly In the words of Kata Nash, it's 'cause I am so bitter. lol :P

  • ctraver says:

    @MrSweJohn This would be a good start, yes.

  • mypostman578 says:

    Molly is lovely.-

  • BeatPeet says:

    "Eventually weird things happen. Like you and me for instance" <---- pwnd xD

    But in regards to the jelly-fish: if you say that an organism is immortal because it can replicate without a mating partner, then many animals are immortal.

  • Trudermark says:

    @tinymouse2 Happy birthday! ^_^

  • yubebarca says:


  • KajsSwedishMeatBalls says:

    Oh, I could squeeze Mollys' lemons, gharghllrhghll...

  • Penguiroo says:

    @BeatPeet That would be asexual reproduction, which isn't really living forever, I agree; but what she said sounds more like it reverts back into it's first life stages without reproducing. I don't know for sure, because I haven't looked it up, but that's what it sounds like, at least.

  • tzahi31 says:

    @tinymouse2 my friends birthday was yesterday and the day before yesterday was my birthday =p

  • BenjaminBecotte says:

    Today's suppose to be the longest day of the year? really? The day went by real fast today and it's almost over too.

  • BeatPeet says:

    The jelly-fish transforms into some sort of "pillar" and attaches itself to the
    ground. There it produces layers of organic mass and after a while the
    whole pillar splits and into a bunch of jelly-fish-babies. The end =D

  • WretchedAaron says:

    @tinymouse2 Longest birthday of the year! Happy birthday!

  • GRIZZY1303 says:

    i wanna know the deal behind that thing molly jams tapes into

  • TheSpringlessBear says:

    Its nice here in northen sweden.. Sunlight all day... =D 23.02 (11 pm) and still bright outside..

  • 6u6u7o says:

    we love you

  • Penguiroo says:

    @BeatPeet In that case, I'd say it isn't exactly reproduction, nor is it really immortality. It sounds to be more or less a Jelly-grenade that explodes into life. Though I'm sure it's not as awesome in real life compared to what I just pictured in my mind.

  • jackalope901 says:

    I trucking hate the winter...

  • tinymouse2 says:

    Tis great having it on this day :D
    And thank you :)

  • tetsubo57 says:

    They are fit for human consumption regularly? I prefer real food thanks.

  • TheMeatloaflover says:

    didn't we learn this in school...sorry i forgot this is America

  • mememolly says:

    @GRIZZY1303 It's a TI994a - google away!

  • Mazequax says:

    23:23 it still isn't blackkkky dark ^^

  • Mazequax says:

    23:23 it still isn't blackkky dark ^^

  • duplicatehelix says:

    Thanks for the fireplace, Molly. It is getting cold down here.

  • IdleMindEE says:

    @mememolly The TI-99/4A was my very first computer. I added the tape cassette drive so I could save all my useless little BASIC programs. Good memories... =)

  • Corsair92 says:

    @Mazequax got a streetlight in front of your window? xD

  • theapollomoonlanding says:

    The less you eat the longer you live. Just like in Mao's China.

  • jointracer says:

    and this is rocketbewm

  • iHateToRegister says:

    @GrimR17 You wish you were first! :)

  • MrMultiSingularity says:

    lemon of comments? But we all love you Molly!! (just not all the people you interview :-p)

  • RogueBlueJay says:

    Cheers for the throw out to the southern hemisphere. Nice to know we aren't forgotten!

  • geargemartin says:

    space Pebbles? what about the space Bam Bam's?

  • Unrealbr says:

    Well, our "cold" winter goes for 15ºC whereas your summer goes for 25ºC.
    That's spring for me, our summer goes for 35ºC and this temperature is enough to start an european mass death for dehydration!! Muhahahahaha

  • dilanovich says:

    really molly, the winter joke was not very cool. our winters r much worse anyways

  • frondew says:

    Almost 1000 videos!

  • IWannabeJew says:

    This installment was kinda depressing. You're telling me that in order to live (longer) I should stop eating?

  • kyokan says:

    damn shes fine

  • IWannabeJew says:

    This installment was kinda depressing. You're telling me that in order to live longer I should stop eating?

  • SXKyilu says:

    That ain't cool. I live in Eastern Canada and it is really hot right now. Throughout June, my fan was turned on 24/7.

  • Quixotic1018 says:

    At least the secret ingredient to Worcester sauce isn't living fish...

  • mini14tx1 says:

    5500 years ago (yawn) I'm most surprised to learn it wasn't made in China.

  • Accisma says:

    obviously Molly was talking to Rocketboom's large subscriber base among penguins

  • 3izwiz says:

    @Unrealbr here it's over 50C so don't get me started

  • dman529 says:

    I'm boiling hot here in Toronto! Sunset couldn't come fast enough. Temperatures are going to even higher, probs high twenties or even in the thirties.

  • crazycheatta says:

    Molly was kinda cute between 1:48 and 1:53. Very mocking ending though lol! Other than that she looked like she was having a case of the Mondays.

  • Prytonis says:

    I heard that on the Solstice you can balance Molly on her end and she doesn't fall over. Oh wait, maybe that was the equinox. Never mind.

  • corinnedrew says:


  • 6382474887 says:

    Molly writes with her pen upside-down...

  • KnightMD says:

    @dman529 I chose the right time to move to Halfiax, then.

  • screamingmonnkey says:

    thanks for the fire

  • Shadowsorder says:

    lol not to be mean but its not the longest day of the year, every day has 24 hours in it, its the day with the longest hours of sunlight

  • StaticID says:

    WOOOHH Northern Hemisphere FTW!! Suck it southern Hemisphere....

  • wassupdoc319 says:

    i. love. rocketboom.

  • nomiSimple says:

    Molly owns this job now. Well done.

  • LionINSU says:

    Hey Molly, I'm argentinian. Thanks for the final advice!! I'm freezing here!!

  • Todd says:

    Today is not the longest day of the year, all days are of equal length, being 24 hours. Today is the day with the longest amount of daylight in the northern hemisphere.

  • Phil Bowman says:

    Today's felt really long so far.

    But now my phone's updating to iOS4.. :)

  • lemonsyay1 says:

    yay I'm a lemon in the comment

  • brettrink says:

    Good one Molly.

  • forsbrookme says:

    its funny that i only click on this video once molly is in the thumbnail....

  • HisForgottenSolitude says:

    guesss what its cloudy in vancouver ):

  • theflorgeormix says:

    how reserved and ladylike Molly has been about negative comments that she doesn't deserve, shes better than Dan Rather

  • dancingLikeAMonkey says:

    Ah, the virtual fireplace video. ♥ I wish it were winter here again. =[

  • M1995C says:

    im on the equator.... DAMN WE;'RE ALWAYS MISSING OUT

  • Blargaldalien says:

    Tomorrow is going to seem so much shorter.

  • richmeister4eva says:

    i want the winter to come already i hate summer, if ya cant tell im a huge nerd lol

  • mashedfireflys says:

    molly..... i want to make you cookies, but you melt my butter... ;(

  • TheCustard17 says:

    Many Thanks from the souther hemisphere! A side note was that yesterday (21st) was the shortest day of the year here....Yippee!

  • batasantk says:

    molly is hotter than any fireplace :D

  • mtr2k says:

    @MEmeMolly will you write me on my birthday too?

  • pramjam64 says:

    The king of Thailand kisses feet!

  • Cherinbrook says:

    wooooo bangkok
    oh awwwwwww shit! :( their shutting off the internet
    you know they once banned youtube in the whole of thailand because 1 person posted a video that was disrespectful to a picture of the king or something

    btw, the fire at the end was very, very sexy ;O

  • logsdonj says:

    The North Pole has already been receiving a full 24 hours of sunlight. However, at the Arctic Circle (66.5 degrees N), today was the one day per year with 24 hours of sunlight.

  • FUIDB says:

    Nu firar vi snart midsommar i Sverige. Now we will soon celebrate midsummer in Sweden!!!

  • Greniel11 says:

    No wonder i was so bored...

  • defect530 says:

    HAHA!! All McFatty's are all gonna die early :D

  • nathanredd says:

    I'm glad I followed you here. This has been such a great channel.

  • mindstormmaster says:

    I love all these segues.

  • KanonXD says:

    if you are in australia is winter solstice

  • StupidTeenTV says:

    hey molly, i have a message for you


  • EdgarDirby says:

    @KanonXD fa la la la la la la la la!

  • BRGxRandomHero says:

    worcestershire sauce, please!

  • joannejpeg says:

    So that's how you pronounce Worcestershire...

  • Quincy217 says:

    lol, am I a comment lemon?

  • httprover says:

    The Sun was furthest North at 15:12 GMT or 11:12 EDT today.

  • joen0411 says:

    Great line about "lemons in the comments"

  • yellowgroove says:

    Happy Summer North America!

  • Joshlama says:

    Winter in Southern Hemiphere!!

  • MadeleineInMelbourne says:

    thanks for making me feel warmer haha =)

  • HazyJonny says:

    Thankyou for the fire :3

  • laikenishallow says:

    thats my shoe! thanks for finding it, who can i call to pick it up??

  • RocketBoobs says:

    Dear Molly RocketBoobs,

    Thanks for the warm fire place.
    I'll stop eating calories today, and see how long I live.
    If you're still alive when I finally die, if ever, I'll remind you that you told me so.

  • warser3401 says:

    i ate spaghetti's with meat balls today. I was think i already had ramen lets try somthing else 0_0

  • BlackJeopardy says:

    <3 the attempted subtitling by youtube.

  • Paldasan says:

    I wish it were a real fire. Not much warmth in this house.

    Any tips for warm places to go when I'm in NYC in a month and a half?

  • wsburroughs23 says:

    It can be cold in some parts of Australia but the trees are evergreen, and many native plants in milder places are also flowering! It is the summer that is hardest for them.

  • CanOnlyHappenToMe says:

    This one is especially lovely! "Eventually, weird things happen. Like you and me for instance. Or whoever wore this shoe." Really creative writing. Bravo! And "squeezing the comments". Haha! Hope you get something out of this one. And a lovely fire for the down under people at the end. Good job.

  • awawtamisheavy says:

    She's Molly and this is Rocketboom.

  • ryderawr says:

    @Paldasan It's like I always say, give a man fire and he stays warm until it goes out. Light a man on fire and he stays warm for the rest of his life.

  • FrankAtlasFontaine says:

    Molly's self esteem must be through the roof from all of these comments.

  • SophomoreSlump236 says:

    @FrankAtlasFontaine You know what else is through the roof? I wanna say something dirty here... but I don't feel like it. lol

  • SophomoreSlump236 says:

    @HenryMonmouth What can I say... She's MOLLY!!! And she's awesome.

  • panique365 says:

    I love rocketbooooom.

  • whatson289 says:

    what 7 faggots don't like Molly?

  • TheJonnyBShow says:

    @whatson289 Us faggots love Molly. It was probably 7 ignorant breeders that didn't like Molly.

  • Leonardo says:

    Oh, had RB made me produce this video on summer solstice.
    My idea: in a Stonhenge-like setting I would have had Molly beatifully dressed with a white virginal gown and a liliums' garland crowning her blonde hair. Then, laid her down on slab of rock, right in the midnight of coming solstice summer day, a long-bearded druid would plunge a dagger in her chest, just under the boobs, to renew the deal between humans and Mother Earth. To more realistic outcome she would disappear from RB news for a while up to the days the hoardes of her most juvanile fans would claim her back menacing suicide. In the end, just the lapse of time to have a rest, we would have Molly back in multiplied glory.
    That would really be Molly peaking in her actress career.

  • GodLikeSkillz89 says:

    Molly and Ellie need to be in a porn video!

  • FreeReery says:

    I really want to be that microphone in her shirt...

  • Birdboy029 says:

    FINALLy, we know she notices those comments--and hates them.

    Btw, really cool topics in this video. :D

  • HaydenHatTrick says:

    Thanks for the fire, its warming me up.. also, thanks for reminding me of the cold... but Australia got free insulation not long ago, so its not so bad.... too bad the rats in the roof use insulation as a nest :S....
    I'm worried

  • HaydenHatTrick says:

    @Birdboy029 yeah, that was pretty funny :P

  • teddirez says:

    grabs for his cocoa

  • ohwhatabumma says:

    Yep... it's snowing outside now.. :( I want summer!

  • geektoro says:

    thats it just keep squeezing, aaaa

  • manonthetelly says:

    Really good coverage of the solstice at

  • dkittv says:

    Slow it down!!!! Alright, whatever... is that simulated life going to turn into Sky Net though?

  • dkittv says:

    @HaydenHatTrick Worried? Just think of them as Room Mates and you'll be fine!

  • dkittv says:

    @Paldasan Warm places in NYC at the end of July? Probably all of NYC...

  • fockya says:

    @dkittv ur stupid fuck your mother

  • edgarae1 says:

    Ugh, today was such a long day! I was like "fucking end already day!" My mom makes me do things when the sun is out so I was practically Cinderella 3.0 (moesha is 2.0).

  • dkittv says:

    @fockya In what way does my comment that "It's warm in NYC in July/August" warrant that kind of random insult, jackass?

  • fockya says:

    @dkittv omg. here u go again. the world does not revolve around u man. take a deep breathe and relax. you really need to think more before speaking.

  • DragonsRule02 says:

    Ah, Molly~ you make my day brighter :D

  • HaydenHatTrick says:

    @dkittv lolz, I'm getting pissed off with them for the same reasons as you would room mates... so I suppose :P

  • theliting says:

    @fockya lol nyc is so warm

  • technologywontsaveus says:

    I'm Molly and this is Rocketboom! - Great to hear that! Molly, YOU gotta live forever!

  • C00ki3M0nsst3r says:

    its half way through winter already O_o

  • podmember says:

    lake michigan kinda looks like a penis

  • adrienblavier says:

    The kilogram calorie, large calorie, food calorie, Calorie (capital C) is the amount of energy required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree Celsius. A "calorie" isn't unhealthy it's an energy unit. So it's how much they eat, so not WHAT they eat, that determines their life duration. Thus intuitively we can imagine you can live longer if you eat less, just what is necessary for homeostasis that is. Another good vid Molly thx

  • lickmaballs says:

    Meanwhile, we'll all be eating tar balls in all our meals as corporate food giants will make deals with BP on how to incorporate oily sludge into pudding + oreo cookies....

    Meanwhile Obama continues to play golf and the public is asleep as usual. Funny how all those environmental groups, emphasis on "mental" have nothing to say about capping the well. Oh well, they voted for the Messiah, so now they can have their tar balls and eat em too.

    lick, lick!

  • jenjerx says:


  • 123456wei says:

    You and me :D

  • olegsavala says:

    u`r hot =P

  • shuttledik says:

    I kicked Watson's A! 52 to 6. See, the computer has access to all accumulated data... so I used Google. It's fair. I won easy.

  • ftwsmp says:

    I wish you could have been in Melbourne last night Molly.
    It was the longest night of the year.

  • SophomoreSlump236 says:

    @Dxstroia Then no one would watch Rocketboom anymoe. D'uh.

  • Trudermark says:

    God, shes hot... Wait I miss what she said! What did she said? LOL

  • Mjestic12 says:

    about the water on moon...
    there is only one glass of water in the rocks in a space of a soccer field...
    it would be extremely hard to harvest that water...

  • PhonixRMF says:

    thanks for the advice, molly =)

  • Acidtripped says:

    What is that music playing over the fire scene at the very last few seconds?

    It sounds incredibly similar to the overworld theme from Final Fantasy 8 but it's not quite the same .. grah that similarity is driving me insane.

  • OhNoItsGojira says:

    hahaha. Love the fireplace at the end!!

  • j0ker100 says:

    i love rocket oom news

  • icanfly303 says:

    :o I just ate some yesterday.

  • janpansa says:

    The other day when I was driving to work , it was -2C. And this is just the beginning (.__.!)

  • zomgzombiezz says:

    that's really cool!

  • Heistmnky says:

    ... meanwhile on the ISS
    "Captain, I've detected a meteor shower heading directly towards the station!"
    "Raise shields, red alert! Put it on screen Mr. Worf."

  • lickmaballs says:

    lick ma tar balls!

  • Thatlankydude1232 says:

    Little creepy how they just rush over the whole Thailand thing.

    Cause, you know, ignoring basic freedom of speech isnt really that big of deal right?
    wow... just wow 0_O;

  • 1TheGoodGuy says:

    The world is confusing

  • greatsayain says:

    I'm sure if i have 1 calorie a day i would die pretty quick.

  • Leobons says:

    Well it never gets that cold in Rio de Janeiro ;)

  • dkittv says:

    @fockya I didn't say it revolved around me but you replied to my comment as indicated by my name being before your comment, so God damn, I went and assumed that you might be talking to me...

  • dkittv says:

    @Thatlankydude1232 Well, to be fair she rushed over the whole video completely... I'm sure there are plenty other people commenting in greater detail about it.

  • lpximpulse says:

    Better grab my board and head down to NZ

  • marcuelcajon says:

    Molly's a Internet Meme.

  • outie555 says:

    i needed that fire, i am so cold right now, and i am in australia!! stupid cold winters

  • timtim123456 says:

    molly is the best

  • manudosde says:

    Suck it, southernhemispherians! :)

  • Pingoo says:

    To be honest, i don't think i'd really appreciate the secret ingredient in that sauce to be live fish.

  • Tanru2000 says:

    YAY! Long, cold winter ahead!! :D

  • Kaarox says:

    @outie555 lol Awstrayans

  • LulzBat says:

    @Trudermark Shes cute not hot

    Oh i forgot youre a fag

  • Trudermark says:

    @LulzBat Oh, shut up.

  • Flyingnifozro says:

    wow, way to wreck worsterschershire sauce for me :/

  • Flyingnifozro says:

    @outie555 I'm in Minnesota, its cold all the time.

  • mememolly says:

    @Flyingnifozro sorry!!

  • mememolly says:

    @HisForgottenSolitude no kidding? :]

  • mememolly says:

    @Blargaldalien yesterday WAS shorter! i got a lot less done..


    @mememolly I live in Lapland Finland and went to Midnight Sun Film Festival in Sodankylä. It was weird to come from the movie theater in the middle of the night when it was as bright as day because sun don´t disappear. I have a 3-D video of the visit in my channel. You should try to visit the festival here in Finland next year in June.

  • PsychoPretzel says:

    u r the hottest tranny on u2b.

  • nunka78 says:

    wtf thats my shoe . size 8

  • Ziggystarla says:

    How did you get your job with RocketBoom, Molly? Because, I WANT YOUR JOB! =]

  • thatoneguy1020 says:

    @DragonsRule02 and longer too right haha

  • IslamAlHosieny says:

    Wow, Thank God we don't have girls THAT beautiful around here, we wouldn't get any wok done.

  • hannarocks10 says:

    your not really that beautiful, but you sure are smart, and have a kick ass accent ;)

  • chrisdavies79 says:

    Thanks for the warming fire Molly. Really appreciate it down here in Auckland ;-)

  • maritimetimes says:

    i'd squeeze her lemons

  • gapanlilio33 says:

    I love you molly

  • logsdonj says:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's not just the North Pole that receives 24 hours of sunlight on the Summer Solstice. Isn't every place north of the Arctic Circle (66.5 degrees N) receiving 24 hours of sunlight that day? At the Arctic Circle there is only one day of 24 hour sunlight. At the North Pole, there is 6 months of it.

  • logsdonj says:

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's not just the North Pole that receives 24 hours of sunlight on the Summer Solstice. Isn't every place north of the Arctic Circle (66.5 degrees N) receiving 24 hours of sunlight that day? At the Arctic Circle there is only one day of 24 hour sunlight. At the North Pole, there is 6 months of it.

  • RayOfSunshine355 says:

    @Ziggystarla The men of the world won't let you take her job, I'm afraid.

  • lucasgelati says:

    Thanks for the warming fire Molly [2] It's cold here in Caxias do Sul (Brazil)

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