Space Telescoping, NASA To Give Hubble New Life With Atlantis Mission Launching Today, Hubble Space Telescope, ESA to launch two large observatories to look deep into space and time, ESA: Herschel, ESA: Planck, Save The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, United States Patent Application: 0060071122 – Full body teleportation system, Magnetic vortex wormhole generator , Cavitating Oil Hyperspace Energy GeneratorScientists Teleport Data on Tiny Scale

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May 12, 2009 • 2:00 pm | Permalink


  • Skabinflaff says:

    first view oooh yeah.

  • zakyb1 says:

    Boom ting

  • ArmesPryein says:

    ccc combo breaker!

  • sach3 says:


    i have no idea what you are talking about!

  • mattutubematt says:

    caitlin is so much fun :)

  • KanonXD says:


  • Syntox says:

    The universe being older than what My Bible tells me is not only a lie, it's also a direct assault on our values and the freedom this country stands for.

    I call for the United States to invade outer space immediately.

  • mergatroidal says:

    When I get older, I want a girl like Caitlin.

  • katesmeow says:

    1:10 - You mean "those Young Earth Creationists" or some such, yeah? Get it right.

  • GrainDesu says:

    Those anonymous hugs are somewhat disturbing.

  • ToXiCchrist says:

    I'm gonna give caitlin an anonymous hug.

  • castusalbuscor says:

    For 2:32: Its Octopodes and not Octopi.
    Octopus is a greek word so the greek pluralization is the proper way

  • theorderoforange says:

    dont look right into the camera a 3/4 camera angle shows your pretty side.
    from the front you look stoned

  • karry299 says:

    What was this 3 minute speech all about ?
    Can someone tell ?

  • javadude54 says:

    It's amazing how well those C64's can work without even being plugged in or connected to anything. Now THAT'S science. Caitlin looks a little red. Perhaps a quick dye-job to fit in for Barsoomian vacation?

  • OneEyeJay says:

    Caitlin, Space, and Science FTW!! : )

  • funkerman7 says:

    get over it , caitlin sucks

  • Tamerplane says:

    ahhh...hubble, space shuttles, euro telescopes, a hoax, some crackpot patents and free hugs

    oh...and real teleportation of information too, but that's hardly news

  • JoMiMo555 says:

    Dude you trashed the Trash-80!

    I could use an anonymous hug today :(

  • rawmo says:

    hugs create natural drugs in the noggin

    very cute, makes me wanna cuddle

  • sdddlt says:

    great episode!

  • SalchichaPolaca says:

    she looks so cute with that blouse/dress whatever it is

  • TickedOffBoomer says:

    That sound? It's RB jumping the shark.

  • PuppetXeno says:

    Excellent! I just LOVE the Commodore 64! There is no computer quite like it!

    More of it! More of it! Oh, yes, Hubble telescopes and stuff, and the girl is cute too...

    Commodore 64! Yayyy!

  • pkcrossing89 says:

    13.7 billion years old MY ASS! 6,000 to 8,000 years old. Evolution and the Big Bang are BOTH lies.

    • Newton says:

      You forgot to include gravity, geological processes, atoms, light, germ, cells, radioactivity, and thermodynamics in your list of bad theories.

      You can't blindly discount one scientific theory yet trust in other theories. Where is your skepticism in gravity or atoms?

      ALL of them have been studied with incredible detail and ALL are valid.

  • 8Tails says:

    A head swerve camera change? Brilliant. ;D

  • Ramsez says:

    she's hot. i still think it's hErschel rather tan herschEl though

  • tartsphere says:

    Has anyone said "I wanna space telescope you, bay bay!" Yet?

    If not then,


  • hudsonmusik says:

    You honestly had to say "quite a bit longer than those creationists were banking on," WE WANT JOANNE.

    • William says:

      Agreed, the assault on a certain set of values makes Rocketboom appear as biased as FOX News. Also, Catlyn obviously didn't study up on the plethora of ways in which Creationists explain the formation of the universe (among them Age Theory which stipulates that each "day" actually represents an Age).

  • eskay2001 says:

    You'd better be trolling...

  • exoneuk says:

    Awesome! Free hugs! :D

    Amusingness :D

  • StubzTurner says:

    She would have said the same thing. I mean this show is scripted. At least I think it is. I could be wrong.

  • marsCubed says:

    If evolution is a lie then how did animals come into being?
    Why do animals share DNA consistent with evolution?
    If man and ape have separate origins then why do they have chromosomes which exactly match what evolution predicted?
    Why do giraffes and other animals have the same amount of neck bones?
    If slow change over time is not responsible then what is? magic?
    Why do we find no evidence of creation?
    If God made it look like evolution then why do you despise it his work?
    Or do you have 2 Gods?

  • Bucknik says:

    Caitlin's smile FTW. :)

    I see that you slipped in a video game set in Syndney, Australia. Subtle.

  • erdal0 says:

    hate my mom, i got her nothing

  • marvelious92 says:

    you look at her and go like EW but yet you wanna bang her...

  • holydragon21087 says:

    I really notice both beauty and brains and she's one of the few.

  • TheGreatSteve says:

    Go Kerplunk!

  • UnlikelyDejaVu says:

    and that is the reason why psychologists still have jobs... Not everything is about sex u know...

    Besides she is a great person

  • kylebeans says:

    Lmao rocketboom makes my life <3

  • j1noble says:

    lol commodore 64... aliens are gonna be so jealous. :D

  • BulldozerNDF says:

    cute smile

  • konikula says:

    I am getting used for absence of Joanne, anyway I am also getting used to see Caitlin, she's also pretty interessting person to me. Huh, this was interessting part. Only that tree octopus is strange :) Hyperspace generators are quite good for generating effects not observable in space... that's good way to invent for everyone :)

  • DogFartsSmell says:

    i love you.

  • jamiehasnomercy says:

    Il probably bore you to death but you forgot to mention the IMAX 3d camera that the shuttle is taking in order to film a 3d movie in Space, also i did here that experiments with telportation have been succesful but they have only managed to transport 1 molecuel or atom i forget witch but it happened over 5 years ago.

  • asa3210 says:

    Wat a charming smile ! =)

  • caifan111 says:


  • MrCaltec says:

    Glad to hear your in control of your studio environment.
    Thats very clever indeed. But don't fret, that will be fixed soon because the Chaos of our space cannot be controlled. :)

  • MrCaltec says:

    Chaos is the wrong word, perhaps massivenessisms?

  • britneyspearsfan1547 says:

    interesting :)

  • nomiSimple says:

    Great segment but the ending was cruel for a button pusher like me : )

  • RagingLion says:

    I think Caitlin is warming to her role. Nice video.

  • santowhir says:

    but look here! lol

  • oscarry says:

    The deluxe hug video rocked.

  • macacd says:


  • ThingsontheWeb says:

    Hello and many hello's to you

  • Menticide2012 says:

    your smile is adorable!

  • SubmarinerAndroid says:

    0:36 - 0:39 is incredible, I had to watch it over and over

  • shanetm says:

    Way to push keys on a keyboard thats not even plugged in like an idiot

  • danceORsing says:

    I dont like her voice.........=(

  • drewcops says:

    lol the amiga got tossed aside

  • RocketROCKET1234 says:

    she reminds me of that show "Sabrina The Teenage Witch. lmao.

  • ValhallaStudios says:

    Space is so pretty.

  • nomercyrules10 says:

    yeah fuck creationists

  • elrabin0 says:

    Didn't the data transportation stuff happen 4 or 5 years ago? I remember hearing something about entangled photons or some such. I'm not a quantum physicist, so most of it went above my head.

  • MichelleTells says:

    this show wins the award for looking best in HD :)

  • adv1k says:

    it doesnt plug in bro, its wireless... wow.

  • Kiki756 says:

    What is Caitlin's tattoo of? :O

  • HeyRadialMoon says:

    Strong episode ROCKETBOOM. The C64 click fake-out at the end cracked me the hell up. :)

  • commsky says:

    new girl is new

  • OzBros says:

    I may not get all the references presented in this video, but I sure do love the presentation ably-performed by the presenter. :D

  • hlo10786 says:

    same her with the fake-out i was SO waiting for it, lol

  • gm928 says:

    It's a raven.

  • eSilva90 says:

    shut up, i bet her eloquence is far superior than yours

  • Kiki756 says:

    Ah, I see. I only saw a glimpse of it when she knocked over the machine, and I never noticed it before. Thanks!

  • Persiana says:

    I insist. Clarissa Explains it all.

  • CirqueDuCloud says:

    The buttons! THE BUTTONS!!!!!

  • Floydean87 says:

    fully agree, melissa joan hart

  • zeigfryd says:

    ahhaha <3

  • pasques says:

    No! She trashed the 80!

  • ELuhn says:

    1:47 - 1:53 is classic Caitlin. Her multiple personalities all have ADD, you know.

    She puts the "rk" in "quirky."

  • Firster says:

    Yup. First.

  • PinkStarr says:

    So wait, when's Joanne coming back from vacation exactly?

  • antonio says:

    My good the Teenage Witch came from the past and took over RB... don't fool me the c64 proves dates..

  • intelligentfalling says:

    randomly ragging on creationists. Love it. :-)

  • zeroblack666 says:

    WHERE IS JOANNE??? I miss her...

  • tycobrahe says:

    I had one of those Commodores, couldn't do dick with it and then the earth moved and I bought one of the first 128K Macintoshes. Life was never the same. I could do every thing that it could do. And can still do it today.

  • weihowtzeng says:

    I dont care what they all say, I still love you anyway...

  • logosfails says:

    Me too.

  • Jordmate says:

    I love your presentation - Well done! You are awesome!

  • momokatte says:

    Lurved the ending. The episode was pretty good too. :D

  • sleepymagpie says:

    Loved the little snipe againt creationism :)

  • sismian says:

    Quasars and hugs, but of the free kind makes me quite satisfied. Interesting stuff and i personally wish the Atlantis mission much success and new discoveries. Just like the new host discovery by Rocketboom. AWESOME STUFF:D

  • rnb8220 says:

    is rocketboom Caitlin the end of TheHill88?
    say it ain't so, say it ain't so

  • Charlie says:

    What the hell was all that about, where did the humor go? All I got was Hubble was get a fix yet the Euro folks are build two bigger and better versions.
    Was that girl even born when the C64 was available?

  • Snotnarok says:

    She left sadly

  • Tylerbot says:

    Best one yet Caitlin!

  • anoblenate says:

    i don't know if this video really happened.

  • xSloboxx says:

    I like this channel more and more. Keep up the weird.

  • HALOisMetroid says:

    lulz the karate game is being done in sydney harbour hoorah for australia referance

  • JoanneFan says:

    siiiiigh, well it is good to know she's legal and all, but she makes me miss Joanne Colan soooooooooooo much. I'm NOT getting used to it at all.

    sorry Caitlin! You're a cutie, have the accent and all, but your cheese is somewhat artificial while Joannne's was pure Gouda. But, practice makes perfect!

  • Sarah Austin says:

    Caitlin, you did a nice job with this episode. You are too cute in this. Great information and way to leave us all confused at the ending.

  • Muffysb says:

    Every time you hit a key on that computer, it's like you're poking me in the ear with your finger. It's distracting and totally unnecessary. Oooo, Caitlin, PLEASE chuck that gimmick!

  • karadan100 says:

    I'm completely in love with Caitlin. She can press as many buttons as she wants as far as i'm concerned.

  • PikminDS says:

    That was total lulz.

  • neocool12 says:

    whoa, caitlin news ..and a commodore 64 ?! that's good programming XD, Caitlin, love ya ..but if you smack that computer like that one more time, i'm coming over to save the poor thingy ...

  • great satan says:

    Mmmmm Gouda, yum.

    Oh Joanne, we miss you so!

    cheeze whiz =[

  • adigazgurt says:

    she is cute :D
    better than the old lady...

  • SpearTheAlmighty says:

    I find Caitlin extremely pleasing on the eyes.

  • brown016 says:

    In the future Rocketboom will be the News for those off of Earth.

  • Leonardo says:

    Amazing that Commodor 64. Please, don't tell me it's got a 4-bit slot for the controller card of a wormhole generator or I'm dying for it.

  • jecis1990 says:

    such a 14 year old, cant listen

  • Rich says:

    Caitlin is just a clever clever person.
    She makes me smile.

  • xXNiNotXx says:

    i agree your opinion. use a remote control or something.. or a Wii stick.. sheesh..

  • farfarhanz says:

    i still do miss Joanne ..
    ROCKETBOOM isnt that good now?

  • Mhunky says:

    i think she is ace! forget joanne, thats in the behind us. its past.

  • r32adt3db says:

    she looks a lot like melissa....i can't remember her last name. actress chick.

  • secretorganisation says:

    i cant hear well what she says

    but shes juicy,thats all matter..

  • darkwoodmovies says:

    She actually lives up to Joannes standards, good for her!

  • pleiadianemporor says:

    1 c0ver y0ur m0uth with y0ur hand
    2 make a wish int0 it
    3 cl0se y0ur hand {make it int0 a fist}
    4 h0ld y0ur fist t0 y0ur heart f0r 5 sec.
    5 send dis t0 3 m0re vide0s

  • baklapharm says:

    she talks weird...

  • raccoon09 says:

    it's called an accent.

  • raccoon09 says:

    gotta love her

  • jamclips says:

    hey nickfury1012 heres the real story: 1908 a lady named sally rusa was in the woods looking for a dog until a ghost came and killed her so if ur reading this u will find a bloody body in your closet hanging there haunting you and will kill you and ur family and if u want to stop this just sends this to 6 videos in 30 mins or this will happen good luck!!

  • elijahbam says:

    melissa joan hart?

  • elijahbam says:

    well, she's very, very cute, and know about space, that almost makes her perfect for a nerd like me haha

  • cccspwn says:

    CATCH-22 I read that in AP LANG its the best book I've ever read in that class!!!!

  • BanjoGate says:

    What happened to Joanne?

  • eMoose says:

    Caitlin is why I started watching Rocketboom. She's the absolute cutest thing evar!

  • detubator says:

    Damn, you look kinda hawt there today, Caitlin.

  • islandcaptain says:

    : (

  • frbe0101 says:

    who let the jailbait do a video? naw that was pretty funny.

  • DoctorWeeTodd says:

    hey jamclips, here is another story: In 2008 a man went insane after spam crashed his email and couldn't get an important message and lost his job. he ended up finding spammer and killing him. if you don't don't don't stop he'll kill you too.

  • CoDWaWWeapons says:

    She acts alot like her she must be a fan of the show

  • tartsphere says:

    Joanne is an atheist, you know that right?

  • weker1 says:

    Well I miss Joanne But Your Pretty Cool!

  • TheZarbodShow says:

    the cavitating oil energy generator sounds like a new spin on sonoluminescence which is probably useless but an interesting phenomenon caused by running sound waves through slightly compressed water.

  • vanityvideo says:

    how could they find out the age of the universe when they are not sure if the speed of light was constant during the big bang, how are they sure that at the time of the bang the speed was not 3000 or a million times the speed of light. Some scientists are retarded they think they know things, but they don't. God created the universe, there was no big bang and God is going to come back to judge it, so get ready and read the Bible and put your trust in Jesus Christ

  • kreso932 says:

    hey nickfury1012 heres the real story: 1908 a lady named sally rusa was in the woods looking for a dog until a ghost came and killed her so if ur reading this u will find a bloody body in your closet hanging there haunting you and will kill you and ur family and if u want to stop this just sends this to 6 videos in 30 mins or this will happen good luck!!

  • Jeromin says:

    Am I the only one to think she would have made a great Hermione in Harry Potter, all smug and knowitall. Only prettier.

    In other news (modern news is mostly opinion, right?), I think Catlin's trying too hard this time, as if she noticed or someone pointed out to her, all the cute things she did before, more or less spontaneously, and she is now pressing all the "cute buttons" one after the other. I'm just saying...

  • dev11112222 says:

    vanityvideo, The speed of light is constant meaning it doesn't change, Ever. Regardless of the situation.

  • christophertelford says:

    The speed of light does change. It slows down when traveling through a medium (like air or water). It can never be faster than c but it can be slower.


    shit vid, you make no sence

  • dannysmith12386 says:

    She is fit! and smart! ... i would ...

  • Leonardo says:

    I like biblical nuts. They are honest in their creationist advocacy and make no pretence of scientific speak, unlike the supporters of the intelligence design. It's all in the Bible, that's the way it is.

  • thelawtman says:

    No thanks I don't like to read science fiction.

  • antiecstacy says:


  • antiecstacy says:

    The speed of light changes when refraction is imposed upon it, ie. when traveling fom a more dense to a less dense medium or vice versa

  • adammarc08 says:

    in 2003 there was a boy named Link, and his friends at school were bullying him and laughing at him because his name was the same as a game character. Half a year later he was found in the kitchen with a knife. He had slit his throat. If you don't put this on 3 videos in 10 minutes, he will stab you with the knife in your neck while you're asleep.
    i'm sorry im just scared of this :(

  • FunkyFrancek77 says:

    me too...

  • Droy990 says:

    wow this girl is really smart

  • vanityvideo says:

    how do you know, it doesn't change? have you tried all of the experiments in every situation to see if it changes or not, no you haven't, so stop spreading misinformation

  • Ensichrys says:

    I think I love you.

  • mergatroidal says:

    karry299, the video was about our Caitlin, and the way she talks, presses button, etc. It was great!

  • XTheFadedLineX says:

    Bring back Joanne!

  • XTheFadedLineX says:

    The internet can't kill you.

  • CharlesSmithOrg says:

    Well done.

  • danceORsing says:

    And my use of capital letters, language and punctuation is far superior to yours. >:)

  • eSilva90 says:

    pppssshhh, this is the internet, it doesnt matter how you say it as long as u get your point across. oh one more thing:
    "And my use of capital letters, language[,] and punctuation is far superior to yours."
    u forgot a comma there js

  • W0rldBeat says:

    Commodore 64 was my very first computer and I thought I was uptown because I had my programs on a cassette tape drive. Floppy's came on the scene about a year later. This is a very good video - Great Job! Love your uploads.

  • Pingletons says:

    Damn, each of those space pictures were labeled wrong.

  • NwZ2 says:

    Her smile makes it feel like being a good person is worthwhile.

  • Pat the Expat says:

    I promise to keep watching if she JUST gets rid of those BUTTONS!

  • Ememqut says:

    This is the first Rocketboom I couldn't stand watching all the way through. I can't take this stupid chick anymore. I'm outta here. If Jolan is gone, then don't get unJolan dorkomatic chick to replace here. Anyone else!

  • PinkStarr says:

    Unsubscribing for the incessant keyboard clickity clackiting, I hate it so much!!!

    Might check in occasionally for Know Your Meme, but that's all, pal.

  • kxsteve says:

    I hads me one of those!! Tape drive too.. LOL...I was the cooest dude on the block...

  • Matt says:

    This is bad, but I thought Joanne must be on vacation. But no. Just realized Joanne is gone.




  • MrSushan says:

    Search "Happy Rob Buy" by google ,and you will find amazing.

  • rantingone says:

    If you "can better remain in control of today's studio environment" with your commodore 64...

    You must have "flies in your eyes."

  • pathduck says:

    Nerd overdose, love it! Yay for Caitlin and C64 <3

  • turing test says:

    Once a week Caitlin, the laziest host yet. Less smirking, more content, please. In additon to all of Joanne's other qualities, She was diligent and a much harder worker. There was talk recently of Rocketboom going 7 days a week, now it's lucky to gring out 2 in a week. More memes, more Ellie, then 2 a week Caitlin's makes 5. While Ellie ias just as spaced out as Caitlin, she is a whole lot prettier.

  • lehman says:

    Wasn't it WMAP that determined the age of the universe?

  • hodhod says:

    does catilin have school or smthn?
    coz she takes alot of time between the shows
    that shouldn't be the case here

  • CognosSquare says:

    To gaze into those clearbright simmering stars and feeling that they as much look back at you. To close your eyes in front of them and still feel their serene radience upon your skin, even in complete darkness.

    Im of course referring to dear Caitlins eyes lol.

  • bdizzy says:

    I have a hard time understanding how once or twice a week is daily news.

    I like Catilin though, and I hope this slow posting is just people working out the kinks behind the scene.

  • samuel says:

    Wasn't it WMAP that determined the age of the universe?

  • DarkNessBear says:

    Wtf is she talking about. This made no sense!

  • rexx1888 says:

    your awesomely awesome, i luv you :D


  • yyf147258 says:

    Search "Happy Rob Buy" by google ,and you will find amazing.

  • NightAire says:

    Ya just HAD to get a dig in at us creationists, didn't ya? ;-) That's OK... love you anyway...

  • Eudaletism says:

    She is so moe :)

  • Neon35Night says:

    My kind of Lady! Ohhh Caitlin, you're very very very funny, awesome. I really love you sweety, would you marrie me ?

  • dylansmith117 says:

    Step 1:Hold your breath
    Step 2:go to another video
    Step 3: add this comment
    Step 4:did you make it if you manage to do it, you are a good kisser

  • 4frenchmalesindesuit says:

    in 2003 there was a boy named Link, and his friends at school were bullying him and laughing at him because his name was the same as a game character. Half a year later he was found in the kitchen with a knife. He had slit his throat. If you don't put this on 3 videos in 10 minutes, he will stab you with the knife in your neck while you're asleep.
    i'm sorry im just scared of this :(

  • 4frenchmalesindesuit says:

    in 2003 there was a boy named Link, and his friends at school were bullying him and laughing at him because his name was the same as a game character. Half a year later he was found in the kitchen with a knife. He had slit his throat. If you don't put this on 3 videos in 10 minutes, he will
    stab you with the knife in your neck while you're asleep.

    i hate these stupid things but i do them

  • btypirate says:

    Does it have to?

  • masteroftables says:

    in 2003 there was a boy named Link, and his friends at school were bullying him and laughing at him because his name was the same as a game character. Half a year later he was found in the kitchen with a knife. He had slit his throat. If you don't put this on 3 videos in 10 minutes, he will stab you with the knife in your neck while you're asleep.

  • DeltronZero11 says:

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    ¨°º¤ø„¸ Copy „ø¤º°¨ press F5 twice
    ¸„ø¤º°¨Paste ``°º¤ø„¸ OK
    ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º look at ur backgroud

  • fleminsh says:

    YEAH BIATCH!!!!!

  • xXxvanmidoxXx says:

    porfavor no lea esto
    el 13 de octubre de 1991
    un niño llamado nick se tiro de un puente devido a problemas familiares
    si ya leiste esto deves copiar y pegar
    en otros 5 videos mas o si no
    nick vendra por toda tu familia
    haslo o moriran porfavor hasme caso
    yo lo lei y lo hise

  • danceORsing says:

    Actually you dont put a comma there..... O.o.....

  • nashvilleraidersfan says:

    Are you a good kisser?
    1. Hold your breath
    2. Go on to another video
    3. Add this comment but still holding your breath
    4. Did you make it? If you did then your a good kisser

  • Remedy181 says:

    tbh, i'm sure the universe is older,
    and the construct much much older

  • Remedy181 says:

    why do people do this stupid shit? ..... WHY

  • originalamam says:

    Hey, it's Caitlyn Hill. Been a while since I saw her.

  • eSilva90 says:

    umm yes u do, when you're listing something like u did

  • UnexpectedlyColorful says:

    i miss the old click from the trash 80...

  • megaverse says:

    man, your wierd lol

  • tubester4567 says:

    Can you stop being an annoying pain in the ass and stop posting those ridiculous comments. Its just pointless spam.

  • lawlnova says:

    I love her smile hehe :)

  • Obanion78 says:

    Those kids faking it for the camera were at my old elementary school. Weird.

  • DoubleU says:

    Cute as a button and talented, as well. Well, you're good at speaking "anyhoo."

    Hope you stay with RocketBoom for a while, Caitlyn. Are you doing any other work ... elsewhere? Hmmmmm ... I'll just Google you. Your name, that is.

  • lcarlosrosado says:

    she is so hot =)

  • cupididi says:

    haha thats so cool, she switching topics with the c64 - awesome idea - 5*

  • Rochemback26 says:

    Kaitlyn you're beautiful!!! :D

  • bookstopper says:

    Twitty. Either you're terrible at news and have WAY too much power over what you talk about, or you trust in a producer that has no idea about how to do his job.

    I looked back at the Joanne news reports. They're loads better. I now know not to subscribe.

  • mergatroidal says:

    Joanne would have but did not act as well as she could have. Remember Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In? "One ringy-dingy ..., two ringy-dingy's ... These comedic skits would've done well with Joanne, had someone had the gumption to think and do so. Caitlyn's character could become prissy telling us the news ..., or, you bet your sweet bippy she could sock it to us!

  • Pvic says:

    shes annoying

  • PakDRoyal says:

    Young reporter in make!

  • obglobgablob says:

    Hey at least you don't live in Australia. There's shitloads of them here.

  • redlionhart says:

    I want a hug!

    from caitlin :)

  • Manicpanicanticant says:

    she's wonder

  • danceORsing says:

    Yeah but not for the last one your listing... Then you just say 'and'.........

  • wray says:

    Hello new girl whateveryournameis... First time seeing you. I can't say you're bad as the writing is still really good. And actually, you're a pretty good host. I suppose I'll grow in to this.

  • dudeiamstoned says:

    are you a good kisser?
    1 hold your breath
    2 go on to another video
    3 add this comment but still holding your breath
    4 did you make it? if you did then your a good kisse

  • Neon35Night says:

    Oh Caitlin you're very very funny! Hope continue seen you here, you have a great future gal... ...specially by my side - I LOVE YOU! Please give me your e-mail addres. I'm begging you SWEET HONEY!

  • Neon35Night says:

    Kick your ass over here and don't come back! I LOVE HER !!! SHE'S FUNNY AND I LIKE IT, YOU SUCK.

  • retroguitarmaster says:

    10 facts
    1.Your reading my comment
    2. Now your saying/thinking thats a stupid fact.
    4. You didnt notice that i skipped 3.
    5. Your checking it now.
    6. Your smiling.
    7. Your still reading my comment.
    8. You know all you have read is true.
    10. You didnt notice that i skipped 9.
    11. Your checking it now.
    12. You didnt notice there are only 10 facts
    Copy and paste to 1 video, tomorrow will be your best day ever! no matter what

  • MadCommodore says:

    lol @ all the mingin geeks/nerds gettin hot over this average looking and very annoying gal! haha

  • WithYouSir says:

    Isn't the whole Commodore 64 thing a copy of Strong Bad Emails?

  • austgirl34 says:

    I hate chain mail, but I get so scared...Sorry...Sorry this is scary if u read this far u will die in 10 days if u dont send to any 15 videos in 2 hours good luck hope u dont die

  • sinnsmd says:

    she updated, shes been using a older one for ages, check other vids :) shes playing it up more xD

  • deadman81 says:

    You got to love that laugh and smile..

  • DemonDash says:

    And why no mention of LISA?

  • turfallum06 says:

    people just get floth by carig net open windjung, or somethi nels

  • bICEQ says:

    She so CUTE !!!!! I love her eyes <3

  • ChewyBubbleGummyBear says:


  • pfcpowell18 says:

    agreed, perhaps that's why there's so many viewers :P

  • azkeyz says:

    I can see age is relivent to this equation.

    the early church fathers did not teach the days of creation as ordinary days.

    many of them had been influenced by Greek philosophy, which caused them to interpret the days as allegorical.

  • availabillity1 says:

    am I the only one having a hard time understanding her? not only she talks too quick but her accent is so weird and annoying that I can't tell if she's talking about baking cheesecake recipes or astronomy. Other than that she's cute -

  • MarkC18 says:

    I heard of the commodore via the Angry Video Game Nerd

  • GodOnlyKnows87 says:

    you know how old she is?

  • thedetective22 says:

    one day u gonna see me swimming in the sky by ur telescope

  • hipser says:

    who do you think you are little girl.

  • xJaysrox says:

    Where is Joanne??

  • Alexvideoclip says:

    I have (and sell) Timex 1000.

  • Alexvideoclip says:

    She is joanne's dauther.

  • irridiastarfire says:

    Meh, I can't bear to watch this girl try to copy Joanne's mannerisms -- it's like watching a drunk trying to cross an icy street.

  • ChowderPoop says:

    A massive prank will be pulled on "comedian" Fred on youtube.
    What is trying to be done is get everyone that has a subscription to fred, to unsubscribe. If this is succsesful, then it will make the news, cause controversy,

  • hipser says:

    oh snap

  • mygaffer says:

    I'd hit it. It'sss aww-righttt!

  • nappytedd says:

    pointless dribble. like a comercial for Air

  • Alexvideoclip says:

    She is cute but I found her mom Joanne much more sexy ;o)

  • chikotube says:

    i remember that tweet

  • slothman07 says:

    Yo I sorta wanna jizz on her face

  • Ormaaj says:

    Poll: would you hit it?

    Poll options:
    1) Yes

    2) Yes, Repeatedly

    3) No, I am Gay

  • bored1 says:

    why the hell are there never any new "Daily shows"? daily means daily. I miss Joanne.

  • bored1 says:

    "I will return if everything goes according to plan". O RLY?! i guess things did not work out so well.

  • BOBMAN1980 says:

    i think they're looking for a new hostess lady. haven't seen this chick in a bit.

  • leves777 says:

    2) Yes, Repeatedly

  • chodaboy51500 says:

    2) Brains are zexy on girls.

  • Pvic says:

    You clearly have no taste.

  • Pighood says:

    She am are be hottttttt

  • ThisIsCleverUsername says:

    lol @ 1:52

    to those arguing, i thing the thing is:
    -her voice
    -sarcastic smile(lulz)

  • thebesttexmex says:

    sexy girl

  • bman462 says:

    my floppy disk is now a hard disk

  • cusinndzl says:


  • jebutube says:

    Caitlin, my lovely young friend, if you are to be replaced, remember that many an interim is later judged by history to be better than their replacement. Replacing someone popular is always an uphill climb. Whatever happens, we'll always have the most cards incorrectly guessed.
    Be well.

  • Bosingr says:

    You're not only very cute, but smart & funny too. All in all, a mighty fine dish! :)

    Will you hug me Caitlyn?

  • chimaanrao says:

    what happened to TheHill88 ???

  • Kimberlee365 says:


  • WaitFor2012 says:

    heck I had the Vic 20, just 5K RAM!!! most shoe laces these days have more memory.

  • lukeating says:

    i want to fuck her

  • Neon35Night says:

    Sexy?! She's pretty hot dude, not only sexy; and I love her so much...

  • Neon35Night says:

    She's more than 20's right now but do not seem it; in any case I'm still in love with her, she's funny, she's quick and she's HOT! Oh I love her eyes too xD !

  • Neon35Night says:

    SHUT UP ! She's Caitlin Hill, the hotest of the hot in rocketboom!

  • Stage4B says:

    I wonder if the comments are flattering or creepy?

  • effyleven says:

    What an EXCELLENT little video. Cute and clever. :-)

    Perhaps I won't give up on YouTube just yet, despite all my favourite music clips being gradually pulled ..... (sigh)

  • CanalTrucho says:

    I love you

  • ThisIsCleverUsername says:

    Ellie Rountree is hotter

  • ICY21609 says:

    but how old was she when this video was made?

  • basayloo2008 says:

    u r so cute..

  • EDMC100 says:


  • VoteforObamaBinLaden says:

    we need to shut down NASA because it is a waste of money. The universe is only 6,000 years old it says so in the bible. God made it in 6 days and on the 7th day he rested because he was tired. Instead of wasting money on NASA, we need to build more churchs and help spread the word of Jesus Christ, the ONLY way to heaven. amen.

  • KamaitachiXD says:

    Yer but science says the universe is atleast 15 billion years old. According to your ways of logic, that must be true aswell. :)

  • MrSpockPwns says:

    Her voice gets too quiet. It's hard to hear her.

  • profesonalgamers says:

    i am a suporter of crist and.. i just cant help but laugh at your statement their are so many wrong things in that statement

  • SunnySlasher says:

    I believe it's 'Christ', but maybe I'm thinking of some other religion? lol

  • KamaitachiXD says:

    You talking to me? >_>
    Isn't it just strange how on every video theres always a religious comment :3

  • JookieJenkins says:

    **video finishes**


  • blaise998 says:

    I lol'ed

  • xxxxxLozzyxxxxx says:

    I'm not sure what this has to do with memes, but i'm now in love with this girl.

  • WhispersFromTheAbyss says:

    Wow - Is this guy serious? LoL

    You know the Earth is 4.5 billion years old. The oldest civilization (That of the Sumerians) was established 6,000 years ago in Mesopotamia. That's coincidental although they were polytheistic in all forms of their beliefs over the centuries.
    In any case. If the Earth is 6,000 years old, where did all of these millenia-old fossils come from? How does a star's light 70,000 light years away reach Earth if it hasn't had time to get here yet from it's position?

  • crayjay3 says:

    I'm a 'deluxe hug only' kind of guy

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