What Makes a Meme Go Mainstream?

moot from 4chan, Ben Huh founder of the Cheezburger Network, Jamie Wilkinson and Kenyatta Cheese from Know Your Meme, and Greg Rutter of discuss “Mainstreaming the Web” at ROFLcon II. Molly also interviews Tim Hwang, founder of ROFLcon & Jonah Peretti, founder of BuzzFeed and co-founder of the Huffington Post on this subject. Assets: Pile of Money, Money Roll, Smaller Pile of Money, Money Sign, Money, I Has It! Lolcat, Three Keyboard Cat Moon, monster lolcat, the internet the picture, lolcat 3, roflcon shot. This episode is hydrated by vitaminwater!


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  • heero854 says:

    @deathsshadow1108 You're subbed to Rocketboom, I hope you're JK.

  • Aeonhem says:


  • ChucklesMginty says:

    @deathsshadow1108 You don't wanna know.

  • Corinth12821 says:

    @ridjf you always need more cowbell

  • Propolandante says:

    @deathsshadow1108 Delete that comment, quickly.

  • JMietser says:

    @Aeonhem He has been going to them for years.....

  • VLicious8704 says:

    This...totally rocked my brain. I wish I could have been there!

  • MoMember88 says:

    The lols, Do it for them... you will not make money from the internet and this goes to show any original idea can and will be copied for somone elses profit never loose sight of the true purpose... trolling is a art

  • kite10122 says:


    Fuck off and die.

  • PsychedelicVideos says:

    i would fuck the shit out of molly.

  • mutantmachine says:

    Hi i'm 12 and what is this?

  • bmmadsen says:

    ALL HAIL MOOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kite10122 says:

    Fucking moot is awesome.

  • sephiroth7655 says:

    @mutantmachine Hi theres a thing called google that was created for such reasons as answering questions

  • Julieluvzu says:

    Can someone PLEASE tell me what "goatse" is?!?

  • PvPisHard says:

    @PsychedelicVideos I would fuck the shit out of m00t.

  • Smartboy7 says:

    @Aeonhem F*ck you, moot is the lord of all oldfags. Even logically, he is.

  • meele1110 says:

    @bmmadsen SEIG HEIL!

  • Smartboy7 says:

    @psib93 Part of him must be like /b/.

  • infinitum17 says:

    god, so many internet rockstars in the same place! AAHHH makes my brain explode!

  • LockwoodMichael says:

    man.. if internet culture became the dominant culture... holy.. that would be crazy.

  • Smartboy7 says:

    @TheColombianOne When I think 4chan, I think: "Don't seed advice of it. They make you go to hell, or die, or both."

  • Aeonhem says:

    @JMietser so...let me get this straight, out of all the stupid fuckwit responses to this youtube video, for example "Cans someone PLEASE tell me what "goatse" is?!?" by Julieluvzu, you chose to comment on MINE degradingly? Dude...come on.... I didn't say he was at 1 conference nor did i say he was finally at a conference, pick your battles I know he's been at heaps, I suppose I only said that to get my word out that I understood who he was a pose to all the newfags who don't. Smile more :)

  • espn1337 says:

    goatse is nasty

  • espn1337 says:

    @deathsshadow1108 Go google "goatse picture" if you want to see what it is.

  • dahuntersdoom says:

    it's just me or moot looks skinnier on every single new video he's on??

  • oliverclothesove says:

    Ben Huh is a tool

  • UPGR4D3S says:

    poor moot ;(

  • orphedeliaXimmortal says:

    i feel eye raped

  • Klankumz says:

    Someone needs to autotune this and post. thnx I'll wait :)

  • phantasMoon69 says:

    I want that image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DaleMurph says:

    I like Molly's 2nd outfit better than her 1st. Good video.

  • luckystrke says:

    The nerds made this whole thing happened... Yay nerds!

  • mememolly says:

    @Klankumz plz.

  • blackdoor326 says:

    It is quite interesting that internet culture is the only one that can be common to all people, which is why it has the potential to be the largest culture out there. Everyone can identify with it.

  • KakiHat says:

    Woah, Moot was there?

  • tubelev says:

    @luckystrke Nerd pride FTW!

  • 2apidFir3 says:

    Holy fuck, it's moot.

  • mememolly says:

    @deathsshadow1108 good luck.

  • tubelev says:

    i love how in the end they all hug, but yours truly mootles is left out/wants to stay at the side. cause that's fucking 4chan.

  • AcuteSenses says:

    oh i wish i could be a loser like them!

  • omnomnomandrew says:

    moot, you are my hero

  • MrDylaneric says:

    post traumatic stress clarinet boy

  • Klankumz says:

    @mememolly Don't get upset that I had a good idea MOLLY!!!!

  • Lancex9384 says:

    "Internet culture" was much more fun before 2003.


    @kite10122 And aren't you adorable? What a cute barely-sapient ape you are. Coochie coochie coo.


    @meele1110 Perhaps my view is skewed due to me being a so-called "normalfag." Do tell me how I'm wrong. I yearn to be enlightened.

  • LtWalker11 says:


  • HappyGestapo says:


  • s33thr3w says:

    aw.. how cute. a bunch of nerds holding a conference about some character from star trek.

  • egg9man says:

    That is one GIANT room full of nerds... J/K... This is just fascinating!

  • takadi says:

    Wow, talk about ruining memes by overanalyzing them

  • sunnysideupzZz says:

    STOP Making shitty videos and MAKE MOLLY TIT SLANG. !!!

  • sadsaladproductions says:

    everyone should google goaste now...
    safe search off.

  • OzzyOzrock says:


  • betocool says:

    4:34 no group hug for moot :(

  • Pendragondnd says:

    All their base are to us

  • semperfiedausten says:

    what am the sky

  • Rexicity says:

    Ben Huh<--- kick ass name

  • aidan456456 says:

    First po- CRAP I MISSED IT! HOW ARE THERE 7 PAGES OF COMMENTS? It was just released today, wtf.

  • freaco100 says:

    O RLY?

  • Hopeful71 says:

    "Internet culture becoming the power culture in the world"

    Greeeeaat. This 'culture' where name calling is a sport, where immaturity is a virtue, where trolling is a lifestyle, where anonymity breeds our worst instincts & destroys civility...this is the culture we are clapping for?

    (he said ironically as he was participating in this very same thing)

  • vadetatimus says:

    Fuck you Moot!!!!!!!!!!

  • jmar393 says:

    lolll no love for moot at the end

  • colossusbeam says:

    all your pop culture are belong to us

  • TheJonnyBShow says:

    I like how Moot is an elitist prick.

  • KanonXD says:


    Serious Business

  • freespace21 says:

    that must have been a cool discussion to see. got anymore (and a longer version) of it on video?

  • StrayTheNomad says:

    @tubelev moot was in the group hug but they didn't show it. Look at the pics on the knowyourmeme blog.

  • Chickengirl005 says:

    Moot kinda seems like an asshole..but I guess I would be too if I was the admin of 4chan....

    i love how everyone started to grope Ben Huh at the end...

    and what is the name of that picture starting at 2:39!!?! looked crazy

  • bgordon647 says:

    I've never heard the word "goatse" pronounced before... interesting

  • DrGorgenflex says:

    @bgordon647 Probably because you don't have social interactions in real life.

  • MonsteriuM says:

    Greg Rutter, Calm the f**k down


    I beleive in RaptorJesus

  • Freezer0255 says:

    Can someone tell me where I can get that Big Meme-Mashup
    Picture they showed in the Middle of the Video?

  • petrino says:

    haha god jesus and plot holy ghost loses... internet wins

  • Bloodsaberxy says:

    4:30 *internet hugz*
    Moot: ehh, i better not...

  • d3st88 says:

    Raptor Jesus is our savorer.

  • GigaBoost says:

    Moot is so cute.

  • dvdp21 says:


  • LulzGun says:

    his last name is cheese? so it's Mr. Cheese?

  • KrykoStorm says:

    4:28 2nd row, third person in, that's that weird looking chick from MAKE, lol.

  • TheAmeki says:

    Random group hug? :P

  • SirKnobofCheese says:

    I think were getting ahead of ourselfs here,the term meme hasn't really gone mainstream yet nevermind anything else.

  • GmasterRED says:

    The internet will become the number one information/entertainment source in a matter of decades. I don't have a problem with that, as long as it remains annomous.

  • GmasterRED says:

    Look at all those internet bigwigs in there. You've got Fail Blog, 4 chan...I don't know who the others are

  • LeeroyFan101 says:


  • arrow531 says:

    lolz raptor jesus FTW!

  • DinobotTM2 says:

    /b/tard here. Indeed the internet memes are wild and can't be stoped. We have a tool to create incredible content, and memes are just a part of it.

    P.S.: And Molly gets prettier everytime we see her.

  • LeeroyFan101 says:

    Rules 1 and 2...

  • darkbutterfree says:

    @LeeroyFan101 Only apply to raids you fucking faggot oh my god I hate you.

  • ZZenter says:

    @LeeroyFan101 /b/

  • FreakinSweet87 says:

    LOL They all have Three Wolf Moon shirts!

  • thornadostorm says:

    does a ten pound bag of flour make a really big biscuit!?!?! Not without a really big OVEN!!!

  • CGallProductions says:

    Kenyatta Cheese... Really? His name is a meme...

  • LeeroyFan101 says:

    Wrong nigger!

  • darkbutterfree says:


  • mdiem says:

    I think the "mainstream" line is going to blur very soon.

  • LeeroyFan101 says:

    Damn right I am

  • Stonehawk says:

    Holy shit! that's MOOT! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! <3

  • iHateToRegister says:

    Anyone noticed the guy walking with a book in the background at the beginning?

  • mrmango786 says:

    So moot is all "cool hug let's hug" and then backs out. I lol'd.

  • part2themovie says:


  • chstens says:

    I did NOT expect to see moot. Pretty awesome.

  • 101shellybelly101 says:



    (Only Man I'd go gay for)

    + an Epic QUOTE!!!
    " I run a site that produces memes "

  • rockanybodyelserock says:

    where oh where do i find that huge epic meme picture?

  • sidremus says:

    WOW, who was that incredibly good looking guy next to molly?! Even though I am a guy I am stunned, his T-Shirt was so, I can't find the right words to say this, it was just incredible. The three Wolfs made him look like a "lone Wolf" if you get my catch.

  • VinceIP says:

    quite possibly the largest gathering of nerds ever, besides blizzcon and korean starcraft tournaments

  • s8ntmark says:

    Keyboard cat makes me sad now, cause he died :(

  • KiwiDillan says:

    @DinobotTM2 shut up nerd

  • EmbraceTheThunder says:

    Jesus Christ.
    I used to be a part of 4chan long before lolcatz or any of that came to being. (Yes, I'm an oldfag. No, I'm not proving.)
    I did not expect the whole meme "industry" to inflate this much. I mean... there's a CON for it now?

    I actually quit /b/ because of the retarded repetition and massive amounts of 'tard that got slung around there, memes included.
    (Notice I said I quit /b/, not 4chan. 4chan is still awesome for porn.)

    What is this world coming to.
    ...And when is the next Con?

  • wallmunky503 says:

    The world can be brought together with a device that half of the world uses for porn. I love it.

  • zrubavelh says:

    new colture indeed

  • Evilbottom says:

    What Makes a Meme Go Mainstream?

    Family Guy. /thread

  • iTeets says:

    Pictures of me were on 4chan once. e_e;

  • ilblackfire says:

    @Hopeful71 diaf LOL


  • krullboll says:

    moot is THE fucking MAN

  • Next0gen0 says:

    @Hopeful71 ur doin it wrong

  • M4RC0P010 says:

    go moot

  • TranceElevation says:

    What does it mean meme?

  • dahuntersdoom says:

    @Evilbottom newfag!!! this is youtube not a thread.

  • Syeno says:

    Was...... Was that moot? O.O

  • Syeno says:

    @TranceElevation Nothing TranceElevation... nothing... gtfo the internet

  • TranceElevation says:

    @Syeno little ass-licker.

  • Syeno says:

    @TranceElevation cry more.

  • DrMopZodiac says:

    @TranceElevation rawr

    phail much?

  • Zammys0nly says:

    @Hopeful71 Yes because it should be the norm for this to happen ._.

  • HumanStrategy says:

    Goatse....not mainstream?....I'm going to show goatse to my children when they are 5, no problem ^_^

  • Zammys0nly says:

    Also love how moot doesn't like any of those guys and just sits off to the side when they hug.

  • TranceElevation says:

    @DrMopZodiac Succhialo merdaccia.

  • teajaytj says:

    moot <3

  • ekmad says:

    @Hopeful71 GTFO

  • icemeltall says:

    the end is near

  • ekmad says:

    Memes go mainstream cause they are accesible to everyday people and not just /b/tards. My 70 Year Old Grandma loves LOLCats but she still has no idea who Gordon the Pringles Giraffe is or the epic story of EBM.....

  • Llythe says:

    4chan is a fucking cesspool

  • Kasiulis says:

    Moot forgot his hat...

  • Evilbottom says:

    @dahuntersdoom derpderp

  • SFRobertsDickClarke says:

    @Hopeful71 Every culture has its narsescent side. For every neo-classical nude oil painting, there is a Nuts Magazine.

  • YoungZee187 says:

    i thumbs up for molly but almost thumbs down for the sweat shirt she was wearing

  • transfer8 says:

    interesting factualisation. :)

  • Lickmaballs says:

    The truth will never go mainstream, because the doughheads on the net are too busy watching cats masturbate with cheeseburgers.

  • LaexProductions says:


  • mrocznyandrzej says:

    Whatever this is it is still a culture

  • OrgasmRobot says:

    I would BANG moot.

  • fibulator says:

    lol at the group hug.
    i know all of the website that were represented except for one. i am very proud of my ignorance because i have not completed 100% of nerdness yet.

  • TheUnremarkableMe says:

    He's got a t-shirt with three wolves and a moon. EPIC.

  • M1995C says:

    haha he's wearing a kassemg tshirt

  • SunMan6A6 says:

    4chan rules the internet,7chan is 4chan's gay friend

  • mike_dixon says:

    hey 'twas only a glimpse (in this (RB) episode (and this is merely a (thinly disguised and) fleeting comment)), but i think i (or was it you?) saw an expert panel behind a (seemingly) 60's (i.e. just like my grandparent's summer (or maybe winter?) cottage...perhaps (again) from maybe the 70's, 50's; or even the 80's) -- style woodened (wood) paneled (as in: decorated with panels or wainscoting) kinda counter-top living-room ('mod' paneling) kinda-thing -- as i vaguely remember it (poison ivy and oak or sumac); fronted with such exquisite, (cutting-edge) gold-ribboned, paneling.


    "Is the current parenthesis opened or closed?," professed (and/or asked) Dr Will RemodelForFree, Jr., from his elevated lecturn).

  • chaos850 says:

    The meme will inherit the earth.

  • Loxard says:

    rule 1 & 2

  • krissthebliss says:

    Damn straight!!! if anyone who is into this stuff is every bit of a douche(the ugly part of the net)!! ok i love lolcats and other memes but dammit dude!! boundaries!!! every culture has boundaries..
    internet culture must have its boudaries no matter what...
    general memes should push through..
    other memes like goatse should remain in the net
    and lets keep trollin to a minimal...

    cause nobody an i mean nobody should pull a mel gibson on an internet scale.

  • Knuxsega says:

    the internet is fucking gay

  • Brian1454 says:

    moot, one of the most powerfull people on the internet

  • GorSthak says:

    What's 4chan? Is this guy's real name Moot? What a weird name...

  • MagnuM2980 says:


  • 2Smelly4You says:

    Really interesting video, this is why i subscribed, know your meme and stuff like this, the other stuff i can do without really.

  • Kimmahful says:

    some guy in my school was running for head boy (organises graduation party etc) and one of his posters was the 'yo dawg' meme. I don't like when meme's go mainstream.

  • youbemonkey says:

    lol the guy with the brown shirt at 3.00

  • hesteaeble says:

    I just lost the game.

  • TigerOfKarlstad says:


  • 33dgtp says:

    ah... my wish has been granted.. thank you ROCKETBOOM!

  • punkmonkoffunk says:

    @Hopeful71 No culture is perfect

  • shuttledik says:

    2:28 digizoomWHA?

  • Slayton1978 says:


    Isn't internet culture such a beautiful thing? I applaud the internet for bringing out the uncensored face of humanity. It all depends on how you look at it. Whether you are the one dealing the hurt or the receiving it would totally change the way you see the culture. The world is not all about rainbows and butterflies. This is the harsh reality that is present and is thriving on the internet. :)

  • Tobsson says:

    @hesteaeble DAMN YOU ! .. I just lost the game too :(

  • boomerxxx says:

    MOOT <3

  • Mariofan7 says:

    I think that internet is really sincere, so immaturity, flames, trolling...Are just a reflection of a real human thought, in a moment, a day or a month.
    Internet society does not sucks. The real problem is the human itself

  • wario22 says:

    its not really "I liked it first so you suck" its more about how most people don't understand them and rape them of there original meaning. for example I have seen some horrible horrible rick roll reaction videos that are set up by people that don't even understand the basic concept of I'm never gonna give you up I'm never gonna let you down I'm never gonna turn around and desert you...

  • kite10122 says:


    Yeah, but you've gotta love it, deep in your heart. Yep...

  • FabisPlaysGames says:

    Memes going mainstream is not good. Memes are for interwebz not for retards IRL that don't know anything on the internet besides Facebook. Mainstream pretty much ruins it mostly.

  • BGDarkRipper says:

    you forgott to link /b/ faggots :)

  • Tehkingofkebab says:

    @BGDarkRipper Remember rule 1 and 2 faggot

  • ThePANormous says:

    and with this video the cancer that's killing /b/ strikes it's final blow....Unless we can scare off newfags.

  • FlameClone says:

    oh shit, its moot xD

  • PsychoPop says:

    moot's the one who still lives in his parents house, yet if it wasn't for him, none of the others would be getting rich. Funny how that works.

  • deathsshadow1108 says:

    @mememolly cant be unseen :(

  • ImmortalDestructor says:

    Gross memes can go mainstream, 2girls1cup did.

  • Frankfurtdabezzzt says:

    lol moot lokks like some kinda basement dweller compared to the others

  • diamonddragoniori says:

    how can it be a meme going mainstream when most ppl don't know or care for memes.....coz most people are socially viable enough to make thier own jokes.....

    don't need to copy the same old joke from another person....only nerds need that so...its more like going into nerd-stream....don't you think?....

  • theDracoIX says:

    Holy fvcking nerd convention. I can't believe people try and talk about internet memes with any degree of seriousness. Internet memes are mindless entertainment. They're like fart and dick jokes.

    No one should be promoting the idea that this shit has any sort of real cultural significance - because, if that were the case... humanity would be headed for the shitter.

  • SophomoreSlump236 says:

    Why is Molly less bouncy and looks smaller in this? What the HELL IS HAPPENING?!!!

  • sahajasatori says:

    amen you rock guys!

  • theDracoIX says:

    Seriously, if yer going to give internet memes this much thought, you might wanna do humanity a favor - and just go die in a fire.

  • Gullfisken89 says:


    Only newfags care about that stuff man. Grow up.

  • diamonddragoniori says:

    @diamonddragoniori LMAO...the freaking nerds in that conference....XD

    they need to learn what society as a whole thinks....not propagate what fellow nerds think.....

  • guyboy625 says:

    lol moot is there =D

  • y2kize says:

    mainstream media can destroy memes.

  • PureZOOKS says:

    Moot rules.

  • bmmadsen says:

    @meele1110 racist

  • Leodude1 says:

    @Gullfisken89 only newfags call newfags newfags

  • lodevijk says:

    It's all great except the fact that the definition of "meme" is rapidly shifting towards "silly internet shit".

  • nitrostealth6 says:

    lol moot

  • morkroth says:

    omg its moot

  • cricketbat08 says:

    internet = porn and more porn. what's bad about it? :)

  • mrselfdestructpart5 says:

    The Avengers of Meme.

    I want that wallpaper at 2:38-2:54.

  • Leonardo says:

    Rocketboom is increasingly slipping from "Internet culture" to "Meme subculture"

  • halfprice2 says:

    Really interesting video. Thanks.

  • xXDeanBeanXx says:


  • artvandelay13 says:

    lol moot was there?

  • jgdogg441 says:

    OMG IT WAS MOOT!!! I do believe this the first time I ever heard him speak.

  • podcastbard says:

    Only for those that can afford the internet.

  • scootosan says:

    thank you Al GOre for inventing the internet.....sincerely keyboard cat

  • Jeru3 says:

    @VinceIP korean starcraft tournaments are as nerdy, as american baseball is in its native scene. The word "Nerd" kind of doesn't hit it near the sun anymore, its a sport ;)

  • neb337 says:

    Where can I find that meme poster that they pan up in the video?

  • WithTheDmeister says:

    God damn it wish i was there....

  • CyberPitz says:

    I think I've done a great job at bringing Goatse to the real world.

  • IntertubeNinja says:

    Good news everyone!

  • 80Insomniac80 says:

    very interesting stuff

  • born2d2 says:

    not making to mainstream does not mean its not succesfull ! fuuuuuuuu gtfo

  • Adam7625555 says:

    moot looks so sexy there <3

  • JonnyMais1 says:

    very cool video

  • guitarbass95 says:

    holy shit MOOT!!!

  • RainbowSushiNight says:

    i am 12 and what is this?

  • Forssa1 says:

    I don't fucking get it, the pre-ad loads and plays instantly, but the damn video won't load at all! I WATCHED THE DAMN AD, LET ME WATCH THE VIDEO!

  • MrMoneyclips says:

    I honestly have no fucking clue what the fuck is going on in this whole video.

  • CraigMorton92 says:

    Yada's surname is Chesse? =O badass.

  • KaptenN says:

    You pronounce it "meem"? O.o
    I though it was pronounced like a quick "meh-meh".

  • jeremygoldberg89 says:


  • DariusDaGreat86 says:

    Moot is the sex

  • HewbertLarzToast says:

    I wish my last name was Cheese

  • Anthony883 says:

    @Knuxsega LAWL NOOB FAG LAWL!!

  • Anthony883 says:

    @KaptenN Well your retarded.

  • JlatProductions says:

    damn, none of you spend enough time in your basement to understand it

  • OberonDiams says:

    Please, plesae, please, please, interviewe moot

  • StrayTheNomad says:

    @PsychoPop The others are getting rich? Aside from Ben, who else is rich?

  • Azisleet says:

    me too... but yeah w/e I guess 'meem' is the proper way to say it.

  • EyeOnTheTV says:


  • BGDarkRipper says:

    @Tehkingofkebab Learn the fucking rulez newfag, rule 1&2 applies only on raids

  • speier says:

    moot is like a communist, and icanhascheeseburger is like fascism

  • DJGuineaPigz says:

    whats a goatse?

  • Corsair92 says:

    what does "Meme" mean? i'm confused =(

  • kareemDC says:

    moots a fagit

  • LordOfZombies says:

    this is amazing. they got all of the giants of the internet together and they're actually communicating to each other intelligently.

  • IcelandPride says:

    More like "I can haz profits," amirite?

  • MangoFreak56 says:

    Where was Milhouse in this?

  • PsychoPop says:

    @StrayTheNomad RichER, to say the least. Like moot said, they are profiting from just copy-pasting memes others made.

  • eSilva90 says:

    @DJGuineaPigz google it, i never forgot my first goatse

  • JMietser says:

    @Aeonhem Those people are not even worth a reply.

    You however I felt were worth my time

  • ADanTran says:

    three wolf moon!!

  • noobkiller390 says:

    mmmmmmm "smart water"

  • CakeFullOfLies says:


  • Noookum says:

    Moot's gay as always, even if he just had 12 seconds in this video.

  • KaptenN says:

    @Anthony883 That was uncalled for. I've merely never heard it said in English before. Why would you take an innocent comment and reply with an insult? What's the fucking point?

  • DrMopZodiac says:

    @TranceElevation fudre toi, medre bouche

  • theorderoforange says:


  • 1TheGoodGuy says:

    Internet culture will become the next world culture!?! I don't think so...

  • SaukaKumagae says:

    @KaptenN people pronounce it differently. I say "meem" but I have a friend who is more internet savy than me who says "meh-meh"

  • SilhouetteSymphonies says:

    Geeky goodness. <3

  • DStyle86 says:

    My god, moot treats /b/ like a hopeless brat he was forced to get used to and mindrapes anons with his sick ideas like that facebook-BS and yet in this video he admits how he profits off it. What a fag...

  • ToasterPig says:

    Is it just me or was Moot dissing the other people at the conference?

  • Sat0shi118 says:

    RO RO

  • gregoryvn3 says:

    Moot FTW!

  • pastronaut says:

    is his name really Kenyatta Cheese? Because that is undoubtedly the greatest name ever.

  • Domeran says:

    @DStyle86 uhhh i think you should rewatch the video you don't seem to understand what he was saying.

  • 5omething says:

    dude bro 3 wolf moon bro sick bro

  • SuperL0L1P0P says:

    @SaukaKumagae It's definitely pronounced "meem"

  • melojordans23 says:

    @DStyle86 you obviously dont understand the internetz and moot in general

  • communistsmustdie says:


  • MikaTheAss says:



  • akira357 says:

    @communistsmustdie I didnt kno Rocketboom was sponsor by Sony? But thats pretty down right lame. And I'm not talking about taking credits off of MeMe, but getting money from them. Its like getting pay to crack mama jokes in the corners, the jokes that your friends use on you.

    I would lost all due respect if this is true, becuz thats just too low, and stupid. And all you people that support these faggets are a bunch of losers, and suckers. When you taking 4chan that serious, u're fucking insane

  • DJGuineaPigz says:

    @tamsWTFvideos yeah... i looked it up on yahoo answers... i didnt go look at it...

  • alexalexon says:

    OMG the cheezburger network CEO is beast.

  • sokkyu says:

    Moot can't haz group hug.

  • nalts says:

    How's your son? Unemployed. No wait he's making a living on memes. What's a meme? Never mind- he's actually unemployed.

  • ttubocohc says:


  • DoctorDesu says:

    Lol at rocketboom by trying to get views by making videos about memes, kindof a sell out to this pathetic 4chan culture. Everyone who visits that has the mentality of a 13 yo. Hahaha lmao at some dudes comment, your stealing our memes! what a mug.

  • chronical says:

    anonymous FTW

  • ChibiSabbath says:

    Nooooooooooo mooooooooooooooooot *dies*

  • Automobilie says:

    @agolosha Like trolls?

  • stfuBUDDY says:

    wow all these faggots trying to interpret this are lame

  • snylekkie says:

    he talks fast

  • Immortalsmustdie says:

    lol, moot.

  • NotOrdinaryInGames says:

    Oh shi-

    the Internet is here!!!~!!!

  • clipshowguy says: I on the internet right now?

  • ElectricRyu says:

    anyone know where the picture at 2:40 is from?

  • AphoticAgony says:

    call da amberlamps

  • dementedstickfigure says:

    I like how moot is the only person not to get into the huddle with the icanhascheezburger guy

  • Noirfan16 says:

    Profit from a meme is fucking retarded and talking about them in depth is even more retarded

  • PWNminator says:


  • ShifterInTheShadows says:

    @PWNminator Damn you! I just lost the game!!

  • MisturCJ says:

    @PWNminator FUCK YOU!!!!

  • metallicakixtotalass says:

    @dementedstickfigure Yeah, fuck that guy

  • 7jerryv7 says:

    People, time to leave high school behind.

  • KuraiSouzou says:

    Damn. I lost the game...!

  • LteeP says:

    OMG thats the founder of 4chan???
    Somebody call an airstrike on that building cuz that website sucks

  • epicseizurenow says:

    The black guy must be afro ninja!

  • epicseizurenow says:

    And i do think its retarded how icanhazfailburgers gets money of memes they never made. And I hate is that they talk about Memes seriously. Memes are fucking epic. Dont think about them much, judge them, and hate them. And internet culture? No comment can describe the fail in that idea.

  • DemiseRX says:

    lol icanhascheeseburgerif it wasent for 4chan and caturday were would they b?

  • DemiseRX says:

    the missile knows where it is because it knows where it isnt

  • XTBRfilms says:

    arby n the chief?

  • mindcombatant says:

    does anybody know the picture at 2:38 ?

  • dudejustponts says:

    1.take a deep breath
    2. think of someone u like
    3. press F10 5 times
    4. send this to 5 youtube videos
    5. look at ur backround

  • WonderfulMrShyne says:

    @epicseizurenow That's what they said about the Renaissance, and the Enlightenment. Many new movements of culture and ideas start from a group that began from a common cause or common fondness. You really can't NOT think too much about meme's, they're going to be culturally significant icons in the near future.

  • Notokayipromise says:

    @KuraiSouzou FFFFUUUUUU

  • Anonymouslulzmachine says:

    @epicseizurenow agreed. including rocketboom. all they do is use 4chan to make moneys.

  • CrazyUberix says:

    moot ahahahahaha 4chan rules ! moot is master troll xD

  • KingKmoney1 says:

    evrybdy CUM chek me out ahhhahahaahhahahaaa

  • FrankieEsposito says: hug

  • CallistoDark says:

    @agolosha Newfag.

  • CallistoDark says:

    Guy at 2:56 is a newfag.

  • Tclay43 says:

    internet culture is great.. it brings people together...but it belongs on the internet if the world knows about it then it ruins its specialty

  • finalfight says:

    Jesus christ, this is the cancer thats killing the internet
    THIS video RIGHT HERE.

    fuck ROFLcon honestly, fuck M00T
    fuck his roflcn wolf shirt thing

    jesus christ a whole convention full of unfunny forced memes I might kill myself

  • finalfight says:


    no until internet culture gets funny it will never be a renaissance, like wtf
    rick rolling and lolcats isn't funny

  • Pjeh says:


  • xhisokax says:

    ITT trolling trolls

  • SpartanM621 says:

    Like the entire Soviet Russia thing going through Youtube?

  • jesusourlordnsaviour says:

    omfg where can i find that epic masterpiece at 2:50 ???

  • markybeardmore says:

    moot is right
    icanhazcheeseburger stole from 4chan giving no credit

  • No1snYpeslikme says:


  • DefinitelyNotNoah says:

    Teh Lolz: It's serious business.

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