ITP Spring Show 2010

Rocketboom Tech’s Ellie Rountree interviews several students about their projects in this year’s ITP Spring Show. Short++, IKEA Robotics, MyCloud, Mobile Logger, More projects from the ITP Spring Show 2010. Assets: Ikea Cart, Malm 1, Malm 2, Malm 3, Malm 4, Clouds, Clouds 2, iPhone Image, Bicycle, Trek bicycle, 8th ave bike lane, Fluffy clouds, Lack 1, lack 2, lack 3.

This episode was created in collaboration with Intel!


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  • eggzbacon100 says:


  • luckystrke says:

    Hahahaha.. Genius woman!

  • RAWryyy says:

    Ed Edd and Eddy anyone?

  • ATOMICMEAT says:

    first and fail quality

  • Talexe says:

    lock up your children! the commenters are here!

  • mindstormmaster says:


  • slyspydrew says:


  • sim0magic says:

    Those clouds seem pretty fluffy.

  • TheGiantRobot says:

    Cricket headphones, that's pretty funny. Were those high tech or filled with real crickets?

  • IMystik64 says:

    no molly?...

  • adolphjlj1 says:


  • marcusthecool says:

    lmao at the moving table.

  • GPunk says:

    @IMystik64 Molly does news reports, Ellie does Tech reports

  • TheGravenIdol says:

    Those moving tables are so cute.

  • TarikuKunn says:

    Ellie looks like an old lady standing besides Molly

  • CognosSquare says:

    I wonder if they made those pillows huggable enough. They should put an extra engineer on that.

  • CMDRKillsalot says:

    @TarikuKunn Elle, Ella and Molly are hot. You must have very poor eyesight. Your comment is invalid.

  • CAlex6977 says:

    This is a supercool show. Ill have to check this out next year

  • GodLikeSkillz89 says:

    Ellie and Molly in bed together would be better than watching this boring shit.

  • 666ThaScarecro666 says:

    dont taze me bro.

  • quixgofar says:

    @TarikuKunn Dude - SHUT-UP!!! Molly's cute but Ellie's HOT!!

  • technologyms says:

    where's molly?

  • Klamev says:

    huray for useless shit

  • megahappypinkskitty says:

    ok am I the only one who watches rocketboom because of there cool and interesting video's because the only reason anyone else seems to watch is because ellie and molly are "hot"

  • thecursedland says:

    @GodLikeSkillz89 seeing your head on a platter would be better than your dumb ass, lolz

  • bloodorigin says:

    wish I had gone there, looks like fun

  • LfunkeyA says:


    i watch it for both reasons

  • WalterDelques says:

    Team Ellie all the way.

  • KnightMD says:

    I love Rocketboom... Thanks Ellie!

  • iHateToRegister says:

    We have Molly, the uber awesome hot chick, we have Ella, the super adorable redhead, and we have Ellie, the very lovely nerd girl :)

  • wulfrich says:

    This is a cool event! I wish I could go. :-(

  • LuisFelipeGD1978 says:

    Both Ellie and Molly are pretty hot.... I rather to have sex with either one of them cover in shit than have sex with your mom cover in candy =)

  • LuisFelipeGD1978 says:

    Dude...... get to 0:05 and pause it.....

  • germanfuk says:

    TECH-ART I love that!!!

  • murdockqotsa says:

    very interesting people here...
    crazy ideas...
    too much time on their hands? or not enough?

  • helllox21194 says:

    @LuisFelipeGD1978 What's at 0:05? I don't see anything...

  • helllox21194 says:

    That lady could've gotten a pedicure for her shoes... lol

  • DeRealUno says:

    ellie rountree > molly

  • Kilroy8675309 says:

    @DeRealUno No question.

  • angeltroea says:


  • Aeonhem says:

    There's something seriously gay about that cloud, and it's producer...

  • unquestionablelogic says:

    That is so cool! I want to go to one of these shows!

  • jmar393 says:

    they should rename it The completely useless but cool shit convention

  • mini14tx1 says:

    Ikea robot tables, now I know how Skynet plans to do us all in.

  • gofightlose says:

    oh fun!
    are these people getting paid?

  • xXfrownyguyXx says:

    @DeRealUno Ella Morton is the best.

  • xXfrownyguyXx says:

    @Kilroy8675309 Ella Morton is the best.

  • Jerman81 says:

    The cloud thing looked promising

  • mystro810 says:

    well, this video has proven to me that mankind has run out of meaningful ideas and inventions..... wheres Molly?

  • eSilva90 says:

    @Klamev useless AWESOME shit :D

  • GmasterRED says:

    2:31 no dude, I don't remember that part of childhood.

  • GmasterRED says:

    She does this wierd thing where she poses right after she's done talking. Like inbetween every pause, she poses for thee camera. And it's sexy as hell.

  • DemonicSymphonic says:

    Ellie, you're so beautiful baby.

  • haphay23 says:

    powder, use it on close ups

  • DemonicSymphonic says:

    The gay bike rider's idea is pretty cool. Even better if it recorded your route via a helmet cam too.

  • TheToppon says:

    That cloud thing is gonna cause a lot of UFO reports.

  • DemonicSymphonic says:

    those elevator shoes are cool, i'd like a pair that go up 10 feet

  • thelonewolf86 says:

    I think the first mishap with those elevator shoes is mechanical failure at a crucial moment.

  • CarrionIIX says:

    elevator shoes..................soon the midgets will screw us in the ass.

  • vinny4man says:

    the mycloud guy must be an MIT grad.....I'm just sayin'

  • jsbud333 says:

    Ellie makes me fiddle with my winky

  • 3rkid2 says:

    Lmao I want one of those pet tables.

  • obviouslyblack says:

    so damn beautiful

  • egg9man says:

    That was awesome!!

  • marcuelcajon says:

    Ellie Rountree+Mollies Breast =Super Hott

  • jldkrank says:

    The bike thing seems kinda useless.

  • Mazequax says:

    I ... always wanted to have a cloud-pet ... my dreams have come true :')

  • Razear says:

    The Ikea guy sounds like Jason Ocampo from IGN....

  • chaos850 says:

    Short++ looks fucking pointless.

    The Ikea robotics looks cools.

  • Bosingr says:

    Without Ellie, this vid would be a total waste of time.

  • LaexProductions says:

    So, you thought you'd use the bike guy to cover your audio edit eh? Well I caught you! You tried to make the music end at the end of the video!

  • tsumbra says:

    "Silent Island"

  • ekiselazelka says:

    why did thought of an Ed, Edd and Eddy episode

  • LeoricRozen says:

    "i use an iphone application .. i call it an iphone app" ... wow .. did she come up with that herself ??

  • maksphoto78 says:

    That biker just wants to stalk other bikers.

  • mocasvaldo says:

    i need that chair for my teacher !!!

  • Zoofnick says:

    @LeoricRozen She calls it the "iphone UP" you retard, UP!

  • mike82y says:

    the cloud guy is a g or?

  • pdblouin33 says:

    @LeoricRozen Lol, accent recognition fail.

  • 0pitborn0 says:

    Um... is Molly on vacation?

  • nanderson1965 says:

    I have no natural resistance to the girls of tomorrow...
    I'm doomed.

  • 7Voo says:

    iPhone, iPhone, iPhone -.-

  • shuttledik says:

    5 real jobs lost to 1 subsidised 'green' job.

  • shuttledik says:

    4:20 Ellie Roundtree FTW!

  • effyleven says:

    @LeoricRozen It was an iphone "UP".... Jeeze! Even I got that, and I'm not even a Yank, let alone a Latino New Yorker!

  • abigor315 says:

    i love rocketboom! ps. ellie > molly!

  • MrDucktaper says:


  • MrDucktaper says:


  • TehUberCyberBeast says:

    You, Ellie, are teh awesomez.

  • TrueRedBaron says:

    @0pitborn0 No, this chick always does the electronic expos and technology oriented stuff. She's also on knowyourmeme.

  • Burleigh says:

    ok, this one was extremely cool. NYC has just the best art scene; and what's great about it, is that this represents not only a huge number of the geeks (I am a geek and use the word to represent the fact that we rule the world.) in a room, but that they have an awful lot of right brain matter as well.

  • YYZFAQs says:

    Big thumbs up if you think Ellie is the most gorgeous tech coverage chick out there!

  • Ahmed8118 says:

    haha the table was needy

  • elspethjane says:

    @TheGiantRobot they were filled with very real crickets, but they weren't making any noises. Apparently they're scared of movement and won't squeak 'till things are quiet and still.

  • unsenseful says:

    Again, awesomness condensed in 4 minutes.

  • rybupsp says:

    Cool stuff...except for those ridiculous shoes!

  • scootosan says:

    "my cloud" don't need it I use "my bong"

  • painxtreme says:

    @YYZFAQs Why is she Ellie here and on Know your Meme she goes by Elsepeth, probably misspelled, but I thought it an intriguing name that is more interesting than Ellie. Either way, I'd like her to stop by this afternoon for a few hours.

  • painxtreme says:

    @scootosan my Hawaiian Celebration Pipe makes clouds.

  • TheGiantRobot says:

    Oh, so they are interactive - you must get quiet to activate them.

  • Kossimer says:

    @jmar393 Art usually doesn't have any practical uses, this is a convention for art that mixes with technology, which is why it is extremely awesome.

  • jschrein says:

    ellie rountree was looking rather sultry toward the end there...

  • elspethjane says:

    @painxtreme Well, here's your answer: My real name is Elspeth Jane Rountree. My everyday nickname is Ellie. My Internet Scientist!! name is ElspethJane. A little confusing, yes. A little unnecessary? Never!

  • elspethjane says:

    @unsenseful Glad you're liking the awesomness. I say it has "awesomesauce".

  • Andrejko12345 says:

    the shoes are good !

  • zukesify says:


  • pinoyfighters says:


  • OzzyOzrock says:

    what was incorrect about the first epidosde?

  • emoloz says:

    maybe spelt something wrong?

  • Pawndurr says:

    I don't get it

  • m4a1maverick1 says:

    Yay, nobody got said "First!"

  • This is fun stuff for sure, but I hope RB goes beyond the cute cat youtube videos and see how the net is changing the world in major ways. Cover the first all world best new music list for example. The net is the world's first jukebox and this is the first contents of that world jukebox. Thanks.

  • KirkAwesome says:

    @m4a1maverick1 you did.

  • tycoon1994 says:

    i don't get the bike one...

  • mike_dixon says:

    Hey Yay Ellie! Amazing stuff! Excellent show! Nice editing.

    And I've been newly inspired by that biking dude to go and get myself both a concept of self-quantification, and a large enough data set. :-)

  • rycebouy says:

    who is the woman at the beginning of the video

  • deogrou says:

    What is corrected about this? :P I don't see a difference :)

  • TehNinjaGoat says:

    @Pawndurr you don't get what?

  • Duvmasta says:

    Why did author mona simpson's father abandon her?

  • hellotwat says:

    i cant wait to go to art schoolllll

  • Pawndurr says:

    @TehNinjaGoat What did they correct?

  • MattDoesNotRock says:

    i thought i recognised this video lol

  • RAWryyy says:

    "Short++" I remember that from Ed, Edd and Eddy

  • MrNiceHk says:

    @Pawndurr Your Face

  • ald0sco says:

    Hot, beautiful and cute. A dangerous combination.

    Interesting projects!

  • scully2222 says:

    ellie is such a hottie

  • TehUberCyberBeast says:


  • funtime77777 says:

    Some interesting things there.. Did you really hear crickets?

  • dahuntersdoom says:

    Ellie and Molly always make my day!

  • fingersticks74 says:

    cool. I wouldn't want people I don't know knowing my location with that biking app though.

  • akira357 says:

    @RAWryyy And I thought she was just another upsetting anime fan.

  • JhonnyBoyLive says:

    @RAWryyy Good old days, eh? Now they're replaced by stupid shows.

  • JhonnyBoyLive says:

    Best one had to be IKEA Robotics. I could imagine my table running away from me when I try to put a sweaty glass on top of it without a coaster.

  • thelonewolf86 says:

    What was to correct in the other video?

  • NimbusFilms says:

    MyCloud is sooooooooooooooo gay.

  • sunnysideupzZz says:

    Its spring / summer and that means Molly is going to wear low cuts. Cant wait ! !

  • scully2222 says:

    @sunnysideupzZz dont get ur hopes up. mollys got fat legs

  • redbandfilms says:

    elevator shoes are awesome.

  • diwash9612425 says:

    damn i miss molly

  • bonbagrum says:

    the cloud pillow looks just plain gay.

  • Pawndurr says:

    @MrNiceHk One person, changing the world, one childish comment at a time :D

  • AosZas says:

    I HATE when people are criticised when they see a beautiful woman and express that. I simply HATE that. I think Ellie is super hot and sexy too AND THERE'S NOTHING WRONG OR OFFENSIVE for someone to say something like that ok?

  • janbananajr2 says:

    rocketboom is great

  • Shadowsonggg says:

    Ellie is pretty.

  • helenschmelen says:

    How refreshing to hear people speak intelligently and quickly without filling the on-air space with errrrs and ummmms while their brains try to finish the sentence. LOVE Rocketboom Tech segments!

  • murrymurrymurrymurry says:

    @scully2222 LMAO fuck your comment made me lol! xD

  • 036413256 says:

    u are smarter than molly

  • helenschmelen says:

    @AosZas It reduces a woman 2 being what she looks like. Men get 2 be what they do—it doesn't matter how they look. Women aren't even treated as people 1st. The 1st & only thing men care about is whether a woman is attractive. There is so much that is more important in terms of who we are. For attractive women it gets old (for unattractive women it must feel really awful) & while flattery is not offensive, determining attractiveness in women can seem condescending when it stops there.

  • MrCHISOL says:

    @helenschmelen "The 1st & only thing men care about is whether a woman is attractive."
    Please don't be too generalizing.. Yes, some men (or a "majority"?) just care about how "attractive" (attractive is perhaps wrong word, "good looks" is better) a woman is.. But not all of us are like that (just as there's men who don't like sports/guns etc)..

    I find a good personality is 1000 times more attractive than "good looks".
    (Personally I find most super models neither attractive or "good looking"..)

  • helenschmelen says:

    @MrCHISOL Thanks for your reply! I am delighted to hear that from a man ("not all of us are like that"). I was generalizing because it has been my experience/observation, and the majority tends to cancel out nice guys like you :)

  • MrCHISOL says:

    @helenschmelen Just another note: Yes I'm a man, and personally I find many of the comments that some (young/immature?) users repulsive and schovenistic.. And just proves how low some (men/young adults [or just ignorant kids]) can go...
    And a good example of a internet culture that are "going the wrong way" and leaves a bad "distaste"..

  • 2Smelly4You says:

    Awesome! Gotta go to one of those sometime.

  • TehNinjaGoat says:

    @Pawndurr oh i don't know either. i didn't even know they relesed this video before.

  • leofanto says:

    i wouldnt mind going there with Ellie! shes real cute! ;D

  • MrNiceHk says:

    @Pawndurr I quite liked it I must admit

  • ruckenfigur says:

    ellie so kissable

  • BrokenBjartur says:

    She looked as though she had made a mistake in the end =S. on 4:30.
    Maybe she felt guilty that she had snuck out of the kitchen to watch some silly art show.

  • bsabruzzo says:

    @MrCHISOL @helenschmelen Just a quick 2 cents, all animal nature is based on "attraction". This doesn't mean sex or mating, but where we feal comfortable. Many animals will get shunned or ignored based on having the wrong coloring or a misformed tail, etc. In humans attraction is based on the five senses and on our mental process. Both women and men do this, otherwise TV would have more Camryn Manheims and fewer Jennifer Love Hewitts.

  • MrCHISOL says:

    @bsabruzzo Yes of course, there is that "instant reaction attraction" (everybody reacts if you see a "good looking" person), that's something you (probably) can't control in any way..
    But I wouldn't say that it's all there is (and it definitely don't justify the behavior amongst some [mostly men, but also some women]).
    I would like to think that what "you" (or at least I) seek in a partner is more than just superficial attractiveness.

    But I guess society (in general) proves me wrong...

  • AosZas says:

    @helenschmelen You re absolutely right and i couldn't agree more with what you ve said BUT, what i really really wanted to point out is that it isn't a crime to say that you like someone,boy or a girl,man or a woman. On the outside. It isn't a crime. You don't JUDGE someone as a person.Besides,what we are will never ever be fully be presented in a youtube comments area OR a youtube channel (that goes for cute Ellie) ;)

  • mohammed says:

    Amazing... thanks Ellie !

  • LulzGun says:

    #OMG #FTW #LOL


  • KrykoStorm says:

    #OMG #FAIL


  • KrykoStorm says:


    #What!? #Test #Math

  • Bizzer10 says:

    she looks like a growed up icarly

  • MrJaymacdonald says:

    #LOL #OMG

  • box6666666 says:

    wtf is with these orange buttons

  • hubertfable says:

    #OMG #LOL #FTW

  • Cakevspie94 says:

    She is so cute :D

  • hubertfable says:

    test again

    #OMG #WTF #BBQ


  • raptros says:

    Wasn't the elevator shoes invented by double dee to make eddy taller in ed edd n eddy? i see the resemblence... i wonder if these can take you to outer space too.

  • jacobcheese says:


  • xylitol88 says:


  • Smartboy7 says:


  • Smartboy7 says:


  • Smartboy7 says:


  • Smartboy7 says:


  • Smartboy7 says:


  • declice says:

    my name is Priit and i like to skeet

  • jeffreyparke says:


  • TheNewNine says:

    Cloud thing = Super Gay

  • Chezebrelephaffe says:


  • Apoelistas24 says:

    Wow! Its just me or the girl with the interviews looks like Laura Pausini? Especially at 1:00. Nice video by the way!

  • googleeaterwoot says:


  • googleeaterwoot says:

    @TheNewNine so true lmao

  • melrobRTF says:


  • RoyVanNistelrooij says:

    @Apoelistas24 she kinda looks like Laura but not that much.

  • DemonicSymphonic says:

    Ellie could be Ashley Blue's sister

  • OrogDeMalfur says:

    The mobile logger will allow me to commit more rapes per bike ride

  • elspethjane says:

    @helenschmelen glad you like them!!! Thanks!!!

  • ahuachapan2 says:

    Sharp++ needs get a life. Ellie, beautiful ass usual.

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