Time Leaps and Barrel Rolls

Abolishing leap second could spell the end for GMT in just two years timeCivil Global Positioning System Service Interface CommitteeITU RRB Members, Korea vs. Japan, Do a Barrel Roll on the MemeDB, Do a barrel roll! (video), Kingston Fossil Plant: Natural Hazards, Magibon ☆無26★, Previous Rocketboom coverage of Make a little move on the dancefloor, 少し楽しくなる動画 (Make a little move on the dancefloor Live Reenactment) (thx Eptin!), One year worth of images give some amazing videos

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January 5, 2009 • 12:00 am | Permalink


  • brookmn567 says:


  • tashikiloo2 says:

    save the leap second!!!

  • ffejpsycho says:

    lulz Barrel Rolls!

  • intelligentfalling says:

    she's so cute :-p

  • LostSoul135 says:

    It's my birthday...

    thanks for this video! I loved it!

  • 1trip711 says:



  • Tanru2000 says:

    So CUTE! 0:19 and 0:59 and 1:52 (most definitely fucked).

    What did Joanne say right at the end?? "I'm still looking to..." She sorta just trailed off.

  • KlayMan2007 says:


  • CirqueDuCloud says:

    I think she said "I'm still looking to flirt my best." lol!
    I can help you out with that Joanne! XD

  • Tanru2000 says:

    I thought it might have been "I'm still looking to ....... my list" It sounds like 'flirt' but it doesn't fit the context of the sentence.

  • frondew says:

    What does she mean by leap-second? Explain please

  • Archaneus says:

    There is a second added in order to make up the gap between the official time and the actual rotation. Same thing as the leap year adding an extra day, only a much smaller amount of time, obviously.

  • frondew says:

    When does this second occur?

  • Archaneus says:

    It is an extra second added to the end of the year. So the new year came one extra second later.

  • TimeDawg says:

    Frikken Sweet! Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei music...I feel like an otaku...

  • RichoRosai says:

    Ah, she's back. Was getting tired of that other less talented lady.

  • frondew says:

    Oh, ok. Thanks.

  • bluedevils088 says:

    not fail med school!!!!! thats my new years resolution

  • GaretTheAssassin says:


  • GaretTheAssassin says:

    Coby, what are you doing?! Nothing... doing a barrel roll...

  • jv507 says:

    became a veggie for 3 reasons:

    1) lowers carbon footprint
    2) cheaper (I am a student)
    3) maybe loose weight

  • konikula says:

    Nice t-shirt. Helo all, by by :)

  • halabalo195 says:


  • redrum0127 says:

    my resolution: not to change anything

    don't fix what isn't broken.

  • mathiasffs says:


  • ighnaz says:


  • George4790 says:

    My new year's resolution: 1680 x 1050


  • hpbeast says:

    Super LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I couldn't believe it when Peppy said "Do a barrel roll!"

    You guys stoled my brain!

  • Docthewrench says:

    1) i will double my carbon feet print
    2) I had my schooling paid for me ( Thanks Chrysler)
    3)that I will agree with

    tonight I will make some steak for all you veggies its free come and eat

  • hounddog21 says:

    Barrel Rolling shoud be an Olympic event! Do you agree?

    P.S. Joanne, even with the leap-second your still looking good.

  • nukefluke says:

    U don't need big eyes Joanne.:D

  • anbe73 says:

    i missed you joanne :)

  • HelpSaveTheEarth2051 says:


  • n3wby001 says:


  • ButlerMoz says:

    I've never heard Joanne so enthusiastic before.

  • theguycalledchris says:

    New year's resolution- take up that barrel rolling sport

  • ButlerMoz says:

    My New Year's resolution-Be baptized by Voltron and Raptor Jesus.

  • SupportingMyself says:

    your a floodian arent you? :D

  • filipemtx says:

    Where I find the "make a little move on dance floor"?

  • xenon says:
    its left or right,back or behind.S)
    do always 13.

  • jlookingglass says:

    do a barrel roll

  • Goomba4001 says:


  • AnnChrBay says:

    what will we ever do without the leap seconds? i have never even heard of them until this video.

  • Jeordie13 says:

    my resolution is to educate myself. do a barrel doll!

  • DesertFox101 says:

    How shall we say... fucked.

  • Kam says:

    What a great way to start the year, coffee actually squirted out of my nose when you mouthed the f word, I love it when you talk dirty.
    You are certainly in the groove today with your onscreen persona Joanne, as apposed to that other less talented lady!
    (don't worry Ellie, I'll hunt the bastard down & make him pay!)

  • 744268 says:

    My new years resolution is to throw a shoe at Bush

  • Chuck says:

    I want my leap second back!

  • HeliumZombie says:

    The Barrel Roll is a lie. So are Leap Seconds.

  • beerasaurus says:

    Use the boost to get through!

  • leron says:

    There was only one word to describe the condition of those fly-ashed people.

    I was hoping JC would say that word. But mouthing it was pretty cool.

    Because what else could you say? Imagine a wave of fly ash knocking your house off the foundation. "Golly gee, what a mess" doesn't really sum it up.

    My resolutions for '09: Complain less, savor more; eat a bit less but make it tastier; learn something about wine; burn up fewer dead dinosaurs; sleep out in the wild more often; get that manuscript that's been on my desk for months finished already.

  • b-man says:

    Hey, wait a Leap Second!

  • theantirobot says:

    try to take over the world

  • iDrifter says:

    Ellie does a great job. I find nothing wrong with her presentation.

  • b-man says:

    My new year's resolution is to try this. But only if Joanne & Kam join me. (I need someone to scrape up the broken bones.)

  • Bob Harris says: of the (Don't miss this!)

    Isreal set up a department to handle its war news directly. Skip all the CNN BS.

  • jv507 says:

    haha dont worry other veggies actually piss me off the fussy bastards! I dont think eating meat is particulaly cruel to animals either. Seen as they dont have the brain capacity. Also I still plan to eat fish! Happy New Year!

  • ionel71089 says:

    0:57 score!!! =)

  • trainmanlars says:

    No, the cake is a lie.

  • commsky says:

    Barrel Roll: check

  • nirajkarki says:

    search on google.. someone's made a nice flash program you can have some practise on

  • DesertFox101 says:

    ... What?

  • 0DW says:

    Mine is to build giant robots and take over the world.

  • halomasterangel1995 says:

    ----kissing test----------
    1.hold you breath
    2.go to a new video
    3.copy and past this
    4.if you did it without breathing you are a good kisser or u have a fast computer

  • humantorch65 says:

    ----kissing test----------
    1.hold you breath
    2.go to a new video
    3.copy and past this
    4.if you did it without breathing you are a good kisser or u have a fast computer

  • falconpunch10 says:

    my resolution is to FIRE MAH LAZOR

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