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Cuba Switching to Linux, Global PC Sales Fall, First Time In Six Years, Why netbooks are killing Microsoft, Han Solo in Carbonite, no, it’s Guacamole!, He’s no guac to me dead, US Becomes Top Wind Producer; Solar Next, Report: Nearly 75% of ex-Bush officials looking for jobs are unemployed, Afghan TV set to unveil model contest, Bottom-up approach needed in Afghanistan: report, Audio Modulated Thunder Music Pleases Thor, AVAILABLE ONLINE FOR FREE (the Sticker). Music by Jen Scaturro, UpitUp

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February 24, 2009 • 12:00 pm | Permalink


  • Usurper2012 says:

    Joanna, you make my rocket go BOOM !

  • Cholo71796 says:


  • Cholo71796 says:

    damn, so close. hahah

  • dakotamorgany106 says:

    sounds hot

  • Usurper2012 says:

    hah i win-)

  • ultimatelights13 says:

    me lol

  • XerkDaniels says:

    This show is bananas b a n a n a s! :p Love you Joanne <3

  • anbe73 says:

    you know- this whole "free" thing will be a huge mess some day. i wonder where freedom crosses over the line into fraud haha

  • Tripp393 says:

    thanks for the shows!

  • NewfZ says:

    Out of curiosity whats the song at 1:17 - 1:30 and the song at 1:35 - 1:55?

  • Cholo71796 says:

    Thumbs up my comments. We cant let them get to low! This, this is war!

  • hounddog21 says:

    US is the top producer of wind is nothing new, I've been producing a lot of it for quite a while now.

  • ebayboycotters says:

    Available on line for FREE that's for me!

  • hardworker424 says:

    The stickers would be funny till you get caught.

  • OrphanPaper says:

    i'm kinda seen sone one

  • OrphanPaper says:

    afgan , you'd think they help plant crops , other then opem popies,,

  • 1trip711 says:

    FIRST too

  • jordinyc says:

    Dude! OQO might have a dinky processor, but at $900, can you really call it a "netbook"?

  • jordinyc says:

    1:55 Doctor Who theme! WOO HOO!! .. wait, is this what they're going to use for the 2009 miniseries?

  • NativeCain says:

    What is that sound at the end from?! It sound sooo familiar but I can't put a finger on it!!

  • gameboyredpee says:

    guacamole, wouldn't that get old and start stinking up? who would buy that...

  • imodd123 says:

    What happened to your hand?

  • GaretTheAssassin says:

    That dress is gorgeous. o.o

  • gurkhaboy says:

    Totally agree.

  • florcita72 says:

    yeah i was wondering the same thing. but do u think that maybe it was made to be eaten? :S

  • gameboyredpee says:

    i don't wanna eat han solo no matter how delicious he appears (no homo)

  • Newton says:

    LOVE IT !!

    Watching this was a great way to spend a few minutes of my life !

    Thanks RB

  • Charles says:

    Have you guys changed how you encode your Quicktime version? It's looked pretty bad recently.

  • b-man says:


  • DuralastTurbo says:

    Some1 should start a betting pool 2 guess when O-Crackhead's owners R gonna' Nuke Dallas or whatever 2 blame it on Iran? U know, like the 911 inside job, part deux! It's all the same mafia N E way - just rotating the disposable beggarwhore / babysitter (president).

    On the upside, Joanne looks very pretty in this episode =)

  • il3bood10 says:

    lol i wish all the knews was like this

  • JERRYBOLAK says:

    very cool as always

  • subach says:

    Wait. Cuba wasn't using linux to begin with? That makes no sense, they're communists, you can't be a communist and buy software.

  • Tanru2000 says:

    Hey, Australia are helping out in Afghanistan, too.

  • emprise says:


  • Thornstalker says:

    Tuesday? This is discrimination for the Europeans of the GMT + 1 timezone!

  • Syntox says:

    "Communist" does NOT mean "no currency".
    Read up, son.

  • subach says:

    Well that doesn't follow from my statement at all; what does follow is that communist cannot buy software(especially from a large corporation) when an open source 'product' is and has been available and remain a communist.
    Read into context, sonnie.

  • dokhorst says:

    The lego "troops" clip was a LOL moment for me, there.

  • TenderHistoryInRust says:

    That doesn't follow, I am a communist and I am on windows, not that I am happy with it, bloody Vista!

  • LethaL443 says:

    hot much?

  • ButlerMoz says:

    Boba Fett pwns.
    ROCKEBOOM!! Post your music!!
    (Another great video by the way)

  • divinacomedias says:

    ban on pc's???

    yeh, right.... lol

  • Sealsealdk says:

    Joanne, Joanne, Joanne. All there is to say... :)

  • HotdogHarry007 says:

    Nice effect at the end!

  • SJamesGray says:

    75% ?!!

  • leron says:

    Who was the political philospher, German guy I think, who said capitalism will sow the seeds of its own destruction? As in, commie nations will run on Linux?

    Who could ever forget the National Geographic cover of a young Afghan girl/woman with eyes like fire? The fotog tracked her down again a few years ago. She had been worn down in predictable ways by the toils of a rural life.

    As for guacamole: dice a tomato or two as fine as you can and stir the dice in too. We're talking micro-dice here. It's probably the ultimate test of whether you know how to sharpen a knife.

  • subach says:

    Then you're a morally inconsistent communist.

  • Ook says:

    I was a "pinko commie fag" when I was a teenager because of my long hair. Now I'm a commie because I run Linux? When do we finally graduate from high school or do we have to drop out?

  • b-man says:

    PC sales may be falling but Sony is killing the competition with some pretty amazing new technology.

  • GFS says:

    Some of the music in this episode provided by i am jen

  • Chick6517 says:

    wow that was seriously not expexting that but i liked it haha very good job i am very appualed that, that even happend haah but it was a very nice touch

  • HoneyCallMeAnonymous says:

    i like dis sheet! lol

  • aesfubar says:

    u missed australia! :P

  • Bud1UK says:

    hot lady is hot :)

  • ROCKETBOOM says:

    Bud1UK well aren't you just a hunk, a hunk of burning love

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