Spotlight: Nilo’s Story

Rocketboom Spotlight on Nilo’s Story by Omar Khalifa. Nilofar Habibi, a presenter with Herat TV in Afghanistan, became a symbol of resistance for women journalists in the summer of 2008. In the face of death threats for working as a journalist, Habibi decided to keep working. This is her story. Created by Omar Khalifa assisted by Matthew Egan and Sara Kianpour (translation) with thanks to the Doha Centre for Media Freedom, Qatar. Music: ‘Twice’ by Little Dragon.

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February 11, 2009 • 10:00 am | Permalink


  • Ook says:

    The small hate the brave almost as much as they hate themselves.

  • JoeBoo says:

    These crackle videos rarely stream correctly unless you go to the crackle site. :-(

  • Pekka Siitoinen says:

    About that women who swim over sea:

    "SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (Map, News) - In stories on Feb. 1, 7 and 8, about Jennifer Figge's long-distance swim in the Atlantic, The Associated Press reported erroneously that she had swum across the ocean. Figge swam only a fraction of the 2,100-mile journey. The rest of the time, she rested on her crew's westward-sailing catamaran. Her spokesman, David Higdon, told The AP on Tuesday that her total swimming distance has not been calculated yet, but that due to ocean hazards including inclement weather, he estimates she swam about 250 miles. "

    Notice especially this:
    "he estimates she swam about 250 miles. ""

  • Charles says:

    So where is she now? She says that she can't go back to her old job but it's not clear what she is doing now or where she is currently living.

  • implosion222 says:

    hey hey first comment!

  • entertainme151 says:

    Thats really sad.

  • pinkbandgeek says:

    What an amazing woman in a shitty situation.

  • Cholo71796 says:


  • colossusbeam says:

    it is very sad, but at least her story will be known by hundreds here

  • sth128 says:

    Interesting story. Three things wrong with their culture:
    - Women are treated unfairly
    - Unibrow
    - It takes like 2 minutes to say a 5 word sentence?

  • doooodledude says:


  • quampo says:


  • CirqueDuCloud says:

    We're all trying to watch an emotional video and then you're all 'FIRST COMMENT'

    ...butt-face. lol

  • 1trip711 says:



  • OrphanPaper says:

    i thing a female reporter l was killed as well ???,

  • CirqueDuCloud says:

    Hey, butt-face. Its not nice to call people butt-face, butt-face.

  • MudkipBlackieChan9k says:

    biggest fail ever

  • jc8ward says:

    I thank you for showing this video

  • usenameunavailable3 says:

    i didn't really like this one

  • evozam86 says:

    This was a beautiful video. It was amazing that she laughed and smiled even when recalling such a horrific experience. She seems like a strong woman. I hope Afghanistan becomes a safe place for her to live again.

  • NiDeCo says:


  • jonnyally says:

    Oh my goodness.

  • ebayboycotters says:

    Afghanistan primitive thinking, A primitive country; The men there treat women like slaves, and it seems like they will never become civil with all the killing and hate going on there all the time. it's not a place to really do anything, you never hear of a vacation package to Afghanistan. Seems they hate everything there.

  • Doubter5 says:

    "I don't know what they want from me."

    They want what every totalitarian reqime wants: submission.

    And nothing is more totalitarian then fundamentalist religion.

    Check out my vids as to why Religion must go...

  • hoboperson456 says:

    Wow, I am really mad at those people for being assholes and ruining lives.

  • downwithutube says:

    Two words: twee zers.

  • Syntox says:

    Not to make excuses AT ALL - but if the country had had a chance to modernize it's infrastructure alot of these old beliefs would fall by the wayside - Afghanistan has been a pawn of nations from the time of Ghengis Khan through colonialism to the Soviet invasion till today - that is definitely a factor. I don't know what the answer is, and I do not believe it should be all up to America to bring them into the god damn 21st century...

  • xBextahx says:

    How can you even think that after what she's been put through?

    And it's one word.

  • HammandClov says:

    My forever question: Where the hell is the U.N. in all of this? And the follow-up: What is the point of the U.N. if the world's problems always fall on the U.S.'s hands, or any superpower for that matter?

  • IdleGod says:

    20 km walk... Are you serious. At a walking pace, thats 4 or 5 HOURS, each way. And why was she walking alone? I thought you had to walk with a man in those countries. Either way, the key to ending islamic oppression is to energize the women, and educate them, and they will fight back. And will hopefully understand logic and reasoning, the biggest place that muslim men fail.

  • didderson says:

    LOL unibrow

  • didderson says:

    why do the women run blindly where their men say to go. They need to RISE UP and realize it's time to stop oppressing women in the Muslim world

  • BOB74j says:

    What the frick is wrong with people in this world?!

  • Docthewrench says:

    its islam they are afraid of it they wont do anything, if it was christian or jew UN always puts their nose in but not when it comes ti islame

  • HammandClov says:

    Nah, it's the people themselves that run the country. Religion is just an idea and propaganda use to rule over people. No different than Communism. Look at China, it is not religious but is pretty tough and censures certain things. It is power given to the wrong authority that ruins the world

  • Kyoukichi says:

    Terrible story. So sad to see what people do for the "sake" of faith.

  • Probewitch says:

    Sad story indeed.

  • hounddog21 says:

    20 KM walk to work, thats 12 miles, and 12 miles home. Now sure I belive that part.

    She never said if she reported those incidents. What country does she live in now? Is she working as a journalist? Why would she want to go back to Afghanistan? So many unanswered questions.

    • pannah says:

      hey very nice girl ,she is very beauty ,
      why she lived that country
      that country not for her , this is very good she is not there ,
      i hope so people they help her to become she is life sefty in other countries
      i would like to know she is live now were and whats she doing?
      for me very wonder ,
      girls of afghnistan theyer very beauty really
      i want for her best life and best future.
      and thanks for omar

  • coexist4 says:

    good for her to fight for her job. it's people like her that there it hope for humanity

  • freespirites says:

    No that is wrong!! China, it is not as religious as some other countries but it has a lethal amount of religion in them ok???

  • Waterlilyrox says:

    Wow,i'd probably have a panic attack if someone threatned me!I'd do whatever they say to save my life.I'd risk my job,not my one life. But she is one of the women that inspire me cuz I got low self esteem against over ppl

  • monkeyape123 says:

    I agree get rid of religion and something else will take it's place

  • HammandClov says:

    Nooooo! Without religion, you would have less compassionate people. For some people, religion is a good thing because without it they'd be stressed. Without religion, it would be harder to convince some people. You need variation in the world or else it would be like 1984. Religion, politics are basically the same thing, life wouldn't work without them even if they are contradictory within themselves.

  • killwhiteyvoteoboma says:

    Yea' it's fascinating how good I am at spotting B.S. - knew IMMEDIATELY from the black-&-white with soft music that this was going 2 B an anti-Middle East hit piece (praise ha'shem ;)

    Waited 2:18 in just 2 B sure B 4 posting this - yes, let's bomb them so they lie dying in pools of their own blood 2 'free' them from their 'evil' culture, & shove cheeseburgers down their throats post haste! :)) Afghanistan needs more invaders, more robber-rapist Western death! Whoop!

    Rocketboom = himey tool.

  • HammandClov says:

    I think you mean it's pro-Jewish and Christian? There are problems on both sides. When Islam ruled the world, it was no different. There were a few good Muslim leaders that tolerated Christians and Jews but most of them, like the Christian leaders, just murdered the opposition. Religion and politics are always intermingled sadly. And the U.N. is worthless anyway. If Israel wasn't a state and Jerusalem wasn't important to the West, then I think we'd get along.

  • Trukman3238 says:

    After years of following the behavior of these " Islamist" men, I have determined they are cowards and bullies with no balls. They sneak up on women and hurt them. They use women and children as human shields. Their religion is not a religion, it is a plan for world domination disguised as a religion. Send them all to hell.

  • wtfxpaigerz says:

    It's not an anti-Afghani hit piece. There was nothing hinting at bombing the Middle Eastern countries or destroying the lives of all the citizens.
    T'was a story of how women are treated when they try to branch out and rise above the oppression they are facing.

  • NextLifeDK says:

    Kar e shoma kheili mohim ast.
    Never give up.

  • ZachNCheeze says:

    Religion is stupid.
    nuff said.

  • tergingafdslsdfasdsr says:

    Deport All Non-Whites

    resist (dot) com

  • karadan100 says:

    Wow. That was powerful. I frikking love women.
    In WW2 in Czech, some people from the resistance (originally ordinary working class people) were betrayed by other czech's and executed by the Germans. Almost all of the women were heard to say 'i am happy to die for my country' before the SS put a bullet in their heads.

    The woman in this video is as courageous as they come.

    It is sad there is still so much closed-minded oppression in the world today.

  • tooofiredup says:

    Does anyone know what the music Is, who the artist is?

  • bigcrow666 says:

    Damn them, damn them all, damn theis look at the world and everything... Stupid closed-minded people...

  • OmarioK says:

    Yep. It's called 'Twice' by a fantastic swedish band called Little Dragon. google them and listen at myspace.

  • StrayTheNomad says:

    The music is by a group called "Little Dragon." The song is called "Twice"

  • benshums says:

    Religion = turn-your-brain-off and become close-minded.

  • killwhiteyvoteoboma says:

    The real reason they cut her is she is selling out her own country, gargling American invader demon jizz. They don't care about her talking. They care about her anti-Afghani collaboration.

    Everything U clowns say is B.S. & U know it. U use B.S. vids like this as an excuse 2 murder the people U CLAIM U want 2 help - fukin' sick.

  • DuralastTurbo says:

    Yes there you go cow - say moooo - what do we do? Oh, bomb them yes? That will fix them right? Bomb the girl into pieces to 'free' her yes? The most satanic thing about you is you claim to care, but the only thing you care about is murdering foreigners who have nothing to do with you (or 911 - which was an inside job and everybody knows it).

  • DuralastTurbo says:

    It's some nig noise the yids threw in there for good measure - you know, to make you feel all soworful for the Afghan 'slave' there - in her 'so serious and opressed' black-and-white, with her sob tale of getting slashed for collaborating with the invading armies and stuff (oh no) - people protecting their own, assaulting traitors? HOW DARE THOSE EVIL RAGHEADS! :)) Why can't they just die and lick our boots like good boys?

  • killwhiteyvoteoboma says:

    Yea' it's fascinating how good I am at spotting B.S. - knew IMMEDIATELY from the black-&-white with soft music that this was going 2 B an anti-Middle East hit piece (praise ha'shem ;)

    Waited 2:18 in just 2 B sure B 4 posting this - yes, let's bomb them so they lie dying in pools of their own blood 2 'free' them from their 'evil' culture, & shove cheeseburgers down their throats post haste! :)) Afghanistan needs more invaders, more robber-rapist Western death! Whoop!

  • bigcrow666 says:

    you're so stupid, man...
    I'm living in the country, where are a plenty of people, like them in the video, people, who don't understand what the "Freedom" means and are only locked in their religious considerations. I'll be glad to kill them all, becouse without them life is better abd easyer...

  • killwhiteyvoteoboma says:

    The things you say about Muslims are lies. Start by watching this jew lay out some obvious, verifiable facts. Look into it for yourself, like the fact that there are even yids in Iranian parliament:


  • killwhiteyvoteoboma says:

    "They use women and children as human shields." = how dare the women & children die when we bomb their houses and schools, and shoot them in the head when they throw rocks at our yid tanks or take photos of the IDF murdering people! THE NERVE OF THOSE CAMEL JOCKEYS!

    It really is fascinating the gymnastics people will go through thinking it makes them more powerful 2 murder, meanwhile screwing themselves in the ass with $5 gas. What now - bomb Iran so it's $10 - oh good - thanx so much!

  • DuralastTurbo says:

    Hey there yid coward. Sign up 4 the army & go get your legs blown off in Iran like a good boy then =) Then I can respect your honesty. Oh what's that? U just want OTHER people 2 murder them 'for' you - oh yeeees... and what? Bring them 'the blessings of rap' ??

    Don't forget to gargle your D.U. - nothing beats glowing semen! Your kids will look so sweet with no eyes =) It's the new evolution! Heil Exxon!

  • bigcrow666 says:

    WTF are u talking about...
    I'm in the army, in the Georgian army, but don't care about iran bastards...

    I have religious bastards in here, and know how much bastarder will be they in the iran...

  • DuralastTurbo says:

    Hey there yid boi - perhaps you should go to your talmud & pull up some new comebacks, because you are a transparent, murder-puking do-nothing coward Here monkey - chew on this for a while:

    Yids on Iranian TV:

    You're such a fuking jackass there's no point even reading what you write. I've heard it all a million times. You're like clocks - all of you.

  • Hiijab says:

    Don't blame religion, blame humans.

  • Hiijab says:

    Thats so sad. When will people wake up??

  • R3dp055um says:

    This is very sad. Poor Afghanistan.

    I really do not believe the Prophet (PBUH) intended for men to attack and abuse women in this way.

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