• Cowdozer says:

    I think this is about as appropriate a comic that you can get.

    Cyanide & Happiness @

  • leron says:

    As one or two regulars on this board are likely to point out, there is a fair portion of the earth where religious fanatics insist that you grow a beard. And other places where, while not illegal, shaving will get you stared at. Parts of Brooklyn, for example.

    I shaved my facial hair off when it started to go gray. Must be some sort of genetic tendency for premature facial hair discoloration. Yes, must be.

  • b-man says:

    What a bunch of beardos!

  • C-C says:

    So Joanne … do you like beards or don’t you?!

  • BradOFarrell says:

    I totally own this shirt.

  • seattle_mike says:

    As a bearded man (not as much as today’s episode showed) I am glad to see it honored in the proper manner.

  • tycobrahe says:

    Well at least Joanne isn’t a “beard.”

  • iDrifter says:

    Tom Sellic dreamy?? He is only a shadow better looking than Nick Nolte.

  • cetus says:

    How sweet to be a Cloud Floating in the Blue! ~A. A. Hodge

  • thepianoknows says:

    most beards are extremely attractive

  • ooo6 says:

    Thank you for the last sentence of this video.

  • williamsrdan says:

    yey beard!

  • KenwoodKlown says:

    The BLF is dead! Long live the LBF!

  • comraderussian says:

    We have lots of beards in Russia. But mostly old men wear them. We show respect when we see beards.

  • mysticalwoodsman says:

    Absolutely ghastly… I can’t believe you took the time to film this. why don’t you just take an hour and do some coverage of people who wear socks or not… or maybe you can do a whole week’s worth of daily coverage concerning… oh, I don’t know… maybe something that really matters for a change… like how cognitively lazy and apathetically ignorant most Americans really are of current events? …Just a thought…

  • debtisslavery says:

    I’m american and I agree with you…so there.

  • flamingwolfskull says:

    Ignorant to current events am I, Sorry I have a failing Economy, AND presidintial election to worry about, so many of you out side of the states are so fucking Judgemental, what the Fuck did I ever do to you?

  • biglipsjim says:

    lol ur just pissed off cause u cant grow one

  • mysticalwoodsman says:

    Thank you Muslims…. :o)

  • mysticalwoodsman says:

    The top of my head is jealous of the bottom of my balls.

  • mysticalwoodsman says:

    I am a red blooded American dude. And most countries absolutely DETEST America. Ever read the book The Ugly America or A Nation of Sheep? Both are by the same author and talk about the real essence that comprises America… domestically and most certainly our foreign policies abroad. :o( Alot of people know that Americans are not really to blame, only our administration, yet there is still a lot of animosity towards us in general in particular “circles”. They don’t hate us because we’re free…

  • K2Tanner says:

    You forgot poland.

  • jsfitzgerrel says:


  • jsfitzgerrel says:

    at the diner table my late father used to end every prayer with that.

  • ortzinator says:

    hasn’t been the same after Amanda…

  • straygirl1 says:

    Sexy, Smart, Manly, Masculine, that’s the beard I loved. Still even liked kissing his lips with it; though I joked that it wasn’t as fun!

  • biglipsjim says:

    lol good one

  • John Q Public says:

    I would like to invite all of the Liberals that write Rockeboom to watch this video and tell me that you are proud you are proud of how they handeled this crisis.

    • BradOFarrell says:

      Hey look, a post that generally refers to a large vague group of people as capital L “Liberals,” I will try to refrain from reading it in a retard voice.

  • mysticalwoodsman says:

    People there are actually hella smart dude. Ever polish person I’ve met was like a severe brainiac.

  • mysticalwoodsman says:

    Bilboard Liberation Front! They ROCK. Especially when they wear gorrilla suits and dance around with signs in front of security CCTV cameras! :o)

  • SubPLY says:

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  • TheFlex21 says:

    here’s my take on beards

    just don’t let the moustache grow long, have if the beard hair grows upward towards the eye area then groom that part

    if it looks really scraggly, just trim it a little

    now as far as women not liking beards…that’s becasue american women are afraid of real men they like brainwashed feminized men..A real guy isn’t interested in women who are like that

  • Vigilante108 says:

    I’m american and I like guys with beards. it’s like.. lions have manes, that’s how you can see that they are males, and guys have beards! it’s manly, and I like it

  • vollick8 says:

    long live the beard ! bout time the bearded got some lovin :)

  • biglipsjim says:

    tell that to my girlfriend

  • Vigilante108 says:

    This is a dual account (sisters) I have to say I agree with my sister, (above) in my own words,BEARDS ARE HOT AND I CANT RESIST THEM, (when they are nice beards) dirty straggly beards are junk. ) Especially when they come with gorgeous eyes and nicely shaped lips and strong shoulders :-D

  • Xetrez says:

    When my stash grows too long (few mm) it starts to annoy the hell out of me, because when I look down I see the hair a bit, so I shave as often as possible. Can’t understand why anyone wants to have long stash/beard.

  • TammyCore says:

    if i was a man id grow a beard there for im attracted to beards , when hugging you dont get stabbed in the face with stubble and is nice and soft, looks good compared to the plucked chicken look,,so yeah beards are ace!,,perfer bald men too

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