What Life Will Be Like in the Year 2008

What will life be like in the Year 2008?, Steve Rubel: The End of Tangible Media is Clearly in Sight, Ji Lee’s Dead Bull, Space Shuttle Mission ST-126, Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper, Steve Bowen and Shane Kimbrough to spacewalkAmazon Kindle & Sony eBook, Finger Forks, Hands Help, Macbook Pros and Playstation Controllers in Windows Vista Ads, Your Weekly Address from the President-Elect


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  • Eirik Sveen says:

    First comment on the Rocketboom website ? Leaving my email and name?:]

    Your beloved,

    Pyr0clasam !

  • Alex says:

    Tshirt plz?

  • tycobrahe says:

    Having everything digitized will make it oh so easy to control the minds of the future. Does Farenheit 451 come to mind? We need books, newspapers and magazines. Because all some evil person has to do is shut off the electricity to shut off the minds. Think about it. Long live vinyl.

  • Nick says:

    sadly i did not get a t shirt. it is going to be hard to live with but i think i will pull through.

  • C-C says:

    You’ve got to admire the power of that closing finger snap!

  • someone says:

    thanks for another great episode!

  • iDrifter says:

    Since Apple started using the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Windoze can be ported to the Mac. Why anyone would want to is the question.

  • b-man says:

    A Documentarian™ I know sent me this link featuring 3 cool videos on 6 Degrees of Separation and the science of Network Theory. It’s really quite fascinating. Fire up your neurons and enjoy the ride.

  • Josh says:

    Yeah, those images are part of the “support can make all the difference” visa advertising campaign for the 2006 commonwealth games.

    Clemenger BBDO are the advertising agency responsible as seen on their site here, was unable to find the specific designer’s name though.

  • TechnoIsFaggotCrap says:

    Hey cool send me your laptops! =D Y N E 1 would wanna’ always stare down like a horse @ some dark boring black and white squiggles when they could instead look straight ahead @ nice bright colorful cheeries is beyond me!

  • hao188 says:


  • TechnoIsFaggotCrap says:

    Hey dood! Check this out =D

    Belgin Erol-Bir tatlı tebessümün

    Belgin Erol / Saymadım kaç yıl oldu sen ellerin olalı

    2 KEWL!!! Search ‘Belgin Erol’ on U-Tube – they’re all awesome, I think =)

  • leron says:

    I would like a T-shirt. But I’d prefer a night on the town with Evil Joanne.
    First round is on me. Last round, too. We can arm wrestle for the rest.

    Steve Rubel is an idiot. There will be newspapers, magazines and books as long as
    there are toilets.

    I know a famous writer who says if he can’t find anything else to read in that
    situation, he whips out his driver’s license. (See Lazarsfeld’s theory of
    media uses and gratifications, 1948.)

    Or as Linus Van Pelt famously said: “I like a newspaper because I don’t
    have to dial it.”

    I have seen all the goodies being pushed by the mega-chain bookstores as digital
    alternatives. None of them will do. Ever. Not until you can toss one in your backpack
    as you would a paperback and head out into the wild places, without worrying about power sources or breaking the damned thing.

    What I note most about the “life in 2008″ piece is the willingness, nay
    eagerness, to turn everything over to a central computer. I doubt you’d get
    much support for that idea any more. (Thank you, George Orwell.)

  • yLe says:

    The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once. ~Albert Einstein

  • sandcrab132 says:

    You’re a fucking idiot.

  • TechnoIsFaggotCrap says:

    It’s interesting how it’s usually the retards incapable of speech who say insane ‘kill-the-messenger’ stuff like that. Thank U very much tho’ 4 taking the half hour U must have required 2 figure out how 2 string 4 words together, & find somebody 2 help U type them =D

  • ImpSD42 says:

    What do you mean, she is beautiful.

  • mikekearn says:

    I agree. The only positive of electronic books is that you can carry an ungodly amount on a single memory stick with storage like it is today. The problem comes when you read it; you’re still stuck with reading off a screen, which is tiring to the eyes very quickly.

  • Thanks for the link to Modern Mechanix! The full text of James R. Berry’s “40 Years in the Future” is great, and I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot of time on this site.

    What happened to the promise of domed cities and flying cars? Rocket rides to hotel satellites?

    These two paragraphs seem relatively on:

    “The single most important item in 2008 households is the computer. These electronic brains govern everything from meal preparation and waking up the household to assembling shopping lists and keeping track of the bank balance. Sensors in kitchen appliances, climatizing units, communicators, power supply and other household utilities warn the computer when the item is likely to fail. A repairman will show up even before any obvious breakdown occurs.

    “Computers also handle travel reservations, relay telephone messages, keep track of birthdays and anniversaries, compute taxes and even figure the monthly bills for electricity, water, telephone and other utilities.”

  • jackle111 says:


  • podcastbard says:

    November 18, 2014 a day that will live in history or even herstory.

  • killwhiteyvoteoboma says:

    U need 2 adjust yer’ screen ;) I know what U mean tho’ – LCD especially look like absolute poo unless U dial it in just right. Also the saturation is absurd – U gotta put it way down usually ’round 3-5% so looks natural instead of ‘posterized comic book’.

  • killwhiteyvoteoboma says:

    I’m curious what U consider pretty. Please post a link! =)

  • rockin90on says:

    I have that map!!

  • greeniem says:

    she should seriuosly sit on my face…. take a load off dear lol

  • TechsysPete says:


  • euan777 says:

    fucking hell people think in the future there will be flying cars and robots to do our bidding the planet will be dead before we get anywhere neeer tht

  • bigo3536 says:

    very nice breast and there real!

  • SportsCardFreaks5 says:

    ugly bitch

  • quabot says:

    if you have to ask…

  • quabot says:

    fr 02:02 “Make no mistake…” to quote George Bush…

  • Irothelegend1 says:

    Lol 2008

  • iqwaxzi says:

    Gorgeous Lady – ‘Best of British’!

  • EldritchMask says:

    Love those “what the future will be like” blast from the past reports. So where is my rocket ship and holiday home on the moon?

  • stealthkiller2107 says:

    fuckin titties yo

  • slivenne says:

    it will be filled with stupid jonASS fans and the wack was voice of the jonASS,lmao,p.s no one can predict the futur life would be like it wnts to be

  • stealthkiller2107 says:

    damn id like to have a white wife like her. im a successful black man so i bet she’d like my big black cock.

  • arcanecraft says:

    I’m a horny 8 year old and I’d like to bang her all night long as well.

  • arcanecraft says:

    I’m a horny 8 year old and I’d like to bang her all night long as well.

  • TawpDawg123 says:

    kid i doubt you could even get it up

  • TawpDawg123 says:

    kid i doubt you could even get it up

  • NeverAloneForever says:

    I guess I watched this a bit late.

  • shinkisoushi says:

    ummm… i love u

  • JustMakingComments says:

    Your shirt has a map of cuba.

  • zcc87 says:

    you should do this topless next time.

  • Goomba4001 says:

    Oh come on… am I the only person that subscribes to these videos because I like their content?

  • sgreen4 says:

    YES you are

  • Goomba4001 says:

    Well alright then. XD

  • chris12599 says:

    Very cute, could be funny if they gave her better stories and she worked on her delivery. Keep it up.

  • chris12599 says:

    Her back is about to have a map of Hawaii on it.

  • elchibolero says:

    Joannie, I love you. Do you want to be my wife?…I’m in love. I want you be my girlfriend.

  • PsychedelicSexDream says:

    Why can’t you be on regular TV

  • 56fortheirish says:

    i cant watch this video

    this video was good qH

  • on99line says:

    very good videos and very good channel.
    Johanna you’re intelligent and’re Nr.1!!!

  • 12Minerva12 says:

    i believe she said the tee shirt went to the first person to prove their identity.
    I can attempt this.
    I have an email. i had to put a series of numbers and letters to make sure that i was human, and now i have an email. the fact that i am human means i have an identity an it is in turn mine.

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