• vulcanparrot says:

    That is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen!

  • thenewstmudfrog says:

    hahaha pretty darn good!

  • tommypayn3 says:

    porn excel thing – quite true

  • SonomaDave1 says:

    Thats a hoot! We need more of that.

  • B-man says:

    I wonder if the judge in the bunny hat can say the days of the week backwards, then in alphabetical order.

  • Cowdozer says:

    I was hoping to see Joanne up there presenting those slides, but that man did really well with those slides.

  • leron says:

    Uh huh.

    Was there, like, a big tank of nitrous oxide hissing away in one corner of the room?

    I feel really old suddenly.

  • Skeezy727 says:

    The Rick roll was total win

  • Pierre says:

    I had no idea Anil Dash was such a badass

  • Mike_Dixon says:

    Hey, the human wit can be astonishing. In my case astonishing slow. I sense something, then it takes a long time for a thought to form. Then an even longer time for that thought to finally be articulated.
    Therefore it is unreservedly fascinating for me to watch quick-witted others, especially whom are under pressure from a live audience, with rolling cameras to boot. I’d cave. These people are keenly talented.

  • cockroachafro says:

    4chan is everywhere these days

  • Barrr3h says:


  • Exarian says:


  • lua says:

    where is the Spanish translation of Rocket??

    • Kam says:

      I believe that would be “cohete” & if you come to Hawaii, change your name, it means “toilet” here!

  • MidiPunk says:

    I lolled.

  • Ryan Somma says:

    Dear RB,

    Your bloglines RSS feed hasn’t updated in two weeks.


  • Sean E says:

    If you want to have a better future for our children in Malaysia, do your part by signing the on-line petition at

    This is one way to bring our message to the Government.

    Don’t just sit there, stand up and be counted! We want a fair and transparent election.


    1) Gerrymandering. The discrepancy between number of voters in voting areas is too great. The smallest parliamentary seat (Federal Territory, Putrajaya) has only 6,608 voters while the parliamentary seat for Kapar in Selangor has 112,224 voters. What this means is that one vote in the Putrajaya parliamentary constituency is equivalent to 17 votes in the Kapar constituency.

    2) Phantom voters. A common tactic is to ‘buy’ the identity card of the voters. Party members from the ruling parties will then vote on the voters’ behalf. Random checking of a person’s identity must be conducted using those finger print checking device (like the bank use). Any voting done on another person’s identity must be made a serious offence under the election law.

    3) Postal votes. The rules on postal voting must be reviewed, tightened and amended. The current rule favours the ruling party as the armed forces personnel and policemen who vote by ‘postal voting’ would obviously not jeopardize their career or promotion prospect by voting for the opposition. Voting under postal voting is not secret as it is under the watchful eyes of the senior officers. Christina Liew of DAP (Api-Api) lost due to postal votes. The ruling party has control of 250,000 postal votes!

    4) Spoiled votes. How do we define spoiled votes. It is very easy to turn good votes into spoiled votes (by adding one more x to the ballot paper). Are spoiled votes being verified and watched over by the party representatives? In marginal areas in which the winning margin is razor thin, the so-called spoiled votes need to be scrutinized.

  • Wow, I get to cross a bucket item off the list.

  • Kam says:

    Hey Paris, you never told us about this:

  • Ryan Freitas says:

    Sorry, guys. “Brian Credus” is close… no cigar, tho. The name is Freitas, and drop the “B” on my first name – Adaptive Path has enough Brians already. Thanks for the hilight reel!

  • Joeey says:

    SWSW soulless cfrap

  • stoley says:

    SZSW represents a sickness of sorts. The town of Austin has been destroyed. The conference industry is
    privately owned and for profit. That is the bad karma and bullshit, they milk the youth from “volunteers”
    but nothing substantial is covered. The Music and Art is for the most part just as vacant as the volunteers.
    SXSW is a self-appreciation society.

  • mentalboyanil says:

    Anil Dash Rules!! ( I have been blessed with his first name!!)

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