The Private War Contract

story links: Blackwater, Representative Waxman on Blackwater, DynCorp, KBR private contractor job listings, Army Pay 2007, Additional figures on security contractors, Council on Foreign Relations, memo to Oversight Committee October 1st 2007, Co-written by Hal MacDermot

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June 9, 2008 • 9:00 am | Permalink


  • seecatzuriel says:


  • eye8one2 says:

    Lookup "Gen. Smedley Butler" he was one "they" tried to recruit, research him. This is when they were doing this in the past, it was stopped thank GOD by a true US Marine, Gen. Butler. I wonder what he'd say about BLooDWater today & those selling their souls for fiat money. Youtube search "General Butler" a real American marine, I think he'd bitch slap the fascists who are promoting a Global Corp owned Army, shills aren't in US, goosesteppers say YES to BLoodWater.

  • jeosoriogu says:

    hmmm, who is behiind blackwater?

  • ikekll says:

    Deeper into the privatization of "security."
    .The Princeton Project
    .Military Professionals Resources Inc.
    ."Rohatyn argued that, for the privatization of national security to work on a grand scale, it must be run by large multinational corporations—i.e., cartels—which are "regulated" by the invisible hand of the stock market"
    On Oct. 9, 2004, two leading American figures in the International Synarchy, George Shultz and Felix Rohatyn,(cont)

  • ikekll says:

    ...under the auspices of George P. Shultz's Princeton Project on National Security, the Rohatyn Center for International Affairs at Middlebury College, and the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University, jointly sponsored a conference promoting "The Privatization of National Security," at the Middlebury College campus in Vermont."

  • ronenv says:

    big fan of the open credits

  • leron says:

    There were some articles a few weeks back about this numbnutz frat boy in Florida who figured out how to buy old NATO ammunition and sell it to the Bush administration for huge profits, even though a lot of it was green with rust and unlikely to actually work. No one from DHS so much as looked in a carton before handing this kid millions of dollars. It only came out when some field commanders alerted media types to the fact they were being issued ammo that no self-respecting soldier would ever slot into a clip.

    We will never get to the bottom of all the horrible things George W. Bush and his handler-in-chief, Dick Cheney, have done in our name. But outsourcing war has to be near the top of the list. Both of these guys dodged the Vietnam draft, and have spent the last five years sending hundreds of thousands of other people's kids and parents halfway around the world, into a quagmire that has killed or displaced millions. Many of us weep a little every day over this.

    But if you sell stuff that blows up, or is at least supposed to, these are still some mighty fine times.

  • RJ1 says:

    I hate to sound patronising, but is there a half decently-informed person in the western world that doesn't know all this already?

    The privatisation of war. And now we have quotes from the United States' outgoing president suggesting that he regrets some of the decisions he was forced to (forced to!) make during his time in office.

    I can only hope that posterity metes out some justice to this carbuncle on the foot of humanity, and all that helped or influenced him during his time in power. Sadly, all the future probably holds for the m****-f**** is $50k an hour on the lecture circuit, assuming he can string sentences together for an hour at a time.

    I'm not religious, but I'd convert if someone could promise me that he'd end up in hell, looking forward to an eternity of large uncomfortably-shaped objects being jammed in his orifices.

  • yLe says:

    “For law, in its true notion, is not so much the limitation, as the direction of a free and intelligent agent to his proper interest, and prescribes no farther than is for the general good of those under the law.” ~Locke

  • samyatnz says:

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