Wine Tasting with Wine Library TV

Rocketboom Interview with Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV, Wine Library TV interview with Rocketboom

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January 22, 2008 • 11:57 am | Permalink


  • Scott says:

    I am becoming a vay-anic (Did I spell that correctly?). This is a great interview and now it makes much more sense as to why Gary has such a passion for wine.

    Is that really your store? It looks really amazing, even for Jersey. ;)

    Personally I agree that wine is broken here in the US. For starters those of us who are uneducated about wine tend to have trouble selecting a good wine and then we don't understand what went wrong with our wine choice when it tastes like wood or dirt. What's that about? Is it because I spent too much time as a kid eating dirt and wood? Also I think it's just that we love to drink wines with lots of alcohol, aka varietals, 2 buck chucks, etc. which makes it hard for us to become educated about letting our wines breath, which to chill, etc.

    Gary would you share a top ten list of, affordable, starter wines for us who are still not quite up to par?

    Also glad you did the interview after the Wine Library TV episode, cat litter. A bit more flow going on there. ;)

    • yatta says:

      Any mention of 'Jersey' in the comments deserves a Bon Jovi-Bruce Springsteen medley.

      btw, I spent my prime adolescent years in Jersey so I've got much love for the Garden State (um, you know, the one without gardens.)

  • TSUMBRA says:

    "Daring Designs for George W's Library"
    We'll need a lot of wine after eight years of disaster ironically celebrated at an institution of higher education [sic]!

  • leron says:

    "Eating wet rock."

    Ohhh.... kay.

    At what point do you wander from building your palate into just sucking on weird stuff?

    But...l that's the sort of hook that gets you on Conan.

  • Kam says:

    "I consumed more grass than 90% of the lawnmowers in New Jersey from 1994 till 1998" Ah Ha! Gary & I have something in common!!

  • leron says:

    A recent study found that people enjoy wine more when they think it costs more:

    I'm just sayin'.

    The most I ever spent on a bottle in my life was $30, because there was only one chianti on the house list and we NEEDED chianti. It was OK.

  • G says:

    I've been a big fan of Gary and WLTV since Episode 3 - Love it-- a great vlog story... nice feature interview! Thank you!

  • bobbytiger says:

    Nice show. Follow Gary a lot, and since you were on his show, I now follow Rocketboom. Also very cool. Thanx....

  • test12 says:

    imma testin mah lazer!!

  • Dean says:

    I loved the winelibrarytv episode, both on Rocketboom and Gary's vlog. He certainly is opinionated as far as his taste in wine, but doesn't force it on you. Worth watching often.

  • Eddie says:

    Gary is the best. One of the nicest, genuine, most authentic, caring and charismatic people I have ever met. No exaggeration!

  • KAHUNA says:

    It is amazing Gary- do you see what a good host does- She actually lets you tell your story without acting like and ADD crackhead and interrupting every 2 seconds.

    There is lots of room in your head Gary for all those conversations. Gary got his socks stuffed in his mouth by the other girls in school when he would try to wear their lipstick.

    Some people pay $40 grand+ for a Toyota that is spelled Lexus- now who would be that stupid!

  • jt says:

    I don't know. On the one hand I suppose it's reasonable to try different camera angles when people talk. On the other hand, this attempt didn't quite avoid the 'talking head' issue. It just seemed weird. o_O

  • Love the cross over promotion, I'm a new follower to rocketboom from winelibrary, loved yesterdays record album episode. I wonder how many people don't actual know what a vinyl record album cover looks like ?
    I'm hooked on rocketboom !!

  • C-C says:

    Great interview by Joanne; ask, sit back, and let him ramble on. Fine, he may be good at what he does, not sure if the images were from HIS store - I think so - good for him but his latest TWEET on Twitter is a bit much. He writes:

    The best Episode of Rocket boom ever? I thunk so ;) Whatya think? And even misspelled Rocketboom!

  • Dean says:

    I don't watch Rocketboom as much as I used to, but I went back to this episode as I sometimes watch Winelibrary TV. This really makes Joanne's personality shine. You are really an attractive personality--especially against the backdrop of Gary's extreme extroversion. Remember--all things in moderation. Oh, an an occasional wild ride off the chart!

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