2008 Presidential Election Coverage

A day in the life of independent coverage of the U.S. Presidential Elections: RB field correspondents Chuck Olsen and Steve Garfield cover the primaries for The Uptake as RB field correspondent Jacob Soboroff promotes election reform with WhyTuesday?

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January 9, 2008 • 8:26 am | Permalink


  • Santos Sanchez says:

    Wow, I knew you were crazy but I see you mistaken 2008 for 2007 in today\'s video. Otherwise, love the updates of news. Keep it up. You guys are my daily new (except for weather).

  • leron says:

    It is now one of my life's ambitions to have lunch with Chuck Olsen. He can pick the place, as long as it's in a town of less than 10,000. I'll even pay.

    Steve can come too if he promises to keep that silly camera turned off and in his pocket.

    I am officially sick of the campaign. The media, armed with polls that are often unreliable because their corporate masters are too cheap to do better sampling, anoint "race leaders" and cover the whole thing like it's the freaking Indy 500. Tiny states cast a few ballots and the media decide all over again who's on top and who's "barely hanging on." Then there's another little vote and they turn the whole less over again.

    People are credited with "comebacks" based on a swing of votes that would be considered a piss-poor crowd at a major league baseball stadium for a midweek afternoon game.

    Amid this barf-fest, Chuck hits just the right note. He's genuinely funny and he, gasp, found someone talking about the issues, as opposed to who looks good with his shirt off or who cries on camera to the best effect. He actually told the story of someone who has worries and dreams that will be affected by who becomes president.

    New media do offer so many more opportunities. But please remember that even among geeks, it's the message that should mater, not to much the medium.

    And please keep your hot new micro-cameras pointed at real people and real issues. The Duncan Hunters can buy their own damn access.

    Listen to Chuck. He'll point you the right way.

  • Erin says:

    The past two days you been saying January _____ 2007.
    Sorry but it is 2008 :)

  • ChuckOlsen says:

    Wow, thanks Leron! Anytime. Maybe we could talk about finding more ambitious life goals. ;-)

    But yes, stories about "real people" and their concerns somehow take a back seat to punditry, something we have the opportunity to remedy with new media.

  • Chuck is the man! So is the whole The Uptake crew! In fact, I just ran into Noah at Boston's South Station, and I'm sitting with him now. Nuts.

  • Kam says:

    What Yatta, couldn\'t afford a retake on the intro or couldn\'t Joanne get it right? Make her write on the blackboard \"It\'s 2008\" a few hundred times.
    \"Bringing extra guys in & paying them overtime\"! What, to watch the snow melt? Since when did the fire department run security on a caucus? kinda like using the Hells Angels @ Altamont.
    \"I can\'t vote because I\'m a felon\" where have I heard that before!
    \"My names Steve Garfield & I\'m, umm, just seeing how many of these Sam Adams I can pound down before the battery runs out on my new toy\"
    \"Good stories are out there\" yeah so are you Chuckie but in a good way.
    & ain\'t just one t-shirt enough?

  • Mike_Dixon says:

    Hey, very nice work from Jacob Soboroff; and from Chuck Olsen / Steve Garfield, as well!

    So, as a phantom and compulsive new-media commenter I would like to now offer a couple of anecdotal memories of Iowa from inside the head of me:

    Story #1: A couple of years ago while driving over-the-road for a national carrier I pulled into the 'Iowa 80 Truckstop' on Interstate 80, exit 284, just west of Davenport, which is one of the largest truckstops in the country. You park your truck, then seemingly board a tram to get to the buffet/store/lounge/showers remembering your section i.e. Pluto, Minnie, et cetera. I spent my mandated D.O.T. break there and ate at the all-you-can-eat, pork-out, binge-bar; and watched a 2-bit action movie in the driver's lounge.

    Next morning I drove down to Ottumwa, in Wapello County to pick up a load at the ginormous hog slaughter plant there. The entire town smells of a disgusting stench, which mostly billows solely from this plant. They bring truckloads, and railcar loads of locally bred hogs into holding pens at one end of this place, and down at the other end (nearly a mile away) they ship 'em out all neatly boxed up, US FDA approved. A true vegetarian's nightmare.

    I took about four loads out of there that year, all of which went down to Laredo to Mexican brokers. Apparently there is big demand in Mexico for hearty Iowan corn-fed pork.

    Story #2: A few years before that, while working a different career as an itinerant children's family photographer throughout the Southeast, I hooked up with another photographer, let's call her Cathy, who decided she'd had enough of living on the road, moved back to Kansas City (the Missouri side), got a manager job at some restaurant; and then convinced me, some weeks later, to move there with her, into her apartment with her cat and its kittens, which was located in the swanky, hip, and splendiferous Plaza/Nelson section of the city.

    I found a job there with yet another national studio who had accounts in various department stores to do regular, temporary portrait promotions. My four-state territory included Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, and, yes, IOWA! I went to many 3 and 4 day shoots in various midsize town K-marts and Duckworths throughout Iowa that summer and autumn: stores not big enough to warrant a permanent studio.

    I remember the people in these small Iowa towns as very ethically sound, very community bound, very practical and pragmatic. Nearly everyone accentuated his/her vauntery with layers of extraordinary girth, and their kids were well-behaved and laughed easily and readily for the camera as they sat upon our heavy-duty posing tables and chairs. Most of the time I recall anxiously counting the minutes until the last day of the shoot, checking out of the local motel, and driving back to K.C., that glorious urban contrast to the rolling wheat fields and huge commercial corn and soy farms of rural Iowa; back to my hipster girlfriend in the Midwestern oasis of checker-boarded streets and avenues. Me and her broke up that fall; and I moved on to another adventure in another state further out west.

    The end.

    Cool Photo Loading...

    Fallow Fields Forever (in a new window)

    • leron says:


      Though as I recall, you buy buy damn near anything you needed IN that parking lot. ;-)

      • Mike_Dixon says:

        Thanks Leron!

        As you know, drug sales in the big lots is a dead issue, as no truck driver at any company big or small does drugs of any kind because their insurers require random testing periodically, and if you test positive just once you no longer have a career as a driver.

        And as for the lot lizards i.e. hookers, well as a driver you can choose to ignore that action, and your decision is very respected by all in the lot. I did write a little ditty on that subject once as an entry for a writing contest in a trucker\'s magazine. They rejected it, perhaps it was a little too racy for their publication. I just now dug it up off the hard drive and put it here if you want to check it out. It is sexually explicit so if this offends you then don\'t go there (not you Leron, I know you\'ll go there--but for the benefit of anyone else reading this).

  • stevegarfield says:

    Hi guys,
    Thanks for highlighting my coverage from NH.

    I was streaming video live to the web from the Nokia cellphone.

    Your text saying \"LIVE? NOT!\" gives the impression that that moment where I was interviewing Duncan Hunter on his way to CNN was not live.

    It was.

    Streamed live to and


  • Drew says:

    Hey Steve, thanks for making that clear.

    Just so everyone knows, the use of the words \"Live\" and \"Not!\" were just me and Joe playing around with edit.

    Since its so absurd that we pretend to be live by passing the mic back and forth between Joanne and the correspondent as a regular style, the play on this convention with the Text was just an added layer of meta absurdity.

    And speaking of absurdity, I hate to burst Leron\'s bubble on Pimp Daddy, but sometimes even the best of them take it all off:

    You go Chuck!

  • chuckmaster pimp says:

    o noes!!!

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