Iran: A nation of bloggers

Rocketboom spotlight: Iran: A nation of bloggers by Aaron Chiesa, Toru Kageyama, Hendy Sukarya, and Lisa Temes, students the Vancouver Film School.

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December 5, 2008 • 12:00 pm | Permalink


  • ZeroExperiment says:

    o.o Nice

  • victorcelmare says:

    kool animation

  • nilo0o says:

    wow i was the 11th to watch , cool video

  • aidilfbk says:

    YES! They removed the double audio problem!

  • CactosS says:

    before the internet you have to travel thru the world to understand whats wrong or right in your country now we can watch and learn from our sit at home

  • M4sk3dC4sp3r says:

    Thats incredible hmm neat video thanks

  • Deathend says:

    This video was well made. =D

  • WKaliber1 says:

    Gang Starr

  • Zwartekaka says:

    Lets just fucking bomb the place!!! Just bomb the freedom into them!!!

  • anbe73 says:

    outstanding video! and a message of hope for a country so often portrayed negatively in america. it makes me happy to see that their country, much like ours, is embracing this new time and challenging the status quo. go iranians! you are changing the world for the better!

  • caifan111 says:


  • zets13 says:

    please , whats the name of the music?

  • ButlerMoz says:

    This is a really well made film.
    Its funny how secondary Iran has become on a Geo-political scale, ever since the tensions between Pakistan and India intensified after the Mumbai massacre.

  • boyfromWDC says:

    zewartkaka .. first of all i am not iranian..second i feel sad for you and your opnion on world view's shame on you.

  • jordinyc says:

    Yeah, let's blow them away! ... wait, .. we're talking about New Jersey, right? .. we're NOT? FUCK! I really have to clean this monitor!

  • jordinyc says:

    I'm just kidding. New Jersey's actually pretty cool.

  • Zwartekaka says:

    Yeah I think the FBI is already on the way to...clean things there :).

  • Zwartekaka says:

    Man, do you really think that anybody could have this kind of a worldview? "Bomb the freedom into them???" It's so obvious that this is sarcasm :). Nobody would think that you could actually bomb a country and expect it it become a free and democratic nation...althou...oh...right...:D

  • SonomaDave1 says:

    Yes, it is so coming to us too!

  • sirillclint says:

    lets just worry about ourselves. u need your ass kicked.

  • jordinyc says:


  • narcoleptus says:

    Excellent short film!

  • GreatSatan1 says:


  • jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjo says:


  • ubuibiok says:

    They had better Quit Blogging and start Voting.

    They are just One Dumb Asses Stupid Move from GLOWING IN THE DARK !

    The rhetoric of there government or their administration, ether True or False, that they have the capability or possession of Platinum to build a Bomb will most assuredly set off a chain reaction . If I am not lying, there Dieing .

  • GreatSatan1 says:

    Israel will bomb Iran's nuclear facilities.
    Iran will retaliate against Israel and the US.
    The US will ravage Iran.

  • TAMARLANE says:

    The Platinum bomb? LOL

  • therogletardrangler says:


  • Jeff Adams says:

    The overlapping voices are horrible and impossible to understand. This seems like an interesting video but I gave up about halfway through.

  • theantirobot says:


  • sharpsteve2003 says:

    Great vid.

  • pouyan242 says:

    Some of the scenes were stolen from the movie Persepolis.

  • killwhiteyvoteoboma says:

    Everything said in this video can also B said about the U.S. (corruption/opressive regimes), except 4 the false statement that women R oppressed in Iran. The reverse is true. In general women take it easy in the Middle East - mainly lounge around with the kids. In the 'west' they R brainwashed 2 become dyke tax slaves toiling @ silly 'jobs' =D

    Iran is a democracy RIGHT NOW, & about 20,000 jews live there 2!

    President Ahmadinejad Meets Neturei Karta Rabbis - 9/24/2007


  • Rudolfzero says:

    I like vids with this style

  • Sigurddrugis94 says:

    iPhone High Five!

  • jordzo315 says:

    u mean plutonium right?

  • jordzo315 says:

    great video, very enlightening

  • CasaLuBanana says:


  • drew says:

    Apparently Hoder, somewhat of the blogfather of Iran, was arrested last month when returning to Iran:

  • xJaysrox says:

    cool, like some people already said; the style of the vid is awesome.

  • Artege says:

    Ho snap! That was GREAT. VFS people are really good.

  • hpbeast says:

    I want more videos with Ellie, please...

  • ARDESHIRAN says:

    Long live the 8,000-year-old native Aryan tribes of West & Central Asia (Turks, Persians, Turkemans, Kurds, Khorasanis, Parthians, Uzbeks, Baluchs, Tajiks, Lors, Azeris, Hazaras, Bakhtiaris, Gujratis, etc.). The 500-year-old artificially-forced evil division of motherland: "IRAN" ("Land of Aryans") into "nations" is about to self-implode. Down with evil "Divide&Rule" policy of anti-human Zionists & NEOCOS, components of US Weapons industry.

  • BlueSundew says:

    Awesome vid! Never thought there were that many Iranian blogs!

  • Isamright33 says:

    one thing though, iranians are brown and those people were white

    only 1/20 people read a blog per day, that's like one person out of 100 who reads more than one...that renders the blog pretty much useless and obsolete relative to the microphone which thousands can hear at once.

  • xenniex says:

    bet this vid will have a lot of haters

  • LJBAttack says:

    That wasnt true was it? Lol weird.

  • Probewitch says:

    It is never easy for any people to face troubled times. Many cultures have come out of antiquated often oppressive backgrounds, to meld into the moderen world collective.

  • CirqueDuCloud says:

    A very good video.

  • ZombieGuy1 says:

    Damn, reminds me of the French Revolution...without the blogs.

  • joshuag5732 says:

    Awesome video. Powerful.

  • slLLyhumans says:

    Islam is not part of the Persian culture .

  • EdwardElric555 says:

    That was really well done, the students at Vancouver School really deserve some credit for that.

  • HeyRadialMoon says:

    See? This is one of many reasons that the internet is not just important, it is world-changing. Nice work ROCKETBOOM!

  • kavehlink says:

    lol.. Iranians are not all brown... in fact we are Aryans (WHITE!)... and its mostly because of the son, Iran means the land of Aryans...

  • kavehlink says:

    Someone should say this here. There is something missing in this video... the blog providers or blog hosts are running by the government. They are providing people the opportunity to blog and post stuff on the internet. unlike what its been told on the internet and the media... I actually prefer Iran to Canada and United States... at least we didnt drop a nuke on a nation!

  • DaHebrewHammer says:

    The first man to call the Indo European speaking tribes of Zagros Aryan was the Semitic King Sargon of Akkad

    Aryan Ari - עירום) עירום הברברים - عاري/عريان)
    which means (Naked/shameless barbarian) in every Semitic language.

    The Semitic Akkadians (circa 2300 BC) were the first people to civilize the Indo-Europeans. 2000 years after Akkad the first Indo-European civilization saw birth.

    So yeah Aryan pride!

  • mhkazemi3 says:

    you talk too much

  • 437thx1138 says:

    A national population so wanting to like us and we ignore them in the US.

    We need to fix our relations with the world. As far as our network media I've given up-waste of time now.

  • monkeywolf007 says:

    is Joanne on vacation? she's done like 3 reports in the last month... we all know this stuff about numbers and fake ass political leaders, now tell us more about "wolly" mammoths and things plz... rocket boom rox as long as Joanne teaches us

  • CasualBackflip says:

    "at least we didn't drop a nuke"'s a shame that a video highlighting the fact that the actions of a nation's leaders should not dictate our opinions of said nation's citizens would be met with this kind of comment.

  • Pierre says:

    Excellent, informative video. Keep up the good work Vancouver Film School!

  • kahnicles says:

    great vid - shd be featured

  • didderson says:

    ya can't save everybody. Thing will work out in Iran eventually when the old conservative islamists die.

  • kavehlink says:

    yes yes... but man this is not something new... how many countries has US bombed so far? and to how many of them has US brought DEMOCRACY AND PEACE AND FREEDOM? LOL

  • Yggdrasill4 says:

    A new wave if consciousness/thinking is growing from the younger generation in opposition to the oppression their corrupt leaders enforce through forms of fear. Iran might heal from within in time, but I know others still think that dropping bombs will somehow free the shit out of them.

  • eric says:

    Awesome Video. Does anyone know who the music was done by. I really have to have that song!!!!!

  • hitler110ss says:

    it was russia now it is iran.
    fuck anglosaxons, leave iran alone.

  • orangewhale2007 says:

    I didn't catch the relationship between anglosaxons, Russia and Iran. clean your mind and language please. Do you believe Hitler must be left alonew???
    Reza from Iran

  • frdrcksncn says:

    hmmmm...I would rethink about the last part you just said...

  • CasualBackflip says:

    fair enough. hopefully the new US leadership will mean a new attitude towards the world.

  • LustX says:

    For a sec i thought this was an iPhone ad!

  • mannypatel1 says:

    this is propaganda

  • 78hooman says:

    brilliant and true for those who actually know what's going on in Iran.

  • Zarbod says:

    I am surprised to hear people are blogging from Iran. That sounds extremely dangerous. I hope the young can escape the islamic oppression and experience freedom in their life...but it's a difficult thing to escape.

  • Truly incredible picture this video paints.

    Makes you feel like perhaps the power is in the people's hands now.

    If they only would rise up and take it.

  • Kam says:

    February 2005

  • Slayton1978 says:

    @ killwhieyvoteobama

    Women have as much right as men to do what everyone else does, they have choices. And if they choose to be "tax slaves"-as how you prefer calling it-, then so be it. If earning money and putting food on the table is "silly" to you, I shudder to think what a real job for you really is.

    "Iran is a democracy RIGHT NOW". How true is that statement to women in Iran? Goes to show how women in Iran are lowered to just housewives while their husbands become extremists.

  • Maiden6Trooper says:

    It's not. What would a paki know of Iran? huh?

  • gsg831 says:

    60% of university students are woman. which will result in 60% of the workforce being woman. Iranian men are extremist huh? At least they dont choose to join the military. But seriously Iran is not a democracy. The government and its laws are extremely anti-woman and man really but what can youth do when the world wants to control their country and their leaders want to sell it to the highest bidder. (china) or (usa)Its ok to criticize the gov. But the ppl are amazing you just have 2 meet.

  • killwhiteyvoteoboma says:

    Rights R a fantasy idea granted by human beings 2 each other. U may as well say I have a 'right' 2 become pregnant (though I am male).

    U R just another gay dork brainwashed 2 reject biological reality. I'm surprised the kike's mind poison has spread all the way 2 the Philippines (your nation) already - pretty sad. Go eat your balut, U brown dyke clown. Interesting now Western men shouldn't bother pretending U like kids either yes? HAHA kind of like the old Russian scam - 'perfect woman mask'

  • killwhiteyvoteoboma says:

    I KNOW! She's just another retard zio-con chanting the brainwash fuk'd into her head by the electronic jew [TV]. It's unfortunate so many humans lack the capacity 4 rational thought. They're just 'repeaters' - go along W/whatever B.S. they perceive is 'popular perception' - like whores pretending 2 like everybody so as 2 attract the most 'sponsors'. They perceive zio-cons as the 'winning team', & hoping they will B rewarded 4 supporting their infinite nihilist corruption.

  • killwhiteyvoteoboma says:

    WTF W/Iranians 'don't choose 2 join the military'? They certainly join in war :) Like as mine sweepers, the kids were all 2 happy 2 blow themselves up in mass making tank paths & stuff. That is 1 way in which Iran is not like Iraq, & the hilly terrain - lots of places 2 hide & snipe like Afghanistan. Will certainly B fun tho' all the rad 'fragging the great satan' videos that will pop up on Live Leak if America attacks them =) & of course the end of our navy, sunk by Russian cruise missiles.

  • Irrevolutionary says:

    Well what to say first. After the revolution 98 percent of the people voted for sharia law. If thats what the people want than thats hoe it should be. Now just because some young kids and now one knows how many so stop with the bullshit, dont like their government than tough luck its the law. Imagine if the government changed the laws every time some people got upset about them there wouldn't be a government.

  • Irrevolutionary says:

    over 60 percent of the women in universities are women, women can own property. They can own businesses. What else do you want. Oh they have to cover their hair which some barely do. If anybody knew anything about Iran they would know that if the people didnt like the government they would have already overthrew them. They have done it several times before they can do it again so stop bitching about a government which doesnt effect you at all

  • sibilkkoloft says:

    Anyone who is fed up with the restrictions put up by the Islamic government of Iran should also get another perspective on why they do it.
    If you are really interested then google pdxjustice. This is a site that prominent Jews like Jeff Halper, Norman Finkelstein & rabbi Arik Ascherman tell you exactly why Iran needs to cut down on democracy for the time being.

  • Amavand says:

    Javid Shah!
    Long Live His Imperial Majesty!

  • Babaretro222 says:

    RADIO FREE ISLAM!!!! you know you people in the middle east region should be the most pro-america people in the world it saddens me that this is not the case because i dont like those godless russian and chinnese Who do you think will save you from those fuckin commies? not europe there just as godless America new goal should be ally with all middle eastern country's even if we gota topple all of em to do it IT"D BE A PIECE OF CAKE power to the people RIGHT ON!

  • medusestare says:

    The husbands are all becoming extremists? Your a fucking idiot. Have you ever left your home state you ignorant fool? Iran was a democracy until 1953 when the U.S. and british petroleum carried out staged terror attacks against a bunch of innocent people in order to overthrow a democratically elected govt. They then created savak, a secret police force that would torture and imprison any dissenters. EEEEuuuuhh they are all evil extremists!!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP IGNORANT FOOL

  • medusestare says:

    who obama? hahah hes going to be worse!!! He already says he wants war with pakistan

  • medusestare says:

    They don't think its going to free them. Thats just what the media told you to make you feel good. When the u.s. pulled a coup on the iranian government in 1953, they put the shah in power and he imprisoned and tortured tons of people with a secret police force called savak. Yet I still hear people that actually believe the corporate elite give a damn about these peoples freedom. Its actually the opposite. they hate freedom and they love death and destruction of all things good.

  • ifart10 says:

    Iranians if you see fake Chinese making anti-Iranian comments

    It is most likely a Korean

    Email me or complain to youtube admins

    The number of trolls are really increasing

    God bless Iran

  • ghaz83 says:

    I don't know what was your purpose of making such a discriminant video. first you only talked about negative things that have happened in Iran. second have you ever been to the Middle East? third why people think Iranian are uneducated nation and live under pressure?!!! fourth the united states of America took over Iran for decades

  • ghaz83 says:

    fifth Khomeini was living in European countries before he comes to Iran that shows who was supporting him. there are many things that I want to talk about, but it is not possible. please read some books. don't stereotype and try not to be ignorant

  • Theologist says:

    No. Only one who is of an Impure Aryan Bloodline would say such a thing. A true Aryan would realize that neither option would be good for Iran. The say the difference between the people of Iran and Turan was that Turanians only had the capacity to take in knowledge, while the Iranians were always originating new ideas of their own.

    That is why I say that you are not a true Aryan, and therefore should not make a call for any political decision regarding Iran, the Land of the Aryans.


  • nemistiers says:

    This is soo biased; lol

    I am guessing either a PMOI has made this film, or a zionist.. Dont you guys have better things to do

  • FromBoomTown says:

    Yes, it was. And there was cold war paranoia following Hitler's fall. The U.S. was fighting communism; in its eyes, a foe whose defeat ranked higher than preserving democracy.

  • mghamsar says:

    I don't see how this is biased. It's a series of facts about the current situation in Iran. I don't think the video is taking sides. In any case, good video although short!! :D

  • hitler110ss says:

    if you call it fact so these facts there are in all countrys of the world. so why soptlights only on iran???
    why no one talks about arab countrys where human has no basic right?? why??
    because thay are all american pupet and alies but iran is not.

  • hitler110ss says:

    all bullshit, iran is only nation that still has not bowed to thire "new world order" .
    saitan dosent like some where still there is god's law.

  • bushehr says:

    only because ur name u shot up!

  • ProgrammerMAC says:

    hahaha exactly

  • pqpersian858 says:

    great video all true....too short....Iran needs change! and fuck anyone against it...cuz too many innocent mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters have been wrongfully punished beecasue they were trying to live like people with actual human rights do!


    so true ! iam in iran !

  • alarshie says:

    to all those jealous western or non-Muslims bastards: Iran will bring back the glory days of Islam together with the Central Asian countries..

    the prophet Mohammad prophesied that the army of "Black Banners" will arise from Persia and no forces will stop this army to conquer Jerusalem from the Jews..


    Kyrgyzstan,Kurdistan,Afghanistan,Turkey,Iran:the next Islamic Khilafa will be from these regions

  • creds123 says:

    ha do actually belive in this Mohammad bloke, fuck me mate we dont live in an age where we believe made up stories. and if he was real didnt he marry a 9 year old girl, you are a sicko.

  • ndgking says:

    is it not funny that the flag of Islam is black?
    kind of self explanatory, don't u think?

  • alarshie says:

    ndgking,Islam has 3 flags green,white and black.Green means victory,white means peace,black means holy war.

    As I said,the "Black Banners" will appear,a matter of time,whether 100yrs or more..that day is coming..but firstly,Istanbul(Constantinople) must be conquered by the Christians according to prophecies of prophet Mohammad..and we know that Turkey might join EU,and Istanbul is secular(non-Islamic) already although still under Turkish Muslim rule..

  • ndgking says:

    what is the difference between you and some christian nut who thinks that the end of days is coming.
    Nobody wants to become Muslim anymore, world will not become Muslim.
    ISLAM SPREAD BY THE SWORD AND THROUGH WAR. you no longer are capable to wage war and kill and pillage and rape no more. It is over
    muslims control jack and shit and I have news for you, jack just left town.

  • VizardMaskedSoldier says:

    No you are wrong, Istanbul is not non-Islamic.
    Turkey itself is secular, that means free religion in Turkey.
    95% of Istanbul is Muslim.
    99,8% of Turkey is Muslim.

    I red about the conquer of Istanbul in the Quran, but after that, Istanbul is going to be REconquered again by the Turks.

    I don't want Turkey to join EU, we will lose cyprus, our Asian population wil europease and so much more negative things.

  • VizardMaskedSoldier says:

    BTW, there is no such thing like 'kurdistan' and there will never be, we will not allow it.

  • celall58g says:

    bosnaklar bizim dusmanimizmi??? onlar bizim kardeslerimiz deilmi onlarda turk sayilir

  • celall58g says:

    what are you talking shit, you first must check how much people is become muslim in america last years even michael jackson is become muslim. and CHRISTIANS ARE always killing in the history

  • alarshie says:

    Turkey is secular,meaning Ottoman Empire(Islam) is dead in Turkey.Attaturk removed Islamic rules and today Turkish cannot wear the headscarves although the population is 99,8% Muslims.The prophet said you will lose Istanbul(Constantinople) to the Christians,the reason is simply because you are no longer protecting this sacred city.But good news the prophet said you will reconquer it again under the Mahdi

  • alarshie says:

    im Arab-Iranian origin and I want Turkey to join the EU so that Turkish Muslims invade Europe,thus increasing number of Muslims there.But don`t change your lifestyle to that of European as there is no gain,no prophets were sent or came from Europe,but Europeans need Islam to save them from the lies of Paul,Mark,Luke who never even met Jesus.Islamic Golden Age saved Europe from Dark Ages,and we need to save them in regards to faith this time ;)

  • VizardMaskedSoldier says:

    Türk kani tasimayan hickimse bizim kardesimiz degildir, TÜRKte hiç degildir!

  • celall58g says:

    bosnaklar musluman oldular osmanli zamaninda ve turklerle evlendirler. istanbulu [constatinople] alirken, savasan osmanlilarin yarisi bosnakti, yani onlarda turk sayilir

  • VizardMaskedSoldier says:

    Olabilir, ama ben diyorum ki: kökeni SADECE Türklere dayanan Türktür.
    Dedigin gibi bosnak bosnaktir, Türkler Türktür.

  • konikula says:

    It musn'nt be clearly sarcasm... there is lot of people still being teached to rate reality from this aspect. People with low education and in great, for them unknown and inunderstandable troubles, are good target of such ideology, and they carry such words, though.

  • konikula says:

    Depends on what is coming .. :]

  • konikula says:

    You Stupid

  • konikula says:

    Noone will bomb. I will ensure it. ;)

  • konikula says:

    great observation...its appreciated here

  • konikula says:

    Its not really control :) Its polycontrol ... means: you have your own government, and we outsource you economy ;)

  • konikula says:

    You are having troubles... although your speech is very clear, it is too abstract also... and in such compound relational structure, talking in great abstractions can have two forms: philosophy or conspiration & paranoia theory... both systems differ in WHAT is abstracted out

  • konikula says:

    Arabi people are similar in this to indian people: they learn quickly to communicate. I hope they will also turn their blogged society a little bit to external world... hopefully with using us-en international language... :) I guess most of them is writing in french and original muslim alphabet... But it is nonsense to "want it" from them... they need at first lev to connect themselves above dirty government and international politics, hopefully in cultural way!

  • konikula says:

    Yeah, I guess noone would listen to Hitler and his crappy microphone nowdays ;) That's why "10 twits per day" communication is much better ... masmedia are losing, obviously... even having channels is discomfortably "gray"

  • konikula says:

    Is the Iranian-Indian ~ Aryan the same what Hitler did mismatched with "real German"? Thanks in advance...

  • konikula says:

    depends if he can release sources to his speech..

  • konikula says:

    I will adopt them ;)

  • konikula says:

    Even if it would be fairy tale ...

  • konikula says:

    I would never think French people having or doing revolution. I thought they are permanent one :D

  • konikula says:

    Yes, there is not many cultures based on religion. But no, it does not mean these religions are not parts of them - I am just not really sure, from when you want to "measure" Persian culture as Persian...

  • konikula says:

    :) I guess here is good to quote ubuibiok "You should rather subscribe VFS channel, than do a virtual credits on it" .. It is best of youtube nowdays.

  • konikula says:

    Also it is brave ...

  • konikula says:

    I am not very convinced there is government behind every blog service ;) Neither I understand "I prefer Iran to Canada" ?

  • konikula says:

    I have lost my "great hopefulness" to any government... that's all just empty promises. I think

  • konikula says:

    so called "War to teethless shepherds" :DD
    I mean, yes there is great thread to world economy with teeths and sheeps ;)

  • konikula says:

    To your sorrow: mammoths vere wolly ;)

  • konikula says:

    yeah, I am awaiting great diing in all the world. It will bring break free through religions, governements, eduactional systems... or probably, it changes nothing :/

  • konikula says:

    Elites are nihilistic...

  • konikula says:

    Simply: there is no being good in world. It is all highly natural will to power machinery: and being crocodile automatically make you cropping gazela's head down. It is not being bad - it is still just being powerful...

  • konikula says:

    propaganda of what? bloggery? (if you did put 88 instead 1 at end, you could also thought about sionistic propaganda LOL). I don't really think this is propaganda. For me it is highly sentimental & hopefulnes starting message to & from Iranian people. Let's forget about governments... they are stupid...

  • alarshie says:

    konikula,go watch a 7star porn movie for the weekend

  • konikula says:

    :) I doubt there is someone knowing that

  • konikula says:

    Hm, but conditions in Iran are not so ugly (yes they jail you, but they cannot jail whole youth, luckily)... but evenso your opinion is purest one I met through all posts from top to here...

  • konikula says:

    That's nonsense. Young people are only people capable to move things forward. And also sharia is very problematic - one can extract even contradictive judgements from it, as it is not very hard law. And primarily, young people are people and not "just some young".

  • konikula says:

    I consider Iranian government to be poor to do right by right and justice from laws.

  • konikula says:

    I don't like racism very much, but in some sense I agree: nation should lead itself, politically. But on the other side, you could, right by your principle, which I agreed partially, justify injustice: you can beat jews in sion, being member of government, and while withholding all cruelty, you could stiffle international arguments - "we are jews, and you not, so let us lead OUR REPUBLIC BY OUR OWN"... you must agree/

  • konikula says:

    It's not very good to depend on some "virtual security provided". In 2nd ww all nations just overslept what Hitler is, and from their viewpoint, it was very comfortable to feed small mouse with their friends (Czechoslovakia, Poland). If they would know, what Hitler really is before, they would not do such cruelty to us. But none of them: russia, usa, britain is responsible and capable to help you. At least you should believe in helpful hand, but not trust it.

  • konikula says:

    Why discriminant?

  • konikula says:

    Nope. Because Iran is in close danger of being attacked. Then every detail has value.

  • konikula says:

    there's only chaos all over the world. if you see order, and to it NEW, you should let investigate your brain for gray mouses :)

  • konikula says:

    Sorry, I did, just before few hours, marked this yours post hand down. I didn't read properly whole context. So here you have hand up uQb

  • konikula says:

    Man, watch such stupidities yourself.

  • Theologist says:

    I'd like to agree, and I don't want to sound mean here, but I'm going to assume English isn't your first language. :P Because really, I have no idea what you said...

    A political movement can never be religious because a country can't be led by religion. So therefore, Israel is not a Jewish state. Anti-Israel sentiment does NOT mean that you are Anti-Semitic. You are simply against the Zionist ideology that Israelites endorse. For Example, there are Jewish groups who strongly oppose Israel

  • konikula says:

    :) Yeah, sorry, I see you really react at something I really didn't talk about... May I rework it to be more understandable, or are you bored enough from reacting at stupid subject which was not attempted to create?

  • Theologist says:

    No I just have no idea what you're saying. :( I thought I'd take a guess. Haha.

  • konikula says:

    I simply idealised, that your concept of "no international interference" can be abused to cover infranational crime... :) I am sorry, someone does understand my stupid english, and someone does not. But thanks for endeavor.

  • Theologist says:

    Ah, but I said nothing about international interference. As for your example if Israel, I think I understand now. But what you're forgetting is that the land is "Palestinian" land, not Israeli land. So it's not up to the Israeli's to decide the fate of the land. And Iran has said many times that if a full and free referendum is held, and Palestinians want to accept a two-state solution, they will abide by that.

    I hope that's a bit more clear and on-topic.

  • konikula says:

    Um, I was above all reacting at yours words
    "I say that you are not a true Aryan, and therefore should not make a call for any political decision regarding Iran, the Land of the Aryans"
    I was simply only highlighting, that not always such restriction is valid, and "only Aryans allowed to talk" rule can easily hide "Aryans beating Aryans" state.. hope you get real & full sense of my reaction now ;)

  • konikula says:

    (so also my example was more general than you supposed - it was counting only with relation nation-discussion-leading-crime, probably I mismatched you with jews or sion - I didn't really imagined you study both cases and so it mismatches)

  • alarshie says:

    this is natural,logic,clear..zion will be defeated.. i know there are some so-called Jewish orgs against state of Israel,but the truth is,all these orgs even belong to the Zion..they try to divert the reality..hail the Aryaans,today they are Muslims in Iran..they have the mixed Aryaan & Islamic ideologies..clock is ticking..

  • alarshie says:

    Jews are not the enemies of Muslims,both are from Abraham,one is from Issac,one is from Ismael..sadly Zion manipulates everything,this war is between Zion and Islam..Christianity is being swallowed up by the Zion already,they give the "Christians" freedom,sex,drugs,alcohol,technology,the Zion rule over their minds,they are in control..we will save you,just like the king of Abyssinia saved the early Muslims against the pagans

  • alarshie says:

    the prophet Mohammad prophesied an army of "Black Banners" will appear close to Persia and no forces will stop this army to conquer Jerusalem from the Jews..i completely trust the words of God`s messenger as all his prophecies have turned out to be true..Arabs brought Islam,defeated empires,big nations,but today are helpless..non-Arabs Muslims from the East(Persia,Turk,Central Asia) will raise the Flag of Islam again,helping the Arabs along the way..

  • alarshie says:

    Tajikistan,Persia,Turkey,Armenia!The next Islamis Khilafa will be from these regions..they will be the greatest Islamic armies that the world have never might take time,centuries,but they are the ones to bring back the Glory Days of Islam again..

    hail all peaceful nations,hail mankind!
    hail the nations of Abraham,the peaceful Jews,Christians,Muslims who are being hijacked by the manipulation of Zion..
    hail the Mahdi and Jesus al-Isa

  • geraboldy says:

    This war in Iraq is a war against us all ,all around the world at the whim of the neocons in the white house .

  • geraboldy says:

    i wonder how many of these iranians are trying to tell people in the west about how there government is using mind control on them. Its safe for them to know but is there a smart person among them all?

  • ghaz83 says:

    because i think westerner think we are Iranians are living in the hell, isn't it discrimination. they think that if anybody who doesn't live like them is the OTHER. I don't like this OTHERING. Also, i don't understand why they pick on Iran since woman in arabian countries even can't drive, can't vote,heterosexual don't have a right to change their sex, children don't have ANY welfare,

  • konikula says:

    I agree with you in significant measure (95%). I can tell you, why they pick on all islamic countries for this reasons. I would really appreciated, if islamic countries had internationally established right to have this discriminative (from east v-p.) rules. But there is problem, which I feel mainly around justice and its institutions in islamic countries: you know, that although there musn't be literally given, that woman is to be hardly punished for some reasons, many people is able to

  • konikula says:

    cover their hyenism and highly psychopatologic behaviour against woman, just with using handy interpretation of such general rule as sharia or of some law from Koran. Also I would bet my hand, that this "low" level of justice is very prone to "backstage" conference of "criminal" and "judge". This two things can make real hell from all subjects you listed: sexuality choice, political opinion, emancipation attempts ... or infidelity. If there was reliable justice system, not many people'd POI. :oP

  • konikula says:

    Nope, I don't really think that I misunderstood or misinterpreted your position. Starting from TV ~ jew, passing through person ~ repeater, and finishing by "Winning team" ~~ "Nihilist sionistic conspiracy". These three phases have stair constitution, what would never appeared in social nature. This is just delusion complex. Yes it is about Iran and not you, but remember, that anyone can read your opinion. And I just responded from two reasons above.

  • konikula says:

    If you save also opinional freedom, internet and justice. Let's change the world :)

  • konikula says:

    Ah, this is source of "islam has black flag" misinterpretation few rows above. Thx

  • konikula says:

    ;) also cheers from atheist camp. But I see great problem: any war, which should agree to your description, and obviously Koran's, would needed nuclear weapon. Nowdays, although you have thousands of man, you have nothing. And I would never consider nuclear war to be something to glorify...I am not sure, but I can't really see option to make glorificable war nowdays -

  • konikula says:

    As every war is, not regarding its location. Even peacemaker armies are evil. Ask Dalaj-lama :)

  • konikula says:

    Any ideology is ticking clock. I would use chemical ways to clear people's brains from it, if there was some clear medicinal way. Surely there is not. And killing is just another ideology.

  • killwhiteyvoteoboma says:

    WTF W/Iranians 'don't choose 2 join the military'? They certainly join in war :) Like as mine sweepers, the kids were all 2 happy 2 blow themselves up in mass making tank paths & stuff. That is 1 way in which Iran is not like Iraq, & the hilly terrain - lots of places 2 hide & snipe like Afghanistan. Will certainly B fun tho' all the rad 'fragging the great satan' videos that will pop up on Live Leak if America attacks them =) & of course the end of our navy, sunk by Russian cruise missiles.

  • konikula says:

    Since KWVO is skinhead, who is against "white" people, and somehow against every other colour, it is greatly comphrehensible lot of her opinions. Shitheads just have mismatch in brain ;) For me there is no sympathy for skinhead, even if it defends black race nor white one. There is no sacrifice for any racism.

  • kavehlink says:

    dude You dont know anything about Iran! Im one of those people who started blogging while I was in Iran! Iranian government provided us the blogging service. the blogging service is actually pretty powerful! there are millions of those blogging services with different names which are provided by Iranian government! and yes I still do prefer Iran to Canada because Im living in Canada right now... studying at the UBC! I'll go back as soon as I get done learning!

  • konikula says:

    well... I didn't proclamate, I have deep knowledge on Iran. But I don't see connection of this your response to just my Dalaj-lama post...can you elaborate?

  • alarshie says:

    hail Saladin who crushed and terminate the joke crusades..another Saladin will come liberate Palestine..history always witnessed it,God`s Army always saved Palestine during evolution of man..

  • alarshie says:

    O blood of Arabia,Persia,Anatolia..soon you will unite to save Palestine..

  • rezaostad says:

    This short film represents another one in a million problems which the Iranian youth are wrestling with on daily basis.Let me ask those who associate Iranians with terrorists whether they have ever seen or heard of any Iranian suicide bombers or an Alquaedeh activist?

  • rezaostad says:

    The answer is no obviously. Iranians (Persians) should not be associated with any kind of terrorist groups at all. They have been deprived from freedom of speech, welfare, choice, love and so forth for so many years. What if it happened to you? What if you were born in such society?

  • rezaostad says:

    Would you still have thought the same about the deprived nations? The problem with some of the western people is that they can never put themselves in the other nations shoes and take everything for granted. The 21st century is the era in which the humans are being hypnotised by the big brother (Media) since they are born and live with it for the rest of their life. Wash your eyes and start looking differently. Well done guys. Your film is real.

  • VizardMaskedSoldier says:

    Crusaders were CRUSHED by Saladin, by Türk Selçuk Saltanat-Rumi Sultan Kiliç Arslan, and OBLITERATED by the Ottomans. THE END!

  • kessmypersainass says:

    stop gets you no where

  • peymaania says:

    A nation of bloggers or buggers?

  • konikula says:

    I consider Iran to be Tiger nation in technology...

  • iamatumor says:

    actually 90% of blogs are absolute s***, the number of blogs isn't caused by any high political interest, but because many teenagers write cheep blogs (with often copied material) as a hobby. You see the internet filled up with pubertal tries for expression in form of these blogs every time you look up anything in Google. But nice animations anyway.

  • peymaania says:

    Go get'em Tiger! Grrrh...

  • alatif6 says:

    by the will of Allah

  • NavidZady says:

    Fuck you Ottoman. Welcome to Persia.

  • rizzi2007 says:

    i hate 2 cause division, but persians are no different 2 jews. R..I.P Saddam Hussein.

  • VizardMaskedSoldier says:

    What the fuck are you saying?

  • NavidZady says:

    Nothing, just mentioning how the your extreme nationalism has put a hate towards your country.

  • geraboldy says:

    Have to disagree. The war in your mind was/is/will never be evil to fight . Ask yourself

  • muhammadallahislam says:

    Do you want to know the absolute truth about ALLAH, MUHAMMAD and ISLAM ???

  • haidook says:

    i tell you why . ther is some thing that they didn't mention that if you stand up and talk about the government and the true you are to be immediately executed that mean you are a BIG TREAT TO THEM .

  • haidook says:

    WE LOVE OUR COUNTRY BUT WE FUCKING HATE THE GOVERNMENT . i seen people got executed for freedom ,sex and other thing.

  • VizardMaskedSoldier says:

    When did I say I hate my country? Are you fuckin sick?

  • konikula says:

    Why not? Living in middle europe is good opportunity to drown in hurting history from early years of life. Neither there is sign of peace for all my years here: I live in permanent fear from my citizens, some of our neighbor nations, global conflicts. I am suffering, and I finalize this suffer with searching and defensing truth against stupidity and pragmatic lie powers. Also I consider war to be pure inefficiency of society, proof of its mental handicap. So at least I have to work against war.

  • NavidZady says:

    Vizard, you have compregension problems. I said other countries do not like you. And I will not answer you no more, this is a nice video and we are both ruining it.

  • VizardMaskedSoldier says:

    Well INTERPRETATE it right then.

    You did not say other countries did not like us.

  • joe80dman says:

    Maybe if the Iranians were to just allow the Rockefellers and Rothschilds to control the issuance of their currency, like in most western countries, the rhetoric against them from the west would quickly cease.

  • enlightenment2u says:

    Islam is PURE EVIL (part1/10)

    1.Bible prophesy. Ishamel the arab, etc. illigitimate son of Abraham.
    Genesis 16:12 'He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him,and he will live in hostility towards all his brother' (terrorism around the world)

    2.Proverbs 25:2 God wants man to question the bible & god to find god (god gave us free will).
    Satanic Quran forbids questioning so that man follow satanic quran like cattle.

  • enlightenment2u says:

    Koran Sura 2:223 your wives are as tilth (farmland) unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will
    Koran Sura 5:51 Take neither the Jews nor the Christians for your friends
    Koran sura 8:12 I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers cut of their heads & fingers
    Bukhari 52:260 If a Muslim discards his religion, kill him
    Bukhari 84:57 Whoever change his Islamic religion, kill him
    Bukhari 89:271 A man who embraces Islam, then reverts to Judaism KILL HIM

  • jimiydoorshamelech says:

    Iranians: free yourselves!

    Under Sharia law in Iran, virgin girls are not allowed to be executed, for their purity might open up the doors of heaven to them. To avoid this, virgin girls, such as Atefeh, who are sentenced to death, are raped before execution to ensure their proper place in hell. Mr. Khatami was more than tolerant of this type of horror, violence, and inhumane treatment to which young Atefeh and countless others were subjected

  • 59thbridge says:

    And the bible allows for questioning?!

  • enlightenment2u says:

    Retard. Bible proverbs 25:2. God wants mankind to question dumb fukcing arab. Yes. Not persian. You were conquered by arabs and live, speak, eat, dance, sing, write, dres like arabs.

    2.Proverbs 25:2 God wants man to question the bible & god to find god (god gave us free will).
    Satanic Quran forbids questioning so that man follow satanic quran like cattle.

  • Muptelanim82 says:

    fuck amerikan propaganda

  • rabeteh says:

    I'm Iranian and everything in this video is true

  • SAM says:


  • Kevin C says:

    There was a list of credits at the end that somehow got cut. The students at VFS did do an excellent job. However the script was written by a professional screenwriter. Check out her work:

    Rocketboom, a lot of work went into this production. Everyone deserves credit!

  • [...] This nice short infographic kinda message was made by students of the VANCOUVER FILM SCHOOL. It was subsequently posted by MOTIONOGRAPHER, BOINGBOING and ROCKETBOOM. [...]

  • [...] امروز دوستی پیامی فرستاد. دوستی چندین و چند ساله دوستی که روزها و شب های زیاد و زیادی را گذراندیم، دوستی که با هم برادر بودیم و بودیم. پرسید: دوستی ما تمامشده؟ ساعت ها  فکر کردم… سپس جوابی تقریبا روشن فکرانه فرستادم. خنده ام گرفت، شاید همراه با گریه. نمی دانم چه بگویم… شاید این جبر زمانه است که این طور دوستان، بردار و خواهر را از هم جدا می کند شاید هم استدلال احمقانه ی من! پ.ن: مدتیه از همه دوستان تقرییا دور شدم، فکر کنم سکمی سرگرم کارهای دانشگاه هستم… واقعا خسته ام… شاید بعد از این امتحانات گذایی یه گرد گیری کلی بکنم. لینکدونی: بهترین‌های سال ۲۰۰۸ به انتخاب «نیویورکر» دفتر بی بی سی فارسی مجوز فعالیت در ایران ندارد!!! اعلام نتايج بخش چشم‌انداز ۸۸ بيست‌وهفتمين جشنواره بين‌المللي تئاتر فجر انتشار هفته‌نامه گل‌آقا متوقف شد نگاهی به قطعه «ترکمن» ساخته حسین علیزاده “پایه‌گذارتفکری‌متفاوت” جشن جهانی انیمیشن در سینما آزادی یک انیمیشن کوتاه کار چهار دانشجوی غیر ایرانی مدرسه‌ی فیلم ونکوور درباره‌ی وبلاگ‌نویسی در ایران. کوتاه است اما با این همه نشان می‌دهد که بلاگرهای ایران در سطح جهانی چه اندازه خود را مطرح کرده‌اند.  به گفته‌ی همین فیلم ایران سومین جمعیت وبلاگ‌نویس دنیا را دارد!(وبلاگ دور از چشم خدا) در یوتیوب یا در اینجا [...]

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