Back from Beijing: James Powderly of Graffiti Research Lab

Joanne speaks with James Powderly of Graffiti Research Lab upon his return to the United States after he was arrested and detained in Beijing last week while preparing to perform acts of civil disobedience by Students for a Free Tibet during the 2008 Summer Olympics. Related: Back from Beijing: Brian Conley

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August 27, 2008 • 9:00 am | Permalink


    • bman says:

      Joanne, you are looking too huggable the past couple of days. It must be that casual blouse, it's driving me crazy...please no more Beijing reports...I won't be able to control myself...

      The more serious the story, the sexier she looks.™

    • Saidur says:

      Thanks, Bill -- these videos are imnpotart and interesting.Regarding Justice Jackson's service as U.S. chief of counsel for prosecution of German war criminals (April 1945-October 1946), he was indeed appointed by the new president, Harry Truman. But no one granted Jackson a "leave" from the Supreme Court --he just took on this collateral responsibility, thinking and hoping that the work would be done before the Court's fall 1945, and then sticking with the prosecuting job to completion even as it took much longer. In his absence, Jackson's eight Supreme Court colleagues handled the work without him and had varying reactions to his absence. Jackson did, as his Nuremberg work stretched onward, offer to President Truman to resign from the Court so that he could appoint someone else and restore it to full strength, but Truman refused these offers.

    • Kuttan says:

      YUMMERS! I eat something siiamlr. PHO , its Vietnamese and very popular here in Seattle . Lots of Asian grocery stores in my neighborhood so its easier for me to get these sorts of ingredients asopposed to shopping at the supermarket chains , much helthier than the average american diet too.

  • darkangel2327 says:

    I will not go to china, until their corrupted government go down.

  • Will says:

    Locked Up Abroad, Indeed!!!

  • Dean says:

    How sad for the regular Chinese people.

  • cetus says:

    Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence. ~Robert Fripp

  • BonnetDeLaine says:

    Same here in Finland!

  • Javier Egea says:

    Come on! Stop making comments at Joanne's blouse, this is a serious topic!!!
    Hey there from Spain. Congratulations for this great show... I just have this thought to share:
    I don't mean to look down on people who are fighting for human rights, but I think that somebody has to remark that watching these documentaries about protestants in Beijing, these people really just seem wealthy-class citizens from western countries taking a different kind of trip in China. It looks like they are really lucky to be americans and not tibetan, because otherwise they might have been tortured at least.

  • magicjboy says:

    Man i don't think i have seen Kam miss this many days in a row!

  • 9hundred77 says:

    i love james and his work, but he is essentially describing guantanamo extra-lite. maybe it only sucks when it happens to an american.

    i know he's as vocal a critic of american policy as he is of chinese, but there is something ironic about americans going to china to tell them how to live their lives - and then getting locked up for it. as if the same thing wouldn't happen to chinese activists building political devices out of lasers in NYC.

    anyway, great story james. keep up the good work.

  • andrew3656 says:

    Your not welcome to come here anyway.

  • bman says: want serious, how about...

    Social dangerousness

  • xJaysrox says:

    Very interesting as ever, thx Joane

  • redrum0127 says:

    what a time to be alive +_+

  • daexion says:

    What he described is what happens to an American in a Chinese detention center. The Chinese know they have to "play nice" with the US.

    Imagine for a moment what he might have described had he been a Chinese national in that detention center.

  • Shelley Noble says:

    Man, that is one rare jewel of a clip, Cetus. Thank you. Glorious, Divine harmony.

  • amos325 says:

    so biased

    • Sandji says:

      Morgan,This was a learning exnireepce for me. I truly enjoyed the Cabernet Franc, though I am already a huge fan of the varietal.It was a great representation of what Finger Lakes Cabernet Franc is all about. If this is a sample of what the Finger Lakes can do with reds, then they have a new fan.I cannot wait till TasteCamp 2010 up in the FLX.Looking foward to the February Taste LIve event too!

  • lukefun says:

    It's you're, dipshit.

  • andrew3656 says:

    Dumb ass needs to sniff more paint fumes, instead of going to other countries and violating their laws.

  • lowincash says:

    note to james powderly: if you think protesting or whatever can help, please do something about the afghanistan...we're ruining their country and you're protesting on something that has nothing to do with you? stupid moron.

  • mayyoubekind says:

    Bad sign for Communist China. Communist China will died like a Torch Flame in Paris by it own citizen.
    Beijing Sensors News: Shamefully Betrayal Olympic Idea is a shamefulness to China and a disgrace for Chinese citizen. China 's image more damage and unpopular.

    CCP's sin: Oppression, Brutal killing, silent critics, violate human rights will stain Beijing Olympics sponsors by association law. You support the bad guy, your company guilty as they were.

  • chris211073 says:

    they are evil. period

  • shahryarrakeen says:

    Wasn't it Gandhi who said we must be the change we want to see in the world? Also, In Letter from Birmingham prison, MLK detailed that he was INVITED by an organization to demonstrate in Birmingham. I don't recall Powderly being invited by anyone except himself

  • FelipeKai says:

    he deserved it for the follwoing reasons :
    1- he's american
    2- he's white
    3- he's a regular white trash "wanna change the world" american .

  • paperback333 says:

    I'd hope that's sarcasm >.>

  • pleasantlysurprising says:

    What a pathetic yanky he is...stupid!

  • yemail5555 says:

    Another free to bed idiot.

  • banzaidawan says:

    mayyoubeshit: So, what's your prediction for London 2012? 20,000 protesters, of which 2,000 are arrested for violent protest?

  • negooog says:

    China is more illiterate than the US.

  • jamhnxx says:

    lol, well said

  • yakmanok says:

    Thank you for helping to expose the truth about Chinese treatment of Tibet and Tibetan people. What you did will help the cause of oppressed people of Tibet. Thank you again.

  • sonofmanchu says:

    If you against me, then I have to kick you out. What is wrong is that?

  • GowKiller71 says:

    she is really beautiful. im prettier tho! 7

  • nicksum29 says:

    God help Taiwan. We are next.

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