The Boston Typewriter Orchestra

Rocketboom Field Correspondent Steve Garfield interviews the Boston Typewriter Orchestra

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August 8, 2008 • 1:16 pm | Permalink


  • bman says:

    Here's what I can do on my typewriter. I stole it from the millionth monkey.

  • bman says:

    Can you guys play this?

  • bman says:

    I wonder if banging away at those keys
    might cause subatomic particles to collide at incredibly high velocities
    creating a black hole that swallows up the planet Earth.

  • tsumbra says:

    "The Fall and Rise of Jimmy Don Clyde"
    This is a perfect (or imperfect) 'TYPE' of running mate for Paris Hilton?

  • Kam says:

    img test today

  • leron says:

    Five pages of s and \, huh?

    That's just sad.

    You Bostonian guys need to find some old fart like me to tell you about the days when people actually wrote on typewriters. The noise that emanated from such ventures wasn't trying to sound like a song. It was a song. Maybe you couldn't dance to it, but you had to have some real grace to make that sound.

    Watching you guys rip up classic old typewriters is, to me, like watching someone use a 1959 Fender Strat to chip ice off their front stoop.

    • mike_dixon says:

      Leron, that's a great analogy. I got the same feeling watching this--a waste of some great classic machines of yesteryear. Or is it a waste? Music is in the ear of the beholder, I suppose.

      The only song I can remember from my childhood regarding a typewriter is the one my late great aunt Hildegard would sing while typing something very important at about 60 words per minute and the 'e', 'r', and 't' keys would suddenly all jam together.

  • jo says:

    .--....-.--/.. .../-.. .. ..-. ..-...-..-.-/.-.--. .-.. .. .. ... ..../..--..
    j like the music :)(j don't understand ,4000000sing for iturnes of the coca-cola!:)

  • Paris Hilton says:

    The Olympics? You won't catch me there, unlike the prez, putin & the sark. And they call me the ditzy one.

    • leron says:

      BTW, Paris, loved your energy plan, but you put much too much faith in the private sector. And the whole notion of "strict environmental controls" on drilling makes me wonder if you've been into the nose candy again. I could tell you stories about pumping frac scum onto virgin ponds, because the drilling company was too cheap to truck in water, that would make you wish you were back in the lock-up.

      • Manlu says:

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      • Abdullah says:

        That really catpures the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.

  • daveJay says:

    Isn't this a rerun?

    • bman says:

      When the delegation of Tuvalu enters the Olympic stadium in Beijing on Friday evening for what will be its debut Games, the tiny Pacific island nation of just 11,000 people will be represented by two athletes and a weightlifter – two men and one woman.

      The other debut nation at the 2008 Games, the Marshall Islands (pop: 63,000), has produced a team of three men and two women (athletics, swimming and Taekwondo).

      But elsewhere in the procession of participating nations, Saudi Arabia, with a population of 28 million, will field a team – athletes, equestrians, swimmers, shooters and weightlifters – that doesn’t include a single woman.

      In the eight summer Olympic Games in which the kingdom has participated since 1972, it has sent a total of 166 men, and no women.

  • aRcanecraft says:

    You people, your comments seem so random...o and Joanne you look ravishing in this video...meooooww sexy girl ;)

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