Before The LOL at ROFLCon

Jason Scott
of Textfiles walks us through a history of online linguistics at ROFLCon 2008, Special appearance by Steve Garfield, Music: Pives and Flarinet by Podington Bear.

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April 30, 2008 • 9:00 am | Permalink


  • B-man says:

    IIFY = Is it Friday yet?

  • CitizenX says:

    Good tech post on history.

    I still like Steve Garfield.
    To me, he introduced citizen media
    and still going strong.

    • stevegarfield says:

      Thanks Citizen X.

      It was fun to introduce that segment with Jason Scott. He really cares about preserving the history of the internet.

      BBS's first, adventure games next.

  • leron says:

    Has Drudge taught no one that a hat does not make you more credible?

    "And then everything went to crap." Hear, hear.

    But we must remember that one person's crap is another person's 15 minutes.

    Um, I believe the plural of "medium" is "media"? Or perhaps that's just a lie perpetrated by the liberal mediums.

  • daisywhitney says:

    Good job, Steve! You're awesome

  • Jason Scott says:

    What really matters is I got to kiss Steve Garfield's head.

  • Me says:

    ... I still miss Amanda. What happened to you rktboom?

  • Chuck Olsen says:

    Nice job Steve!
    I hope one day Jason Scott will kiss my forehead.

  • SonomaDave1 says:

    Very very cool...and fresh, I might add.

  • Boneless0r says:


  • ratsouffle says:

    Go Jason!

  • nt0xxik8ed says:

    i always say things that make me sound creepy

  • SabreTooth123 says:


  • MidiPunk says:


  • Snowflake70 says:

    Ya do good work my dear
    No idea what a romantic relationship with you would be like but if I only had one life...uh, let me rephrase that...

  • ROCKETBOOM says:


  • commiedeer says:

    Is this a troll con?

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