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  • DStyle86 says:

    Funny: after watching this I feel... different, somehow.

  • gnooze says:

    That was a fun one! You guys are an inspiration.

  • mdd4696 says:

    soul-der-ring? Soldering--it's pronounced sah-der-ring.

  • mdd4696 says:

    Hmm apparently Brits pronounce soldering differently...

  • leron says:

    Lookin\' pretty blissful there, Chuck.

  • stephbabe says:

    Weird (and wonderful) show. I like Joanne\'s faces throughout... and the glass \'crash\' when she throws stuff... \'would be great if that sound effect worked when I throw paper wads into my trash can... HEY! I just thought of a million dollar idea!!!!!

    So, I read in Newsweek that there are multiple universes - which explains away dark matter and leaking gravity - and the questions scientists ask isn\'t \"why?\" anymore... just \"Is.\"

    Oh well... you don\'t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows ;-)


  • Pierre says:

    I love the new flash player/ad system. Please be a-keepin' this fahwever. Thankyou

  • cbarr says:

    Not a big fan of the new flash-ads at all! They consistently crash iTunes for me when I view rocketboom in fullscreen mode. I think this has forced me to stop watching altogether

  • gamescdkey says:


  • Kam says:

    @ the time & with that particular generation (mine) the Beatles were bigger & they plugged me into a spiritual consciousness not found in any church.
    btw, here's my first attempt @ stop motion animation, took me 6 hours & 1,500 pics but what fun it was! enjoy...

    later people

  • Cokolino34 says:

    PLEASE DON'T READ THIS. You will get kissed on the nearest possible Friday by the love of your life. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life. However, if you don't post this comment to at least 3 videos, you will die within 2 days. Copy and paste this, to be saved

  • Chucko says:

    I love how you connect all these weird things together so beautifully. (Yes, I\'m completely blissed out!)

  • ML says:

    They need the ads now so that Joanne can continue to buy her cute outfits. We all want that right?

  • Joanne said \"You say hello, I say goodbye\" when she answered her iphone-it\'s a reference to the beatles

  • tycobrahe says:

    Nice episode. Maybe Sarah Silverman can sit in someday.

  • ballgame says:

    Thought the quasi-subliminal image imbeds were pointless and annoying. WTF\'s up with that? Otherwise a decent episode.

  • Daneel says:

    The flash thingy seems to totally screw playback in Miro. I only get a few seconds of video then a blank screen.


    Adverts are the work of the devil, anyway.

  • ROCKETBOOM says:

    Thanks for the nice comments everyone

  • CiderJack says:

    Yeah, the flash ad is a bane. If this really keeps up, I know I won't be watching as often.

    I used to turn on the computer in the morning thinking "Oh boy! New Rocketboom!" Now I take care of business, and figure if I'm really bored I'll check out the commercially sponsored vidcast.

    I miss the excitement, I do.

    • Drew says:

      Thanks for the feedback, we're very sensitive to this right now too as we test the waters with this. BTW, you can watch without the overlays too if you insist, by watching one of the other file versions.

      • leron says:

        Hmm. People are sooooo ticked off about the overlays. Hard for me to grasp. I mean, nothing pisses me off more than trying to grab a short vid off some site and being forced to sit through a 30-second spot, ripped right from the TV screen. I curse the ad-placer, vow not to spend any money with them, hit the mute and wait them out. But it still sucks.

        The overlay? Hell, I can click it off. Bothers me about a tenth as much.

        BTW, I am now getting the ads just as they are intended. Thanks for \"fixing\" them, heh.

      • CiderJack says:

        One of the other file versions? When I arrive at the site, I immediately click on the "Quicktime" link, cause my computer seems to have major issues with flash (in firefox). The overlay is still there in the Quicktime version, so I'm not sure I understand - the ad also causes the video to freeze and the audio to stutter as long as it's open.

        • Drew says:

          If you have a problem with the ads, and you also have a problem with playing flash (the flash problem I recommend fixing to enjoy a richer web), there are still a few other options. We have an HD file and feed which is a really nice quicktime file that does not have the overlays. We also have a .wmv file and feed. There are also 3 kinds of 3gps (sm, lrg, stream), there is a PSP file that also works and has a feed and does not support the overlay.

          You can access these through the RSS feeds page or the bottom of every video.

  • Villemar1 says:

    Stop self-monitoring yourself to boost your egos and get back to finding cool stuff! :-) PS. I have a crush on Joanne? By golly, I do!! And don't get a big head about it, missy!

  • TuzesViz says:

    It depends where you live in the Anglo-Saxon world.

    In Southern Ontario we pronounce it soul-der-ring. We also pronounce 'aunt' as 'ant', yet just across the lakes it's pronounced as 'aw-nt'.

    There is no correction pronounciation of anything in English. It would need to expand its alphabet to have nearly 50 letters if it wanted to standardize spelling.

  • HopesLastStand says:

    i wannan bown that chik

  • pmy1635 says:

    fuck off u stupid fuck-if Cokolino34 dosnt post this in at least ummm lets say 2000 videos then he will be abducted by aliens and brutally raped then disected whiile alivw. Have a nice Day!

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