Joanne’s Conscience of Crisis

story links: ‘devil-angel 1′ created by chris cole and joanne colan

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October 19, 2007 • 9:00 am | Permalink


  • jess says:

    That was Hilarious!

  • Loftis says:

    Beautiful! You should do more like this one. Most definitely.

  • SteveWoolf says:

    loved this episode!

  • ChuckOlsen says:

    OMG. Hats off, you guys. Acting, special effects, editing -- phenomenal!

    And I seriously want the skull-boom t-shirt.

  • irene says:

    Loved the episode! And it all ended with a little dancing! cute!

  • beagle says:

    laughed so hard - genius. Bravo Joanne, bravo...

  • Clay says:

    BRILLIANT! Keep it up!

  • steve5223 says:

    Who knew that Joanne had such a complex inner life?

    Where can I get one of those rcktboom t shirts?

  • Bill Cammack says:

    Great Episode! :D Really Entertaining! :)

  • zu says:

    congrats on a great show! loved the angel.

  • TSUMBRA says:

    Next up? \'The Ricky and Rudy Show\' live from Texas - where the hair is big and the B.S. even bigger?
    \"To Hair and To Hair Not\"

  • B-man says:


    Bad Joanne reminded me of British actress Emma Thompson.

    As Ms. Paris would say, that was HOT!

  • Kam says:

    AB FAB! the best ever!!

  • Quite refreshing. Thanks RB.

    PS: Loved the black RB shirt.

  • arena says:

    SO YOU DID IT !!!! SHAME ON YOU !!!!

    i thought Rocketboom was \'ParisHiltonmania\' free !!!!!!!!!!

    good job excellent funny !! ;-)

  • Of course the real duality is betwixt innocence and the ego/superego mental chatter or agya level (in the forehead, where we cant stop thinking and get deeper into our being (like when we take drugs we do etc)). The enlightenment.

    sahajayoga is intricate, seemingly something which it isnt and contains truly amazing knowledge about the human nervous system. For example that the right side of the brain thinks about the past and the left the future, that we have an inner self that we are disconnected from and that we become if we achieve


    yoga means union

    with the divine

    like its all true"!

    the revolution is in our awareness. We only ask questions about cosmic problems because we are not innocent like children. If we were then we would understand a "greater parent" in the cosmos, the outer world, and we would experience being taken care of, that is, if we surrendered, Islam, as they say. Let go of our ideas and attachments to, for example, what are we gonna talk about today..

    science or mental question are forms of inner agitation

  • BandMan says:

    Awesome! What a wonderful imagination! I wish I had that kind of creativity.

  • C-C says:

    That was simply brilliant!

  • Terry Heaton says:

    Outstanding work, gang. Truly inspired and well done. One suggestion, though. The link to chris cole leads to a password protected page. For those of us with a curiosity, this is a huge turn-off.

  • Ted Smithe says:

    Awesome installment. I LOVE the angel... so cute!

  • boberth says:

    :) this roxx

  • leron says:

    Personallty I would have held the use of "fucking" to once and gone without the bleep. The shock value would have put the cap on a truly stellar performance, or rather, set of them.

    Amanda said worse. And for the most part the effect was spot-on.

    But perhaps that is your angel trying to improve your demo?

    I sure hope the angel bummed that cig off kam. Tobacco is, well, evil.

    • Kam says:

      leron my bro, I\'m sure they tossed around the subjects \"to bleep or not to bleep\" or \"how many times to use the f-word\" I think they pulled it off.
      Personally, I fell for the angel. I mean, any innocent looking woman who drinks, smokes, flips the finger, scoffs ice cream & chocolate, now that\'s my kind of woman. (like them Catholic school girls with their hidden desires) & yes, tobacco is disgusting. \"I curse Sir Walter Raleigh, he was such a stupid git\" ©JL, downright evil!
      WARNING! this video contains various pronunciations of the word. All I can say is \"It\'s fucking funny\"

      • leron says:

        That video is in-fucking-credible.

        For the record, Katie Couric doesn\'t believe she\'s making up the news. That\'s the scariest part.

        I\'d like to sit down with that devil and a bottle of Don Julio and make the argument that Joanne is a journalist. Then we could toast her out of pity.

  • seattle_mike says:

    Thanks Joananne and Andrew for a superlative \"Freaky Friday\" episode. I am even going to download it for my phone to join other FF episodes to watch.

  • averagejoe says:

    Black fingernails. This is (as depicted) "hot" ;)

    Really totally brilliant. But I wonder if I could
    live with a "good girl" so odd and needy ;-x

    Next time send "good girl" into holidays and go
    straight for the rock'n'roll road...ha ha ha

  • COLECG says:

    Terry and Kam - Sorry you couldn\'t access my site. Just use: visitor and godemo. I had the password put up for a project and never removed it (as you can tell, I don\'t use it much!) My wife and I have a small video production company in Oklahoma City and most of our clients around the country come via personal referrals and word of mouth. I don\'t have any of my parody work online, so you won\'t find the site very exciting, I\'m afraid.

    Thanks to everyone for the kind feedback on this episode. Joanne is truly talented and she was a blast to work with. We also shot the Oklahoma Bombing Memorial video that same week (back in June) for Rocketboom. One question I have: looking at the comments here, on YouTube, and via email, I can\'t tell who was more popular - Devil Joanne or Angel Joanne? Seems pretty split down the middle, with Devil Joanne having the edge. Must be the t-shirt logo.

    Chris Cole

  • Really liked this one. A good commentary on TV news in general.

  • Lurk says:

    Loved it!! So fricking hilarious!
    Now I want to have Joanne\'s love child!

  • contraption says:

    nailed it!

  • Rick says:

    This one is crazy cool. One of the best, ever seen!

  • Al E. Yus says:

    Ow. My side hurts.

  • Sean says:

    That was, well, unexpected. Good! The effects and comedy were fantastic. Nice acting work.

  • justin says:

    No one else thought it was weird that the angel side smoked?

    • Kam says:

      Angels are supposed to be perfect. No smoking, no boozing, no rude gestures, even eating unhealthy things like ice cream & chocolate. Weird huh!
      It\'s called \"parody\" my man. If she stood there just being angelic, there would be no joke, no parody, no funny.
      It would be funny if your last name was Time!

  • Slugs in MN says:

    Been away for a while. I thure am glad to come back jutht in time to catcth one of the funnietht epithode. Good diob, dahling. Loved the devilith andhiel and the interplay between the thwee chawactherth.

  • ok.relax says:

    My god, woman! Why haven\'t you been snapped up by television yet?!! Lucky us you\'re still on limited bandwidth, \'cause I couldn\'t handle your uncompressed funny, cute smarts!

    You guys have finally given \"topical\" a positive connotation!
    Cheers on both of ya!

  • This one is brilliant! I love it

  • JJ says:

    Cod, if you\'re serious, you\'ve been duped.

  • John L. says:


  • October 26 says:



    2005 >

  • taxiplasm says:

    Joanne is totally rockin the punk outfit!


  • mb says:

    There was a moment there where I thought the devil and angel were going to both go against her. That would have been good.

  • Scotty says:

    This episode was great guys! Excellent work.

    Best quote, "Darling I invited hell".

  • surfdog says:

    SUPER! SUPERDUPER!! You guys rock!!!
    cheers again and again - this was really one of the best shows so far. hope you stay for a long long time!

  • surfdog says:

    you guys rock - i love joanne and i do love rb!
    cheers for all the good time in the last years!

  • liz says:

    hey everyone! AC/DC parody shirt from this episode is now available in the Rocketboom T-shirt Shop!

  • yLe says:

    In a parallel universe this one won 7w0 webbys.

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