Monday November 19, 2007 : Writers of the World

story links: Saturday Night Live kaput?, old guard internet writers, old school internet designers, Jed’s Other Poem (Beautiful Underground), Not the Daily Show, Not the Colbert Report (video), Astronomers Journey Halfway Around the World to Study Five-Minute Spectacle, climbing goats in Morocco, Pentaphone Isolation Space For Cell Phone Users, Inflatable lunar habitat in the Antarctic, Writers strike of 1988 led to 9% decline in viewership, Book revival?, A new theory of everything with E8, Standard model of everything, E8 rotation video of 248 dimensions (music), E8 profile archived

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  • Alexander says:

    You knocked out the southern part of India. Will this drain the water of the oceans?
    It\'s Monday...

  • Cowdozer says:

    Nice haircut Joanne! :)

    I don\'t know what\'s so interesting about the Daily Show clip. I watched it all, and it wasn\'t very funny. Actually, you managed to show the funniest part on this RB episode, lol.

    I find it very amusing though how when the Colbert Report guy went to prove that you can\'t make money off of the internet, he says he runs into an old spice commercial. I\'mm willing to say that clip was even funnier that the Colbert Report usually is. Maybe the proucer should write. :p

    Oh, and those goats are amazing. I don\'t know how they could do that. If I didn\'t know better, I\'d say they were photoshopped.

  • leron says:

    In a truly quantum universe, that book would still be hanging in midair and never be dropped. For always.

    I think.

  • Sarah Meyers says:

    New haircut and it looks a little darker with new highlights. Is that correct? Bangs seem to be the in haircut right now...

    Ha! You guys broke the map. Would have been funny if Joanne went and tapped it in the clip. We always like to see those out takes.

  • B-man says:

    Did you dye the one magenta stripe black?

    Bangs? Not bangs, please!

  • B-man says:

    I'm absolutely positive those black stripes were once Magenta

  • John L says:

    OMG! You hurt THE MAP!

  • You messed up the map! Ha!
    Joane, you look HOT with your new haircut!

  • JP says:

    We had that Standard Model poster in my college physics department!

    Definitely, science has a great tradition of evolution, with new hypotheses constantly replacing old. (Not that the old theories aren't still useful--we still use Newton's Laws all the time!) But then, a lot of us thought some of the theoretical physicists thinking about String Theory were kind of nutty. We didn't get what all the extra dimensions were for. :)

    Actually, the test of the General Theory of Relativity was not whether the 1929 eclipse occurred at all; but rather, whether the light from stars behind the Sun was bent by the mass of the Sun so that the stars appeared at a slightly different position in the sky than they did at night, with the Sun far away from them (an effect sometimes called "gravitational lensing"). Back in those days, the only way to photograph stars that close to the solar disk was to wait for an eclipse!

  • Weeks says:

    Good show.
    Gotta say, was distracted by the cool new do. Very nice. (Man, it\'s quiet here. Holiday week hummmm. Everyone is making plans. Sneaking out. Starting nothing new. But, RB goes on and on and on.)

  • C-C says:

    Here, I have a spare southern India to fix the map:

    Nice new 'do' Joanne!

  • rehcmh says:

    THE MAP! Nooooooooooooooo.

    THE HAIR! Yesssssssssssss.

    JOANNE! Hottttttttttttt.

  • Kam says:

    Yumm, damed tasty them Moroccan goats! & they thought we couldn't climb, ha!

  • ChuckOlsen says:

    Lots of words in this episode!

  • B-man says:

    Meet my crew.

  • Will says:

    -mua, muahah, muahahahah, muahahahahahahahahahah.....

  • flobber238 says:

    Isn\'t it 8 dimensions with 248 different points?

  • depends says:

    it is a fringe. she is english.

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