Rocketboom Thursday November 15, 2007: Cassini, Animations & Free Magenta

story links: perpetual motion is finally real, revolutionary new telephone technology from 1969,
(via apple recent webapps), recent headlines on the recent strikes: writers’ strike affecting campaigning for oscars, hollywood writers strike based on fear, theatre conference canceled due To b’way strike, where would money for striking writers come from?, broadway shutdown radiates out, eisner says writers should blame steve jobs, the poet as terrorist?, freemagenta, cassini sounds from saturn, techno viking redux, promesas (thanks, felix!), italian prime minister, 300lb water balloons


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  • radprog says:

    So that’s what Italian Prime Ministers do… yeuch!

  • Cowdozer says:

    Love the headlines, Joanne! Or should I say, I love the way you presented them.

    T-Mobile suing over the use of the colour magenta? That\’s crazy talk! The sitep\’s pretty funny.

  • nsomneia says:

    wonderful show again

    mono in my boom !?

    wicked :)

    // /

    could PANTONE sue T-mobile for claiming they own magenta? or does anyone actually own the color magenta, someone has to, right ?

  • leron says:

    No no no! Don\’t throw it away! Use the asterisk key!

  • C-C says:

    Joanne, you could have easily presented that falling formula yourself! But then you took it away with the headlines!

    Great show!

  • B-man says:

    ewww….boogers & espresso coffee…this one’s for you Italian PM

  • Joanne says:

    I see a couple of problems with the perpetual motion video. Firstly, once said cat became aware of attempt to spread jam down its back, it would squirm and wriggle and most likely get away. If you happen to own a cat and have ever had to hold cat in place in order to inflict anything upon cat that is not within acceptable human to cat behavior, you will know what I am talking about. Secondly, if any jam did make it onto cat’s back, cat would then most likely squirm and wriggle and most likely get away, finding a hiding place in which to lick off all traces of jam on back. Thirdly, if you were able to keep hold of cat and spread jam down its back, cat would then squirm and wriggle as attempt was made to throw cat to ground, meaning said cat would most likely assume jump and spring position not fall position and therefore thwart any real results from cat falling with jam on back. And lastly, I suggest no-one attempt this even if you do want to write back and prove me wrong.

    • C-C says:

      Joanne! Nice of you to join us!

      You made a slight misinterpretation in the video. The jelly is actually spread on toast and the toast is then strapped to the cat. Although the logistics remain about the same as in your rebuttal, this method allows for the cat/toast separation to occur cleanly and both to spin without hitting the floor. A suggestion to improve your method would be to hold the cat by all 4 legs while spreading the jelly!

      • yatta says:

        Hmmm. You’ve never tried holding down a cat by all four legs, have you? ;-)

        • C-C says:

          Well, yes and it led to my perfecting the hold. What you have to do is suspend the cat by grabbing all four feet like an upside down bouquet. I’d post a picture but my neighbors cats avoid me for some strange reason.

          “Hey, son, are you going to finish that piece of toast? Poppa needs it for an experiment. If you go and get Fluffy next door for me I’ll post your picture on Rocketboom. What’s Rocketboom? You know; that little TV show I watch on the computer with the lady that talks funny.”

          • Cowdozer says:

            Assuming it is possible to stick toast with jam onto a cat\’s back, I believe there is a fundamental detail being ignored here. For this to be a source of perpetual motion, it must a) have limitless amounts of energy, and b) not release all of this energy instantaneously. Assuming a) is true, we must still determine if b) holds.

            It is possible that all energy in the system is released in an impulse, causing the cat and toast to repel at great speeds. In practise, this may be observed but attributed to the squirminess of the cat.

            Maybe C-C is The One.

    • Kam says:

      I think I see some jam on that bottom one!

  • Livia says:

    LOL, that was not the Italian prime minister! It\’s just someone who looks like Mr. Berlusconi.

    And BTW, the present prime minister is Romano Prodi.

    P.S. Trust me, I am Italian, I see these people everyday on newspapers and TV :)

    • Kam says:

      Hey Livia, love Italy, like Italian women but a picture of yourself holding a… what is that, cotton candy? a big ass flower? to verify you\’re a reporter, trite…you\’re a fox, get creative!

    • Paris Hilton says:

      Does Romano Prodi eat boogers with his espresso?
      I going to see Sophia next week, maybe I\’ll ask her in person.

  • Joanne says:

    My all time favourite cat experiment is Niels Bohr’s ‘Copenhagen Interpretation’ of quantum physics and the three experiments, light bulb, two slits and schrodinger’s cat, schrodinger’s cat being my favourite. It is as follows “In this experiment, we take your pet cat and put it in a box with a bottle of cyanide. We rig it up so that a detector looks at an isolated electron and determines whether it is ‘spin up’ or ‘spin down’ (it can have either characteristic, seemingly at random). If it is ‘spin up’, then the bottle is opened and the cat gets it. Ten minutes later we open the box and see if the cat is alive or dead. The question is: what state is the cat in between the detector being activated and you opening the box”. Find out here

  • C-C says:

    I enjoy testing this space & time theory:

    We believe space and time to be infinite. Thus the distance between my fist speeding towards a volunteer\’s nose can be halved infinitely so in theory we would never connect. Right?

  • andi says:

    Here in Germany, we really want to know what happens to the cat:


  • Fritz says:

    Ie the cat/toast jam experiment…..

    There is another factor that was not considered. I remember from physics class
    the chances of the jam toast landing jam side down is directly proportional to
    price of the carpet

  • iDrifter says:

    I’m not sure about cats being effected by jam spread on their back, however we found that if you butter both sides of a piece of toast, it will hover in a state of quantum indecision.

    • Cowdozer says:

      Have you actually tried this for yourself? I believe that for an ideally buttered double sided piece of toast, the potential energy vs angle from the ground is not a bell curve centered around 90 degrees, but is proportional to 1/|x| + 90. Thus, the toast is equally happy to land on either of the buttered sides and will never enter a state of indecision.

      • C-C says:

        Excellent Cowdozer! Just 1 variable to add and that is acceleration as a factor based on the quality of the floor covering. Linoleum has much less of an attractive force than, say, your Grandma\’s Persian rug. The corrected formula escapes me though – sorry.

  • Will says:

    T-Mobile Sues Over Magenta…

    In other news:
    Dr. Evil Sues Writers Everywhere, Claims Father Invented The Question Mark, and As Next of Kin is Due -ONE MIIIIILION DOLLLARS!!!!- In Royalties. -mua, muahah, muahahahah, muahahahahahahahahahah…..


  • IanN says:

    I’ve heard that UFOs are held aloft by spinning cats. Here’s proof:

  • Good stuff kids. Trying to make a real effort to watch everyday.

  • WHERE\’S FRIDAY??????

  • B-man says:

    Casual Friday Warmup from B-mobile

  • tomp45 says:

    T-Mobile bunch of money grubing jerks!

  • drlex says:

    Nice Video lolz, my names Savannah, im feelin n0rty and h0rn3y if any guyz wana chat im usually on
    ___ ___ my username there is Savannah-tqgii chat soon ;)

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