Monday November 12, 2007 : The Smartest People in the World

story links: PetroChina becomes world’s first trillion dollar company, Chessboxing, The Radio Hat, Joanne Hello Kitty Hell, Chris Langen smartest person in America (video interview), Take an IQ Test for yourself online now, New Russian spacecraft on the way (video of Sputnik), First HD video from Japan’s moon orbiter, wearables charge from breathing ((via ecogeek)), Quarterlife, Birdmoon vultures (thanks, Rosemary!)

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  • yatta says:

    tried the i.q. test. got through 30 questions then didn't have the patience to finish the rest.

  • SteveL says:

    Projectile vomiting? That's always been my main weapon! Damn vultures.

  • leron says:

    I see. And if we do really well on the test, we can get work bouncing on Long Island.

    "Benign eugenics," huh? Just shows you that doing well on a test doesn't always translate well to other challenges. Like living in the real world. (Or, apparently, finding a flattering hair style.)

    As boxers go, those guys were some pretty awesome chess players.

  • B-man says:



  • Mike Dixon says:

    Hey how I was truly hoping to see light duty German transport vehicles featured today instead!

    I think the Hello Kitty woman is using that as a code name for some major online 'ante-up-the-kitty-some-more' kinda gambling operation way down under.

    I think that that smart guy in Long Island is using the bar gig to cover up some major operation that he orchestrates by day in the basement below involving--yes you guessed it--eugenics ( n : the study of methods of improving genetic qualities by selective breeding (especially as applied to human mating)), because in his mind this sure beats commuting daily into a cubicle where some bone-headed, brown-nosing, incompetent, turkey-vulture-istic manager breathes down his neck all day.

    I think I thought that I heard a really cute somebody say "webisode".

    I think that I toiled way too long whether to edit out the previous sentence or not.

    I think that that 40 minute IQ test is too difficult: I can't figure out what to click on to make it go.

    I think that my brain will likely implode within the next fifteen seconds.. . oh no, stand back!! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!@#*9 97 ^ )* ) _ _ +

    Cool Photo Loading,,,

  • ronen says:

    great ep!

  • Kam says:

    They have smart guys in Long Island?

  • arena94 says:

    DID IT !


  • Will says:

    Hey! -Chris Langen: From zero to crazy in 3.1 seconds!-That\'s faster than a Porsche GT3-RS!
    Not my best test, but:

  • Kam says:

    Er...need I say more....

  • leron says:

    I did a story once about a fancy elementary school where the parents freaked out, because the attendance boundaries had changed and now some kids had to cross a street to get to school for the first time. These were the elite kids of the community. Their parents came to the meetings in droves, with PowerPoints showing traffic patterns and projections of morbidity at various intersections, blah blah blah.

    Two days later I was nosing around under a railroad bridge about 150 feet from the US-Mexico border and noticed a bunch of kids from the nearby public-housing project walking alongside the tracks to get to their elementary school. They traveled in groups, studiously avoided the junkies and hobos sleeping under the trestles, and left plenty of room in case a train came by. Quite the contrast from the kids who lived 15 miles away, whose parents fretted that they would have to cross a traffic-controlled street.

    I wonder which kids would have scored higher on an IQ test?

    Actually, I don't wonder at all.

    There's smart, and then there's wise.

  • Will says:

    An old friend of the family is a guy who\'s had a perfect photographic memory his entire life. He literally is incapable of forgetting even 1 detail.
    He too took a very simple job like crazy eugenics IQ dude.
    The brain is a funny thing.

  • arena says:

    Tests only proof one thing. Your ability to pass them ...

  • Cowdozer says:

    You beat me, Will. I got 121. :p Does anyone know if that\'s a timed test, or just a time limited test? I\'m wondering because I started it this morning, and had to stop around question 20 and go to school. I did it over again the whole way through after, so if it\'s timed I might have a higher score than I should have had. I also know I made some silly mistakes, like I thought I had solved the last one well enough to choose the solution, but I failed to notice another option that was also possible until after I had submitted.

    I had fun... this is the first of these tests that I actually \"got it\". Normally I\'m like \"What do you want me to do? You\'re giving me questions with no answers or instructions on how to complete them. How am I supposed to have any idea what to do?\" Maybe now that I \"got it\" on this test, I\'ll have an idea of how to complete those other stupid IQ tests. :p

  • Will says:

    I love these types of things!!
    There was a post over on LifeHacker quite a while ago on Rapid Calculation/Decisionmaking that really gets your brain going. Faster you go with accuracy, higher your score.

    [edit: -Oh SNAP! -I just found it! It\\\'s the Executive Function test at

  • Will says:

    HEY! -WTF!?! The CAPTCHA thing just chopped my comment by 2/3!!!! AND I\'m logged in! --Fuckers!

    You can be smart but just not know the \"language\". Practice helps you learn it and it exercises your brain.

    BTW: The test at onemansblog only tests Visual/Spatial -no verbal, analogies, math, math sequences like fibonaccis, etc.

  • Bob Johnson says:

    129 with 7 min left. I had no clue on the last one, but the others I could apply logic to.

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