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May 10, 2007 • 8:10 am | Permalink


  • Zacharelli2 says:

    Having a bad poetry day?

    Anyway, who killed the woman who accused Bush of raping her?

    • leron says:

      Um, she did.

      I bet 100 lawsuits like this get filed every year. Ask any courts reporter in any major city. A remarkable number of them feature the same kinds of rants this poor woman was running: CIA agents, mind control drugs, etc. More than a few also reference space aliens. But that's just silly.

  • Jim S says:

    Oy. That gave me a headache.

  • B-man says:


  • B-man says:

    Kam, bet your smoke rings are bigger! ;)

  • All those CBS/NBC news viewers have switched over to Rocketboom!!

    Kam can probably make smoke rings with his pressure washer.

    I saw Joanne, heard Beck, but was thinking...

    Ah get born, keep warm
    Short pants, romance, learn to dance
    Get dressed, get blessed
    Try to be a success
    Please her, please him, buy gifts
    Don't steal, don't lift
    Twenty years of schoolin'
    And they put you on the day shift
    Look out kid
    They keep it all hid
    Better jump down a manhole
    Light yourself a candle
    Don't wear sandals
    Try to avoid the scandals
    Don't wanna be a bum
    You better chew gum
    The pump don't work
    'Cause the vandals took the handles

    Over & out!

  • Smacktle says:

    I hate it when I have to watch it twice because I don't feel smart enough. Worse than getting hair stuck in your mouth!

    • I hate it when I have to watch it twice because I didn't get it and then spend all day wondering if there was even something to get. But then again that is what makes RB interesting! Watching CBS/NBC & the like we know for sure there is nothing to get.

  • leron says:

    The days when Uncle Walter told us "the news" are a dim memory. That audience has fractured and ain't never coming back. Which is why we can have a Jon Stewart now. And a Rocketboom, for that matter.

    For years, maybe decades, those network news shows have been kept afloat on a stream of ads for denture cream, stomach medicine and, more recently, ED pills. That tells you all you need to know about who's still out there watching.

    Wait 'til those ultra-fast modems Comcast was showing off yesterday are in everybody's homes -- meaning next year. Katie Couric won't be able to get arrested.

  • Skypilot181 says:

    Carefull Joeanne,
    Television ratings are down by more than 2.5 million views on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox compared to last year. Don\'t be suprised if the networks start to seek punitive action and monetary damages against video bloger\'s.

    So the question remains, where did all the views go? Prehaps Rocketboom? :)

  • Skypilot181 says:

    my bad. I typoed Joanne\'s name. Can you ever forgive me?

  • msquared says:

    hey Joanne wore that same shirt on Monday or maybe Thursday\'s episode was recorded on Monday?

  • silverageguy says:

    Now that\'s the RB I love!
    Lots of interesting internet links and a fun bit of reading from Joanne.
    But tomorrow is Casual Friday. Oh, no!

  • Paris Hilton says:

    Fox news called me a celebutante.
    Now, how hot is that!!!

  • iSmart says:

    The next time you feel the urge to watch the old media network news, select your favorite talking head, turn the sound down, then click here. You'll get all you need to know.

  • justbehonest says:

    lame-o. this collection of little 2 second burps do nothing but confuse the bajeebers out of anyone trying to make heads or tails of it. this show gets more stupid every day.

  • Kam says:

    As I mentioned before, so unattractive when you do the dumb ass white rapper chick thingy, please, no more!
    A rather large squirrel left his hearing aid in the tree.
    Now jump a bike through the smoke ring, that'd be cool.
    & as leron says "for maybe decades, those network news shows have been kept afloat on a stream of ads"
    couldn't find his Lucky Strike commercial
    later people

    • leron says:

      Golden Fluffo. Un-fucking-believable. What, they had a few barrels of carotene left over after the margarine run one time? Wonder how they got all that extra volume in it. I'm hoping they just kept beating it, but given their eager embrace of "golden yellow color," God only knows what was in it.

      Interesting he said "richer looking" each time, not "richer." Lawyers? Focus groups?

  • denlin says:

    can we just go back to doing the news the old way. not all this poem stuff i cant understand...

  • Bonsoir,

    check your mailbox.


  • dirtgirl says:

    Where it's at!

    Jo got 2 turntables and a microphone!

  • dhenry says:

    Well, it was different, I\'ll give you that.
    Cheereo--and a kick in the pants for Mr. Blair!

  • CalGemini says:

    Commenting on this vb would be righteous tough if one tried to avoid stepping in any "poem stuff",
    'cause I see it that we've done some Beck rearrangin', re-echoin' Bob's thang; "Times . . . they are a changin'"

    Go Jo, go Jo, go Jo (hey, that stuff cleans just about anything off anything)


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