friday march 30, 2007 : casual friday

around chinatown

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  • mitch says:

    So quiet in the end. She stole all the sounds from Chinatown!

  • Frostilicus says:

    Hooray for musical Joanne! Now, if I may offer my services...

  • silverageguy says:

    Even Joanne looked bored.
    Please eliminate Casual Friday and give us web-sites!

  • Buterfly says:

    line 6 -

  • tycobrahe says:

    A very Glenn Gouldian program. Like when he used to record 4 different conversations at once and mix the voices rythmically. Oh, and lookin very Posh Spice out there in C-town.

  • Me says:

    Why was the video flipped in the last shot?

  • ente says:

    a dream made with sounds and Joanne, a star inside!
    Thanks for Casual Friday.

  • B-man says:

    Joanne\'s gadget turned all of Chinatown into dancing Japanese.

  • Kam says:

    Until I read the comments, I had no idea what Joanne was doing (I had my sound turned way down) @ first I thought she had some cool zapping machine & was gonna juice that old lady & make her shuffle faster.
    I just love watching people in your fair city, looked like a nice day too.
    Later people

  • jan says:

    lucky you didn't do this videoblog in boston... they'd probably arrest you for walking around with a green "bomb"

  • Tommeh says:

    ARGH. Since the site has been re-done rocketboom keeps refreshing halfway through I'm watching the video. Though it seems more of a redirect to the new layout....

    Very annoying

    • Estelle says:


      The same thing is happening to me and also find it extremely annoying and was wondering if there was anyway to stop it from doing that

  • Zacharelli2 says:

    It\'s interesting how people don\'t even seem to notice her. Only in New York... Maybe you guy should make some sorties out to other parts of the country?

    • Nab says:

      New Yorkers are good at pretending they don't notice the people around them. It's protection. It must take a toll, being wary whenever you're on the street.

      • leron says:

        You get used to it. You learn to notice everything and react to nothing (if you can). I've seen cops chase armed robbers down the street, everyone with guns in plan sight, and old ladies with shopping bags on both arms casually step aside to let them pass and then totter on, much like Joanne's first subject, without ever acknowledging what they had seen.

        Damn, I'd give almost anything to walk around in Chinatown this afternoon. Bring some cash and there's no telling what you might turn up. I remember one of the network TV news shows was doing a walk-along with Ang Lee just after "Crouching Tiger" hit it big, and as they ambled down Canal Street, there was a folding table on the sidewalk loaded up with ... bootleg DVDs of "Crouching Tiger," hot off the boat from the mother country, where copyrights are traditionally treated as impudent suggestions. The director just smiled and said, "At least they like the movie."

    • mitch says:

      There are other parts of the country?

  • Pierre says:

    Great episode. I had to do something similar in the first year of Art School. I didn\'t do it looking like the Terminator though!

  • Yea for Casual Friday. RB makes me happy.

  • Ted says:

    I see others noticed it, too, but I will say what I came to say: Joanne really does boredom well.

  • Awesome! I know how hard that video must have been to make - audio and clip wise. Great job Andrew.

  • jay says:

    Cool vid. What is that remote thingy for? Loved how all the sounds disappear. The CT in NY looks like the one in SF and LA :)...

  • LegoMyEggRoll says:

    I love Rocketboom. But that was kind of boring. (Sorry guys!)

  • Michael Mart says:

    So now we know the pulse of Chinatown. Very cool.

  • Ziggy says:

    You guys I've been watching a long time and I hate to see your imagination kill your show. I mean the occasional introspective or quirky artistic show is one thing but two or three a week. Keep it up and I'll stop watching along with a lottttttt. of you long time fans.

    • nimble2 says:

      Just ONE show a week is hard enough to produce, just "ASK A NINJA"
      I'm always in awe of the amount of work that must go into a once a week show much less a daily show like Rocketboom
      US LONG TIME FAN's could always help by supporting the shows we watch!!! by suggesting new subject matter or sending in links
      I respect the bloggers and vloggers because without them, your stuck with just TV

  • Kam says:

    Ziggy, you may only do quirky once a week, that's an order! (well ....maybe twice, if it's artistic)

  • B-man says:

    Joanne did you do that? I guess you\'re still atwitter.

  • Tech-nocky says:

    So what was that gadget she was lugging around? Looks kinda interesting.

  • Chip says:

    Getting error messages some times that the plug ins can not be installed. I dont get this video..maybe Im just not cool. Like it better when Joanne is reporting on something. Joanne how about visting a teddy bear factory?

  • BadBeaver says:


  • aaaACHOOoooo says:

    The fact that you rolled out a disfunctional format publicly tells me
    two key things:
    1) Your IT skills and approach are both poor and infantile.
    2) You don't really give a crap about your viewers.

    Your site doesn't work for I.Explorer 6 or 7 for BT Internet users in the UK.
    It simply crashes the browser.
    I guess Rocketboom is afterall just a play thing - shame, I thought you
    were more savvy than that.

    Maybe I'll take another look in a week or two.
    Sort it out.

    • nimble2 says:

      btw : aaaACHOOoooo
      I have a problem viewing the show at work because they use windows98se and IE6 so the flash plugin shows everything in green
      I have to use the windows media player at work.
      @home XP and IE7 or Firefox has no problems
      I guess it\'s catch22 when it comes to technology, Great when it works, sucks when it locks up your computer

    • Kam says:

      God bless you! & isn\'t that dYsfunctional @ least that\'s the way we spell it here in la la land. Might I suggest Firefox or Safari or moving to Iceland? see you in 2 weeks, take care of that cold/allergies.

    • Drew says:

      aaaACHOOoooo, we do provide ways for people to watch who are on antiquated systems. You can find our windows version at:

      We also have a phone site with nice enough files for slow dialups and old browsers, etc:

      Also we now have a flash version via Dotsub which is Closed Captioned too:

      If you want to get it via iTunes or Democracy or another aggregator, there are many off-site options too.

  • def Trash says:

    hey, ThaTs The fuckin downTown-anThem! You should lisTen To ThaT new song of mine. ITs jusT like ThaT wiTh a beaT. IT´ll be uploaded on monday noon.

  • nimble2 says:

    LQQk\'s like a Line6 effects pedal with a 1/4\' to xlr transformer that was modified to transmit back to a sound man
    OR it\'s JUST A PROP, sorry to say, like Joanne.
    To me the REAL show is always what\'s going on behind the camera

    btw : aaaACHOOoooo
    I have a problem viewing the show at work because they use windows98se and IE6 so the flash plugin shows everything in green
    I have to use the windows media player at work.
    @home XP and IE7 or Firefox has no problems
    I guess it\'s catch22 when it comes to technology, Great when it works, sucks when it locks up your computer

  • TSUMBRA says:


  • Beautiful piece! Very creative!



  • Mick says:

    Amazing what newbies to Manhattan will come up with.

  • flynn says:

    I gotta say, this was simply this most amazing episode yet. BRAVO. Nice editing and planning guys!


  • blatzadict says:

    i actually like casual fridays. this one was really cool. i wish there were more loops used tho it must of taken time to edit the 4 tracks

  • Kam says:

    Bunker boys, here\'s the latest!
    oh, btw ....APRIL FOOLS!

  • effendi says:

    Loved it. More please.

  • At first I thought I thought you rigged up some kinda cellphone signal jammer, but I like this just as much.

  • stormbutt says:

    I loved it. A quietly curious bit of meditative slapstick. Just what the doctor ordered in the middle of a choatic day. Thanks. ..-and what was that greem machine?

  • Great video - I was actually in NYC on spring break two weeks ago and Chinatown was a really memorable experience. The food, the people, the ambiance, and the quirky shops were the best! Where else could I buy a light-up Godzilla pen that sticks its tongue out a people?

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