Wiimbledon 2007

Nintendo Wii Tennis plus Barcade equals Wiimbledon

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June 27, 2007 • 3:35 am | Permalink


  • happyphantom says:


  • C-C says:

    Joanne; please pronounce the word "mandatory" again for us; well for me in particular!

    Now I'm frantically digging through my 4 or 5 notepads of ideas; some even jotted down while under the slight influence of alcohol. There just may be a nugget in there! Of course that was "BK" (before kids) and some even "BI" (before Internet). Man this is getting depressing - I think I'll crack open a cold one right now. Oooops, or not - the kids are home today but quietly staying out of the office!

    What a great idea and a good event name to boot!

  • Smacktle says:

    There is only one day 3 hours and a few minutes left to bid on a Rocketboom shirt that Joanne may have worn or touched. Since no one has placed a bid yet, the price has been raised and comments changed:

    Cmon Kam start off the bidding. It\'s not like I\'m gonna hold ya to it!

  • jjhat1 says:

    We actually held a Wii Sports tournament here at the University of Louisville a few months back. It was held by the Speed School Engineering Council, which I am a member of.

    He held a 16 person tournament for bowling, boxing, and tennis.

    You can see some pictures of the event over at Flickr

    The prizes were some awesome trophies and gift cards.

  • beagle says:

    I was at SW19 today. Nothing beats the real thing :) The whole buzz about the dress code and Tatiana Golovin's red knickers was a hoot.

    Abandoned half way due to the rain though (hey, it' Wimbledon, c'mon...). Could have really done with Wii tennis in the hospitality area. Hmmm, I'll have to write to the All England club...

  • Kam says:

    Pretend this is casual Friday Billy Joel fans will love this!

  • nitro2k01 says:

    01:52 - Beer cap Invaders monster spotted.
    Also, I wonder if Nintendo made a list of all possible ways of using the word Wii that they could come up with?

  • nitro2k01 says:

    Oh yeah, I also wonder if the guy in the bear costume is a /b/rother...

  • Juan Falla says:

    I want to go and buy a Wii now.

  • jasorn says:

    This sold me on the wii. I\'ve got to get one. The last console I bought before it made it to the thrift stores was the nes.

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