Tuesday Dec. 4, 2007 : Garrison Keillor of Prairie Home Companion

Rocketboom interview with Garrison Keillor of Prairie Home Companion

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  • JackH says:

    I\'m a regular listener of PHC on BBC7 (though not living in the UK). And I really like it.(though I wasn\'t sure whether it wasn\'t meant as a joke for quite some time ;-) ) But it\'s much more fun to have Keillor tell little stories from Lake Wobegon than to have him talk about google and wikipedia.

  • ironic1 says:

    As a Minnesotan and an avid listener to (and financial supporter of) PHC I\'m pleased to see Garrison on RB. Minnesota is the mecca of public radio in the US and the quality and variety of programs are amazing, most of which are available for live streaming or podcasts.

    I\'d also recommend Garrison Keillor\'s Writer\'s Almanac which is a daily offering of literary lore and a short poem. It\'s available as a podcast and is usually around 5 minutes.

  • GG says:

    Love PHC--- thank you for a great, intimate interview....
    Radio rocks...

  • leron says:

    I minimized the window and just listened to this ep.

    Some of my fondest memories from the \'80s are of drifting near sleep on a friend\'s couch on winter Saturday afternoons with Garrison\'s Keillor\'s voice in my ear.

    These days, the Saturday night dishes would not get washed without The News from Lake Wobegon.

    A while back I bought an up-market cassette deck just because it would flip over a 120-minute tape and record the whole show. Podcasting, c. 1996.

    Mr. Keillor is right, however. There is no going back.

    Efficient. Decent. Civilized. Indeed.

    But what\'s with the running shoes? I thought he was a devotee of Converse All-Stars.

  • Ook says:

    Nice job. I have never seen Keillor engaged quite like that.

    He is one of the great people\'s scholars of our time, or he would be if there were any others left to be greater than.

  • As diluted as I\'ve become, with everything I try to accomplish day, my attn in 50 places at once, on the weekend, when I hear Garrison Keillor\'s voice say \"Lake Wobegon\" everything stops. My attention can only be described as rapt. I\'m transported. I am so there then. It\'s a healthier way to take a trip and never leave the farm. Thank You.

  • John Cow says:

    This is the reason I look forward to Rocket Boom every day: the oh-too-short interview with Mr. Keillor is just great. It\'s always interesting to get the more personal perspective of the people behind the voices we hear on the radio. I\'ve been a fan of PHC for quite a few years and tune in while working around the house on the weekends. My first exposure to Mr. Keillor was his morning poetry reading on local PBS radio. Now, even while reading his books, the voice in my head sounds like his.

    Continued success to both Mr. Keillor and Rocket Boom.

  • Kam says:

    How many times I\\\'ve sat at long tables listening to those \\

    • Kam says:

      \"boring & bullying\" people.
      Years ago I was fired by the Hyatt here in Hawaii (don\'t stay there) for refusing to wear the required sandal footwear in leu of my checkered Vans (I had just seen Fast Times @ RH) so any guy who wears red shoes & socks is aces in my book. Nice to finally match a face to that velvet voice.
      & btw Joanne, even though you didn\'t make the list of the Top 10 Hottest Women In Tech (according to askmen dot com) (got the spam killer in my first post) UB#1, so efficient, decent & civilized. (& yep, quite attractive I must say)

  • fciron says:

    I am thrilled to see someone describe the internet as MORE decent and civilized. Usually it is blamed for the decline of civilization.

  • Will says:

    I Love GK.
    It is So Great that you got him, RB-ers!!! -Really, really cool.
    Love how you saved the socks & sneakers for the end -funny!

    I too miss the smell of a dusty old book; it's been too long.

    Here's a book-lover's treat for all 5.3 people who read the comments on this site :D -cheers!
    Librophiliac Love Letter: A Compendium of Beautiful Libraries

    • tycobrahe says:

      That was the most spectacular collection of rooms I have ever traversed in one place. Thank you. They truly give knowledge the reverence it deserves. Oh, and Joanne's interview was 1st class as always.

    • C-C says:

      Pretty cool using "new media" to display pictures of truly classic "old media" outlets. What an neat collection and awesome journey all in one place.

      As far as the RB episode goes; I ditto all the positive comments already expressed!

  • plantedbypiggies says:

    Ah, Garrison Keillor. He\'s one of my heroes. When I was taking my first broadcasting classes, my textbook had a quote from him. \"Television is the Wal-mart of the mind. Radio is infinitely more sexy.\" And, I would think he\'d concur, so is podcasting.

  • HellCat says:

    Wonderful interview Joanne (and all supporting crew!) GK is fought his way to icon status amongst us literary types. Thanks, and keep up the good work. Oh, and Happy Holidays!

  • sockrates says:

    Nice work, Lady J. Didja know that PHC has ventured into media? There\'s a movie a year or two ago, and a few tv versions over the years, I think. But as he recognizes, radio is ideal for his show. If only he would give up singing!

  • yea! it\'s nice to see some home cooking every once in a while.

  • Scott S says:

    This was a very good catch for an interview but he must have been distracted.
    A question for Joanne.
    What was it like interviewing him? I got the impression that he was intimidating and also distracted. For instance when he is listening he seems to be straining to pay attention, maybe he is always like that though. Then when replying he seems to be looking around rather than at the interviewer.

    He seems very dynamic - he was recently on with Neil Conan on the Talk of the Nation on NPR and he had a great time with the callers and seemed to be very engaged but here instead of talking about the behind the scenes of PHR he's talking about the internet...

    Perhaps the point is that he feels that a medium like this, where people can watch, listen, etc at their own pace, is where PHR might eventually go - video podcasting?? Thoughts?

  • Lost says:

    Listening to GK talk is like wrapping yourself up in a quilt, sitting in a comfortable rocking chair, watching the snow fall in the valley while sipping on a hot cup of cocoa. Time just stands still.

  • Mike Dixon says:

    Click on photo for larger version (in new window)....
    Garrison Keillor landing...

  • Cowdozer says:

    I\'m surprised to see that no one has commented on this yet... There\'s the map!!! The one joanne ripped with the book! It\'s taped back up on the wall and you can see the crinkles under india!

    Since it\'s been so long and this is the first time I\'ve seen it, the rocketboom peoplemust not always record their shows in order. I found you guys out! :p


  • Gary Edward Keillor. Lacking in leaves. Drawing attention to himself with his shoes and socks. Maybe if he pierced his eyebrows, he could finally get the attention he needs. No where to send the leaves.This is so very sad. You are still it.Tag. Fix the mess you have made. See if you can catch me. I will be in Arlington burying the Col. on Thursday the 13th @ 1500hrs.Since you are so paranoid, maybe you should hire some boys in New York. You never know what may show up there. The interview failed to appropriately capture the nervous nellie, although your attention did make you look skittish. You are missing so much. You have the power to improve the situation. Think about it.
    As you wish.

  • alexakira888 says:

    Could you present here the words he had written which tells people the things you accuse him of?

  • thelayer2008 says:

    I agree, he also sounds like a child molester!!! (Keillor's voice - It was a quiet week in Lake Wobegon, little Joey Johansonn came over to my house and I said to him, uh hi little boy, do you like some candy, yes candy its in my pocket, dont ya know its good for ya, go ahead take some from my pocket, ohhhhhhhh yeeees thats it, grab lots of it, deeper, a little to the left, OHHHHHHHHHH!"

    This guy is a FREAK!!!!!

  • bloggerjoe says:

    In the introduction to The Book of Guys, he lectures about how reading is a solitary and sedentary pastime, and how people should do other things blah blah blah.

  • garyowen4ever says:

    WHEN GARRISON SINGS, rachel maddow wants to climb onto rush limbaugh's lap and nuzzle his shoulder and nibble his ear.

  • Nightmastercool97 says:

    Its funny that the commentator asks that question because in a way its a show very similar to Prarie Home Companion known as the Red Green Show also Garrison Keillor said that comercial television had gone in a different directiona and it might of been possible a twenty years ago but not anymore well there was a show in the 90's also remotly similar to Prarie Home Home Improvement.

  • Treasures4Food says:

    I actually love Garrison Keillor. But he definitely has a face for radio. lol

  • garyowen4ever says:

    when garrison sings, DYKES ON BYKES are beguiled and seduced BY KIKES ON BIKES and convert to an all KOSHER lifestyle of bingeing on MOGEN DAVID AND MANISCHEVITZ with nova lox bagles and bialys, latkes n'sour cream and borscht i'm sure. then they weekend scramble to BERGDORF GOODMAN'S, SAKS 5TH AVE AND BLOOMIES, for jimmy choo and manolo's and coach all on final markdown. then pull an all niter listening to michael feinstein and linda eder singing the gerschwinn showtoonz songbook, SHALOM!

  • SGTNAPALM333 says:

    I like the radio show the best. You can see the live recordings on TV sometimes, but the radio lets you use your imagination while listening.

  • Maggie028 says:

    You talk about Garrison Keillor as if he were indistinguishable from Paris Hilton. He's well-known quite simply because he's a good writer and does a radio show that no one else does anymore. He's not a cult leader; I imagine it would be very hard to start a cult through public radio.

    His comment is funny because it's funny.

    I don't know any famous people and can therefore never kiss their ass.

  • Maggie028 says:

    I agree. I saw his show live a few years ago, which was cool just for the experience, but I actually prefer the radio broadcast.

  • bloggerjoe says:

    Everything I have said about Keillor is true.

    And to illuminate you further, no one is well-known just because they are a good writer. People get "promoted" and "marketed." Even those with do-goody NPR personas like Keillor and Fulghum.

    Check out Keillor on youtube endorsing Obama and influencing your vote. What's that all about?

    It's only when you admit that you've been drinking the koolaid that you will see the light.... Keillor is just another "media star" abusing that big soap box.

  • Maggie028 says:

    There are several different reasons people get famous, talent is one of them. Maybe that makes you feel inadequate but deal with it.

    I was a supporter of Obama before I saw Keillor's endorsement. Celebrity endorsements have different causes & varying degrees of efficacy.

    Based on your last comment, I'm going to assume you're being ridiculous on purpose to incite some kind of linguistic violence, so I'm just going to end this ridiculous debate with I'm right & you're wrong, so :-p

  • bloggerjoe says:

    Are you suggesting that famous people are naturally "talented?"

    I'll keep that in mind next time I'm watching the Anna Nicole-Smith biography on E!

    I don't want to debate you either. You are a drone.

  • platyplaya says:

    I listen to this at work... because I have no TV.

    It's entertaining, not so much amusing.

  • garyowen4ever says:

    when garrison keillor sings, RNC protestors, hooligans and vandals rush to a Brooks Brothers Store for Men and get fitted for 3 piece suits, button down white shirts, black wingtips and pin dot navy blue ties. then repare to a the union league club for scotch highballs and prime rib, as they discuss the dow jones and S&P outlook. Later they join the mormon tabernacle choir in singing the star spangled banner in advance of john mccain's acceptance speech.

  • pehf1rules says:

    It's Mr Honda !!!

  • hadleystirrup says:

    In case you read this,Mr Keillor, I'd like you to know that a 40-year- old Londoner thinks your storytelling is something magnificent: life- affirming,funny and profound. And I was delighted by your support for the similarly gifted skinny black guy. You are two of my favourite Americans!

  • garyowen4ever says:

    you should also know that minnesota women are big fat bear like beach balls with legs, fond of fat sweatshirts and flip flops , they dont shave their legs or underarms, use deodorant or bathe much either, love multiple tatoos , nose and ear hair, and thats their good habits.

  • PackageSeverance says:

    on the radio you can't tell that he is the ugliest person in the world

  • garyowen4ever says:

    minnesota women LOOK LIKE SASQUATCH, but not as sexy.

  • malenkylizards says:

    Ditto from a 21-year-old American. I didn't quite get it when my parents would listen to you on Sunday car trips, but I found your unique voice immensely comforting, then as now. And also, just like my neighbor across the puddle...OBAMA 08 :)

  • garyowen4ever says:

    in this season of renewal, may the LITTLE BABY JESUS, the infant of prague grant garrison keillor, heaven on earth and in the hereafter, and a golden throat to match is golden heart, mind and spirit! amen.

  • Renegator92 says:

    I swear that is dwight Shrute's uncle

  • EvaandMalushow says:

    OMG my dad and i listen to this every saturday and i have never noticed that hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL

  • onlyonegreen says:

    I had the good fortune to see Keillor's show this weekend in Cincinnati. Just fantastic! The skits were funny and transitions seamless, the music touching and skillfully played.

    The most amazing aspect of this show though is longevity. Two hours of fresh material nearly EVERY WEEK FOR DECADES is unparalleled.

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