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story links: happy mothers day, the m.i.t. multifunction in-dorm automation system (midas) touch, daryl hannah’s videoblog, art made with knitting, (thanks, sensamea!), make-a-movie with a message generator [1, 2], karl rove said to be indicted on charges of perjury and lying to investigators [ref: kr drinking game], mesh 2.0 conference, syndicate conference (discount with code H0205), beyond broadcast conference, bartending tricks

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  • Zack says:

    I do like the cat.

    Amanda, how can we act with you when we have no script?

    Karl Rove spelled backward is Evor L'rak, which is Martian for "I want to eat your eyes".

  • smily amanda,
    full of drive,
    many stories,

    that is why rocketboom just ROOOOOOOOOOOOOCKS!!!!

  • B-man 2.0 says:

    Darryl Hannah is too cool!

    So much for the ditzy blonde theory.

    She should be the CEO of GM.

    THis woman rocks!
    Always has!

  • ejm says:

    Does anyone else have Rocketboom t-shirt anxiety?

    Just remember that a vote for Series 11 is a vote for democracy!

  • I could have been the first comment today but, I got hung up watching the trick bartender's site.

  • tycobrahe says:

    How long will it be before we get Loretta doing a Daryl Hanna take-off? She must know a slew of short order cooks where she can ace some grill grease to power up the trailer generator. And is it wise to let on that you have no chaperone on-site today????

  • Lucana Man says:

    Good show!

    Loved the knitting.

    Does it really do something when you press the buttons on your console? Or is that just "internet magic".

  • crebele says:

    Great show this morning. Love the knitwork, think I'm inspired to take up a new hobby...

    Am I the first to post the make-a-movie with a message results in the comments? Sorta funny. Bon apetite.

  • Jason says:

    Great episode today! Love the sliding beer.

    Here's a make-a-movie for you. Despite what he says, the mustache guy secretly loves you.

  • marijn says:

    yay, india movie subtitles !!

  • Oldcypher says:

    Here's mine Amanda it's you and Andrew! Enjoy :-)

  • artesvida says:

    This exercise reminds me a bit of "What's Up Tiger Lily."

  • bob groove says:

    the current administration drives me to drink, too. but on a monday morning? right on! wish i had the day off, i'd drink with ya. happy days are comin'!

  • onesock says:

    heres mine.

  • mitchell says:


  • butterfly says:

  • butterfly says:

  • GW says:

    Not so fast my Rocketboom friends. You and Mr. Leopold need to get some new sources, if there were ever any in the first place.

  • artesvida says:

    Like leron sez: "no one can dub just one":

  • onesock says:

    another another another so fun!

  • bobbie_mac says:

    fitting considering it's upfronts week

  • Disgruntled says:

    True dat!

  • conniec says:

    Howdy from the Mesh conference in Toronto . Drew is representing himself well up on the stage.


  • nwhitt says:

    Great episode; I'm glad to see that Rocketboom is not going down the tubes. Great find on Carl Rove, 'cause I have been trying to find news like that for years and haven't found anything trustworthy. Vote for t-shirt #92,94 and 95.

  • nwhitt says:

    Check it out:

  • nwhitt says:

    numba 2!

  • Dan Van says:

    Amanda, Here's my interaction

    I made my video as a personal appeal to your tshirt deadline. I'm very excited to see what's in store for rocketboom in the future.

    Keep up the great work! I'll be watching.

  • Gary says:

    nice to see Amanda so bubbly, happy, and not too serious today.

  • Unkown says:

  • onesock says:

  • John Homes says:

    What is up with the "Your Stndication or Mine?" t-shirt?

  • HARTLESS says:


    Why is it that A-man-duh is so bubbly on her political rants? Daryl Hannah has been licking far too many gas caps, to bad she doesn't fill out a t-shirt as well as A-man-duh!!!

  • HARTLESS says:

    I'm going to watch ZE Frank to really feel like a brainless Democrat tree-hugging liberal. I hear they're really tree-hugging in the Northeast today; I hope they all wash out to sea with the New York garbage!

  • B-man 2.0 says:

    Okay so I finally got flash 8 so I could play too!


  • B-man 2.0 says:

    Okay so I finally got flash 8 so I could play too!


  • butterfly says:

    MUST SEE!!!!

  • J.W. says:

  • Fang says:

    Amanda, knitting, Amanda, political drinking games, Amanda and goofy movies. What a great vlog!

    My shot at movie subtitles:

  • J.W. says:

    One more

  • Dan Van says:

    Another one... Who knew this would be so much fun.

    This time with titles (Amanda Hug And Kiss)

    Amanda + Subtitles = Fun

    Enjoy the Show...

  • Dubble says:


    The movie that was played today was an excellent movie to watch.I noticed you put in your own subtitles which did not match at all but it was funny though.Anyways I do recommend for everyone to watch the movie.The name is 'DON'.

  • Shannon says:

    Hey amamnda quit being to dam liberal as a major ditto head I get annoyed my rocketbooms liberal bias. I was so inspired by George Bush speech today. Secure our borders and kick out all of the mexicans.


  • onesock says:

    My last one.. we all hope.

  • A.R.Thompson says:

    I had time to check out a few and made one of my own. I think this site should come with a warning, extremely addictive... RB and "BBTV" as I hear the kids are calling it. Enjoy my slightly vulgar addition to the comments this week on Rocketboom.

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Derwin says:

    Hmm... this one appears to have nothing to do with rocketboom...

  • RF says:


    But I want to tell all you folks out there that read Kos and that sort of thing that what you are doing is great by keeping up this Bush hatred in your own internals with this Democratic party third way group you have lost 15 percentage points amongst the middle class Wal-Mart shoppers.

    Other than that I loved today's show.


  • B-man 2.0 says:

    Oh boy!

  • B-man 2.0 says:

    This is more fun than all the other videos put together and it's REAL

    CNN screws up on Bush speech

  • Dan Van says:

    Of course it's a TI-99-4A... The better question is does it work or is it just a prop. The keyboard is very loud and probably chosen for better audio effect.

  • onesock says:

    Mike W. has my vote for best subtitled skit "Evil Amanda"! great!

  • Neil Cowley says:

    AH, what a delicious vodcast - just found you, and I'll have to go to the fridge for a beer to play the drinking game. Give me a minute to get a Bombay TV title.

  • bobbie_mac says:

    Disgruntled = hilarious.

    "My dog Madison Avenue..."

    : D

  • P says:

    A good old-fashioned love story...

  • Josh Leo says:

    that "Theme song" on daryl Hannah's "vlog" is actually just a song by the ditty bops... who kick butt (their summer tour from California to the midwest is being done entirely by bike!

  • swiftjohn says:



    late yes, but maybe I'll get some credit!


    better late than never...


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