tuesday may 9, 2006 : special feature

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  • brem says:

    YOU looked ravishingly gorgeous.

    And while these people are "influential", they don't all have that special quality you "still" have: you're down to earth. Err... gravitating around the moon I meant.

  • Amanda...You ROOK MARBELOUS on the red carpet.

  • Zack says:

    How ironic, that obviously Amanda is the most influential person on the Web, which is the Great New Medium, yet she's interviewing these Little People, you know, like Martha Stewart. Strange...

  • Mark Kelso says:

    Content is King

    Most Influential?, Hey where is Dave Winer? Watch out this list will be changing as new media stars like Rocketboom succeed. A dream maybe but at least everyone gets a chance now.

    Thanks for the video, it’s cool staying subscribed instead of passively glued. Wiki-TV where are you?

  • eyeballonyou says:

    Dear Amanda,

    My Mother


    As Ever, Eye Ball

  • Student says:

    Speaking of influential people, Amanda, when are you going to put up more footage of your visit to Professor Phillip's class? (the on the 4-26-2006 vlog)


  • You are one of the top 100 in my book! You did a great job showing us the scene, I felt like I was behind you, that close, that real, it seemed!! You did it with such a fun style-- especially the Jennifer Lopez profile, and the graceful strut across the carpet!!

  • You are one of the top 100 in my book! You did a great job showing us the scene, I felt like I was behind you, that close, that real, it seemed!! You did it with such a fun style-- especially the Jennifer Lopez profile, and the graceful strut across the carpet!!

  • bakaneko says:

    Wow, Amanda goes big time as a Journalist with big stars!

    I know I shouldn't judge a journalist by whom she talks to but rather by what she has to say, but seeing Amanda talking to some mega stars seems to have ceremonially established her as a journalist.

  • thanieldon says:

    Hey that was cool! I felt like i was right there with you meeting all those cool people! Yeah, in my underwear interviewing the famous on the red carpet!
    Thanks, I loved it

  • yjp says:

    Yeah, great footage!
    I'm going to NYC the day after tomorrow,I'm excited!
    It might be to meet you Amanda. I went to Wikipedia to see your name Amanda,
    it says Jimmy's most influential person is Amanda Congdon! Congratulations!

  • sixfoot6 says:

    Props for looking as hot as the celebrities, Amanda, and for putting good questions to them. Good to see that both Will Smith and Diddy are both smart guys who know what they're doing.

  • B-man 2.0 says:

    Everybody is a star, doesn't matter who you are...
    Everybody wants to shine....

    -Sly Stone

  • amanda i have to admit you are my most influential people but in the bad direction you know, at least is what my mother told me: "this girl is a bad influence for you!!" when she caught me watching at you in your episode lying in the sofa :(

  • Lucana Man says:

    I have to say that one of Amanda's charms is her girlish/childish/funlover of silliest things..... seeing here gush over celebrities is fun.....I've gushed sometimes myself.

    um.....all's I hope is that you don't lose the maps and your "rez chausser" kind of reportage....

    There are enough vehicles reporting from the penthouse if you know what I mean...


  • Patchchord says:

    Hey! When did "Entertainment Tonight" get a videoblog?


  • Gary says:

    wonder why george clooney was missing from the walk this year? the other celebrities' comments were sufficiently vapid to justify his inclusion...

    the highlight was, as always, Amanda's red carpet walk.

  • joe c. says:

    Amanda, I'm curious as to how many people were savvy and ahead of the curve enough to recognize *you*! It seemed like Will Smith did, at least.


  • asmith says:

    I agree...with the above Entertainment Tonight comment..Amanda..what are you trying to do? You are clearly moving into the mainstream...oh well, someone else will take up the cause of being out on the edge..

    That is not a good interview's high school journalism. (who is the most influential person in their life?) Many people ignored you or were annoyed by you, (Al Franken for one)....stick to trying to keep us informed and change the world of communication.

    You did however get a scoop on P. Diddy's talking about his new site.

  • ellen says:

    Another great episode.
    You were just having such a great time, and you asked the best questions....
    Your red carpet walk! Fabulousa

  • angie says:

    Oh my gosh, how did you get to go in the press line? I smiled my way through watching that show - it was purely inspirational! And Diddy himself? That's awesome - that calls for a double full stop..

  • G says:

    Where do you get that background music. Who are these people singing about space travel, no friction and sattelites? Is it from the 50s? Give me clue - I'd like have them on my ipod.

  • chartreuse says:

    Finding out that there is 12 years worth of reality P.Diddy footage floating around made the episode worthwhile.


  • jess says:

    Honestly I can understand people being a little annoyed by the whole fawning over celebrities thing.

    Also, honestly, Kiki Smith? 100 Most Influential Person? Right ...

    Al Franken is kind of a jerk, as you can tell from the way he blew you off even though Diddy, Martha Stewart, Will Smith et al are way more famous. Just goes to show you that you can have good politics but a bad personality.

  • sandra says:


    WHAT AN EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steffi says:

    Well, you see, you HAVE influence- otherwise you couldn't talk to all these guys.
    Very good episode today.

  • Siempre me rio mucho contigo amanda.


  • Siempre me rio mucho contigo amanda.


  • riot_siren says:

    Too bad you didn't get to talk to Dane Cook. He's a funny bitch.

  • sandra says:

    Hey Amanda,

    Gorgeous and unique dress. Had to be a designer.

    Who is he/she, and where can you see his/her clothes??

    PS: you looked amazing
    maybe the next red carpet walk will be for real,
    but methinks I'll always love this one best.

  • umijin says:

    Well, lots of famous people but most not really impressive. Amanda does look better than J-Lo, maybe because her nose isn't in the air.

    I disagree about WikiPedia's or its founder's influence - there isn't exactly quality control in my opinion. I don't allow my students to use it as an information source for papers, but encourage to use it as a starting point for links.

    Kudos to killing the Earthlink ad. It was really too much bandwidth added to your podcast (in download time). In your short vidcast format, I think having brief, subtle ads will fit better, and not annoy us so much. We won't fast forward 'em as much either. :-P

  • Stevie says:

    Thanks B-man!! AMAZING Sly stone clip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • En Why See says:

    C'mon guys...pigeon-holing what Amanda should or shouldn't do, today, or next year, isn't helpful criticism.

    Of course, everyone's entitled to an opinion, but let's be real...Amanda is a young, diamond-about-to-be-polished talent.

    Many of these huge stars began just as Amanda did, e.g. Deborah Norville was a weatherwoman in a teensy market. Her [Deborah] talent (and of course, great looks and on-camera presence) got her a bunch of top jobs in news (we can forget about Inside Edition).

    My point is that Amanda (and 'Drew) should take this rocketship as far as it will take them. Their politics won't let them compromise beyond a certain point...but everyone deserves money and fame if they seek it. And Amanda does want to act and be seen.

    So let's just support her in whatever she does, if you're a true fan. Because it's really about what Amanda wants for herself, not what we want to see her do or say as some puppet of the vlog world.

  • Stevie says:

    I forgot to say - my favorite part was Amanda mimicking Jlo - really funny - and a bit of realness...

  • raydave says:

    J Lo ?????
    C'mon, your're not serious.

  • tycobrahe says:

    Everyday a surprise. And today just one more. Doesn't Diddy have another guy whose job it is to slip good looking girls his ultra private cellphone number? Of course you won't tell!

  • BIZcardGUY says:

    So...that BAS-tard, zefrank, got me all hooked up to your daily shows like a week ago. (Asshole.) But, y'know, the good thing is now I just need to discover a few more videoblogs and I'll be able to eliminate the equivalent of 3000 minutes of TeeVee with just 30 minutes of stuff from you guys! I dig the etertainment-pack quotient of your videos. Suggestions? THANKS and have a great day!

  • RingOfFire says:

    Very nice dress.

    I strongly suggest wearing more like it and leaning in front of the camera like that. Repeatedly!

  • jay says:

    That was awesome! I wish you had gotten to talk with Stephen Colbert though.

  • Andrew C says:

    Godly episode. Rocket is King!

  • Niko says:

    Way to go Mandybabes, reminds me of my li'l ol' job as events manager at the bookshop. That Sean Diddy Combs is an eloquent young man isn't he?

    Yours irritatingly English,
    Niko (the nonthinking woman's Mr. Darcy)

  • Seth says:

    Amanda, great dress! It must have been super exciting interviewing all those people. Did anyone else notice Diddy's nervousness? He reminded me of a client at an ad agency, they know what they want, but they can't speak the jargon or don't know how things work. I'm glad he has money and can hire people to do what he wants.


  • Inductee ? - sounds sinsiter here - do they walk in as humans and walk out as robots ? like in the film westworld

    It can help explain why Star Wars was awfull. 'Save' Jimmy before its too late.

  • ReTodd says:

    I must say that was very unbecoming of you, Amanda. I work in Hollywood and see many these folks on a regular basis, and your fawning was kinda creepy. Put a piece of straw in your mouth and wear sandals with black socks and you'd fit right in out here. This is clearly not your forte, at least for me.

  • tycobrahe says:

    Diddy probably didn't recognize you with your hair up. I mean you look so different from your May 6, 2005 RB Volvo pitch, which Diddy played such a prominent role in your pimping description that was totally "off the chainnnnn." You should have asked him what kind of car he drives now that can accomodate his 6 or 7 'Ho's" in the trunk hot tub. You should send him a copy of that show for I"m sure he'd like it. And yes, nice dress.

  • Craig N says:

    Hey, who was that bald guy?


  • d henry says:

    I had a lot of fun watching this episode today. Maybe it's just because I'm from L.A., but I don't need any great justification to see Amanda having fun and enjoy it with her. The interviewing was neat. Will Smith was fine. Diddy was good. And Amanda the loveliest in her red carpet gown.

  • Lance says:

    Congratulations on a wonderful milestone for RB. While I too get sick of our celebrity-is-God culture, the very fact that RB had access to the peeps confirms to a lot of people that RB is the future. Save this date for the archives! (And the J-Low was inspiring ;-)

  • Niko says:

    Who was that geezer with the beard and glasses?

    That's gotta be a wig GL!

  • PostieBoy says:

    As always, part of what makes R'Boom so great is that it's different almost every day. Nice job coming up with so many different good ideas. The best thing about the comments for me is how people who criitcize one of your ideas one day then love your idea the next day. To me, that's a sure sign you're on the right track. Avoid the pigeonhole, baby! (I love ZeFrank's the show, - thanks for blowing him a video kiss and sending us his way - but it cracks me up over there how some of his fans make a judgment on R'Boom after seeing one show or two. HA! You don't even have an idea what the Boom's about in just 1 or 2 shows.) I know you guys have big futures and this site may not survive long, but we'll always have our R'Boom memories. Viva la 'Boom!

  • Is just me or was anyone else hoping for a wardrobe malfunction at the end?

  • Nevis says:

    Those dissing you for fawning are missing the point. You are us! How many of these critics would do a "Mary Hart" if Will Smith walked up for a chat. You were authentic Amanda which is what we silent masses are hooked on, the woman of our streams. There were enough infotech people there to make it RB material. There was enough "peek at society" to make it RB material. Stating the obvious, if it interests you Amanda, it's Rocketboom material.
    I say you were amazing and people would have tried harder to speak with you if they realised how influential you are.

  • I agree Amanda is people who "shape our world". At least for the cibernauts. ;)

  • j-dawg says:

    J Lo? Come on. She's kinda ok at a lot of things. But.

    Diddy: "You know, I definitely wake up" too. He clearly influnced me!

  • Mo says:

    big ups to Rocketboom for grabbing such famous people!

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