wednesday march 22, 2006 : special feature

story links: interview with jeff benjamin of crispin porter and bogusky on the subservient chicken

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  • Kelly says:! That's one really crazy idea! Although I couldn't get the chicken to break the chair.

  • marius says:

    'Have it your way with a chicken.' Words that will resonate in different ways depending on what part of the South you live in.


  • stevekemp says:

    So, am I the only one who never heard of this break-through promotion? (although I'm happy to be enlightened today.)

  • Does the chicken eat eggs?

  • B-man 2.0 says:

    Looks like he has the bird flu to me.

  • tycobrahe says:

    Maybe for an upcoming Casual Friday there can be a "Subservient Amanda." I can just imagine the commands that would get typed into that site. Your winning streak continues.

  • Your camera work is looking good, even with the night time scenes; what are you using for camera and lights for that shot?

    (if you have time to answer).

    Amanda, you are a star, it's only a matter of time ununtil you get a big offer from a major news org, or maybe it already happened.

  • enockss says:

    yeah, don't remeber that one either (and who says the internet is filled with mindless fluff?)

  • butterfly says:

    "put the lotion in the basket" SUMBIT

  • elpainter says:

    Groucho Marx:
    Chicken? What's all this talk about chicken? Why, I had an uncle who thought he was a chicken. My aunt almost divorced him, but we needed the eggs.

  • Fritz says:

    The home of the Whopper needs more than a subserviant chicken to get them noticed, they seem to losing the burger wars big time thease days

  • LaClouche says:

    I've come to the realization that how good a paricular episode of RB is, is in direct proportion to the number of sheets of paper Manda tosses over her shoulder.

  • Unzapped TV says:

    How I never knew about the chicken I will never know... Very neat idea... Really begs the question... How interactive can this whole vlogging thing become? Good show guys! keep it up... I totally bombed my show today... No script, no second takes... This is tough!

    Peace Out,

  • Drake Walker says:

    Thanks for the great interview guys! I thought that that ad campaign was quite neat since it was just a meme. I have to admit, while the ads that burger king run don't make me want to eat there (I don't eat Fast Food), they make very deep impressions on my mind. All the "King" commercials, the the Cheddar-Bacon-Ranch with "Hootie" and Brook Burke, the chicken-headed rock band, the 50s style dance show and the new "Big Bucking Chicken". They are very imaginative, playful and memorable.

  • Doot says:

    The chicken is funny but by no means a technical wonder. There are tons of precedents. It is quite easy to imagine how the system works and how they put it together. All that gushing about heavy tech and the vanishing border between tech and human intelligence is narcistic and dilettante.

  • brem says:

    Anyone who hadn't seen this website before today is sheltered beyond belief. Or just recently had access to the internet. which is about the same thing theses days.

  • SteveL says:

    To Brem,
    I'm not sheltered,
    I just have a job and can't spend all day surfing. RB is my one stop shop.

  • this Tycobrahe just stole my idea directly from my mind but I would change the "Subservient Amanda" by the "chick Amanda" and what jeff benjamin said about top technology....???? please... his boss told him: "Subservient jeff: speak about the vanishing border between tech and human intelligence in a narcistic and dilettante way" (stealing yo)

  • Duh! Of course there is already a subservient girl site: (NSFW)

  • d henry says:

    I do not feel sympathy for corporate giants like Burger King ruthlessly torturing chickens from birth to slaughter then being jazzed up by cool, hi tech advertisements. When I eat chicken I try to eat free range chicken and eggs and respect the animal's life before it's taken for me.

  • HARTLESS says:

    All these Pamela Anderson, tree-hugging, animal right activists torque me off! I say choke the chicken!

  • Change says:

    Ok. Did they have a list of the things people tried to make the chicken do and they don't have footage for? hmmm. And why was Amazing Amanda not donning a chicken costume? =)

  • B-man 2.0 says:


  • boomer2006 says:

    Chicken has been around for a long time. Old news.

    Dangerously close to stealth product placement. How many times can you mention "Burger King" in one episode before they have to become a sponsor?

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