friday july 21, 2006 : casual friday

story links: the amazing new way to tie your shoes, how-to you-tube video by rb’s sherng-lee huang (thanks, velcro man!) [director's cut: mov | wmv]

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  • Big Fan says:

    Holy Fricking Moly...I knew there were 2 ways to tie shoes...but now there are 3.

    Unbelieveable...the Internet and Rocketboom have taught me a brand new way to tie my shoes :o)

    I knew there was a reason I loved the show soooo much.

    Keep up the amazing work Drew and Jo.

    BTW...Nice piece from The Big Smoke (Toronto).

    BTBTW...Amanda who?

  • Scanet says:

    So funny where do you get the ideas from! I first caught the show last Friday with Joanne and have watched and enjoyed every day since...

  • Al says:

    Brilliant - am I supposed to know who the velcro guy was?

  • Ken says:


    Nice and wonderful to watch as usual... just super!!!

    Plus Joanne is wearing Nikes!!!!! Sweet...

  • Narendra says:

    y'all are officially rocking the house. that was excellent.

  • PaulD says:

    Brilliant homage to the movie! A difference in two seconds in a life portrayed in a three minute videoblog. One of the better Rocketbooms. Thanks.

  • Long says:

    I know that trick. A friend showed it to me and I always used it until I bought shoes with neither velcro nor laces. Now, I don't even have to spend any second to stick or tie up.

    The shoes stay on because there is a great elastic material.

  • fudgy says:

    What a contrast from Mannequinjoanne from yesterday! And to all of you saving time by tying your shoes the 'correct' way - stop thinking about it and . . . just . . . think up an ad slogan or something...

  • brem says:

    One of the bestests!


  • Rebecca says:

    Now I'll get that parking spot:)
    Great episode. Love the addition of new characters/folks too.

  • JDub says:

    That made me smile. Well done! Yeah, a bit like Sliding Doors, but who cares?

    Nice to see the return of Mr. Lee.

    The guy at the end with the velcro--very funny. Did I see sparks between him and Joanne in the earlier scene? On-air love story? JC's real-life BF? Just a random guy in a light suit?

    Keep it up!

    Please see my blog - Smart Revolution

  • This was great. keep up the good work.

  • Susan says:

    THAT... was AWESOME! The look on her face when she was dreaming... I loved it! :)

  • CarLBanks says:

    This was the best RB since Amanda left! Awesome work guys!

  • Chewie says:

    I must admit, I like this new host. I didn't think I would, but I do!


  • Rodrigo says:

    Excellent. Really. Did I say excellent? :)

  • lepascal says:

    go argentina! :)

  • Cool show today. Now I won't have to go around with my shoes untied.

  • packie says:

    Bravo Joanne!

    Very creative and great use of the three minute format. I also appreciate that you have kept the language clean.

    Yea Rocketboom!

  • Go-Fer says:

    Production quality is on the rise! Very well done!

  • Christian D says:

    good show for casual friday .. . if i ever tied my shoes i would do it and tell the world i learned it at rocketboom.. .

    by the way lovely futbol kit .. .

  • 0_0 says:

    All bad comments about RB 2.0 are being deleted...hummm...let's see what happens to this one!

  • A.R.Thompson says:

    I really like casual Friday, especially the fair feeling of dreaming in a park and wearing an camiseta de selection nacional de Argentina. Living in Argentina, I know the feeling. Thanks for the thoughts and fresh feelings.

  • Jason says:

    uh.. OK. And in other news Kim Jong Ill pushes the button...

    Thank god.

  • tastewar says:

    Isn't this essentially the famous Ian Knot ( (which really isn't a different knot, just a different method). Just want to give credit where it's due...

  • Gustav says:

    Hm... did you switch cameras, Drew? Looks like pictures from the Panasonic hvx200 today...

  • Lucana Man says:

    Good job! Well done!


  • Dennis Hart says:

    To be blunt this woman is not funny and rather a dim bulb. See ya rocket bomb.

  • WendelSays says:

    Rocketboom... um, what's the word I'm looking for... rocks! That's it: Rocketboom rocks.

    Thanks guys!

  • SteveL says:

    Pretty sophisticated for you guys. Great job.

  • B-man 2.0 says:

    The Magic is Back!

    (by the by...I sleep with my sneakers on so I even shave off time having to put them on.)

  • David G says:

    ok - now i know what all the fuss was about -0 great show - I'm hooked

  • Tuesday says:

    This was a brilliant guys have brought a fresh new face and feel to RB. Congrats!

  • pileve says:

    Thats why I wear flip-flops.

  • Black Eagle says:

    Well, call me old fashioned, but I think I'll stick with the traditional method when tying my shoes.

    When I watched the clip, I associated with Run, Lola, Run (perhaps a bit resemblance with Franka Potente, perhaps). But thanks to Bhob for the reference to Kieslowski. I'll have to see that movie.

    When I saw that guy in the suit, for the first time I thought it was Dr Tiki's second appearance at casual friday (becoming sort of a regular).Is it just me that I see too much resemblances today?

    PS In a joke in a post some days before I was saying an outdoor casual Friday. Seems I have some clairvoyance abilities ;)

  • tycobrahe says:

    Some times it is Hart to miss you when you won't go away. Adios Dennis. I'm sure you will have your Swartzenegger moment sooner than later, as most all do and you'll be back. Nice one today. A real winner.

  • Keith says:

    Grest Job! Keep up the great work.

  • lem says:

    Pure comic gold. The comparisons have stopped for me; Joanne Rules and Drew keeps hitting homers!

  • Patchchord says:

    Is it bad that I'm 30 years old and still use the "bunny ear" method?

  • Milt says:

    Wow - loved it - really loved it - still chucking.


  • E Monk says:

    yep 0_0:, looks like the comments are heavily censored. Chinese style :-)

  • steph babe says:

    Great show. Funny as hell!

    So, is Joanne gonna get a call from Hollywood too now that the world knows how good she is?!!!



  • Dr. Mikey says:

    Oh great! I just spend 15 minutes single-framing through the demo and learning to do it myself.

    Let's see - at 2 seconds saved per day I'll break even in Sept., 2007!

    Maybe we'll be out of Iraq by then.....

  • BobM says:

    Funny espiode. Put a big smile on my face. Loved the director's cut -- why didn't you just use that, too long? Length seemed fine to me...

  • J.W. says:

    The quality of the scripts will be the most important factor over the next few weeks.

    Not too bad today. Keep it up RB et al.

    (I'm still on Amanda's side, though, if the lines are ever drawn again - But I want you to do well RB)

    Have a nice wkend!

  • AGK says:

    I like this episode very much..I'll go practice that trick now.

  • Black Eagle says:

    I would have missed the director's cut if Bhob haven't post about. Clever indeed, and somewhat ironic (at least certain part). Brilliant!

  • Doc T. says:

    Hilarious. Nice work, keep it up.

  • range says:

    Getting better and better guys.

  • anonymous says:

    That was a fun episode!

  • Great episode! Joanne is endearing, spontaneous. Don't get "la grosse tete", but you're great!

    Nice job, Drew and al.

  • Aldo Pineda says:

    This sucks - Amanda still rules.

  • AMAZING! that trick completely change my way of looking at the world.


  • Steph says:

    This vlog Rocks! I really enjoyed today's show.

  • joe c. says:

    Great, great episode.
    Particularly good camera work.
    Loved it.

    Joanne, with this episode, I think both you and the "new" RB have arrived.

    -joe c.

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  • tracycakes says:

    I think I'm officially hooked. It took about a week for Joanne to find her stride. She really looks awesome in this one. (I am a straight woman, but I am allowed to say that!) Really beautiful. And Argentina!!! What a kooky surprise I can get my husband to watch!

  • filmex says:

    I noted yesterday that there was a distinct difference between the BBC-styled talking head episodes, and those such as last Friday's episode that are able to take advantage of Joanne's exquisite comic timing and wonderful facial expressions, urging you to utilize those in a "sketch bit" at least once a week.

    Thanks for listening! :-)

    Great split-screen work. Very nice.

  • Clayton says:

    After two days of crap, I am glad to see something that is worth my time!

    Please keep Rocketboom smart and witty, just like today! The last to have left me feeling empty...

  • Stuart says:

    Today's RB is brilliant in every way! Funny.

  • Mikey1972 says:

    Great Video... Great Bits.

  • bartkr says:

    Amanda who?

    R 2.0 is soo much better!

  • Very good! Is it sad that I got a little jealous when male model dude breezed into the picture? Love you, Joanne! Keep it up!

  • Juan Falla says:

    jeje. Great episode.
    I had no idea bout this 'issue'. I'm -right now- trying to do my shoes and write this comment at the same time, but it's imposible.

    I loved the editing, dream sequences, shots, etc. Very cool!

  • atomic elroy says:

    the new host is totally obnoxious.

    you've lost "IT", whatever combo chem you and AC had it's gone.




  • Esteban says:

    boring. Isn't this more like Jet Set Show material. You know for the kids.

  • pixelstackr says:

    Thanks 2.0 - I'm finally laughing with Rocketboom instead of at it. Really well done.

    Your previous host Hamanda Dongdon was an embarrassment. It makes sense that she wrote the scripts in the months before she left because the show was crap and didn't live up to its own hype.

    The calibre has really risen in the last 8 eps and today was as good as any Ze Frank. Keep doing what you do. Thanks.

  • Bastet says:

    I can see it now... Some idiot files a patent "Faster, simpler method to tie shoe laces" then sues...

  • Grawp says:

    I'll have to keep practicing this shoe-tying thing. It's like a better mouse-trap...but for shoes.

    Happy Weekend to everyone.

  • Joanne, you are very funny.

  • Fritz says:

    no laces, no velcro, Go with Blundstones and shave another second of that clock.

  • Boom_Request says:

    I understand why the director cut didn't make, but a note to Sherng-Lee Huang - It's hilarious. In fact it's so good that they should promote you from "sherng-lee huang" to "Sherng-Lee Huang".

  • Allyn says:

    Excellent, that was very cool. Joanne, you're killing 'em.

  • Pair of good quality running shoes: $150

    Pair of good quality shoelaces: $1

    Value of saving 6 seconds per day over one year: $10

    Getting burned by a dude with velcro running shoes: Priceless.

  • Amber says:

    LMAO!!! This one was awesome! But I'll leave it at that; I have to go practice that shoe-tying thing so I can shave a few seconds off my day.

  • lh says:

    I just love this episode. The script is amazingly good. And it looks like JC and SLH were having such a good time doing the episode. This is the best so far!

  • rb_viewer says:

    i'd comment about how boring this is but you'll just delete it anyway.

  • WildFiction says:

    Best one yet Joanne! Good work.

  • Great show! and thanks for the director's cut. You made the right choice in editing out the RB reference. It's always about the content. Being less self absorbed connect you to your audience's imagination. Great acting, fine cutting!

  • Hi!

    It was a great show (*Thumbs up*) but try this: ... trust me it's better.

  • Chumpy says:

    I had never heard of RB until the whole Amanda media frenzy but now I am a daily watcher and I really enjoy this show. Didn't get to know Amanda, but Jo is awesome -- amazing you could find someone this talented so quickly!

  • Pdub says:

    That just sucked. Are you guys for real? We're supposed to check in daily for this type of stuff?

  • hmm says:

    Yes, I am quickly developing an intrawebs crush on Joanne. Wasn't too sure at first. I like Amanda. Joanne was cool but different. But you know what, she's growing on me.

    I actually loved this story. I saw someone do that once. Now I shall be the 1337357 of my friends.

  • sasha says:

    joanne, you're fabulous.

  • Lan Bui says:

    Yes, that was great!!! I liked it a lot.

  • pixigrl says:

    finally, a fun show! more shots of drew would great too!

  • Leslea says:

    I love Amanda, but I can't help but fall for Joanne, too. Guess my shoes are untied, huh?

  • jay says:

    It was getting silly but then the velcro guys pops up and saves the day
    nice one!!

  • jay says:

    It was getting silly but then the velcro guys pops up and saves the day
    nice one!!

  • jay says:

    It was getting silly but then the velcro guys pops up and saves the day
    nice one!!

  • iDrifter says:

    She can fill the shoes and tie them in under 3 sec. bravo!!
    Marvelous show.

  • RF says:

    everyday should be casual Friday.

  • Phil G says:

    This is why I love RB, clever and funny. Thank you

  • Luis says:

    Argentina should be the world champion and Joanne knows it! what an intelligent girl... I'm loving this thing every day

    (Shame on Pekerman, by the way)

  • Soupie says:

    With a production quality as creative and funny as this, I don't even care who you have as a host.

  • jive says:

    Did anyone ever think of not untying your shoes at all? I never tie or untie unless they somehow become untied and with the 3 pairs of sneakers I have at my house I do not remember the last time they became untied. So in reality I save the most time by leaving my shoes tied and slipping them on and off but it is great that he has perfected the skill of shoe tying. :)

  • emily p says:

    Dear Joanne,

    You are doing good, very good..To confirm what has been said, Amanda is missed but you're taking over gracefully. The episode was great, one of the best so far, I think a turning "point episode" for RB to run smoothly now.. now the velcro man..hehaa ,nicely chosen, I caught myself watch a few times and check his link to really have a gooood look at him. You guys are doing just fantastic, keep it up ;-)

  • Praetorian says:

    Bring Amanda back, I can't understand this new chick. I'm not gonna watch anymore.

  • Very funny show. In times like these it is great to be able to enjoy some good silliness. Rocketboom yea

  • Phil says:

    Did anyone else notice the continuity mistake on the subway scene?

    Early Joanne arrives from the right while Late Joanne arrives from the left - if she had come from the right then maybe she might have caught the train.

  • very nice
    what about tong or flip flap?

  • Yeffles says:

    Geez, i never realize how ugly New York is. I mean I have been in some ugly cities before, but this one truly takes the cake. I suppose that is what you get for a city that is devoted capitalism and nothing else.

  • Pierre says:

    How did I ever miss this tip on YouTube. This is the second most convenient thing I've learned this year. The first being the T-shirt quickfold that Martha Stewart promotes

  • Finney says:

    Wow... excellent. One of the best casual fridays yet. Up there with Amanda's "Switch" spoofs.

    JoCo, you've got field reports done better than Amanda. Casual Fridays on par, sometimes better, than Amanda. But, news days are the ones still needing work.

    Keep up the good work!

  • RandomStuff says:

    Yeah for net neutrality... just sensor away... the coorporation wins again... Still miss amanda... I use to watch daily. Now one episode per week. Good Bi.

  • Me says:

    I tie my shoelaces the new way.
    Also, I miss amanda, but think joanne isn't doing the job well enough. Maybe it's time to find someone new.

  • Excellent episode! I don't think we have to worry about the future of Rocketboom too much.

  • It takes me more than 3 seconds to tie shoes...if I could improve efficiency by 1/3 I could probably last another 5 years in the league...thanks RB!!

  • Grant Mukai says:

    That was an awesome technique...loved it

  • Mike Bowen says:

    Very cool knot tying, I will give it a go for sure. This rocketboom is just awesome! Joanne is the so witty.

  • kc says:

    My only question is: What the heck was SL daydreaming about coming out of the second fantasy sequence? ;)

  • tracycakes says:

    Is it me or was Amanda quite sarcastic while JC is very down-to-earth and real?

  • Best vlog out there. RB 2.0 puts a smile on my face. A lot.

    And Joanne in pigtails... Meee-ow! ;)

  • Uhhh..I don't know I miss Amanda--she was funny and quirky..Joanne seems to be trying to hard. I WANT MY AMANDA!

    Can't you all kiss and make-up?

  • I loved this episode! Keep up the good work, Joanne!

  • Anders says:

    Very funny! :D
    Wow, Joanne with the Argentine t-shirt! :)

  • jordi says:

    no afence but.................................................................................ok im back.........hi...WE WANT AMANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BIE!!!!!!!!!

  • wrekluz says:

    Just wanted to mention how much I am enjoying the podcast now that Joanne is doing it. I really liked the Sauma show. The still poses were very cool. The shoe tieing episode was funny and entertaining as well. I enjoy Joanne's style much more than that of the previous shows.

  • gabby says:

    Woah! that's the coolest thing ever!

  • Sure, it was a cute episode. My 7 year old liked it but became a bit bored. But "awesome"? "Excellent"? "Wow"? "Coolest thing"? "Informative"?

    Judging from the comments above, looks like RB's viewers fall into the "airhead" category.

  • now i get it!!! your accent is argentinian!!??? are you made in argentina?? as an argentinian it was funny and surprising to see it but i don't get why were you using it???? how mysterious you are joaaaaahhhnne!!!!10 have you been one of the girlfriends of diego maradona? of an actual footballplayer??? lover of beckham??

  • Jeff Minter says:

    What are you on about, charlie. And for all those wahwah "AMANDA IS THE BEST AND GREATEST, I'm not watching RB anymore!"

    ... get a life.

  • Luba says:

    Ohhhh no... Joanne !!! Don´t use the Argentina shirt again !!!! Noooooo that´s a terrible disaster and I am sure it brings bad lucky...

  • Randy says:

    After watching a solid week with Joanne on RB2.0, Amanda who?

  • Sponky says:

    New blog devoted to JC at

  • dray says:

    I agree with the thorough comments of leron, posted above. I don't know how many others feel that way, but you at least described how I feel in many ways about the change. Expressed eloquently and with correct spelling and grammar, too, which is such a rarity on the net. I miss Amanda, but I still appreciate the contribution RB makes to my day. One question for Joanne... Mac or PC?

  • Neo says:

    I don't think this should be called Rocketboom anymore. Cause it's not. I know it's harsh and untrue, and I know you guys are trying, but for an average viewer Rocketboom was Amanda. Cause that what it was. And still is.

    Sorry for a bad metaphor, but look at Hummer2 and Yukon. These two SUV's are the same car right? But is it really? Just because they have the same base, but totally different looks and representation they ARE two different cars.

    Just like Rocketboom now, and rocketboom before.

  • Warder says:

    I wonder if it's the scripts that make Joanne seem a little stilted. She is a Brit and although we share the same language we have a slightly different rythym to our speaking than our American cousins; not better or worse just different. Perhaps the scripts need to be tailored to Joanne's natural speech a little more.

  • eme says:

    Not a new way to tie shoes...except to those who are seeing it for the first time. I have tied my shoes like this for 32 years and saved no less than 13 hours just in tying shoes!

  • scata says:

    wow jooanne colan must feel like a complete idiot.

  • This is the first Rocketboom video that I've watched in quite some time, but I have to say that it was done brilliantly!

  • I'm thinking SLIDING DOORS (esp with the subway scene) or RUN LOLA RUN.


  • Bucky Turco says:

    In NYC you never mix and adidas shirt with a nike sneaker. Major fashion misstep.

  • Well, I'm scratching my balls waiting for Monday's episode. Hurry, they're doubling in size and turning purple!

  • tracycakes says:

    I hope it's good for all this waiting...

  • eggzakt says:

    I loved the article on frozen custard. Frozen Custard is the best! But what does that guy Vance Huang know about frozen custard anyway? I'd trust some dude from Bloomington, Illinois about custard, but Vance Huang? Come on! He's a Guan Gong instructor in Texas!

    Also: What's with Andrew's misspelled wristwatch? "DIGITAL WATCA".
    Looks like a Union street vendor special. I've got 3 or 4 of those things. I love them, but I've learned they can be least 2 seconds fast. I'm usually late anyway, so this is ok with me. Andrew needs to understand that when waiting for someone, an accurate watch is crucial before you go throwing their resume away.

    (I kid, I kid. And yes, I do have too much time on my hands)

  • boomer2006 says:

    Joanne is cute and all, but Amanda was something to look forward to every day.

  • Jurjen says:

    Joanne, your shoe is tied with a "slip knot": this is not very secure. For details and yet another way to quickly tie your shoes, have a look at
    (I have to connections to this guy, I just googled him.)
    Like you presentation style!

  • rollome says:

    Ze frank says you are a lousy waste of time and you eil about the amount of traffic you get. Is this true? Will you do an episode in a wet tshirt or a bikini? -- I promise you will get good traffic that day!!!

  • Omita says:

    Imagine if your article is popular enough or controversial enough to produce 10,000 publications across the web,

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