wednesday july 19, 2006 : field report

story links: the art gallery of ontario, frank gehry, david cronenberg

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  • KrisP. says:

    Hey you're wearing my shirt!

    What ever happened to the shirt contest?

    oh yeah....first!

  • JC, your doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

  • porkchop says:

    A very interesting and thought provoking show.

    Wow! Ms Joanne, you are just a fine, lovely lady today.

    Andrew, it is fresh to see you on the show. Good work!

  • Ken says:

    Excellent... good stuff on film making and the impact of the internet upon this form of art.

    Loved it...

    Although... looks like you got busted on the camera Andrew *winking* ;-)

    RB2.0 is great!!!

  • B-man 2.0 says:

    I think David Cronenberg is an artifact of an ancient civilization. Surprised the backdrop wasn't smeared with blood and guts, his favorite shock medium.

  • Andrei says:

    One of the things I love the most about Rocketboom is its' diversity - this episode is precisely that. Good job.

    p.s. nice shirt Joanne

  • One theory your guest advances is that before the Industrial Revolution there was no art produced for the masses? That would have been news to the groundlings in Elizabethan London who flocked to the theater.

  • yes, what the hell happened to the t-shirt contest?? i want my U$s 150 and also want to say that you are looking with this t-shirt as amanda 2.0, also i will not send mails to joanne@rb cause i will feel tempted to send you my naked pics and i don't want to be blocked from here so all my communication will be by here, don't feel sad so cause of the non-mails.
    this art thing of today inspired me: why don't you do that andy warhol thing of repeating the map and a map of the universe as making a chessboard of 5 columns and rows so each column represents a day of the week and you have some kind of figure representing you that adcances each day a position, you move down or up depending on some crytheria...all this for the backgrounds. this idea costs u$s 40.

  • Alessandra says:

    Nice show! Love Davud Cronenberg, he's a genius. Keep going, I love the new RocketBoom

  • courtney says:

    Great interview, what a coup.

  • SteveL says:

    Very informative, I really liked the interview.
    Andrew, I love ya buddy, but you should leave the interviewing to the on air talent.

  • Milt says:

    I enjoyed it a bunch. I love to see these guys being interviewed on RB - not just Charlie Rose. Andrew, you're looking fine. JoCo - you too!


  • JDub says:

    A little disjointed. The transition from the Frank Gehri museum expansion to David Cronenberg talking about Andy Warhol was way too abrupt.

    Really starting to like JC. You were on for like 8 seconds, but I was happy for that 8 seconds. :)

    Andrew, you can't act like you're a behind-the-scenes, out-of-the-spotlight guy above all the conflict (with Amanda) if you keep putting yourself in front of the camera. Your appearance today was an editorial choice. You could have edited yourself out and put in questions in graphic form. I am aware of exactly one public statement by you about this whole thing (satirical cameo aside). RB viewers deserve better. What's your story?

  • JD Blapper says:

    Yeeeeeeeah Matt Ross representing the AGO.

    Read more of matt at

  • The absent.canadian approves of any show in Toronto.

    Something needs to happen with the map, though. And we still don't know why there's a bullseye over London.

  • Ted says:

    I love when interviews include questions that consist of long soliloquies that make the audience less and less sure a question (which will usually have nothing to do with the preceding monologue) is actually coming.

    It's especially nice to focus on the look on the interviewee's face as such a "question" gets asked.

    Good stuff. :)

  • Noonan says:


    You're kidding, right?

    That was a terrific. Stuff like this is what makes v-blogs interesting. I know Andrew and Amanda have to make a living, but I hope they (and most other v-bloggers) take the comment about not producing for a mass audience to heart. Sure you'll end up with some headscratchers like Buffalo Largo, but paralysis from trying to appeal to everyone will surely kill the best this medium has to offer.

  • David Brain says:

    Really interesting view on how film-making is being affected and a great change of pace for the show . . . maybe you need 'thoughtfull wednesdays'.

  • Ursula says:

    Big fan -- but that was a bit of a yawn!

  • Stuart says:

    Great show both in tone and content. A homecoming of sorts for Gehry, interesting points about Warhol and creating for small audiences. I DON'T see what is disjointed about the building of a new museum and a discussion of an artist and the creative process. No connection? Maybe the coffeee hadn't kicked in for some viewers at point of posting.

    It feels like Rocketboom is growing up. Enjoyable. Thanks a bunch.

  • Black Eagle says:

    Very interesting. 5 Stars.
    Pity Drew is not willing to be in front of camera. I think it would be a great "on the field" correspondent. Well at least, if always was getting so interesting stories.

    Too many press statements on Amanda's part. Hmm..I think this should be settled "in the shadows", in a secrete and private way. Hope thins can be solved in a satisfactory way for both parts and finally you coul put this behind, Drew.

  • ansy says:

    I have to say I was a huge fan of RB 1.0, and when I saw the first RB 2 episode, I thought to myself that while JColan was no Amanda, she seemed ok and maybe RB would continue to be worth watching. Every episode since the first has gone progressively downhill in my opinion. RB used to be one of the highlights of my daily workday, now I can barely find the apathy to care if there's a new episode or not. Nothing against JC, she seems to be a fine new face or whatever, even some of the cute quirky thing going on, but let's be honest, the show's content has been in the shitter since Amanda left.. I find myself replacing RB with ZeFrank's The Show, which maintains some of the zany spirit that Amanda embodied, while adding it's own sense of self and a heavy dose of sarcasm. Regardless of whether you want Amanda visible on RB or not, do yourself a big favor and hire her to get back into brainstorming and writing RB, your bottom line (and viewers) will thank you.

  • Puuuuuuuuuuuuunt. wft? and wtf?

  • Buster says:

    Joanne db
    Amanda qp

    Rock On Joanne

  • nice interview andrew. Keep it comin'!

  • Lucana Man says:

    As a Canadian eh! (from montreal) I was happy to see the show. I'm ambivalent about Mr. Cronenberg. I actually prefer zefrank's dissertations about cameras and art and the democratisation that the web is bringing to the world in this lacks Mr C's self absorbtion and evident conceit.

    I would have loved to have seen more about what Gehry did to the gallery and more about Gehry in general. He's my hero, a kind of anti-Ayne Randian fiigure of architecture who's given architecture a quantum make-over in the last ten years.

    The documentary "Sketches of Gehry" is a wonderful film if you're Gehry fan.

    He's a beautiful guy who has no pretentions......unlike other people we saw today.

  • jb says:

    W H Y y y does England have a target on it on the map???

    I am beginning to obsess about this!

  • JDub says:

    First, thanks to Drew for directing me to Dembot. Well said.

    In other news, I hate this whole taking sides thing. Wish I could just enjoy without all the drama. On the other hand, the drama is real life. The rest is infotainment or something.

    As for name removal, I love AC, but isn't this just getting a little absurd? Amanda (if that's really you posting), being thanked is not insulting. If you want to keep the high ground, making requests that your name be removed from being thanked doesn't help your cause. No one assumes that such an inconsequential mention reflects smooth sailing between you and Drew.

  • porkchop says:


    You don't have to respond to any of Amanda's press statement. I know where you stand. You have demonstrated to be a better man ever since Amanda left. you have been very professional.

    Amanda, it is very difficult for me to believe you.

    Andrew, good luck, always. Keep the good shows coming and thank you.

  • sundoggy says:

    RB 2 is rocking! Joanne, I love the fresh new look, and Friday was especially awesome. In fact, yesterday was awesome, and the first two were good (I even liked the Buffalo bit not to mention the soothing music--more of that). Andrew, today's installment was also a nice change of pace.

    Oh, why not take Amanda's name off if she doesn't want it there? We'll see it somewhere else I'm sure. Amanda was great, but let's move on to the future now please. That would be Drew and Joanne. Loving it!

  • range says:

    AGO & Frank Gehry rocks.

    Good show, would have liked to see more of the Gehry exhibit.

  • I'm a big Cronenberg fan, but I disagree with his predication about the end of mass audiences. People like going to big blockbuster movies, and I think that's gonna stay that way for some time. I do agree that there are and will continue to be way more micro audiences though.

  • Steve Woolf says:

    Personally I think the new field correspondent is great. :)

  • Noonan says:

    If that's actually Amanda I find her comment curious given that the front page of her own site continues to say "Amanda is the host, co-writer and co-owner of the comedic online news show Rocketboom."

  • alexq says:


    my thoughts (ramblings) of the day:

    amanda is the really hot (in a classical standard way) preppie chick that no one on this board could get in high school

    joanne is the really hot (in a natural flowing way) hippish bohemian girl that we think we can score with, but still couldn't

    go joanne go...

  • Tuesday says:

    Is that really Amanda posting on here? If not then that person really needs to get a life. Go post on Amanda's site if you feel so strongly about it.

  • dwightfrank says:

    joanne is great. very appealing and a pleasure to watch.

    the cronenberg interview was also very cool; neatly tieing together underground film making with the vlogging community.

    however, the interviewer was a bit of a schlub.

  • Al says:

    I think the shows rock with JC - I have never watched before - but the publicity has brough tme along and I like RB ---- can't wait for tomorrow.

    I looked at some archives and for me Joanne's shows are better to watch.

    Keep it up - and if someome has left because of this then I've joined and imagine lots more also.

  • filmex says:

    I interviewed Cronenberg about a decade ago following an early-cut screening of "Crash". I see AB had pretty much the same experience I did~~being hypnotically entranced by the modern day Prince of Darkness.

    You cannot admire Cronenberg's films, with his odd fascination toward the permutation of body parts, and not be somewhat unsettled in his presence.

    Although Andrew makes a much better Igor than I did. The only thing missing was Drew snatching a fly out of the air, and gobbling it down.

  • Kudos for another arts piece!

  • BobM says:

    Nice segment. Greatly enjoying 2.0. RB is (again) part of my daily routine.

  • aaaaACHOOOoo says:

    I second that.
    In future shoot stuff tighter and just do cutaways to JoCo - who cares if she's not in the same room or country - make a point of it ! - but don't go and lose the Boom when you've just found a Rocket.

  • rain says:

    ansy, your comment was spot on. I have exactly the same sentiments.

    I decided to play the vid anyway since I'm a huge Cronenberg fan.

  • "Andrew has refused to honor my request to remove my name on the Rocketboom about page"

    Amanda: before you harrass Drew, consider removing "rocketboom host: from your resume!!!!!!!!!!


  • LOL!!! She did it! I guess she just wanted to wait until she had updated her own resume!!
    Get a life - co-owner, my a**

    Why was rocketboom so long without a host if Drew kicked you out? You'd think he'd first have a replacement up his sleeve - paleaaase!

    Just concentrate on your incestuous dance moves

  • Andrew

    Great job!!!

    David Cronenberg is one of the most admired film directors in Mexico as well as Tarantino or Pedro Almodovar. I saw Crash ten years ago when I was in the university. The movie really shocked me.

    Joanne Colan: you look fresh, trendy and gorgeous.

    Javier Marias

  • maverick says:

    Great content! Poor editing. I wasn't sure when one interview ended and the next started.

  • I heard you are deleting negative comments. Just thought I'd post this to see if it is true.

  • jasorn says:

    Nice T-Shirt! I was hoping the daily t-shirt would be kept.

  • Martin says:

    I have unprogrammed the TiVo, since Amanda is no longer part of this site.

    I hate taking sides, but messed up.

  • JDub says:

    One other thing. I noticed the brighter colors on the set. Video (of her) looks much nicer. Made JC's 8 seconds kick. Sweet. Keep it up.

  • Gary says:

    Once again I am delighted - Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • I'm sorry, but Joanne just can't fill out that t-shirt the way Amanda could. Is there anything else I've missed?

  • hank says:


  • Phil G says:

    One of the few times I turned off RB before it was finished. Not the greatest story...but maybe it got better the last half, I wouldn't know.

  • HARTLESS says:

    Andrew, congratulations on gaining more viewers...or at least more posters. As for me, I miss Amanda greatly. This new hostess named for the lowest intestine has been providing us the same product as the lowest intestine. I believe the President recently used the term when speaking with Tony Blair. Thank ggodnes YaHoo has come out with a new show to fill the void.

  • Great show, great host, good job.

    For those of you who don't like the show and don't like the host:


    If you don't like her, don't kill me....or maybe you're just trolling, I dunno..............

  • Doc T. says:

    I connected with today's segment on so many levels. My S.O.'s daughter lives in nearby Hamilton, we've visited the area a number of times - Toronto is a great city, cosmopolitan without the heavy congestion and surrounding decay. Interesting info about Gehry and the fact that even though he's Canadian, little of his work is represented there. Cronenberg's films are always unsettling and thought provoking, he always has interesting things to say. I am a fan of the Factory era (devoured the Edie book and others), got a kick out of seeing Edie in one of the shots of the repeated photographs with her huge earrings - you can't miss her, she so epitomized the era. Wish I could see some of those early Warhol films, they're hard to come by. AB: nice job with the interview, you asked good questions and got a lot of good answers out of Cronenberg. Today's report held my interest from beginning to end, please keep up the good work!

  • Ahhhh......Cronenburger!

    Yuck what's with all the hair balls...

    mmmm.... Cronenburger with melted cheese puss

    burp, fart, belch (scratch ass)

  • Toronto: You belong here.


  • Athar - UK says:

    Great job Joanne, I find your presenting style much better. I ain't saying coz I'm a brit but because it feels more more down to earth. I look forward to each episode. Carry on with the good work.

  • Oliver says:

    Great content! I like how you try to step out of the Internet and catch something of the "Real World".

  • Great interview!
    Andrew you did an excellent job!

  • mat in paris says:

    Wow! The show is still great, but not half as exciting as the stuff going on behind the scenes here. I just got back from holidays to find that Amanda's out, Joanna's in, venom is splattering across the blogosphere, Drew's doing interviews, there's talk of percentages, mediation - whew!!! This is making great new media viewing, thanks. But don't go and implode on us. You both (Amanda and Drew) have always been beautifully balanced about life. Don't stop now. I'm torn between a/ bloodlustily joining the circle in the vblog playground shouting "fight! fight! fight!" and b/ pleading with you both to cool off. Privately. I blame the weather.

  • boomer2006 says:

    Then RB brought back Amanda and Andy Warhol slept peacefully.

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