friday july 14, 2006 : casual friday

story: tiki music and bar casual friday with tiki bar tv

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  • Eli says:

    The best crossover in the podcastverse! Rocketboom, better than ever!

  • John H says:

    Back to being fun!

  • anon says:

    Worried after yesterday, but today's was excellent. Great job guys

  • porkchop says:

    interestingly strange...

  • Ken says:

    YAY... it's FRIDAY!!! Super stuff... had me grinning the whole time :-D

  • PodcastRant says:

    Yeah what Rik said!

  • slurpeeman says:

    what's the deal with the audio...and the picture quality...and everyone talking over each other?

  • Jeremy L. says:

    That was!! Way to go Drew!!

  • slurpeeman says:

    Did Amanda take the micophone with her?

  • Great -- back to its best. Well done and I can't wait for more.

  • geedubber says:

    great show guys. good to see some canadians on the RB. audio was a bit weird though

  • TechExec says:

    Outstanding! Very entertaining! Great fun! Exactly what the doctor ordered: Put on the show and ignore the tomatoes. Congratulations to all of you!

  • NewViewer says:

    hmm...not sure what to think. Audio doesn't sound right though.

  • Vinvin says:

    Very fun!!! I love these two shows. It's good to see them together.

  • rhett says:

    love the episode and LOVE JOANNE!

    Can I propose here... ?

  • Steve Woolf says:

    A riot! A kick-ass crossover!

  • Noonan says:

    Nicely done, but fix the mic. :-)

  • kamala says:

    Fun episode, however the ipod feed is currently 4x3 rather than 16x9. Just a heads up for future episodes.

    Keep up the fun that is Rocketboom.

  • K says:

    I was wondering what was up with the quality of the video and audio, and was about to close the broswer when Dr. Tiki came in.

    Loved it. :D

  • a says:

    I like how joanne pronounces her last name. It's very markedly NOT "colon" even though phonetically...

  • Chirs says:

    I love TikiBar. JoCo and Lala? Wow...

    What kind of Rocketboom viewer are you?

  • a says:

    I like how joanne pronounces her last name. It's very markedly NOT "colon" even though phonetically...

  • Lou says:

    Ohmygosh! What a great Rocketboom! It sort of reminds me of back in the day when The Cartwrights visited The Big Valley.

  • its me says:

    The studio must have really been enlarged, it sounds like its coming from a cave.

  • Hiltonian says:

    I didn't want to like RB 2.0, but today was amazing. Well done, you.

  • What's going on with the audio? Did Amanda take the good microphone with her?

  • trevor says:

    I think the problem with the audio is that they made the sound a keyboard typing when Joanne was reading the news.

    Great show though! Keepp it up!

  • pileve says:

    Interesting. I like it.

  • RF says:

    OK, this is Rocketboom.

  • impressive. very impressive. kudos andrew.

  • Jefirus says:

    Now that's the stuff! I like the interaction between Joanne and those ostensibly off camera. Keep up the great work!

    Joanne is charming. I am ashamed to admit it, but I am missing Amanda less and less each day.

    It appears that you are getting closer to launching each day by 9:00 am too. I hope you keep the momentum. Kudos to Andrew and the rest of the Rocketboom team. Simply Smashing!

  • Chad says:

    I'm in love. please keep joanne colan.

  • Tuesday says:

    Now THIS is a great Rocketboom episode. After the whole Buffalo thing yesterday I was a bit concerned. Perhaps it was the big production number that caused them to have to do a two day shoot or something. Quite possible.

    Rocketboom will be just fine if they keep this up.

  • Tommy says:

    Good move guys, you made about 300,000 TBTV fans not so sad about Amanda's absense for at least another week. It was an excellant move to do this so soon.

  • i have the feeling that any moment drew offers joan the....lets say...the 69% of rb??
    i liked so much the end, and the cocktail made me think of joan's accent, nobody will answer this but that's pure british or what??? there's no german, polish, ukrainian something like that mixing??

  • Amanda was really nice, but Joanne is also pretty cool. Good work ;-)

  • I was afraid about the future of the show after seeing yesterday's episode, but thank god everything is back to normal. Great show!



  • Thank my lucky stars LaLa showed up - I was about to turn that annoying other biatch off! [still says ROCKETBOOM daily with Amanda Congdon on the Real Player edition - Wake up!]

  • Tom Miles says:

    Haven't watched or posted in a while but am glad I came back. Andrew, you might be a good Svengali or a nasty Svengali, Gene Kelly or James Mason, and in traditional media no-one would know or care. This is perhaps one of the extraordinary things about this new medium, we are all involved.

    Joanne's timing is really, really good.

    That was all.

  • anonymous says:

    Excellent episode!

  • Harvey says:

    Like the crossover thing. Next up could we try French Maid TV? Thanks.

  • HIGHTECH says:

    Admittedly I really enjoyed today's episode, but regardless of whether or not RB is working on getting it's groove back, I've got to ask, 'Why did Andrew pull out the "BIG GUNS" by having the Tiki Crew show up? Could it be that Andrew is "SCARED!"

  • great show! I was smiling the whole time, really.

  • Cancer says:

    The best Casual Friday ever! I really enjoyed it. Rocket Boom meets Tiki Bar. It is like mixing a bloody mary and drinking it, too.

    Joanne, you had me there for a sec. I thought you really were going to read news. Love the way you and Dr.Tiki looked and looked away in sync.

    Welcome and good luck!

  • Happy to see things are coming back online. The world needs Rocketboom.

  • HIGHTECH says:

    BTW, can you say, 'Jumping the Shark?' I knew that you could!

  • anonymous says:

    That was a nice episode of the Tiki Bar.

    so when's the next episode of Rocketboom going to air?

    You've only aired 1 real episode.

  • My request
    1. Better sound quality. Using typewriter sound effects to try to cover up amateur sound recording is not professional
    2. Use either scripts, or make sure your people don't talk over themselves when improvising
    3. Puppets. This show needs puppets.

  • range says:

    A lot better than the last 2 episodes. Was actually fun to watch.

  • Ted says:

    Me heart Lala

  • syberghost says:

    Great fun. Love Joanne, she's working out well.

    Sound quality was horrid at the beginning, though; was that just me?

  • bob groove says:

    oh YEAH! good 'boom. better even with the tiki! another great distraction! thank you RB!

  • You know, that was just fantastic. I enjoyed watching Rocketboom 1.0, and I'm glad that Rocketboom 2.0 is taking on its own personality, and not just trying to recycle the Rocketboom 1.0 humor. Viva Ms. Colan!

  • Those Tiki Bar guys certainly added some sauce to Casual Friday. Nice recovery.

  • Randy says:

    Keep the momentum up. Very nice show and I do like Joann. Loose the aanoying type-write noise and you are 99% there. Great idea and way to show off Joann's ability to ACT! She is charming!

  • filmex says:

    So you decided to replace Rocketboom with "Smack The Pony". Why didn't you say so~~there may be hope yet after all. Sally Phillips' hair is longer than I remembered...and she seems taller.

  • Ken says:

    Two Tiki Tourches WAY up on this one! Great job.

  • Cuoredifango says:

    great episode Tiki Bar guys just put a tabasco taste into this friday casual vlog
    love that

  • rain says:

    C'mon. The comments are way too nice.


    Same with other commenter: just not feeling it.

  • tagami says:

    wonderfully done! Ninjas next week?! ;)

    btw, what was up with the sound this episode?

  • Aquinas says:

    A fun segment, nicely transitioning from "serious" to "loose". One improvement would have been to remove the hair broach that Joanne had such that her hair was also "casual".

    Keep up the good (&clean) work.

    P.S. A different background would compliment Joanne for she fills more of the camera lens than A.C. did. Perhaps time for a contest?

  • capo says:

    It's Wor-Chester-Shire Shauce, dammit!!!!

  • jo says:

    are they going to fix the echo in the background or is that the new hot trend?

  • I gotta tell you...that was absolutely PATHETIC. If that is the best you can do (even on short notice) I hold grave fears for this proggie. This was SO BAD I cringed. You would have been better off just mashing some of your archives and letting Joanne talk. Amanda must be laughing her head off. Score 2/10 - mostly for Joanne's good looks and voice.

  • Lee Badman says:

    Not a regular watcher but what happened to Amanda?? This show just isn't the same without her. PLEASE get her back, quick. I need my fix.

  • if this keeps up I'll keep watching. great work, but go buy yerselves a microphone.

  • dnalien says:

    um. great crossover. I really wish Amanda was still in the anchor chair though. Joanne is much hotter. Um. Feeling guilty.

  • flaroche says:

    I'm new to rocketboom. Saw the dramatic "first day" yesterday --and related comments! But I feel I'll be hooked to this for a while after today's episode!

    Really funny.

  • copeless says:

    well.. okay today was really good, but...not sure if RB will continue to take up space on my Tivo...we will see, I found Amanda a bit annoying at first, but then as many others obviously found she was addicting...

  • lonedog says:

    I'll add to the audio comments, I count 19 so far. You really have to do something about it, it's getting worse by the day. Maybe give JC a shirt mic? After yesterday's fiasco with the buffalo (interesting bit, but definately not Rocketboom material) I'd say you did a good job today and very much impressed thanks to the help of the Tiki gang.

  • Milkasa says:

    Amazing, back and on fire.. Jo + lala ... THANKS!

  • dmouse says:

    WOW. That rocked. I love both rocketboom and tiki but to get both together. awesome.

  • Martin says:

    I wonder if such an episode would have been possible with Amanda as the host.

    It's good! My compliments.

  • Allyn says:

    Funny show...Joanne, wonderful job and very good acting skills. Looks like you are a hit.

    Audio was sub par though.

  • brem says:

    What's with the image and sound quality?

    It looks like you recorded it with a cheap point and shoot camera and recorded it in your bathroom.

    Other than the poor quality of the media, the content was somewhat entertaining.

  • Room 40 says:

    Yes, microphones are needed immediately. I have home movies that sound better.

  • Phil says:

    Wow, I loved it! My two favorite Vodcasts together! I was really scared after yesterday, but you really came back with a good one. Awesome! Keep it up.

  • Black Eagle says:

    That was a brilliant casual friday! Way to go!

  • Hi

    Have a look at some films made by myself and a few 15 year olds friends.
    Rocketboom can copy...but we will sue. Ha ha. Ollie

  • SteveL says:

    Now you've done it. You have me looking forward to Monday's RB. Damn you.

  • little joe says:

    new boomer... and Im lovin it.

  • anonymous says:

    Hard Charger Alert!

    To all commenters complaining about the sound:

    Most likely it was done INTENTIONALLY as an homage to the Tiki Bar Podcast, which guest starred today and is notorious for its poor sound quality.

    I am now the 2nd one to mention this.

    Or whatever, go on complaining about it without first looking to see if their's a good reason for it, if you want, you hard chargers, you.

  • B-man 2.0 says:


    (never saw tikibar before, so the doctor bit at the beginning was hilarious)

    As for all those professionals critics out there, your assignment this weekend is to write a 5000 word essay on 2.0 - 1.0 = X.O

    Then submit it to Arianna Huffington, she'll correct all your typos.


  • Stuart says:

    Behold the Tiki vote-of-confidence by stepping in to help out on an episode. That says a lot. What sweethearts. And funny too. The transition will all work out in the end. The Andrew bashing is getting old quick. Long live Rocketboom, Joanne, Andrew and the whole lot!

  • Yardrat says:

    I dig the party atmosphere, I love bloody marys, I'm not a stick in the mud...Joanne is wonderful...I want to be able to move on and accept change....but....but...I WANT AMANDA! er, eh...oops...that was embarrassing, that just popped out...sorry. Keep up the good work...I'm still having separation anxiety. Soylent GReen is PeoPle!!! huh? er, that was just weird. Ah, what's the use...gimmee a friggin' bloody mary... *sigh*

  • GrayApple says:

    Wow... thought you killed CF for a second, then though 'why is the sound funky'.
    Fantastic job :P

  • Todd says:

    Great show today!

  • Jennifer N. says:

    You aced the first day. Kinda lost it on the second, but today. Fantabulous!

    Really liked the Tiki touch. Perhaps more shows should do crossovers for their casual fridays.

    I think this call for a prescription....

  • lame says:

    joanne is hot. hotter than amanda - i'll give you that. but the show is worse. i mean, c'mon people.

  • Dinkums says:

    Am I the only one who doesn't like today's (yesterday's, the day before's) reports?! Ugh. What is this, a comment board for friends and family only?

  • Ransom says:

    Wow. That was brilliant!

  • Lance says: two favorite podcasts wrapped up into one! Now if you could throw in the french maids, it would be perfect.

    Now if only the tiki bar would be half as regular as rocketboom (and if the french maids would be half as regular as the tiki bar) and I wouldn't have to watch TV ever again.

    What's a good crossover if you don't also go the other way? I'm looking forward to the next tiki 'cast in hopes of seeing Joanne there.

    Of course here's another thought: between Joanne, Lala, the French Maids, and Amanda, low long until Hef comes calling I that would be an issue!

  • Perry says:

    A really great show... if you like really bad audio, crappy production, and lame editing. I feel bad for your new host, all she has is you

  • anon says:

    yuk, yuk, yuk. And amateur audio.

  • I am so happy, they took the tomatos and made bloody marys and had a blood good time!

  • Zack says:

    Corny, but I liked it anyway.

    It's true that cross-overs are famously symptomatic of shows that have jumped the shark, but this episode was a light-hearted (rather elaborate) response to some of the recent comments on this board and elsewhere -- self-parody.

    I think even the bad technical quality may have been deliberate self-parody. Maybe not. That's the problem with self-parody. Sometimes your audience doesn't know if you're in on your own joke.

    IMHO, RB 2.0 needs to become less self-referential in general, and pretty quickly.

    I did enjoy the episode. I think everyone involved deserves credit for grace under pressure.

  • Steed says:

    The show's sound needs to be fixed up.

  • riot_siren says:

    Ugh. RocketBoom is dead. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

  • crxvfr says:

    Much better but I would agree with the statement on bringing in ringers. Still waiting to see if the creative content left with the host. Felt like I was watching tiki. Still loving Joanne but loose the map. Joanne is yummy, but her fair complexion gets lost in the map. Hard to see, need a different, maybe solid or darker background.

  • Mikefive says:

    Let me say that I've seen TBTV before and it really doesn't appeal to me. Selling the "get drunk--good times" thing isn't what it's cracked up to be, by a longshot. Go ahead and call me a stick in the mud. I can deal.

    That said, today's show was fun and held my interest. Excellent job by Joanne to go from resistant to reluctant to dancing on her chair. I think I agree with those who are saying JC is a better actress than AC.

    It's not what I would've done. But a good effort never the less.

  • David Quiec says:

    Hey tiki bar tv! Great job!

  • J-Pizzy says:

    i don't know if I am watching because it's like a car crash and I can't turn away, or if I really like it

    i guess I'll just have to keep watching to find out

    i think i might be able to withhold judgment for a few more weeks

    but after that
    i'm sure a strong opinion will be developed

  • Jim Boggia says:


    This epiusode would have never worked with Amanda, as she COULD NOT ACT. This was really good - lol funny.


    Anyone who still misses Amanda at this point is refusing to face reality. Here's a suggestion: go into the archives and pull up the "Katrina" episode. Now THAT was mind-numbingly awful.

    The Wooster - Worsheshester part was the best.

  • Dr.Moore says:

    Moore better;lower JC's jeans a bit

  • anon says:

    Jim above is spot on. The last several episodes w/Joanne have been a marked improvement over any Amanda episode (and I like her.) Joanne appears to be able to act, where Amanda could not. This was an enjoyable episode, though the real test will come w/the news next week.

  • Forge says:

    Today was going to be the last episode for me if it didn't improve. I'll be back for more next week. :-)

  • got it hand it to you... really nailed it!

  • Todd Detroit says:

    Sorry....really don't like today's episode. It was blurry, the sound sucked and the premise was too, too old and boring.

    Sorry...better luck next week (I will be watching)

  • We dont really have any original ideas now that Amanda is gone, so lets piggyback off of another highly successful videoblog...

    The sound was ghastly and the video fuzzy. Did someone forget to produce this?

  • Smitty says:

    As an RB veteran who's been around for a while, I'm impressed. Excellent show!

    The few losers complaining on these comments are the ones who only tuned in to Rocketboom because to them it was a form of soft porn. Well guess what fellas? RB isn't about staring at Amanda's chest anymore, it's about good and entertaining content!!

    Kudos Rocketboom crew!

  • NouCube says:

    Good Luck Joanne! I loved it ;-)

  • Yawning Joe says:

    Wow, that was a really good high school skit. Did you guys write that while sitting in study hall? I tried to like it. I really did....but alas, no. That was bad.

    Bad sound.
    Bad image quality.
    Bad writing.

  • Brilliant. Joanne is just great. I loved RB 1.0 and, with today's episode of RB 2.0, it looks like I'm going to keep enjoying your fun! Keep it up, guys.

  • Best. Rocketboom. Ever.

    Really. You guys hit it out of the park today. And - I might as well admit it - I'm officially crushing on Joanne. Even Lala (who I completely adore) didn't steal her presence, and that's saying something. Absolutely fantastic job.

    (but get the mic fixed) ;-)

  • That's better. Still miss Amanda. You are doing ok, Joanne.

  • thomocracy says:

    wow what a great ep of tiki bar! i love that show. what's it doing on rocketboom? and where is rocketboom? oh well, i'm gonna go watch some old eps of tiki in the meantime.

  • Big Fan says:

    Very very nice. Good job Drew, I see your trip to Toronto did you well.

    Just one question, Amanda who???

    Keep up the great work.

  • Frank Jonen says:

    Possibly one of the best Rocketboom episodes to date.

    Joanne, I did not believe in you at first. Now I want to get used to you on RB.

  • rakesh says:

    really enjoyed today's episode

  • Frank Jonen says:

    btw. I think it's really great how the opinions on this differ. The audio is forgivable, you're just starting over after all.

    Besides, with those two guys in the room I'd pull out some alcohol proof mic too ;)

  • kamala says:

    Everything was awful besides the broad with big ones. (red top) Also it sounds like your talking through the earpiece.

  • Awesome!

    Back to the old level, this episode is even above!

    Very, very good that you got here in only three shows.

    When Amanda will be vlogging again, we will see who was Rocketboom.

  • Jones says:

    Sad...I miss the old Rocketboom :(

  • Juan Falla says:

    If this video doesn't become A CLASSIC, I will stop videoblogging!

    Excellent in every single way!!!!

  • courtney says:

    Joanne is great. Rocketboom is great. Change is refreshing. Can't wait for more. Woo hoo!

  • This was *so* cool!~ Getting both the new host and Tiki was amazing. I wish more Fridays were that casual......

  • Sam Davyson says:

    Wondering how many of the above commenters were first time viewers on Wednesday?

    I don't think this episode is up to the same standard as pre Amanda leaving.

    The winner in this: Ze.

  • Two of our Favorite shows at YakkYakk come together. A big round of applause on a great casual friday from your friends on the left coast at YakkYakk!

  • IronHelixx says:

    Great job - I really enjoyed it. Joanne did a great job, as did the rest. Two thumbs up. ( "Look mighty cute in them jeans." :)

  • tk says:

    Excellent! Joanne rocks!

  • Randy says:

    Two thumbs up!

  • Best news headline award goes to Lala - "I got some free fresh booze."
    Best innuendo award goes to Lala - "I think it's time to celebrate.
    Shall we pop her. Let's pop her!"
    Best medical advice award  goes to Lala - "Maybe we'll give it a shot!"
    Best smile award goes to Lala - If it were any bigger, she wouldn't have a

  • wade says:

    Rocketboom is fun again! Sorry I had my doubts

  • DrAssClown says:

    That sucked. Corny music and all. Casual Friday will never be the same again. I give.

  • So Joanne is a better actress than Amanda? Well, let's see her try to act her way into a D-cup.

  • HARTLESS says:

    I didn't care for Joanne's performance until the very end...nice toush!

  • Joe Joe says:

    This is amazing! Joanne ROCKS!

  • scout says:

    This is starting to seem like a case of The Emperor's New Clothes. The new RB just comes across as something that's trying too hard, and the posters giving positive reviews seem like they're trying too hard to WANT to like it.

    The tomato gag on the first day has been the only moment of ingenuity so far. I'm worried that the writing will just keep going downhill, and the fact that the producers have relied on footage of buffalo and the cast of Tiki TV to prop the show up thus far doesn't inspire much confidence.

    I don't want Rocketboom to disappear, but it would be worse for it to just slowly become lame.

    I think Joanne is smart, charming, and a total pro... BUT she just doesn't have the quirk and spark that makes Rocketboom Rocketboom.

    She would be amazing on a different kind of show... something that could be created to suit her style and personality. She's a good performer in the wrong role.

    Sorry to be a bummer.

  • Junior says:

    Glad Joanne is doing her thing. She's wonderful.This boom's a blow out. Great comeback. Biggup to da Doc and cocktail girl. Great job.Keep it up.

  • Jason says:

    Joanne is damn hot. Keep it up pretty one, you're doing great. :)

  • jessica says:

    I agree with Scout. I love Tiki Bar but I wish Amanda could've gone to visit them!

  • WooWah says:

    Tikibar TV is the only podcast that is on par with Rocketshrooms.

    This episode was the money

  • Raf Raf says:

    It makes me really miss Amanda...

  • Doc T. says:

    (not) long time listener, definitely first time caller. lots of people bummed about amanda not being around anymore. problem is, i'm from ct and have known (casually anyway) more amandas than i care to admit. yeah her stuff rocked but there's this attitude, i don't know, call it 'precious' (a.k.a. a bit self absorbed) that i don't miss at all. today's show was hilarious, i sense that rocketboom will thrive without amanda - and that amanda will thrive without rocketboom. me likee!

  • sasha says:

    i'm loving the new girl. tough shoes to fill. but i think she can do it.

  • daScribe says:

    Great show... Kudos to everyone!

  • Wow, this message board sounds like bi-partisan bickering. A month or two from now Rocketboom will have churned over a new audience. We're in transition. Painful, rip-that-duct-tape-off-my-eyebrows transition.

    Amanda stragglers are going to defend her regardless of what Rocketboom does. And predictably, they're lashing out at not only Joanne, Andrew and each new episode, but anyone new to the show who found out about Rocketboom via the breakup. "You just heard about this video blog? You haven't been watching Rocketboom since 2004? Well, screw you for not being niche!"

    Amanda was pretty. And fun. And a little geeky. And she was beloved by thousands of non-pretty, non-fun, major geeks.

    Joanne is pretty. And fun. And sophisticated. And down to earth. And enthusiastic. And she will ultimately be loved by everyone except Amanda fans.

    In any event, I vote to close the message board for two weeks, let the show find a rhythm, let the Amanda stragglers go back to boning up on their X-Men trivia, and let the healing begin.

  • Random Dork says:

    Yet again, a genius episode. You guys are kicking ass, three days out. Congrats and best of success going forward.

    Amanda WHO?

  • LiNCOLN says:

    I starting to like this new host. Keep rockin' the Rocketboom!

  • A.R.Thompson says:

    WELL THEN...


    I liked it, I´ll miss Amanda though. The fact is the internet remembers but it does not care... If RocketBoom lives, so will after the boom boom.

    I will still watch and hope you still check out my show,

    Miss you Amanda! Keep it going Rocketboom, your audience does not care about money, but be fair and give people what is theirs, give the audience what is ours. Give us more grea episodes of Rocketboom.

    Host of Expat Podcast. in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • daScribe says:

    Quote: "I vote to close the message board for two weeks, let the show find a rhythm".

    - Although I understand where your coming from, that would be a mistake. People are either going to enjoy it, or not, and those who do not, will fade away.

    Btw; You forgot "strong". Joanne's eyes tell me she is (also) a strong woman... With a great sense of humor.

    Bottom line... On with the show!

  • Dr. Tiki says:

    Don't forget to check us out on myspace.

  • CGHill says:

    Joanne was beautifully deadpan throughout; I'm pretty sure she's grasping the RB Zeitgeist just fine.

  • Jay Arnold says:

    Nice job. It's good to see Rocketboom 2.0 establishing it's own identity and trying something new. I loved it.

  • DP says:

    Dude whats up with the audio? Come on I though this was 2.0?

  • rayo says:

    Loved this new episode of Tiki Bar. Always loved to see Lala dance. Fine acting by Joane. I don't think Amanda would have pulled that off.

    You see Joane. If you do your own thing, you'll be ok

    My score of RB 2.0 is 1 1/2 good and 1 bull

  • Fritz says:

    what? no Marmite in the Bloody?

    Good Show.

  • Duck says:

    ooh... aaah......

  • skittish says:

    The "high school skit" analysis is about right. I like Joanne, and am willing to take at face value the nice things Amanda said about Andrew, but I didn't buy this at all, starting from the moment Joanne indicated that she had decided to do the news. Whoever wrote that for her seems a little defensive and disingenuous. If she's not a partner, she's not a partner. She may be a creative collaborator, like the Tiki crew, but there's a level of authentic voice behind the acting that's missing, and it's not Joanne's fault.

  • Sean says:

    Get rid of the echo sound. Pad the newsroom! Absorb the echoes. Use sound absorbers. Come on.

  • d henry says:

    What the hell? "Joanne is able to act where Amanda was not"? Who are you people and where have you been for the last year and a half? Have you hated Rocketboom that much? Amanda is a marvelous actor. She brings spontaneity and honesty and directness to what she does and now she is getting bashed by a bunch of newbies who don't know what they are talking about. Let's have some respect here. There is no need to pee on Amanda to like Joanne.

  • iDrifter says:

    Joanne, one little drink and your putty? Come on over, I have a small flask of it here ;>)

  • Tally says:

    Fantastic job. Shows like this will make Rocketboom 2.0 a huge success. I was very concerned after the first two episodes. Thanks for being so creative with this one. Great job all around.

  • Lucana Man says:

    Vivre La France Libre!

  • Dones says:

    Most. Perfect. Thing. Ever.

    All that to say I agree with the first commentator. :)

  • o;uihgg says:

    i came here for this?
    that's it?

  • DJ says:

    Very funny. It's always good to see the kids from TikiBar. But -- I wonder whether you can manage something like this every day. Is it funny, is it serious, is it just a knockoff of rb v.1 -- or is it going to be something new? The jury is still out.

  • Rob L says:

    Truly Inspired! This was the happy time in my day! FUN! FUN! FUN! Thanks to you all. Looking forward to more like this.

  • Rocket... says:

    Rocket Bar or Tiki Boom?
    What a blast!
    You made it to the next level. Keep it going.

  • Kirby says:

    One of the best Rocketboom's ever. Loved it!

  • tracycakes says:

    I've only started watching after all the Amanda hoopla brought this all to my attention. I like Joanne, I think the show is cool, but this episode I did not like at all.

  • Steven says:

    A bit pissed at the whole Amanda leaving or being fired fiasco but anything with Lala in it gets watched on my flat screen.

    Great episode.


  • Cottser says:

    Best casual friday EVER. I love Tiki Bar TV.

  • hahahahahah!!!

    brilliant, indeed.

  • Kraki says:

    Best episode ever, since amanda's departure.... best episode of the last few days!

  • m says:

    Wow, I can't believe all the glowing comments. Have you people lost your sense of taste and talent?

    Yahoo launched a vodcast this week called "The 9," which is a RocketBoom rip-off. But guess what -- it has a better host, better production values, better writing, better everything. Unfortunately, it's not available through iTunes, but I liked it enough that I added it to my browser bar.

    No, I don't work for Yahoo. In fact, I haven't used Yahoo in years, but The 9 is a great vodcast. You can tell a lot of thought went into its planning.

    RocketBoom always struck me as amateur hour, but who am I to argue with its popularity. I guess I just prefer videos made by professionals.

  • Unless the tiki bar folks are going to be a daily feature, there's not much of a reason to stick around... sorry guys. :(

  • Andrea says:

    I'm an old rocketboomer and was sorry to see Amanda go. But it was also dissappointing to see people lashing out at Joanne as a way of defending Amanda. Joanne, you're doing a great job.

  • jay says:

    looks like sombody figured out magic bullet plug ins for FCP

  • rayo says:

    Many like RB because it is not TV.

    If better host, better production values, better writing, better everything provided by the TV guys makes a better vlog, then why is there no v-blog made by tv networks that is more popular than Rocketboom ?

    That is why Amanda should not go Hollywood & Andrew should get a new host from Craiglist.
    Isn't amatuer skits however good ( I do love it) performed by a former mtv host a bit painful to watch ?

  • "a really good high school script" - that says it all. I'm amazed that anyone finds this corny, cheesy shit funny. It's not even funny in a corny, cheesy way. It's just plain amatuerish - I've seen funnier school plays - and better written and produced than this schlock.
    I'm beginning to think you've hired a full-time Commenter to add all these bogus glowing reviews. Unbelievably awful. And I so much wanted to like it, too.

  • Paint says:

    Oh hot damn!

    Nothing like putting my favorite vlogs together!

    I love Lala!!!

  • Jen says:

    SWEET! my two fave blogs IN ONE!! *happy* you've made up for that buffalo clip :-)

  • katie says:

    I love this Vlog!

  • danny says:

    Amanda who?

    Simply great!

  • An RB fan made this cute comment on CNET's Buzz Out Load about his kids watching the new RB.

    "Ben says new Rocketboom not a hit with kids
    I wrote a few days back when Rocketboom went BOOM, about how I used that show as a bribe to get my kids to go to bed by promising them we would watch it together. During their hiatus, I have been asked nightly if there was an RB show. Well, I saw in my podcast download directory a show from 7/12. To my dismay, my kids would not watch the show without Amanda. They also complained about the British accent. To Captain Paul, I guess not everyone is a sucker for a British accent. Blimey!"

  • luke says:

    Hey, I love Joanne! I think that she's going to bring a whole new strategy to the game. Though, I sure do miss Amanda. She'd be knocking back them drinks, she would, she would. I know that Joanne isn't supposed to be a replacement but it seems like she needs to loosen up a bit, new job jitters perhaps?

  • She is lovable... That accent costed me a little to get used to it but I think is what I seem to love more now of the new host... And she is cute... Greetings RB... Glad to see you didn't sink, instead, you are soaring... I'm so proud :'( :D

  • Uhmm... just one more thing... Don't make the host do the grotesque faces that Amanda used to do when she tried to make fun of something, read again "tried"... you know what I'm talking about... They where ... you know, grotesque...

    She is really cute, don't blow it up :p

  • donreggae says:


  • Ricky says:

    Please! Plug in a microphone. Your sound is appalling.

  • Fishie says:

    That was the best. Great crossover. Tiki comes out so rarely that it's great to see them.

  • ironbear says:

    Nice episode. But, the sound. Please fix the awful sound!

  • BuBBy says:

    Freaking awesome!

  • Brian Solis says:

    Guys...what a mashup! Brilliant!

    I covered it here...

  • Brad says:

    Huge shoes to fill but you're doing a great job. It's actually been a refreshing change and looking forward to more of your talent.

    Ummm... the Buffalo episode, well I hope we can see more fun like today and less...


  • daScribe says:

    I normally like to post & run but I feel compelled to ask...

    "A. Friend; RocketBoom always struck me as amateur hour, but who am I to argue with its popularity. I guess I just prefer videos made by professionals."

    - Define "professionals".

    "les miserable, paris; a really good high school script" - that says it all. I'm amazed that anyone finds this corny, cheesy shit funny. It's not even funny in a corny, cheesy way. It's just plain amatuerish - I've seen funnier school plays - and better written and produced than this schlock."

    - As a screenwriter with three emmy's, one indie Spirit Award, and four other successful produced scripts, I cannot tell you what a "professional" is... Or what the hell a "really good high school script" would be?

    - LMFAO.

  • PGS says:

    Please consider using lavalier microphones, or a boom mic. The audio is horrible.

  • Phil says:

    Best of luck, hope it succeeds but it seems like there's a lot of perfecting yet to do...

  • captnswing says:

    FREAKINTASTIC. The best comeback in recent memory!!

    joanne, is babe-a-licious and seems to have the looks, the brains and the guts to take RB to the next level. ...not to talk about that super accent....

    While I liked Amanda and wish her well, I could only take her in small doses. But Joanne can really act, and I will come back regularly. Congratulations to the best episode in a long long time! It had boom and a real good groove.

    Oh and all those folks bitchin about the sound: you really don't get it, do you?

  • bartkr says:

    I admit I was wrong. 2.0 and rocking!

  • acb says:

    More good stuff. I like the crossover and Joanne is still better than Amanda.

    ( But please fix the "echo chamber" audio problem when Joanne is sitting at the news desk. )

  • MattFasl says:

    Besides a few people who are upset (I do agree, what's with the sound quality!?), I think the show has a lot of potential. Joanne seems like a respectable host and I look forward to the personality she brings to the table.

  • jasorn says:

    I liked Amanda but I think she's a keeper, too. The sound was awefully low today.

  • Organbear says:

    I can't believe so many people liked this episode. Humor is really hard to do, even poorly, but there was nothing to this. There was no "there" there.

  • T Jones says:

    If you'd quit getting these chicks with big hooters, maybe you wouldn't be afraid to put a microphone on them.

    Holy cow, rainbarrell man.

  • Aibek says:

    loved it, and finally added to my feed reader

  • Anthony says:

    This will surely get the sponsors rolling in!

    I appreciate the effort though. And if anyone find a mic, try and use it next time.

    Not sure who dropped the ball with that one... but it might have been that semi-catatonic Andrew from the first episode back.

  • this was neither funny or clever. who writes this stuff? someone should replace that person.

  • so i assume the orgy sequence ended up on the cutting room floor? this entire edition was nothing but a porno without the sex. it would be less painful watching stupid pet tricks...can joanne jump through hoops?

  • hawk says:

    Hmm... I don't know about this episode. I guess it's better than the buffalo thing, at least.

    Joanne is all good, it's just that I didn't find the episode especially funny.

    Amanda had her style, which I liked and while I truly do miss that (it pretty much defined RB), trying to do the exact same thing with another host probably wouldn't be a good idea.

    This all seems a little desperate, and not quite rocket boomy, so far.
    I, personally, haven't quite figured out what RB 2.0 is trying to be yet, but of course, there haven't been many RB2 episodes yet.

    I hope that RB2 can settle down a little and be a new great show.

    (The audio was horrible, but if it was intentional, as some comments claim, then so be it.)

  • tycobrahe says:

    Who doesn't love La-La? Come on. Pure joy in a dress.

  • dray says:

    Rocketboom 2.0: if it means hiring an established professional and performing rehearsed comedy sketches, it would be new, it could be good, but it would not be the same. To me, the spontaneous, unpolished, personal approach was what made rocketboom special. Even with the changes, I hope it will continue to be informative and insightful. But I'm still waiting to see that.

    I miss Amanda.

  • Hector says:

    That flat out sucked, and I'm a Tiki fan! Why can't La La host? Even when Amanda started out, she had a sort of Drew Barrymore cute thing going on. Joanne is good looking, but if she doesn't develop a personality ASAP, I'm out of here!

  • Taszz says:

    I dont know why you Amanda purist are freaking out. She was cute and all, but being attractive is the easy part. I wasnt entirely sold on her presence. She wasnt THAT good folks, sorry to break it to ya. I understand many of you have this nostalgic longing for Amanda, and u almost feel naked without her, but talent comes and goes. As for RB, I think they improved on their anchor personality. JC is a much better speaker, and i think she will fit in well.

  • Hutch says:

    Hey Hey, That was really funny - the contrast culturally English/American worked great!

  • S says:

    ***Hey gang, I've got an idea. Let's put on a play, we can build a stage in the barn, mom can make costumes and we can raise money to save the website***

    Officially, you are now competing with the second lowest quartile of what is available on

    I used to count on Rocketboom to bring me interesting bits of the flotsam and jetsam from across our technology culture.

    Now it is sad...

    Was Amanda doing some of the writing before you drove her off? Did you drive away other people in the transition?

    It's like two different Rocketbooms...perhaps an analogy will help:

    I feel like I'm in an episode of Startrek (TOS) and I've been swept into a parallel universe where Rocketboom sucks.

    ***I' way...back to the...portal...BTW, nice beard Spock...must...find the portal...***

  • Megan says:

    She's a keeper!

  • "da scribe" wrote (above) "As a screenwriter with three emmy's, one indie Spirit Award, and four other successful produced scripts, I cannot tell you what a "professional" is... Or what the hell a "really good high school script" would be?" - you call yourself a writer? What are you trying to say here? (BTW that should read "Emmys" and "successfully produced") And I don't believe a word of it. Three Emmys in bullshitting, maybe. And I notice I'm not the only one to find this episode a load of crap.

  • Nate says:

    I miss Amanda.

    she was rocketboom

  • Hendrik says:

    Go Joanne!

    Welcome in Rocketboom land. Just to let you know New Zealand is also listening.

    You are a fresh wind in this crazy soap opera called Podcasting!

    I am staying tuned!

  • manuelo says:

    who was amanda anyway?

    joanne, u r the best! rock it!

  • Amanda's appeals for "friends" (that's us) and "transparency" (using old media to up her market value) are naive but befitting her tender years. She owns 49% of RB and seems emotionally attached to it. I predict Amanda will be appearing in RB again by the end of the summer. I do like JC. Amanda's schtick wears a bit thin day in, day out.

  • Wonderful to hear an english, er sorry british, err..... speaking person on the show, it has given me the incentive as a Brit to watch Rocketboom from now on.
    I know the comedy is US style, but it is not all lost on the Brits over here.
    The DarkCompass Podcast

  • hedaches says:

    this is embarrassing. i'm rooting for humor and entertainment value. so far they're losing. big time.

    (and i agree with all the people who have said joanne's voice is disturbingly deep. she's a man, man.)

  • wanna_be says:

    ain't no mathmagician but somethings just don't add up; amanda worked for free (or 49% of nothing as it turns out) only to be replaced by jc.

    something tells wannabe this girl will want to be PAID.

    when amanda left because there would be "no checks for june", how long can this Charade2.0 last?

    not very.

  • wanna_be, I am suspicious of Amanda's much exalted "transparency".

    We have the classically-trained (code word: "Old Media") Joanne diving into the whirl of vlogging while the untrained yet quirky (code word: "New Media") Amanda wants to be famous and needs the Old Media to grow. But Amanda's market value has an expiry date. Without a move by end of summer, obscurity will threaten. Amanda will compromise to regain her biggest asset, RB, and fit in with the old/new cross-dynamic. And that will be RB 2.0.

    BTW, RB is not nothing : there is equipment, rent, time, "community", all of which has a market value. There may also be contracts signed, etc. Anyhow, the Googles and YouTubes see value in this.

    Do you think it is a coincidence that Joanne's first show was about "trading up"? Symbolic for RB's desires.

  • Bill R. says:

    Well done. Great fun!

  • daScribe says:

    les miserable, paris:
    "da scribe" wrote (above) "As a screenwriter with three emmy's, one indie Spirit Award, and four other successful produced scripts, I cannot tell you what a "professional" is... Or what the hell a "really good high school script" would be?" - you call yourself a writer? What are you trying to say here? (BTW that should read "Emmys" and "successfully produced") And I don't believe a word of it. Three Emmys in bullshitting, maybe. And I notice I'm not the only one to find this episode a load of crap.

    The only load of crap here is your ignorance.

    Don't flame me for typos. Only someone without a clue as to what a script (or talent) is, would. Bullshit? LMFO.. yeah, at you cupcake.

  • Ernie Oporto says:

    I said... meh!
    M E H

  • Mick says:

    Nice one JC. Much better. Maybe a shot before each Boom from now on.

    Yeah, Mic problems.

    If you're giving JC a hard time, go back and have a look at Amanda's first couple of shows. (Scratch....)


  • suki says:

    every body knows that men who don't like deep female voices are insecure about their masculineity.

  • 49% says:

    I keep hearing Amanda owns 49% of RB. What the hell does that mean? If you, Drew get an ad contract next week and charge the client $85,000 for a week's worth of advertising, will Amanda get 49% of the profit$$$$$?

    Only fair since she OWNS 49% OF RB!

  • suki: yuki says:

    suki wrote:
    every body knows that men who don't like deep female voices are insecure about their masculineity.

    suki: yuki responds
    every body knows that men who don't like deep female voices were kicked in the balls at a very early age and continue to speak in high pitched soprano voices which I guess in some circles is known as the Castration Syndrome. CS for short.

  • lucubrate says:

    awesome, awesome, awesome.
    Congrats Joanne!
    Congrats TikibarTV crew!

  • wow says:

    wow, i miss amanda....why is the sound so bad in these?? poor amanda, you should read her makes you feel really bad for her and spills the truth! i want the old rocketboom back, i geuss you just lost a viewer, or maybe viewerS............

  • What the heck?! The sound was bad, the lighting was weird, and it was just odd. I have a feeling rocketboom is falling apart. Congrats, you lost another viewer.

  • *tear* *tear* *tear*

    I've only been watching this show for a month and immediately fell in love with Amanda... I WANT HER BACK! She was the spirit of Rocketboom. Without her, Rocketboom is just another of the thousands of videoblogs. Please, find some way to bring her back. Otherwise you'll lose another viewer

  • Ian- Toronto says:

    Casual Friday was a hoot!

    Not sure what direction you are going with it yet, but that will take time and patience on everyones part. Nice start though. I'll be tuning in again to see how things progress.

    Get back to your excellent soft lighting and for goodness sake invest in wireless RF microphones and a wireless hand mic as well! Audio is just as important as video. (I work in television)

    As for Amanda... well she is gone. She was great but gone. Time to move on to newer and better things. Be patient guys and gals, it will take a while for Rocketboom to bounce back.

    I, for one, will stay tuned...

    Cheers :)

  • B-man 2.0 says:

    RB should sell eggs with the RB logo on it like CBS is about to do.

    I'll take a dozen!

    (for what? not telling ...yet!)

  • m says:

    Whatever you have to do, get her back.

  • Asdf says:

    It seems so wierd to me, to have a link to Amanda's blog on the web paige a few episodes back.
    Considering you are trying to lie to the rocketboom fans, pull one over on them, why on earth would you post a link to her site showing the truth?

  • takipsilim says:

    No chick is a geek like Amanda.

  • Geoff says:

    If the bad audio was intentional, it was a judgment mistake. The echo (hollowness) in the beginning of the episode was so bad that I could barely understand Joanne.

  • Hey daScribe, please show us what these "Emmys" of yours were for. I really want to watch them. Can you give us a link? Let's see what you've got. Throw in the "Indie Spirit" while you're at it. And a link to your site would be good. If you have one, that is.

  • Here are my sites. Flame away!

    (because the link on "les miserable" above doesn't work)

  • GeoffH says:

    I think you'll find that Joanne is from the East Midlands in the UK...judging by the accent...pity the spoof on it died with the tiki...surprised that the rest of you can follow it! (She's got Worcester dead right by the way)

  • Len says:

    Great episode. Good way to end the week.

  • Milt says:

    Loved it madly! Still chuckling. How can I buy some advertising?

  • TVDinar says:

    Awesome Awesome Awesome! Best -est X-over in any universe! Good to see good times. TVDinar is extremely jealous! Loved you since you caught the tomato. *No more dead animal heads please. :)

  • Although it was a decent episode you had to rely on another show to save your ass. Kind of like letting your parents do your science project for you. Not too impressed Drew. I hope Monday brings renewed faith in your creativity.

  • daScribe says:

    Wish I could. Because of my profile, that would be stupid on my part. And we both know who the real idiot is here.

    As for your little wannabe website, nice language. Then again it is obvious you are a simpleton with little or no intellegence. Hell, you've admitted that yourself.

    FWIW, it doesn't matter what you believe. What should matter though is what a idiot you've made yourself out to be. Especially in my eyes.

    I would invite you to the upcoming Screenwriters Expo in Los Angeles (next month), it would be my pleasure to "welcome you" to my world, but seeing as I believe your a French coward, I'm guessing you can't make it.

    As for me and this posting, end of story.

  • daScribe says:


    I will be at the WWDC is SF, CA next month. In Oct, I will be apart of a panel at the Screenwriting Expo.

    Your welcome to meet me at either one.

  • Hey moron - "intelligence" not "intellegence" and "you're" not "your". There's a thing called Spellcheck. And if you had half a brain you would realise I'm not French - just happen to live in Paris.

    I'll be at G8 this week. You're welcome to meet me.

  • jg says:

    This is the biggest joke. RB is totally flat w/o Amanda's input. This episode was a total waste of my time - I hope the Tiki's made some $ for this, they deserve it - I hope you put her 49% to better use in the future.

  • jeanne says:

    the other woman sucked eggs and was so hyper and annoying. what was with the junping around??? so not funny. this person is funny, at least she was today. i will watch to see if she lives up to the standard she set with this podcast.

  • mg_mchenry says:

    This was so commercial. Did this idea come from some big media execs?

    If I want to watch TV, I'll watch TV. I watched RocketBoom because it was candid and a lot more personal than commercial TV.

    This was mildly entertaining, but not worth sticking around for.

  • spinthrift says:

    Welcome Joanne. I've tuned in to 7/14's casual Friday daily for a fun fix, and then on to your other stuff. Admittedly, I had never heard of Rocketboom until um... uh, what's-her-name left, but I'm glad I tuned in. Good show! Bravo!

  • En Why See says:

    Where are the nice tomatoes?

  • Still missing Amanda, she was the fuel and charm of RB, now that she's left your Video Blog is worth a yawn.

  • Amelia says:

    Bloody Brilliant!!!!

  • pcrobot says:

    Booze? I thought this was family-friendly...

  • d s says:

    Love it!!! Kinda sad without Amanda

  • Frank Baird says:

    Can't believe I missed this one when it first came out. This was great! Highly entertaining! I think Joanne did a great job. No way RB is "flat". W00t! Happy Friday!

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