wednesday february 15, 2006 : field report

rb boston field correspondent steve garfield interviews dan bricklin on wikicalc

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February 15, 2006 • 8:12 am | Permalink


  • Vinvin says:

    First I thought this man was Steven Spielberg... Then I understood that I would not understand a word, so I drank a glass of water...

    I progress, slowly...

  • B-man 2.0 says:


  • Rusty says:


    In response to your question regarding other uses for wikical, I have an answer. In the university where I do tech support, we have a project funded by federal grants that requires a website in which people can share data. Simple. Well, the project is Cost Accounting for Student-Level Resources. As Tech support, I have no idea what they are trying to accomplish with their research, but I do know that they upload and share a lot of spreadsheets. Implementing a wikiCalc would help them tremendously. They would be able to share and edit the spreadsheets as a group, instead of individually. Also, all changes are saved to a central page making collaboration super sweet. Just my thoughts...


  • Bobgonne says:

    Hey Amanda, don't you think today's show was a little bit slow?

  • matz-o-man says:

    humm. i thought this week starts the advertising in the end. or is it next week?

    not that i beg for it.

  • jo says:

    hey i thought it was interesting, seems like an interesting guy.

  • Fritz says:

    time to do my taxes urrrrghhhh

  • Hi Rick,
    Thanks for posting that comment.

    I'm also happy that Rusty might have a use for wikiCalc in a University environment.

    David Berlind wrote up a detailed report on wikiCalc for ZDNet.


  • stevo says:

    Not much of a daily - and what's happened to the Rocketboom volume - we can't hear a thing and the dial is cranked up.

    on the good side - no ads yet


  • marius says: archive...Amanda...dancing...St. Petersburg................

  • wannab says:

    "we can't hear a thing"

    they are talking math.

    consider yourself fortunate.

  • tycobrahe says:

    You have to get a few walks or hit a few singles in order to get a grand slam. We are so used to the grand slams that we fail to acknoledge the other hits that make up Rocketboom. So today, maybe we got a base on balls. Like baseball, with the next at bat, who knows? The game could explode.

  • Looks cool, doing dynamic figure work in webpages is heavy duty, I use list elements, then process some javascript to pump the numbers into a html form, and then get the form values using more javascript and then make charts.

    Its not pretty, but it can be done Before anybody says why not php it - the host I have does not use php.

    Way to go Dan

  • ron says:

    I'm far to be a specialist in that knid of stuff, but seems that web designers like the idea.

    I miss the blue balls.

  • otto says:

    Being an insomniac is no longer an issue. Can I get a HD version of todays vlog? I want to get to sleep faster, and I think seeing it bigger and crisper just might be the trick.


    tee hee!

  • Brian H says:

    Daer Amanda,
    Although I am not completely up to date with technology, I appreaciate your bringing facinating, high brow matterial to your show.
    Of course, all this intelligent book-learning / scientific stuff, could be viewed as a Liberal agenda.
    Nice presentation.

  • Ok this show was pretty damn boring, if you like spread sheets so much you shulkd play Championship Manager, the spread sheet disguised as a football game

  • feedscott says:


    Congrats on the ad deal. I took some stock in Rocketboom at Alexadex, so make me proud! I have to say the field trip was good, but too long. We want Amanda news with remotes not a remote with Amanda bookends.
    Keep the Boom up!

  • What other uses? Why, people will use a wikicalc to calculate the distance from my navel to the moon!

    Kidding aside, I think 95% of its uses will be to enter tabular data (the sort of data you would expect to find in a database), the same as people currently use spreadsheet software.

    I had the same idea as Dan Bricklin a couple of years ago, but came from the "OK, if people want to abuse spreadsheets for tables, why not let them do it using a wiki" direction.

  • no comment says:

    To the non-techy today's show was equal to watching paint dry. But to old uber-geeks like myself, I appreciate learning about this new web app. Without RB I might not have heard about this for a while. I definitely will check this out as I am into building web apps and like cool new toys.

    I also found it fun because I remember when Visicalc originally appeared. It was an amazing program and one of the first application programs I bought for my Commodore 64!

    I am also glad to see that Dan Bricklin is still alive and coding. Old coders never die, they just adapt to new tech.

  • Alicia says:

    sorry bot stuff like this bores me,,, alot

  • now that RB begins to make money, amanda gets interested in spreadsheets, it's logic, I think this wikispreadsheet would work great for your "/manda", it's like that: you make 3 columns, A for a x person(link to other wikispreed profile of the person), B for a y person (perhaps you can add more colums hehe) and a column for C (the probability of success of the match),in C you put a wiki enabled love-formula that calculate different variables as age etc, and people collaborate changing their profiles, perhaps the formula and realizing at last that the world can be reduced to a spreadsheet, when that time comes the numbers contained in the cells of all the spresdsheets around the world will increase if they express good numbers and decrease if they are debts, that's the power of love, and you amanda, you are the beginner of this beautiful movement that will change the world

  • ballgame says:

    Totally agree with 'Johnny Cash' about the scrolling text! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE drop this ... it's annoying as hell and I won't watch programs that use it.

    As for today's edition, this is the first RB out of the couple dozen I've watched that came across like an ad, start to finish. Some of the other RBs have been brilliant; some just OK ... but they've all had that signature quirky/ironic/offbeat RB perspective that made them worthwhile. Hell, even your self-promo about your successful eBay ad sale (and congrats on that btw) had that genius phone call at the end.

    Couldn't quite find it in this one.

  • rb fan says:

    How about using a wikicalc to do online polls that calculate realtime results. A website sets up the spreadsheet to allow people to input their data (i.e. how many pets they have or prediction for sports scores), and using a formula in a cell to show the current average (or even cross-relate the results i.e. how close their sports scores predictions were per pets owned). Anyway, interesting show!

  • Anna says:

    i love this podcast!
    However, i admit to skipping the "wikicalc" part of it.
    I don't like loooong field reports, while some can be funny.

  • Forty Wikiwinks later !!!

  • GEORGE I says:

    Your either a spreadsheet "person" or your not. To Vinvin, I enjoyed it with a Rum&Coke myself. I may have to watch it again when my brain is relaxed.

  • Oh , and Scott... That fast forward tip is pure genius mate.

    I laughed out loud , but I'm kinda simple like that ..

  • JJ says:

    I know how Rocketboom can make a million dollars. Steve Garfield's interviews - a cure for insomnia!

  • RM says:

    It's funny reading the posts by the people who don't get it. Wait, maybe they do get it and just act like they don't get it which means I don't get it.

  • HARTLESS says:

    Is this an example of the exciting life in new yawk city?!? That was about as useless as wikipedia!!!

  • *gasp*

    Wikipedia? Useless!?
    - Pat

  • Gina says:

    I absolutely love what you are doing. I am watching from central London England. What about commercials? Got anybody interested in doing any? Anyway, I'll keep watching....

  • Outlaw says:

    Where the hell is today's (16th) vlog? Pout.

  • conniec says:

    I am interested in collaborative applications, so found this very interesting. I liked the format of using the video to show the application and have the creator talk about its use. Very effective. I agree with the comments about the scrolling text, that it was distracting and didn't add anything to the comments. Providing you aren't hearing impaired, of course.

    I appreciate your continuing to try out different things with the 3 minute video. It is showing the rest of us future creators what works and what can be improved on. Keep up the great work!


  • sull says:

    i dig this guy. i've used his rss generator script... very cool.

  • skirocket says:

    Can someone get Amanda to quit rocking in her chair. I just listen to her because she makes me sick watching her go back and forth.

  • Check out this excellent article on wikiCalc.

    Software pioneer Bricklin tackles wikis
    By Daniel Terdiman
    Staff Writer, CNET
    Published: February 17, 2006, 6:30 AM PST

  • voodoo says:

    Fantastic Andrew an Amanda

    Dan is one of the true elders of the IT/PC world and is to be lauded for his contribution of the spreadsheet when he introduce Visicalc in the late 70's - even though he did not make squillions since one couldn't patent s/w then.

    Your support of Dan's latest WikiCalc endeavour is to be lauded too.

    Well de.

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