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story links: katrina devastation video [today], dave winer introduces bbcriver for the blackberry/pda (just like nytimesriver), improv everywhere attacks home depot in slow-motion, ryan patricio makes one-handed speedcubing world record, art, nyc subway ride challenge, ringtone dancer

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  • bP says:

    really Joanne, the date is right above your head -- you say it's August 28, but that's already yesterday. ALSO dying to know of the pixelated map conflict. how did it fail you?

  • Al says:

    Maps - Keep em both and use them at different times - and should another worthy variant get created chuck that into the mix also!

    Good show.

  • Joanne,

    I think the old map is right for the show. The new map was a distraction and background, in my opinion, should be just that. Andrew made a good decision in asking you to join the RB team. You have a great delivery and a slight resemblance to Lynne from "Lynne and Tessa" google videos - good combo! Big fan of 2.0. Keep up the good work....

  • mary says:

    improv everywhere = f**king great!!

    don't give a s**t about the map...

  • Boom_Request says:

    Keep the old map,


    improve the lighting.

    Mixing things up is something everyone would like. When you have techno/futuristic stories use the "new map". When you have eco-friendly stories shoot their intro behind a desk in the park. For urban stories give their intro while walking in Manhattan.

  • Ray says:

    Great Show.

    Keep the old map.

    Good day.

  • ed says:

    Great show! I kinda dug the pixelated map. Use it, like the jingle, sparingly. Joanne, you're fantastic. Keep up the good stuff!

  • zEuS says:

    Just get a flat LCD screen back there and let's have some virtualazation. I think there might be an urge for it with the pixelated world map choice recently. Subconscious. So you can deliver allot more news interactively. Probably cheap on EBAY.

    We are moving beyond just Earth coverage as well so maybe a space picture.

    Great show.

  • great job.

    A found constancy in the
    creativity which brings
    to think that we are on
    a good trend.

    For Joanne :

    "I would like to be a tear
    to born in your eyes
    to live on your cheek
    and to die on your lips "



  • atwistedmama says:

    Keep the old map. Color change on the map once in awhile might be interesting.

  • G.B. Andrews says:

    Those two YouTube Videos (improv everywhere and rub. cube) were featured on YouTube a week ago... please dont assume this is the only place we get our content... or maybe find something they didnt feature... or get a little quicker on the uptake.

  • Why not figure out how to use a globe as background?

  • Hmm, the old map... Reminds me of elementary school. With Joanne pulling her hair back like the school marm I guess it fits right in. BTW: As usual, I'm the one in the back of the class looking out the window. Keepin' a close eye on that grass!

  • Bad Beaver says:

    Whatever, I would love to see the new map up for download in at least say 1680*1050?

  • GrayApple says:

    Stick with the old one, but keep the new one for casual fridays?

  • meanguy says:

    parroting what 'G.B. Andrews' pointed out:

    more than an appropriate amount of rocketboom content has been coming straight off the youtube home page and other site's 'featured' and 'most popular' sections lately. it might seem like this is a recipe for growth (popular videos elsewhere = popular video here) but it doesn't work that way.

    creative commons aside, ya gotta do something interesting with this stuff, drew -- you can't just eat it and vomit it back up. that doesn't move things forward.

    when rocketboom is doing it right, youtube, digg and other sites will be pointing people at you instead of the other way around. and that's the way to grow your audience.

    i don't think having a pretty girl giving out links to the youtube home page is the greatest concept ever for a show, but if the videos were a bit underground or (gasp) part of a greater theme it would help.

    maybe make it easier/more apparent/rewarded for viewers to recommend stories? a 'paste a non-obvious youtube/google vid link here' button?

  • its me says:

    Since (I think) the show is about discovering new and interesting things - how about a really old map with undiscoverd territories, and missing sections. And they are usually in nice earth tones. :-)

  • Sly says:

    Just use the decision mashine Joanne! It can´t fail...

  • DateWatch says:

    Why did Joanne say "Tuesday, August 28th, 2006"? Was it a simple mistake? Or something deeper? Hmm...

  • Jeff H. says:

    MeanGuy sounds mean but his advice is good. CONTENT - CONTENT - CONTENT then worry about the map . . .

  • i would zoom * 2 the map, i would put pluto there also and show it through a window, an english window ha

  • chuck b says:

    honestly I think both maps are lame you should put a sweet gren screen with like the solar system on it, or star trek window with stars flying by or something

  • mik says:

    the perspective of the old map is cool: asia in the center!!!

  • sheesh says:

    Hmmmm...I suspect that today's installment was taped several days ago BEFORE the new map even arrived from the printers.

    This might account for Joanne getting the date wrong and for her bang-less hairstyle.


  • Hi Joanne,
    Another great show, you worry to much. Your beautiful, funny, smart, that's all I care about. I'd still watch the show even if there was no map, no desk, just as long as there was plenty of Joanne Colan. Oh that reminds me ,luv the way you did your hair today, very sharp. Can't wait for your next show pretty lady.

  • Zack says:

    I don't have time to spend at youtube, poking around for an hour to find three minutes worth of entertainment. One service RB provides for me is to direct my attenion to fun or interesting stuff from other sites.

    Even so, you know your content could be more exciting when the big buzz in the peanut gallery is about the map.

  • me not you says:

    Put up a bluescreen so that it can always be changed.

  • capo says:

    There's a desk????

  • Jeremy David says:

    I actually really liked the blue and white map. The white dots just fit.

  • B-man 2.0 says:

    Let the MAP SPEAK for itself...

  • morgan says:

    Pick a map and shut up about it! Please!

  • Elvis Ripley says:

    New Map. But don't make it permanent. Keep it for a few weeks and then switch it up.

  • brem says:

    No maps. you need something creative.

  • Loper says:

    MAP: Since your show is essentially a mosaic, why not assemble or charge your viewers with creating a mosaic earth map?

    That would be just the thing.

    MOSAIC MAP...who's with me?

    (but don't make it distracting)

  • MirrorMan says:

    Put up a mirror so we can look at the back of Joanne's head. Maybe she has a 3rd eye? Well, maybe. Also, we could spy on her ponytail.

  • dems4pres says:

    Great Show -- the improv everyone folks are awesome. Such a great public performance art piece. And the one-handed speedcubing was indeed, anthropoligically speaking, fascinating.

    Rocketboom = happy times

  • Ditch the pixy map.

    Ditch the Amanda Map.

    Have a background that says: RocketBoom! IE Rockets, Moon etc.

    The old map looks like your shoting out of someones living room.

  • Joanne,

    Ditch the desk and just sit on a bar stool.

    or present the 'News' like the weather.

  • Cliff says:

    How about ditch both maps and go with a mock skyline of NYC??

  • meat says:

    aaahhh yes, please keep that old map :) thank you.

  • Wink says:

    The map should stay, just turn it upside down.

  • Rocketeer says:

    A great show... who had the clever idea to use the Flaming Lips "Slow Motion" music? Whoever it was has good taste!

    As for the map, the older one featured in todays show is best. I vote for keeping it simple and using it, just like the BBC would. Unless you want to go for my mosaic idea...?

  • frightend says:

    I watched the whole church video. That was awful - so scary and I felt like I had steped in something in my mind. I saw the point but it was really too cynical and it brought me down. Plus the slow mo group seems that it has reached a critical mass of coolness and has become parody. Who cares if a bunch of people walk arround like they have just gotten out of the ER with a buttock full of Thorozine(tm) - You know it is funny if you think of it that way.

  • Regarding Katrina, according to the best weather site around: "With sustained winds during landfall of 125 mph (110 kts) (a strong category 3 hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson scale)--

    infact seems like all the news outlets say it was cat. 3 when it made landfall, so what makes you think it was a category 2, tim???

    also, the "mechanical failure" of the levees WAS in fact due, at least IN PART to the heavy storm surge caused by the heavy storm.

  • John R says:

    As for the map, neither one really does it for me. A greenscreen may work allowing the background to be changed but I'm not sure. Keep the desk, change the background. And it would be a good idea to have a link on there so we can suggest content.

  • Chad says:

    I really don't care about the map...

    Just keep Joanne... and the accent...

  • adbak says:

    Keep the old map. Although a similarly-looking map with the different tectonic plates would be neat!

  • Alex Leith says:

    NEW MAP! NEW MAP! NEW MAP! It looks way more stylish than the old one.

  • david A says:

    How about a solid color map? Water: blue, land: green. Kinda minimalist but could be cool. You know, no national boundaries. Peace.

  • Rustle says:

    map schmap

    Who cares? Far too much attention has been paid to the background. Just look after what's happening in the foreground.

  • Geir Eivind says:

    Say after me

    'Scrap the map'

    now repeat this 1000 times.

    I liked the new map. gave a little more contemporary edge. the map dressed the show better with the school teacher look of Amanda. I was quite dissapointed when I saw it was back, because it looked so well with the new. oh well, Joanne's new hairdye was scary enough on top of it.

  • Rusty says:

    Keep the new map, I like it. I don't really want to see the old map anymore. You need to reinvent the show and doing that requires a new background. Nothing cheesy like a skyline you would see on late night tv, something geeky like a binary world map. 1's and 0's make the world go round!

  • Jim says:

    My two cents.
    Keep the old map. Its a good non-intrusive background and real map too. The new map (not really a map) was just bad. Love the show and you too. Thanks

  • Covert7 says:

    Aye, please keep the map that you used today. Yesterday's map was poo-y. Yah, I said it. Poo-y. Great show, keep up the good work! :)

  • drifter says:

    Again: Map, schmap.

  • John Lewis says:

    I think you should keep trying different things/maps until you find the right one everyone likes!

  • Robert says:

    Take the new map!!! Its much better. The old map is boring old and dull.

  • range says:

    I like both maps. I like the blue in the new one. Good show, 53o's is definitely weird.

    Did Joanne change her hair color?

  • Zack says:

    Maybe for a couple of months, you shouldn't read the comments at all.

    You can't be exciting if you take a poll on everything. Committees never invent the light bulb, they just keep re-inventing the candle.

  • B-man 2.0 says:

    During the RB controversy/fiasco the old map and everything else seemed out of place, off kilter. So much so, it reverberated all the way to Pluto causing the poor little planet to lose it's status as our Mystery Planet (news from Earth takes a long time to reach Pluto) However, now that things have finally settled down (phew!) the old map once again feels spot on.

  • Mandi says:

    I like the new map best!

  • Robert says:

    anyone else having issues getting to the actual 10 minute katrina video? I get 404d. I can get to the blog page, but not the MOVs.

    P.S. I liked the new map.

  • Brad says:

    and like pretty much everyone else you forget about Mississippi too.

  • I liked the old simple map!

  • Tim,
    The gulf coast was devastated and the federal gov't can not and should not fix everything. That's the problem with your type of thinking. It's the president's friends that get special treatment, etc. That's crap. I find your hostility incredible since New Orleans has gotten billions of dollars in aid and thousands of volunteers to help rebuild a sink hole,essentially. This issue is not about winners and losers. It's about Americans helping each other put their lives back together. Keep the conspiracies to yourself.

  • Richard Chuo says:

    Dear lovely Joanne,

    I always wonder why RB cannot do the green screen? Show a different continent everyday, or use Google earth to fly to anywhere in the world. :)

    Personally, I do not care about the map at all as long as you are the anchor. Thanks for bringing us a great show, and this is the enjoyable break for my dissertation writing everyday.


  • Brad says:

    not you tim, rboom.

  • Lucana Man says:

    Quel bureau?

    Peut etre......un plan cosmique.....

    Think Big 'osti!

  • Big Fan says:

    Have you ever noticed......

    How the comments spike when Joanne asks a question.

    Jo...ask a question.

    BTW...the map is trivial. Maybe you could try screen saver backgrounds...the swimming fish in the aquarium seems to be popular.

    Also that flying toaster with the animated wings is sooooo retro even for Internet standards.


  • HARTLESS says:

    Keep the original map!

  • mousejam says:

    old map should stay joanne should go....... today is the 29th too btw.....

  • Gary says:

    All this talk about maps... take as much "latitude" as you wish when selecting the map of your choice - just be sure to avoid language that is too "graphic" though when you discuss it. And, I'd like to offer you some directions with your mapquest- Here tis... I think you should have a large map created with crayons by small children. Or, large children coloring in a small map? Or, you could have people in a nursing home create one, but then again, they may be to in continent

  • SAHM says:

    I think the new map looks better. Please keep it.

    Also, is it just me, or does that ringtone dancer give anyone else the heebie jeebies?

  • Reherodai says:

    The new map should go. It makes Joanne look fat...

    (If that doesn't put the kibosh on it, nothing will).



  • Glenn says:

    Rotate/change the back drop/map.....
    Don't fence your self in by makeing any choice but changing it when ever U feel U got a mind to....

  • packie says:

    Re Improv Everywhere - Amanda scooped you on this one - It was on UnBoomed over a week ago.

    Re the map - I don't tune in for the map or JoCo's looks. Content is king.

  • Leron,

    I agree that money would be better spent on not completely rebuilding N.O. I know that is not going to make a lot of people happy to hear. But other's have questioned the reason to rebuild. So, it's not a new argument. It drives me crazy though that we are wasting so much money down there. I don't think the federal gov't should be required either to rebuild with exception: Roads, yes, sewers, yes, infrastruture, yes, but not houses or apartment buildings or 7-11s.

  • Sponky says:

    For the Joanne admirers:

  • Metolius says:

    Joanne, I admire the precision with which you visually "comment" on the stories.

    I rarely peruse YouTube or other such sites, so if there's something there that really grabs you, it probably won't be redundant to me.

    The pixel map has so little detail as to be spectacularly uninteresting except as a concept. Get a map with even greater detail than the old or keep whatcha got.

    And speaking of detail, how about a spell check? "Devastation" is the standard English spelling (or am I missing some British variant?).

  • Robert says:


  • Jaime says:

    Great show today, just put some more NEW new's...

    And please keek the OLD map is much nicier!!!!!

    Thank you and take care Joanne...

  • MeOfCourse77 says:

    How about getting a map, or photo, or lights from space. You can find one at NASA, I think.

  • jb says:

    No Boomage today???

  • pcrobot says:

    "Some video dude" LOL

    Keep the blue & white map!

  • 3meGoog1 says:

    I\'ve seen it by the power of 3!

    Now I\'ve done my You3b drum solo threeway, 3 times more exciting than you\'ll ever experience...

    by the power of 3, I give thee, drum solo 3way!!!

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