tuesday august 1, 2006 : daily

story links: how to make incredible pictures, isaac ii angelus declares his son alexius iv angelus co-emperor from the forces of the fourth crusade, panormafrigo, men act like dogs to determine dominance, rb boston correspondent steve garfield on a matthew hinchman bench [extended version], clever stop motion escapade, help replace the map

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  • Howard Young says:

    I always thought the light was on in the fridge

  • aw yeah! keep it up drew adnd jc! as for a bg, why not a send jc out for monthly to look for a new one? sorta like the pirate trade vlog?

  • RubberBung says:

    I liked the map. I really hope you're not going to use a greenscreen in the background. That would destroy the kind of low-tech atmosphere of the show..

  • Al says:

    Nice show - it felt quite short and it didn't seem to flow, as well as others, but I still liked it.
    Now - come on someone with more time on their hands than me - must have worked out the code? It may even be very simple (I didn't even properly listen) - reveal all.

  • Interesting stories. Wait there was a time before PS? No way!

    Throw some pillows on that bench and I would lay down and take a nap.

    I was just watching a stop motion film on motion abbey

    Yay the map is down, we are moving forward, I will keep that in the back on my mind today and see if I can think of anything new to replace it. I am sure you will get some creative ideas.

  • turingtest says:

    Just a numeric substitution for 'rocketboom'.....

  • amyloo says:

    I figured it must be a Unix date -- seconds since Jan 1 1970, is it?

  • Olivier says:

    I miss Amanda =(

  • Topher says:

    Perhaps Rocketboomers could create a large photoshop collage of a world map. You could coordinate the project via the wiki.

  • Abby says:

    ooooohhh...she is getting her groove. Hmmm...I would suggest something that the viewers make up. We submit a picture of somesort and you can post it up with a green screen kind of thing...get it? It makes it more veiwer friendly. Also, we tune in to see if we made it. Nothing obscene, of course.

  • Pieter says:

    Wow! just how Joanne blinked that eye at the end! GREAT!

    I think much can be won if indeed Joanne is able to be close and personal with her viewers. And treats them as good friends. A fact that Amanda on many occasions told us she thought was differentiating the show from regular tv.

    As for the map: I would try out different things and let the audience decide. Maybe some hip art. Or a pop-art map? Or maybe greenscreen and put a giant newsroom backdrop in there. Or an aquarium or a beachmovie, or other landscapes. Or an audience?

  • Whatta show!!!! I almost fell outa my cube!!!


    Good mix of articles and thanks for ditching the map and, was baggage....

    Presentation was super good!!! Didn't seem fake today like it was yesterday with all the wacked out expressions...

    Gotta keep watching, keep up the good work!!!! Great job!!!!!!!!!

  • Interesting Tuesday. I like it. I liked the map, too. But it's replaceable. How about seasonal images?

  • jasorn says:

    I kinda get the idea you're thinking of a cg replacement for the map. If that's the case, viewer submitted makes sense to me. Maybe change once a month, week, or whenever a new one you like comes in. If you want to remain the low tech, maybe a collection of stuff you find fitting. Add and removed stuff as you like. I don't know, design has never been my strong point.

  • James M. says:

  • porkchop says:

    Thank you for the show.


    I like maps, but seeing the old map removed was good. It's a good "out with the old and start with a new" change.

    Andrew, is it possible to have backgrounds of pictures that viewers upload?

    You have a page where viewers upload images and you can approve ones for background?

  • I was thinking that some awesome nature and landscape photography would be a great background. It would give us a chance to escape our busy days for a moment and think about all the beautiful places on earth. To see what I am talkin about I PSed this image...

  • brem says:

    A picture of Drew in catatonic state would be nice in the background...

    A big rocket too.

  • Long says:

    What happened to the flashy Rocketboom introduction?

  • Milan says:

    Let me throw in one more vote for a collage instead of the map. Years ago I recall a gallery show that had a wall made up of FAXes received, with 10-15% of the sheets changing every day. Definitively interactive, at the risk of becoming an infinite time sink for whichever staffer has to choose and arrange the daily additions.

    So, how about .jpg's of a fixed size (A4 or letter paper?) submitted with a hint as to which quadrant it should go into? Runners-up get put nearby instead.

  • MoonLitNite says:

    Nice symbology chucking the map as you undergo your metamorphis, Joanne! And it's great to see more of your personality surface. Amanda's brand was sassy, sarcastic, intelligent and sexy (hmmm, one of of four reasons to ditch NY and head for LA).

    Joanne, to date you've shown us the making of a good boy scout: Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent. All great stuff for a bride, yet fickle viewers looking for entertainment need more personality - heart and soul, please :-)

    Cali Lewis (GeekBrief) earned the hearts and souls of the masses by revealing her true self speaking from her heart along with all the bloopers, and it's great to see your true nature begin to emerge. Acknowledging the viewer feedback (remove the map) in the RocketBoom blog was the perfect move. Map or no map, it's irrelevant, but getting close to the audience... AHA, you've hit paydirt!

    I definitely vote for chromakeying (green screen) and your parallel about cut-n-pasting old photos was the perfect lead in - very smart move!


    Michael Tichael

  • eggzakt says:

    I don't speak the code! Waaaa waaaaa! I was guessing it's an IP address, but it seems too long.

    18 15 3 11 5 22 15 15 13

    That's weird, but I like it weird.

  • Please don't go blue screen. One of the main elements that has made Rocketboom so charming is its brazen cheapness. Green Screen is so local TV news, so corporate video.

    From a graphic point of view, it is better to keep the background from distracting us from the important thing--looking at Joanne.

    How about changing the poster? Have people send in stuff. Make it just like the t-shirts.

    It might be fun to place Joanne in incongruous locales sometimes, like Michel Gondry does. (remember the video. with Beck working at his desk on a beach?) Green screen is a cliche. Rocketboom is wonderful because of its imagination--and that comes from avoiding cliches.

  • capo says:

    I like the idea of ditching the map, but a green screen seems cheesy.

    But there are lots of other maps that could be used as a background. The happiness map from yesterday. The global shipping map from The poverty map, where each country is sized according to income per capita. All different ways of looking at the same thing. I'd suggest using a different map each month.

    Still very RB, but with a new 2.0 twist.

  • Black Eagle says:

    Joanne was better than yesterday. But, get your tone lower, she's hearing us.

    That bench, well, I don't know, but it's not my cup of tea. Perhaps in a museum of bizarre things, but useful...

    Weird suggestion for the green screen: a mirror, so we see a bi-dimensional "panorama" of RocketBoom studio. Or better, a 3-D panorama of the place RB is being filmed (joker mode on) That is the sunny L.A, Drew? (joker mode off).Perhaps the image on the background could change depending the day of the week, or the ironic mood of the production...

    PS: Man of Impeccable Taste made the news, curiously after the men that act like dogs piece....haha

  • J.W. says:

    eggzakt, she said "20 2" not "22"

    15 is the letter O.

    Geez ppl.

    As For the background, my 2 cents: K.I.S.

    And if you can, please turn off autoplay, do it so you can click to start the download after the page loads. And if you can't can you tell my y you can't.

    Nice show today

  • Black Eagle says:

    Haha brem,

    But Drew is not in catatonic state anymore. Until someone from outer space I(read vlogs) comes back with a vengeance.

    I see it know...that's why Dr Tiki came here. Wonder which one was the cocktail.Er...medicine

  • M. says:

    Weird bench. I wouldn't mind sleeping on one of those. At least the old people couldn't stare at me so easily. Have you ever noticed how frequently old people stare the younger generations? It's maddening. I wonder what they're thinking...

    4 8 15 16 23 42

  • pcrobot says:

    I think you should change the background everyday, just like your shirt.

  • B-man 2.0 says:

    I think the wall should be plastered with all the RB t-shirt entries

    Have a blank wall and
    each t-shirt Joanne wears should be taken off at the end of each episode and tacked onto the wall.

    (she could turn her back to us, so you wouldn't have a XXX rating)

  • Hi Joanne

    I think you should replace the map with a Joanne Colan Mural, Joanne Colan art, sweet.

  • enockss says:

    I was wondering if the old RB reporters (such as Zadi, Steve, etc) would show up in the "new" RB, and there they are!

  • packie says:

    So first the retro computer goes away, then the map... But wait - Joanne is wearing one of Amanda's t-shirts!

    C'mon guys!

  • LLY22g says:

    God no greenscreen! Unless it's the green screen of a TRS-80 Color Computer. :D

  • dr moore says:

    Very nice.jc is a keeper.Give her 50%

  • range says:

    Glad that the news are back and JoCo is definitely delivering them good.

    Also, I liked the Peace T-shirt and the symbolism of getting rid of the map is great too.

    Looking forward to see what you guys are going to do in the next few weeks.

  • Keep the map. It shows a continuation of the tradition of low-budget rocketboom production.

  • Oh, so we're talking in code now? :-)


    (A $10 gift certificate from to the first person who can crack this.)

  • Rustle says:

    Thanx for ditching the map. How about an eclectic new background that frequently changes - not all of it, just a bit at a time?


    - .. -- .
    .-- . .-.. .-..
    .-- .- ... - . -.. ,
    -... ..- -
    .-. . .- .-.. .-.. -.--
    ... .... --- ..- .-.. -..
    -... .
    .-- --- .-. -.- .. -. --. !

    hint - early binary communication

  • Grawp says:

    Background -- something changeable would be nice. Greenscreen seems too obvious of a choice...and has been done to death.

    Perhaps a drawing that had a small bit added to it every day...and over time it would take form. It would be a nice story within the daily Rocketboom story. It could just be continuously evolving without end.

    Then, over time you would have a nice stop motion piece animating the lifespan of your drawing.

  • crxvfr says:

    I'd like to see Joanne wrapped in cling wrap.

  • Luis says:

    Please, don't even think of a green screen, it would be a catastrophe.

    It's kinda silly... but since we can no longer see our earth, can we at least see the stars?

    I liked the map thing as a childish mockery to the serious elder TV shows of more serious hosts discussing the even more serious news of the world.

    How about a smoking pipe, a fireplace and an extensive bookshelf in the back? nah that wouldn't work... perhaps an aereal image of Cape Cañaveral?

    I'm confused :(

  • Choach says:

    What else could have been behind the map?

  • oh no!!!!!!!! the map!!!! i mourn its disappearance :( although a map of the world from the 1600's would be even cooler :)

    oh!!! i know! a map of the internet!!

    btw, monday and tuesday's episodes were been absolutely smashing!

  • jriz says:

    how about replacing the map with a map of just england, with a massive, bold-faced target over it? just kidding, not trying to offend any british folks.

    i personally liked the map. andrew, it also feels, to me at least, like you're overcompensating and letting viewers have more say in the finer nuances of the show than we need to have. i realize you may need to allow for this for now during transition, but it's a slippery slope, and once the customers are used to controlling you, they'll always want a say in everything. this is not to be confused with customers providing useful input on matters that are relevant to maintaining your fan base. to me at least, it seems to cross that line between "we want your input to make the show awesome" vs. "we at rb are losing faith in ourselves and are desperate for help at any level, not to mention we're desperate to prove our good faith". in my opinion, there's a huge difference in audience perception when you start letting them take out the aspects of the show that made it what it was (to an extent).

    if you're not careful with this, you may find yourself spread so thin agonizing about decisions that are not that important, that you'll end up wasting energy on thinking about every complaint instead of focusing on the important stuff, like the content of the show. you may feel you owe the viewers some say in these matters, but all the way down to things like "background" seems a bit extreme -- you already appeased people with removing the keyboard clicks and a whole slew of other transitional stuff (not to mention you took a fair amount of flak for all kinds of scuttlebutt) -- i offer that it's time to move on, those viewers who don't like the fact that amanda is gone may never be fully appeased, and giving them more room than necessary is only going to fuel more and more nitpicky demands. which takes away from the continuity, quality and originality of the show, at least to me, which is the reason why i'm ranting in the first place.

    as i add other podcasts to my subscription list, i feel like there are other more interesting areas to get user feedback on than background, which was just fine, not to mention perfectly representative of the entire rb philosophy (i have been watching from the beginning, in case anyone wants to flame me for being a poseur).

    in that vein, a serious suggestion is to use a higher-end, techno-savvy global map, or even a cool infrared or otherwise digitally filtered NASA shot of the earth, isolated in space (since you're in stage 2 of jettisoning thrust boosters, no?). maybe invest in backlighting or subtle LED enhancements to make it stand out enough to show off the techieness, without overpowering joanne's form.

    just my opinion, thanks for reading.

    oh, and one last thing -- is it me, or did joanne, who normally looks pretty freakin' hot, somehow look even hotter today? like 50 times hotter?

  • jansku says:

    I liked this one!
    But I liked the map also...

  • Chumpy says:

    My two cents:

    Joanne is better than Amanda.

    When Joanne tore down the map, it would have beeen funny to see another identical map behind it.

    Today's show and some of the past ones don't seem as polished as previous episodes?

    All in all, good 3 minutes of entertaiment!

  • maxX says:

    Use Plasmapong as your background!

  • TY says:

    Thanks for getting rid of the map!

    How about a window with action going on behind you. Perhaps girls in short skirts walking by???

  • crxvfr says:

    jriz: Everything you said thats a bad thing is whats making Ze Frank so popular. This isn't a TV show, its a weblog, interactive with its users.

  • brite says:

    Joanne gets more and more adorable.

  • Benji says:

    I want to see Joanne with curly hair!

  • JimG says:

    How about running the live feeds from webcams all over the world as your new background?

    Er... I mean...

    Woooof, woooof (think large dog, here), growwwwl, snarrrrlllll..., damnit! :-)

  • DSoto says:

    I cant believe you got rid of the map!!!! Even though I'm a new rocketboom viewer I had just gotten comfortable with you (joanne) as a new host and then you do this! Please make the new background worth it. P.S. This episode was boring!

  • DSoto says:

    I like the idea of webcams from all over the world.

  • DSoto says:

    I miss amanda too.

  • BobM says:

    Good show today.

  • ejm says:

    Wonder if map replacement suggestions will be taken as seriously as the dead 'n' buried t-shirt contest. Hmmm....

    (Remember to vote Series 11.)

  • Eric Rey says:

    what the hell was on that guy's sandwich? was he eating ants?

  • Boschert says:

    Seemed like a pretty simple code, numerical count from the Beginning of the Alphabet

    18 15 3 11 5 20 2 15 15 13
    R O C K E T B O O M

    Would have been harder to guess in Hex....

  • Russkie says:

    I think a huge blow up poster of Amanda on the wall would be the way to go. You said she was welcome back anytime. Joanne could then swirl her chair around and every once and awhile she could ask "What do you think Amanda?"

  • butterfly says:

    Green Screen the Map!

  • midnighttlc says:

    here's a couple background screens!

  • meanguy says:

    drew, my hat is off to you. definite progress. well done.

  • Eric Rey says:

    i say keep the map. i kinda liked it.

  • ideas: keep the debate on background going... in the mean time use a puzzle of the week philosophy... and for a couple of weeks have 1 piece of the puzzle put up each day as the back ground with the final piece put up on Friday and Friday's story being centered around the completed background puzzle... that should buy you a couple of weeks (3 max) for you to find something PERFECTLY RB2.

  • Well Joanne, the t-shirts are certainly getting better, just a size smaller is all we need. And puhleeeze... , pull the camera back just a bit.

    As for the new background, I would use a huge American flag, just like they did in Patton. You know, "Americans just love a winner, and will not tolerate a loser!"

  • Mike and others:

    It's your right to not like the show....I'll grant you that...

    My question is this:

    Why are you watching? Just let it go.....


    The show is making great progress. Good job JC and Drew...hat's off to ya!

  • rayo says:

    This epsiode finally answers the question. Is the fridge light on when you close the door?

    Can't believe she actually listened to us and took down the map. Now we have the problem of replacing the background every episode. Suggest a NY street map in the interim

    2 20 9 13 19 19 1 13 1 14 4 1

  • Ken says:

    MIKE... get a life!!! My GOSH...

  • HARTLESS says:

    I've got to agree with Mike on a few points. Removing the clicker removed a reminder of the original and experienced hostess. Removing the map was done to placate the new viewers that just learned of RBs existence thru recent press coverage. It seems that many parts of the show's personality are being removed with few new innovations.

    As for the new background, I recommend a map that shows the greatest extent of the Muslim empire. That way we'd no how many folks the radical muslims want to kill to reclaim what they believe to be their rightful territory. I'm not talking just Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza strip. I'm talking the full enchillada from Malaysia to the Iberian penninsula.

    Finally, thank you to RB for the reference to the fourth crusade. As I recall, that scirmish involved Anglo-Saxon Christians defending their faith from radical muslims.

  • Big Fan says:

    As for the background....

    Why don't you switch it up ;o)

    Everyday we the viewers can log on, tune in, and blog out over the news and what's going on behind Jo.

    Now correct me if I'm wrong...but who here isn't interested in Jo's behind (I mean what's behind Jo)

    Booom on...

  • d henry says:

    I believe it is time to stop making derogatory comparisons between Amanda and Joanne. They each are working (have worked) in different time periods on Rocketboom and need to be appreciated for their own abilities. And perhaps it is time to go forward with this vlog and realize Amanda is (for the right or wrong reasons) no longer here and will not be any more. Joanne deserves a clean slate.

  • Luis says:

    I remember once a sunny afternoon of 2004 when I first saw this show, I was extremely bored and with a shade of sadness that was worthy of a Vivaldi solo of cello. That was when I saw this show and I remember that I smiled again for a bit longer than 3 minutes.

    But for some reason I grew tired of Amanda and some of the windy inclinations of her (sometimes regressionist... sometimes over liberal) eventually I stopped watching this thing.

    Now I've came back and a new breeze flows, and to be honest, the one thing I regret of these new days of this vlog is this futile conversation over what was once great and now is not... people, get over it, this thing has changed, and just like before they (RB Team) will eventually suck somedays and somedays they will be brilliant.

    You can't stop a wave, it's your choice: surf or drown.

    At least people like HARTLESS pays attention to the content of the show instead of the form of it, even if I don't agree with his views in a 100%

  • Steven says:

    Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone.

    I'm not in.

  • Joanne:

    Today you look fresh, trendy and gorgeous.

    Javier Marias

  • B-man 2.0 says:

    Dolly The Sheep.

    Yes. Fill the wall with cloned animals. Everytime a new clone appears, paste it on the wall.

  • O man says:

    I kinda like the map... great show by the way, and Joanne's a hottie!!

  • Jon says:

    Herre you go: Tested in Java1.5, should work all the way down to Java1.3:

    import java.util.StringTokenizer;
    import javax.swing.JOptionPane;

    public class IHeartAmanda {
    private static final int OFFSET = 'a' - 1;

    * @author Jon (exabrial@ REMOVE THIS PORTION
    * @param amandaWouldBeProud
    * Ignored
    public static void main(String[] amandaWouldBeProud) {

    int option = JOptionPane.YES_OPTION;
    while (true) {
    option = JOptionPane.showConfirmDialog(null,
    "Push Yes to Encode, or No to Decode, or Cancel to Exit",
    "I Miss Amanda", JOptionPane.YES_NO_CANCEL_OPTION);
    switch (option) {

    case JOptionPane.YES_OPTION:
    String newMessage = JOptionPane
    .showInputDialog("Type a message to encode:");
    if (newMessage == null || newMessage.length() == 0) {

    case JOptionPane.NO_OPTION:
    String oldMessage = JOptionPane
    .showInputDialog("Type a message to decode, seperate numbers with spaces:");
    if (oldMessage == null || oldMessage.length() == 0) {

    case JOptionPane.CANCEL_OPTION:
    System.out.println("9 8 5 1 18 20 1 13 1 14 4 1");

    private static String decodeAMsg(String newMessage) {
    StringBuilder rd = new StringBuilder();
    StringTokenizer sb = new StringTokenizer(newMessage);
    while (sb.hasMoreTokens()) {
    int letter = Integer.parseInt(sb.nextToken());
    rd.append((char) (letter + OFFSET));
    return rd.toString();

    private static String encodeAMsg(String newMessage) {
    StringBuilder rd = new StringBuilder();
    char[] msg = newMessage.toCharArray();

    for (int i = 0; i < msg.length; i++) {

    rd.append(" " + (msg[i] - OFFSET));

    return rd.toString().trim();

    private static void displayMessage(String msg) {
    JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, "The message is: " + msg);
    System.out.println("The message is: " + msg);

  • Jon says:

    And this is my suggestion:

    13 25 -64 19 21 7 7 5 19 20 9 15 14 -64 9 19 -64 20 15 -64 20 1 11 5 -64 1 -64 22 5 18 25 -64 12 1 18 7
    5 -64 16 9 3 20 21 18 5 -64 15 6 -64 1 -64 19 3 5 14 5 -64 9 14 -64 14 5 23 -64 25 15 18 11 -64 3 9 20 25 -64 1 19 -64 2
    1 3 11 7 18 15 21 14 4 -64 3 8 1 14 7 5 -64 9 20 -64 4 1 9 12 25 -64 15 18 -64 23 5 5 11 12 25 -64 1 14 4 -64 3 1 16 20
    21 18 5 -64 19 15 13 5 -64 16 5 4 5 19 20 18 9 1 14 19 -64 4 15 9 14 7 -64 19 15 13 5 -64 7 15 15 6 25 -64 20 8 9 14 7

  • Jon says:

    Oops I lied, Because I use StringBuilder class, you will have to use Java1.5. If you are too lazy to download java1.5, you can change StringBuilder to StringBuffer and I think that should make it should work for lower versions of java.

  • crxvfr says:

    Give Mike a break. He just can't see cuz his head is up Amandas #ss.

  • Rod says:

    Why is that with an entire team of people Rocketboom is still so dull and uninspired (both Congdon and Colan)? I look at this and compare it to Ze Frank's one-man show and have to shake my head. Oh wait, he does get help from the Bobo twins, doesn't he?

    • Vladimir says:

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  • Zeke says:

    Aaarrgh! Its been a while since I've been able to get back to RB, only to find the Amanda is missing!! I can't believe it. She has become part of the start of my day, much like Johnny Carson, and other talk show hosts become a cultral icon. I've read some of the dialog (apparently posted by Amanda) and it seems that there is some hope that Amanda will return. I hope both of you will realize the need to change and adapt as a new venture grows. RB (and Amanda) are an important innovation. I hope you both don't overlook the significance of your accomplishments, and regret not working hard enough to 'hold it together'! Thanks for all the great shows. Well done Drew AND Amanda!

    • Laquan says:

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  • Sean says:

    I like Joanne better than Amanda. She doesn't use profanity-and Amanda would sometimes delve into using dirty language.

  • JamesUK says:

    I really fancied Joanne Colan in this blog!! It's the way she says 18,15,3,11,5,22,15,15,13 and her wink and pout at the end... Phwoaar!

  • DrIck2 says:

    It ought to tell you something that the comments have become a whole lot more entertaining than the vlog.

  • Why don't you have a contest to replace the map? You can make it like the t-shirt contest, where a hundred artist spends hours each working on the designs and then the contest drags on for 5 months and then disappears.

    • Najee says:

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    • Simon says:

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  • Hmm, somehow my comment didn't go through yesterday. Maybe I did something wrong, or there was a glitch.

    In addition to spicing up the background, what about flashing some cute stuff during the "Zoom a Little Zoom" Song? Maybe President Bush sweeping his hand through the air, or Lala flying a bottle of Tobasco with her hand, or simply a cheap, fat, tiny, model rocket dangling on a string with fire drooping out the back and smoke going upward. Just ideas. The intro to "Malcolm in the Middle" is creative like that.

  • Ervin says:

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    • nigel says:

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