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story links: super-action joystick attachment (thanks, josh!), skater time lapse (via), attorney general ramsey clark to defend saddam hussein, bush approval rating chart over time, red vs. blue states election map, red vs blue states approval map, inside the xbox, xbox retail price set lower than cost, forbes on the xbox, the elderly gamer top 10 reasons not to upgrade, smash my ipod smashes xbox too (audio), run linux on your xbox, pong clock, lego dinosaur, firefox

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November 28, 2005 • 8:03 am | Permalink


  • TridenT says:

    Just started watching rocket boom at 5:59am this morning..Watched the past week and half.

    Keep up the work.

  • alek says:

    Ditto first poster comment - SMASH the Glasses could be some good comedy - if you happen to be out in Colorado, the HULK - - would love to help out! ;-)

    Keep up the good work,

    P.S. HEY ... since I helped provide the "it was Carson Williams who did the cool christmas video set to music" info for you guys, any chance you guys can use your super-duper video editing powers and convert my Christmas Video - see

  • sasha says:

    a great way to start the day. again.

  • jensen says:

    Glasses? No glasses?
    Hair swinging? No hair swinging?
    Random clips? No random clips?
    Paper tossing? No paper tossing?
    I tune in because you know best ;-)

  • Jeremiah says:

    Great stuff. Thank you for entertaining me while I eat vending machine trail mix.

  • enockss says:

    Wow, this was certaily an info packed session of RB (a little something for everyone, I see)!

  • Pierre says:

    wouldn't that be stupid to smash a $300 XBOX that's out on the market?

  • Thank you for mentioning the elderly gamer on your fantastamagorically fast and furiously entertaining news show. So excited was I that I fell out of my recliner and fractured my pelvis. But it's all good. Seriously though your site is a refreshing change. I'll be back once I can walk again.

  • B-man 2.0 says:

    Study - Longer needles needed for fatter buttocks

    Now here's a video NOT WORTH posting, at least not early in the morning.

  • B-man 2.0 says:

    we all pod
    for ipods

    The Joy Never Ends

    ...and the glasses made my day. more! more! more! Please! Every second Thursday.

    Oh yeah, one more thing... my ipod burns CDs!! B-man

    Austin Powers saw it and said it was "smashing!"

  • TeraLink says:

    That was great... The Xbox 360 getting pwn*d.

    TeraLink Was Here!

  • Juan says:

    Jajajaaaaa... funny. Amanada was very joyful today. Nice.

  • tdotmore says:

    glasses .... bring back the glasses...

  • Randy says:

    Hi. Can you folks tell me where you get (or where I can get) the Firefox animation at the end of this episode of Rocketboom? Thanks!

  • dangermouse says:

    Just found this today through iTunes podcasts, and I'm hooked! Although I'm not sure if it's the show I can't stop watching, or Amanda ;)

    Is there any way to download all the past episodes at once? I'm gonna download them one at a time if I have to :D

    Amanda, you have one more stalke, erm, avid fan in the ranks!

  • b ill says:

    That Pong Clock was awesome. A few clicks away was an electromechanical pong. Whoa!

  • Dave H says:

    Am I imagining things, or has Amanda lately been somewhat .. saucier? Sassier? A bit more rude in the 'tude? More out there, all up in your business, just a tad bit more "gotcha?!!?" What are you doing there, Mander, continually trying to make your show BETTER?!!?

    Keep goin'....

  • iLOVEKNIGHTS says:


    I haven't watched the show in like six months, but I have to say somehow you have gotten hotter since then.

    Glasses rock and sorry for blinding you on the set of that crappy gaming commercial.

    All the Best, I hope you guys are making lots of dough.


  • danny says:

    Baby, keep the glasses off. Do not pay attention to the losers that say they want them back. Times have changed. Its the '06 here in a minute. Besides, after surgery, you should not be able to see out of them anyways.

  • Daniel B. says:

    "Sophisticated geekery" is my Phrase of the Day. Good Show.

    Although I'm NOT in love with you (and would like to tell some of the guys commenting here to take it easy and stop acting like they never saw a charismatic and intelligent woman before), I have to say I DID like the glasses... *guilty look to the floor*

    Keep up the great work and greetings from Germany,
    daniel b.

  • El D'Rage says:

    I enjoyed visiting the Elder Gamer blog and it made me curious: how many of us Rocketboom fans are over 60? We "old codgers" enjoy the delightfully off-center approach of Amanda's newscasting. We also enjoy the glasses (because we all have to wear them.)

    Visit us at:

  • See: skater time lapse
    On: rb_05_nov_28 Url:
    I hear dramatic bicentennial mashup music (rb_05_aug_15)
    Someone should have an MP3 link for the music!!! MUST! NEED!!! NOW!!! OMG! YES!!!

  • I have just started watching Rocket Boom as well. Love it and get a Quarter Pipe at
    Skateboarding should really be on RocketBoom

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