• B Cort says:

    more story, less announcing.

  • Very Funny! I wish I had a hot tub in my trunk for all my hos. Amanda, you are great!

  • anonymous says:

    I still like VWs better. I think Volvo’s are gas hogs.

  • Saw that license tag..ok, where in Connecticut are we? And is that chick single?

  • anonymous says:

    I wantone so I ac park it on Bedford Ave. and be a hipster too.
    I take that back. There’s no place to park on Bedford.
    Oh well, I can’t be hip.

  • Josh Leo says:

    This was on unboomed…why is it boomed now? plus, it works better with the back story given on your personal vlog. It is still funny, but I was hoping for more rocketboom

  • Great work, but I really expected you to say “boxy, but good”.

  • sandra says:


    So far I see your AP article has been picked up by,ABC News, Newsday and sites in Minnesota and New Mexico, and it just came out last night……..grrrrrrrrreat!!

    PS I love Volvos and think this Casual Friday is really funny.

  • anonymous says:

    Williamsburg hipsters, the generation that style forgot.

  • cukechez says:

    This is too funny! I can think of tons of funny stuff you can do and cannot wait to see the archives! Keep it up!

  • schlomo says:

    Once again, I don’t have the right thing(this time a car) for true hipster cred… But I wear cordoroy– does make me hip enough?

  • Drake Walker says:

    “So far I see your AP article has been picked up by…” A local paper in Aroura Colorado.

  • B Cort says:

    i told you before…layoff williamsburg already! its going to be over already soon enough, so just let us be, will ya!

    i love volvos. so do my parents.

  • paula says:

    Amanda- very hip what you have got going on here…I stumbled upon this magic called Rocketboom and was relieved to find something so ….fresh.
    And yeah..volvos are cool…off the hook!

  • pete says:

    Frank – Who needs flash/video integration? Rocketboom is already “off the hook.”

    Brown University rocks my socks.

  • Cute, but,NOT TOO ORIGINAL..

    Okay the difference between this and “Weekend Update” is??
    Don’t we see this schtick on the Daily Show w/John Stewart?

  • Very FUNNY!! Maybe your best performance yet??

  • sabine says:

    Hi rockets,
    we – some germans – vj and so – we love youre blog. would you like to have some field correspondents in germany?

  • Volvo guy says:

    Are we talking here about the show or that chick or the Volvo? See, this is the difference, those cars never broke up, so we have not to much to talk about. All we need is to make the right decision.

    P.S. Let us download the video as a file, because is a pain sometimes to load it from other network.

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