thursday august 04, 2005 : special feature

happy birthday amanda! from the rest of rocketboom!

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  • Shastanna says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Thank your lucky stars that you can't hear me singing Happy Birthday to you! :-)

    Have a great one!!

  • JR says:

    Happy Birthday . . . August is a great month for birthdays. Also, be sure to check out the launch of Veoh ( August. It is a new Internet based TV network where you and other content creators are in control.

  • B Cort says:

    Joyeux aniversaire Amanda !

    Keep Going! Your My Smile of The Day!

    From a viewer of The French Great White North ;-)

  • Chris Jolly says:

    Hey Amanda...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You should be very proud of all your accomplishemts. I can't wait to see what the next year had in store for you and your many fans.

  • russell says:

    Happy birthday Amanda.

    My daughters BD was yesterday, and my wife's is Sunday.

  • X. Alberte says:

    Happy birthday from spain.

    Your blog is reallly interesting.

    I'd like...

  • Martin says:

    trackback from:

    So langsam mausert sich das Videoblog Rocketboom zu einer Art Collage menschlicher Facetten. Dieser Beitrag hat mir in den letzten Tagen besonders gut gefallen: Amanda Congdon, die Moderatorin, besucht einen kleinen Laden in New York, der sich der Videospielegeschichte verschrieben hat und für Sammler und Spielenerds eine Art heilige Museumsstätte darstellt. Der Videoblog-Eintrag ist kurz, er geht nicht ins Detail und konzentriert sich nicht auf bestimmte Personen, und trotzdem: der Typ, der extra Japanisch lernte, um die neusten Videogames zocken zu können oder der andere Spielefan, der mehrere Tattoos zu Spielen auf seinem Körper trägt:sie lassen uns kurz erahnen, mit wieviel Leidenschaft sie dabei sind. Und genau das macht diesen Beitrag so interessant.

    Amanda feiert heute übrigens Geburtstag. Na dann alles Gute und weiter so!

  • Grandma Jo says:

    To my Grandaughter,

    It's your birthday, (I know, because I was there with you and your Mom and Dad when you were born),

    You are looking absolutely beautiful on your special day.

    I am so proud to be your Grandmother.


    Grandma Jo

  • sandra says:

    My Daughter,

    Yes,Grandma and I are both celebrating today, becaause I was there too! (and Dad, of course) It was quite an experience. I feel compelled to say that you have exceeded all expectations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    loveulotsandlots and lots!!!!!

  • Raymond says:

    Happy Birthday Amanda from Kristina (who I just talked with) and myself. Kristina is in Sweden now on vacation and cannot get online, but I told her about the mention and she is really flattered to be featured on Rocketboom.

    Once again, Happy Birthday!

  • bre says:

    Good stuff! Happy Birthday Amanda! -bre

  • B Cort says:

    hi amanda and happy birthday! you should include The News Show in your video blog list....

  • B Cort says:

    Happy birthday!

    From S Korea.

  • Amanda,
    You look especially beautiful today.

    Hey All of you @RB,

    GO! ROCKETBOOM! 200 and counting... YES!

  • mariah says:

    happy birthday, amanda!

    thanks for always brightening my day with rocketboom! keep up the great work, guys!

  • Rahul says:

    Happy Birthday Amanda! You are the BEST!!! =)

  • B Cort says:

    oh, bit late, but : congrats!
    and this works only in deutsch: is a man da?

  • B Cort says:


  • iDrifter says:

    Sung to the tune of Happy birthday.
    Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday to you.
    Well you know the rest.
    Anyway, as for my suggestion for the programme; stay the course. You are doing a great job.

  • Cuoredifango says:

    sorry I'm late too
    but as we say in italy "better late then never"


  • Rich Sigfrit says:

    Happy belated birthday - day behind. Just wanted to say that you've inspired me to make my own show. That's not to say what nor where it is, but to say that you and crew are inspirational. Thank you, very much.

  • Hilary Paige says:

    It's your birthday! Go Shorty!!! It's your birthday!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA!!!! You totally rock and I hope you had a truly wonderful birthday. :) *HUGS* Your Pals, RJ and Sam in San Francisco

  • Yeah Yeah Happy Birthday. Ok so where is Friday's Vlog?


  • poly says:

    Happy Birthday to you amanda, kisses and all the best for you and all the activities you are planning.
    Greeting from old europe!!!
    Here Germany!


  • B Cort says:


    (Happy Birthday to YOU!)

  • Sean says:


    You look amazingly jaw-droppingly, stunningly beautiful today! My heart actually skipped a beat. I adore you!


  • drifty says:

    Am I the only one for whom the list page does not format correctly?

    Firefox 1.0.4, Mac OS X Tiger

  • B-man 2.0 says:

    Your energy and sense of humor remind me of someone very close to me!

    This is really a B-lated Happy B-irthday from B-man

    Was B-rowsing the archives tonight!


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