monday apr 18, 2005 : daily

story links: anti-japanese protesters, hacking a pope, lisa salem’s walking tour of los angeles, steve garfield, the carol and steve show, boston marathon , verizon wireless athlete alert program, the stick company, avia, cheers, hp photo printer , adidas intelligent shoe, nwa superlatives (rocketboom remix: entire album less non-superlatives in one track), [full a cappella]: nintendo japan

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  • Mica says:

    I am really impressed.

  • Those RSS enclosures must get pretty stinky in those shoes unless you regularly change socks.

  • B Cort says:

    steve can you hack a pope

  • sandra says:

    Loved the Boston coverage...great idea to have correspondants in other cities...great job, Steve

  • iDrifter says:


    Are you going to run in the marathon?

  • B Cort says:

    This is pretty fucking funny. Awesome.

  • Anthony says:

    Wow! This is really cool! First VBlog I've ever seen.

  • Josh Wolf says:

    I hate to be the grammer police but explitives and superlatives are entirely different unless your talking about "Shittiest" then it can be both...

  • Stu says:

    Excellent, more more :D Steve rules :) my toaster has RSS 2.0 enclosure's too!! when I get new toast, it pops up and lets me know!

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