thursday nov 25, 002004 : casual holiday

keywords: moving bridges

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November 25, 2004 • 8:00 am | Permalink


  • NiceMusic says:

    Nice music! I love this video. Where'd you get that cool music from? Internet Archive?

  • Drew says:

    This was music I made on my home piano in Austin. It was actually recorded right at the moment Austin was moving from the year 1999 into 2000.

  • hinataranger says:

    A few questions about the video...

    >>Where does the moving bridges take place?
    >>If you know where it is, can you map it out on Google maps?
    >>Do you have an MP3 link for the original [video] music?
    >>Did you do it yourself? Or did someone else do it?

    Really cool video. I love it.
    Love the music, gotta have it!


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