Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards 2010

Today on Rocketboom Tech, host Ellie Rountree speaks with Popular Mechanics’ Seth Porges about some of the gadgets from their 2010 Breakthrough Awards.  Click here for show credits.  Popular MechanicsBreakthrough Awards 2010Multipolar MagnetsCellScopeNASA LCROSSSTIHL HSA 65 Hedge TrimmersOccket This episode was made in collaboration with Intel!  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel for the latest from Rocketboom Tech!  Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!  Join us on Facebook for behind the scenes pics and videos!

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Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards 2010
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October 22, 2010 • 2:22 pm | Permalink


  • httprover says:

    Water on the Moon might be more valuable than diamonds. Even carbonates would be precious.

  • rickcheyne says:

    Magnets are cool. More magnets please.

  • ryuddrfreak says:

    Magnets HOW DO THEY WORK?

  • ichbinein123 says:

    A hedgetrimmer... with a battery... You got to be kidding me!!! How is that innovation!!! <.<

  • Imortal122 says:

    @ryuddrfreak fuckin miracles

  • cricketbat08 says:

    I have invented a new musical instrument, 'The Guitbone'. It comprises of a standard guitar body, with the horn of a trumpet attached to the neck. There is a rubber tube with a mouthpiece fixed, running from the horn to the shoulder strap of the guitar, so you can strum and blow simultaneously! Am I genius, or what?!!!!!!

  • librano says:

    All guys automatically give Ellie that creeper stare LOL

  • sincaid4 says:

    @ryuddrfreak LOL silly meme

  • Arat1t1 says:

    They crashed it onto Pogobats forum?!?

  • kibcubed says:

    @cricketbat08 Hmmm... That's essentially a string-based melodica.

  • andreous7 says:

    @librano The - 'OMG what a honey' stare more like lol

  • CaptKundalini says:

    An electric soccer ball? That's about as useful as electric dog polisher or a fur sink.

  • ivanxdxd2008 says:

    fucking magnets! how do they work?

  • adamlyons87 says:

    Cool video, I like knowing about stuff like this.

  • elspethjane says:

    Who wants to take bets on how many mentions of "Magnets How Do They Work?" will be on this episode?

  • LfunkeyA says:


    fucking tard, the reason it's a football is because of how effectively it gathers energy, at least watch the video.

  • SherbetStardust says:

    @elspethjane Over 9000. >:3

  • Ranos17 says:

    Looking forward to magnetic doors!

  • SALVATl0N says:

    seth likey 0:10

  • CONVENTION says:

    how do magnets work

  • TheDevicer says:

    You really are ignorant. Soccer's one of the cheapest sports you can play and is played everywhere, especially in poor countries.

  • DeRealUno says:

    hes so optimistic when he speaks

  • Syntox says:

    @elspethjane - DO they?

  • richyjjsmith says:

    @TheDevicer But soccer isn't cheap when you're playing with an electronic ball, in many poor countries they just make their own balls with tied up trashbags and such, it doesn't seem like a very practical appliance to be shipping out to help poor people

  • herenthere says:

    and cue death by sneaking up on people with a quiet electric hedge trimmer

  • MrMaxXWorld says:

    Didn't NASA found out that there can be life without water? on Titan... one of the Saturn moons?

  • DemonicSymphonic says:

    I think that guy is her long lost twin brother

  • TheKluten says:

    Fucking magnets

  • Winsucker says:

    i think that guy is gey

  • JIHOJIJO says:

    I think the Soccer Ball is the Best item on the table.
    The most efficient.

  • OpiatedBliss says:

    Im cool with dna, quantum physics is a breeze, but seriously wtf how do magnets work????

  • darkadian says:

    @elspethjane I hope none

  • ducktapelover1 says:

    this guy is anoying

  • TheDevicer says:

    Well obviously they'd need philantrophic aid and to make the product cheaper to make the product more successfull. And how much do you think that ball costs? Strip down the commodity, keep the minimium, toss the rest. Simple, cheap.

  • Jordacar says:

    Okay, that cell phone-scope and the soccer ball battery were wicked cool.

  • CaptKundalini says:

    @LfunkeyA Wow, I make a little joke and out come the emos.
    Bad day at the Orifice, hmmmm?

  • MexicanRacoon805 says:

    @TheKluten F***** magnet locks, how do they work? =\

  • LfunkeyA says:


    you joke is pathetic, your judgment is worse

  • CaptKundalini says:

    @LfunkeyA For the record, the "fur sink/electric dog polisher" joke isn't mine.
    It was written by Steve Martin. :)

  • amath12345 says:

    Every thing about this guy is annoying. His polytone voice especially -_-

  • ObiJohn says:

    OMG those two totally have the same speech patterns! Are they like, dating?

  • zekshoes says:

    Much better than the pizza video Ellie

  • LilDLo007 says:

    @TheDevicer He's quoting a Steve Martin bit when he used to do stand up back in his day. Though CaptKundalini's timing may be a bit off, it's nothing to get oversensitive about.

  • LilDLo007 says:

    Who knew something as simple as a soccer ball could produce enough energy to give a developing family 3 hours of light :-)

  • selfmadetool says:

    The window is very dirty behind you :(

  • whizbonker says:

    How many people from third world nations put their hard earned money toward a cell phone and attatchable microscope...

  • misterbearbe says:

    @selfmadetool /facepalm its sunblind..

  • krypekeeper says:

    any magazine that would lie out there ass for the government is a piece of shit

  • artvandelay13 says:

    2:49 innervators :/

  • Mazequax says:

    I don't like him ... especially how he speaks D:

  • badmojo420 says:

    I hate how they cut out the sound that the hedge trimmer makes.

  • BigAndTall666 says:

    Ellie is the best invention!

  • ShannonThePaperBoy says:

    @MexicanRacoon805 You just made me smile.

  • NoEoAoRo says:

    @krypekeeper Truthers don't have the truth. Popular Mechanics beat the loose change people fair and square.

  • siriuslymessedup says:

    blew up the *&^%^% moon :/

  • krypekeeper says:

    @NoEoAoRo keep on drinking

  • jjuan6 says:

    The soccer ball is really impressive! Kudos.

  • cricketbat08 says:

    @kibcubed I will have to rename it, as the Strilodica!! :)

  • violafinishda says:

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  • NOSFERATUalu says:


  • xUtuber117x says:

    I swear to god I told my mom when I was around 8 that If there is a shakable flashlight that gets power from movement then can't we put one in footballs and basketballs and then drain the energy into some generator for energy!!! AND THEY LAUGHED AT ME OH MY GAWD!!!

  • MrOliver1444 says:

    Elli is so sexy!

  • MustRunFaster says:

    Fuckin' do they work???

  • wallshuttle says:

    Please help me..
    Ten years of effort, we successfully developed the most advanced "Wall Shuttle" in the world eventually.

    For paint and wallpaperin. Diy new invention

  • sth128 says:

    "analyzed the debris that stirred up into the air"...


  • Namolis says:

    @whizbonker You'd be surprised.....

  • kibcubed says:

    @cricketbat08 Haha, brilliant! :D

  • cricketbat08 says:

    how do magnets work?

  • djake93 says:

    That guy is a very good speaker - he makes me actually want to listen to what he's going on about :)

  • tsumbra says:

    "James Byrd's Body: Truth Marches On" et al.

  • bangNL94 says:

    I like that football generator thingy

  • Telemna says:

    he was obviously checking you out for the first clip.... and then he started talking... and I just thought wow... he sounds gay... so now I'm confused about whether or not he was actually checking you out lol

  • ShamonUk says:

    forget physics... the chemistry between those two is crazy!

  • TheGrerex says:

    @CONVENTION Fuckin magnets

  • quidproquo2004 says:

    @CONVENTION Either via electric current or via spin alignment.

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