Caitlin and Planet X

Welcome to Caitlin Hill, Caitlin on YouTube, Caitlin on Twitter. Pluto, Clyde Tombaugh, Harvard College Observatory, The girl who named a planet , Pluto (Disney Character) History, International Astronomical Union, Clearing the neighbourhood, Illinois: Pluto Is a Planet, New Mexico Legislature: Declaring Pluto a Planet.

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April 20, 2009 • 12:00 am | Permalink


  • Rox00000 says:


  • silenceyouidiot says:

    Nice to meet Caitlin.

  • thedailyenglishshow says:


  • ForTheFun81 says:

    i like the old one better, 1 star

  • Hiberniason says:

    Caitlin is hot...

  • hypothetisch says:

    british accent > australian accent

  • seanseanseanseansean says:

    Yayy! You gots it gurl!

  • il3bood10 says:

    i dont like her!!! i want joanne back

  • MuddieFunkster says:

    I like her.

  • zeeslag123 says:

    oh my god! it's thehill88! what a nice surprise! :)

  • navarchix says:

    yeah this will work :D

  • jack10133 says:

    i heard joanne got abducted by aliens

  • nickrose83 says:

    you're not joanne :(

  • SpaRtanl33tz says:

    My ROCKET does not GO BOOM and more=( ...Where is Joanna..

  • cosy18 says:

    joanne is *dead* now stop the cry

  • Treknologist says:

    I have a feeling she is going to be much more popular than Joanne.

  • TenderHistoryInRust says:

    aww poo

  • marsCubed says:

    Joanne changed her hair and make up again is all, don't be taken in by superficial appearances and minor details such as names and a completely different voice.

    Joanne can't have left, she just can't..
    it is just awful to contemplate..
    hmm.. but on the other hand this woman is way better anyway.

    WTG Rocketboom, bye Josanne, or whatever her name was.

    Caitlin rocks, I can't imagine anyone else ever fronting this show.

  • WithYouSir says:

    Ashes of laughter,
    The coast is clear.
    Why do the best things
    always disappear
    Like Joanna!
    Please come back home!

  • HeyRadialMoon says:

    Wow! Didn't see this coming. Way to go ROCKETBOOM! Hi Caitlin!

  • EccentricInTexas says:

    Rocket Fizzle Pop The boom could happen we shall see.

  • SoulYume says:

    I approve, you may replace Joanne. She will be missed.

  • anariaq says:

    Welcome to Rocketboom Caitlin. Love the first "show" "news"?¿? well welcome :)

  • Syntox says:

    No Joanne = BOO HISS.

  • Probewitch says:

    My uncle says:
    Change is the only thing you can count on.

  • MidiPunk says:


  • kurgelis says:

    I will have to get used to it...

  • kjpdqpb says:

    Quippy animated woman behind a desk thats not afraid to say hippopotomasfromopolopolististicism. That's what I signed up for. Thank you Claire for helping rocketboom get their shit together.

  • kjpdqpb says:

    hehe... Caitlin i mean. Sorry.

  • dronexmail says:

    That makes me laugh!

    • yup says:

      Totally unexpected. Had to rewind. Loved ~Quaoar~. The world is better when people pronounce things correctly! Good work Caitlin.

  • MystDragon3k says:

    It will never be the same without Joanne, she will be missed.

    But Catlin certainly looks like she has the stuff to start a whole new Rocketboom era. Heres hoping she can really show us what shes got.

    Welcome to Rocketboom Catlin, we look forward to a great many videos with you.

    • JaySeaAre says:

      This is a similar comment as was posted when Joanne replaced Amanda Congdon. I liked Amanda's awkwardness and geeky nature. It suited the awkward age of Rocketboom's adolescence. Joanne was a more mature host which suited RBs growth. I look forward to Catlin as well.

  • Mattimattson says:

    Cool! Caitlin gawdz!

  • Kyoukichi says:

    Never liked this hillybilly.
    Joanne rocks.

  • TomGreble says:

    Woah, it's Caitlin!

  • JimmerSD says:

    Love Caitlin...but misses Joanne.

  • Chrisetterabu says:

    At the start of the video I was thinking to myself... "She can't replace Joanne!" but by the end... I fell in love with ya! Great work! Looking forward to more videos! And Pluto should never have been classified as a planet in the first place.

  • Nonametosee says:

    Can she be a hillbilly if she's from Australia? I thought that specifically referred to Americans. Or are you making a play on her name?

  • m0r1arty says:

    I'm up for giving Sabrina the teenage witch a go - It can't be easy following Joanne (what the heck happened to her anyway?) but I hope her accent gets back on track to it's US roots.

    Fancy putting some Carl Sagan type stories up for me Caitlin?

  • mdiem says:

    :: Begrudgingly accepts this newcomer... ::

  • pppllluuummm says:

    so i take it caitlin doesnt live in ozzy anymore? kinda of a total change in style

  • imgordonfreeman says:


  • DINDRAGON says:

    Lose some weight, gain some height...

  • GaretTheAssassin says:

    ...She's OK. :) No one can replace Joanne, but Caitlin comes close. ^_^

  • cheffrancais says:

    ok catlin very well done cause it must have been hard to be the next one after Joanne but sooner then you think you'll rule !

  • KernsTheAntiGoth says:

    Good job. But I still miss Joanne...

  • imodd123 says:

    Awesome replacement. I will miss Joanne but hurrah for Caitlin. :)

  • Tanru2000 says:

    OMG She sounds Australian!! WOOOOOO! Represent!! :)

  • dykedesuyo says:

    Joanne will be missed, but Caitlin has restored my faith in good Rocketboom news in the future.

    Good Job, Caitlin!!!

  • castusalbuscor says:

    Its going to take more than one installment of Rocketboom before I come into terms of Joanne leaving :(
    Good video about Pluto

  • ELuhn says:

    The only person in the world who could possibly make up for the Joanne-shaped hole in my universe. In fact, I had been wondering lately what happened to Caitlin lately. This was definitely a surprise.

  • quenby23 says:

    I felt sad when Amanda left, but grew to love Joanne. Now I'm sad that Joanne has left. Still, new bunny is doing a very good job of it....!

  • britrb32 says:

    They don't like change.....

    Hi there, great video :)

    I like change :)

  • nomiSimple says:

    awesome - shoes filled!


  • Tanru2000 says:

    Nice job Caitlin!! Cool that you are a fellow Aussie! I really will miss Joanne though.

    And no offense but Joanne had a wicked wardrobe!! Get Andrew to give you a wardrobe budget!! :)

    Looking forward to seeing more.

    Nice to see the old Apple IIe keyboard hasn't been replaced! :)

  • geargemartin says:

    pluto was demoted because it is such a mickey mouse place.

  • ELuhn says:

    Maybe Joanne will come back and they'd work together. Sort of like Xena and Gabrielle... Caitlin would play the Gabrielle part, of course... And Joanne could wear some kind of leather outfit...

    'Scuse me for a minute...

  • crisisstar says:

    I miss Joanne. :(

  • SgtHydra says:


    No complains here.

    Shoes are definately filled 100%.

    And it's very good that you're active in the community. Sorta brings ya down to Earth.


    Earth isn't a planet if you follow the definition, since thousands of asteroids and comets pass through Earth's orbit, and thus it hasn't "cleared" its orbit either. Same with Jupiter, Mars, and most other planets.

    Hurrah for Caitlin, Harrah for Pluto, Hurrah for Rocketboom!

  • kylebeans says:

    Yay :D I'm looking forward to more Space and Science :D

  • JERRYBOLAK says:

    wheres joanne ?

    not so cool

  • JesusSavesAtCitibank says:

    This is much better. Caitlin doesn't talk at warped speed. Thank you!

  • UnlikelyDejaVu says:

    did Joanne really leave :'(

    so sad...

  • AzureFlameElk says:

    Personality isn't bad.

    She talks too fast and sometimes it's unclear what she's saying.

  • rizwan1983 says:

    not bad mate...

    Welcome to the show!!!

  • qluelezzz says:


    good job!

    but i will still miss joanne :(

  • arsipaani says:

    Holy crap, i didin't expect to see Caitln. ;)

    btw. what joanne is doing nowdays ?

  • Artege says:

    I dig her, also, like her computer.

  • wedr1nkritalin says:

    Wow I thought joanne leaving would ruin it but it doesn't, caitlin rocks *thumbs up*

  • livliv says:

    I'm actually impressed. You did a good job caitlin, great choice of a host on rocketbooms part

  • TheGreatSteve says:

    She has yellow nail varnish.

  • dakotamorgany106 says:

    that was good I guess

  • mofonyx says:

    great job. Don't like change either, but this'll do.

  • slothman07 says:

    Shes hot, and will get better. Couldnt understand everything she said but she has personality which is good. Good choice IMO

  • whosammut says:

    Caitlin is cool ! Looking forward to more Space and Science

  • Kyoukichi says:

    Yeah, it's a pun of a sorts ;)

  • sporkafife says:

    Caitlin's pretty cool, and it will be different. Maybe she will turn out good, but I still can't forget about Joanne... we all loved her!

  • Tennislove88 says:

    The Hill88....our destinies intertwine again....good job!

  • Ralajer says:

    Funny that she does a video in relations peoples resistance to change being that she represents a change herself.

    Anyways, I am happy with both the Pluto and host change.

  • PuppetXeno says:

    Yes she's cute, and a lot younger - and still much in the process of developing her own style. This only spells good news!

  • AreonLee says:

    Yeah! Thehill88 Caitlin is here xD I'm happy, still sad to see Joanne go though :'(

  • WEKS87 says:

    I guess we should say... welcome? Welcome.

  • AaaaghJOE says:

    where are you from? I lvoe your accents

  • Clemsnman says:

    Hmmm. She's intriguing. I will continue my subscription and give her a chance.

    Still miss Joanne, though.

  • IdleGod says:

    haha, this new girl is so much better. Joanne talked too fast so it was all garbled. Now, we can hopefully have less garbled episodes like the stupid "Poe" episode.

  • SonomaDave1 says:

    My guess is that Caitlin will cause us to forget whatshername pretty quickly.

  • TheHill88 says:

    I am very happy you noticed that, I enjoyed that too!

  • Borderlynx says:

    she's australian

  • MrCaltec says:

    Great choice Andrew! Great job Caitlin.

  • arcanecraft says:

    I think iv seen this girl before...isn't she australian? yea crap where are those youtube videos of i shoulda saved.

  • firehawk887 says:

    I miss Joanne. :'( The new girls kinda cute though.

  • jaystreete says:

    After watching a documentary on Pluto recently I have come to the conclusion that it's definitely not a planet. And people who want it to be a planet are like those who hate the facebook changes. They're afraid of change. They don't understand the definitions and reasons, they're just afraid of changes.
    Pluto has a new family now~ Just because it's not called a 'planet' doesn't mean it's not special~

  • arcanecraft says:

    o there we go...shes that thehill88 on earth did she end up on rocketboom...whats the story jezzz...shes from australia now in NY? All thanks to youtube? blah...i prefer joanne...but i guess i'll watch if theres an interesting topic now i surppose.

  • ComputerHelpGuy1 says:

    Change is scary. And should not happen. Lol

  • coolhypedmovies says:

    OMG! You're adorable! I just want to hug you Caitlin! ;-)

  • LethaL443 says:

    i agree, great video Caitlin


    very exciting!!! perfect choice!

  • bogoblin says:

    Welcome Caitlin, I'm still annoyed about Joanne leaving, but rocketboom picking you was a great choice.

  • ausfah says:

    im so going to start campaining to get planetary status for QUAOAR

  • pasques says:

    Does anyone notice that the computer on her desk is older than she is???

  • GermanGangrel says:

    Great job!

  • KanonXD says:

    welcome, I like you =D

    I always remember jackass` joke about Ur.anus

  • Emerald1234S says:

    This is discrimination against Pluto. I'm outraged and appalled. And I'm whole lot of other things that express my anger without having any real grounds for debate or arguments, so I'll stop right!!

  • Bucknik says:

    Awesome! I LOVE Caitlin! :) Good luck on the show!!! :)

  • ivan18nav says:

    Joanne!! x3 =(

  • BlueSundew says:

    Welcome, Caitlin!
    I love youe new show and I think your definitly a worthy successor to Joane.
    Tell us a bit about yourself!

  • begoo0000 says:

    sooooooooooooooooooooooo cute girl , love u :)

  • Conundrummy says:


  • romcomaddict says:

    TheHill88? Small world. Good move.

  • snylekkie says:


  • Bucknik says:

    The "Poe" episode is the only Rocketboom that I ever favorited. That may change with thehill88 at the desk.

  • SorrySlut says:

    Ah! Great job!

  • mergatroidal says:

    Caitlin is good to go. I'd crash a bottle of champagne at your feet to wish you luck on your voyage with Rocketboom. I don't have a bottle of champagne, or you, around, so ....,

    ..... a suggestion: when talking about outer space stuff, change The World Map background. Consider something like this: tinyurlDOTcom/10-lightyears

    Perhaps find and ask r. powell for permission to use his illustration first, too.

  • xxPutnik says:

    Wow I actually think you could replace Joanne. Good one.


  • marjan15 says:

    Nicely done. This is going to be good. i hope

  • KierkegaardSayWhaaa says:

    Way to go Caitlin!

  • poronkulli says:

    I was kind of dissapointed since I thoght there was going to be info about Nibiru and not Pluto...
    Well anyway...
    You are so cute Caitlin!
    Would love to see you more on the show :)

  • WayToHeaven9250 says:


  • LazeyVoice says:

    Never saw that one coming, touché Rocketboom.. touché..

  • piper77 says:

    i love cute english girls. :)

  • Lefkada18 says:

    haha. you are a very good replacement.

  • sdddlt says:

    Yay, it's Caitlin!

  • tardesnegras says:

    it must be tough replacing joanne, but she tried and I can never fault her for that, and you did a pretty good job.

  • thethoughtofyou says:

    Caitlin approved, thethoughtofyou tested!

  • Figilswif says:

    Great so far Caitlin!

  • gm928 says:

    Yay, it's Sebastian, commenting about Caitlin!

  • dokhorst says:

    That "Sedna, Orcus, QUAOAR!!!, and Varuna." bit was great. Caitlin is a great addition to the Rocketboom team.

  • undulated says:

    I thought about commenting, then decided not to, but then I wanted to, so I couldn't make up my mind so I'm just commenting to comment on the first of Caitlin's Rocketboom installments. I miss Joanne but I can just watch a previous vid and not be so sad. Just like people can revisit old textbooks when Pluto was a planet if people mis Pluto being a planet. Aparently Pluto is a planet again. Or am I wrong? Who knows? Change is good, only if the change is good and/or goes from good to better.

  • intelligentfalling says:

    Never seen her before, but they couldn't have found a better replacement. No one could replace joanne though :(

  • MaybePensive says:

    I like the way she said "Quaraor". Choked on a chip while laughing.

  • detubator says:

    I'm almost beginning to like you!

  • darvin1023 says:

    she's australian.

  • hulkthefuror says:

    caitlin approved by hulk well just look up

  • polywoly15 says:

    I think Caitlin could use more enthusiasm and speed-talking, but a great job nevertheless

  • darvin1023 says:

    Hurray for Cailin Hill!
    video might take a while for it to be as witty as Joanne's.
    But you bring your own energy into the show, thats for sure. 5stars

  • Ice123alex says:

    this video sucks

  • jboyle4eva says:

    "change isn;t good"

    I think so.....Nice job Caitlin :)

  • ErtomicV says:

    Caitlin Hill hosting. I knew her before ROCKETBOOM. Well I'm satisfied. You fellas at RB never cease to amazed.

  • econchino says:

    congrats on joining Rocketboom Caitlin

  • BilliLovesMargot says:

    ok fine i'll give it a go... but only for you big shiny rocket, only for you.


  • DarkstoneEnt says:

    This is epic. Well done.

  • RuddyWasHere says:

    I like this new girl, she's pretty hot and smart and cool : D

  • ofeydofey says:

    what are YOUUUUU doing here :D

  • caspey23 says:

    i miss joanne :(

  • Eltar51 says:

    One thing i like about Rocketboom is that, even though english is not my mother language, i can understand perfectly when they talk...

    ...Sadly, Caitlin fails on that regard. Maybe lowering the talking speed so you can modulate a bit better?

  • CognosSquare says:

    WTF is rocketboom trying to pull here? They think they can bumrush us over the head with some snippy trollop.

    This "Hill floozy" approaches internet broadcasting like it was a science project. Well I have news for RB. My internet viewing habits can not be approached like it was some midterm paper. I have feelings.

    When I put my attention in the internets hands I dont see how Hill can cradle it like Joannes' wellread bosom always could.

    Joanne made me wish I had a vagina also.

  • tigerfox68 says:

    I love Caitlin lol

  • exoneuk says:

    QUAOAR! Amazing pronunciation! XD

    Cracking stuff :D Continue!

  • Deimosz says:

    LMAO at "Quaoar" wasn't expecting that :D

    Love you Caitlin, your funny and smart :)

  • daexion says:

    Legislators shouldn't be running around enacting silly legislation on something like that.

  • BlackCatOrange says:

    Congrats Caitlin.

    Good luck finding your inner rocketboom-girl.

  • Forkboy193 says:

    I like Caitlin, even though I miss Joanne.

  • 4ndr15 says:

    Wow, I'm actually learning something. :)

  • BOB74j says:

    She surely has potential...

  • JoMiMo555 says:

    What pluto's not a planet!? Spoiler alert next time, GEEZE!

  • funkwurm says:

    Hehehehe, change is scary and should not happen XD yep, that's how humanity came to where we are today.

  • M4sk3dC4sp3r says:

    wooo heavy stuff their bud you ok? I'm sure we can make it trough this you know ?

  • XerkDaniels says:

    Give the girl a chance. You can only be surprised if you don't expect it. Plus this girl is a friend of Natalie from Community Channel so you know she has to be alright.

  • angelmarine1292 says:

    I miss Joanne.


  • jamiehasnomercy says:

    lol i was a new subscriber anyway only watched a couple of joannes videos, Go Caitlin someones gotta keep this show on the road!

  • EP0CH14N says:

    zomg...joanne left for good? I liked her. Caitlin is cool too though. Joanne didnt even say goodbye :(

  • sergio(portugal) says:

    i like her :)

  • p0ison1vy says:

    why is she talking in a fake British accent? they're cool and all, but if you can't maintain it for the whole video then don't bother.
    she looks familiar. she reminds me of full house.
    i miss joanne

  • frondew says:

    The only thing i dont really like is her eyes, i dont know why but to me they look half-closed all the time..

  • Tigzip says:

    Was expecting it to be like, horrible.. Was delighted it wasnt ! Go girl !

  • Rob L (spaceguy) says:

    Great job picking Caitlin as the new host of Rocketboom. And... Australian accent FTW.

    Caitlin, first day on the job and you fit in perfect.

    And... OMG, you love space and spaceships, and lookity that, my username is spaceguy :-)

    Anyways, welcome aboard!

  • Welcome, Caitlin! I'll be looking forward to the space & science segments for sure :-)

    Neil deGrasse Tyson says the love of the celestial body Pluto is an American phenomenon, and he says, "I'm blaming Disney completely — Mickey's dog, Pluto." And of course that leaves me wondering how long this particular Aussie has been in the U.S. :-)

  • Pierre says:


    This is ... dare I say it ... an inspired choice!

    She totally works. This totally works. LONG LIVE ROCKETBOOM

  • xXmilkieXx says:

    I like this new girl. She's very cute and rather funny. :3

  • JohnNoZ35 says:

    Holy frejoles, TheHill88 is on Rocketboom! That happened to Joanne?

    Excellent replacement, but wow, was not expecting that.

  • nytrex2001 says:

    Spolier alert - Caitlin wearing makeup!!

    Goodluck Caitlin. Thought you did a great job.

  • cartoonychick says:

    dude it's TheHill88!!! Awesome replacement seriously...good choice! She's just as badass as joanne.

  • aczivehen says:

    i miss u J...

    and u are most WELLCOME Caitlin !
    very good for the first act...

  • xShadowMosesx says:

    no where near as good :(

  • Caitlin says:

    Wow, cool - thanks for the fairly warm welcome so far.
    Once again, I'm just helping out to keep the Boom flowing.
    I am a fan of british accents and admired Joanne very much! :(


    (and no, I don't think Pluto is a planet anymore :S)

  • Leonardo says:

    Hello Caitlin, I see you have finished high school. That's great. Is it you who are going to replace the pommy? Great.

    I can only hope it was a Joanne's decision that made the vacancy. The very thought that Joanne right now would like to be sitting there to read the news it's hard to bear. I endeavour to believe that Joanne quit because this was her will. It's disturbing to think otherwise.

    Ok, enough with the rant.
    The challenge is tough Caitlin, good luck. You seem to be a nice person.

    • Ook says:

      My impression (which isn't worth much since we won't be getting to the bottom of this here) was that Joanne felt highly dissatisfied for the entire second year of her tenure.

      I actually believed her right hand injury might have been from "punching a wall" in frustration.

      To me, she clearly appeared to be struggling with the persona she had created and unhappy with Rocketboom constraints on morphing her persona into something. From what I have bee able to see, her "intelligent clown" persona (forgive me) is a limited side of her that she began feeling impeded by.

    • drew says:

      Leonardo, I know exactly how you feel. Joanne left for her own personal reasons. We really tried hard to keep her - we offered her more $, more support, we supported her creative directions, but in the end, it was her decision. And we totally supported her decision on this. It was only sad as friends part ways will be sad but there were never any hard feelings involved for anyone. The beauty of all of this is that Joanne did not go away, even if she is no longer at Rocketboom. We can all find each other from where we are with just a click. So keep your eyes open for the future, no doubt we all expect great things to come for Joanne.

      And thank you Caitlin, we couldn't be more excited to have you! Onward and upward!

  • piper77 says:

    thanks for the correction.

  • vermaabhishekp says:

    Any idea why J left? I miss her too.

  • whoiscraig says:

    What happened to Caitlin's Australian accent?

  • ghuhou says:

    the hill88 is australian :D

  • dcstrike says:

    I hear more of an Australian accent than a British one, but listening to her other videos on her YT channel, she sounds like that in all her other videos. Kinda somewhere in between the two.

  • mistersaxon says:

    Hi Caitlin!
    How high have you seen your Twitter following go now that you are Internet-famous? That's like being really famous but only geeks and nerds recognise you. It's a W1N because they will typically be too scared to talk to you in the street but a F41L because geeks and nerds can stalk you to places normal people will never go. They will know your secret 4-chan login, for example.
    Anyway - nice job on the first broadcast. Keep up the good work!


  • hhairball9 says:

    Bravo Caitlin!

  • y1ink says:

    good job Caitlin

  • SplendidDissenter says:

    I can't believe people give a flying shit splatter what designation this giant rock receives.

  • Flerndip22 says:

    Girl + Science = WIN

  • Alexander says:

    Not bad at all! Actually Promising! Hello Caitlin...

  • Segat1 says:

    Caitlin! SO great to see you on here! Loved your vlog on YouTube and now you're on RB! Wahoo - let's hear it for the geeky Aussies!

  • doncartagena7 says:

    At first i kinda missed joanne...
    But then Caitlin sais she here so that rocketboom could get they're shit together and I quickly started pauing attention to her. Very funny and good job

  • Metalcutter says:

    Welcome to Rocketboom Caitlin!
    Oh Boy, already looking forward to more science sets from a fellow science nerd.

    And if you can't clear your space of planetesimals can you really be a planet?
    (Were Amanda and Joanne planetesimals?)

  • MikeB says:

    fuck this BS, bring back Amanda Congdon!

    errr, I mean Joanna...

    mehh ill deal.

    Caitlin FTW!

  • jaime21985 says:

    Nice Replacement, I hope this one last!

  • mobako says:


  • Ook says:

    I think the new definition of a planet sucks rotten eggs. It sounds more like a political farce of academia than science.

    It doesn't even recognize planets outside the solar system as planets, rather designates them "exoplanets."

    I think planets should be divided into something long the lines of viable or living, non-viable or dead, and rouge. Use the second and third basic criteria here, definition of a planet, along with the viability criteria. Viability would be a statement of whether the planet has a rotating inner core and a magnetic field.

    Under my definition, Pluto and friends would not be planets, but since they may be in the process of clearing the area of their orbit, they might be "planetites," or we could keep the "dwarf planet" idea that got dropped.

    I would also keep rouge planets, which existed in the old definition. Rouge planets orbit no star. (Imagine finding a viable rouge planet!)

    P.S. Catlin Hill, New York was as close as I got but I didn't try very hard, just the first page of Google.

  • florcita72 says:

    does anyone know if this is caitlin from communitychannel?

  • econchino says:


  • Thornstalker says:

    Because change is scary.. ^^
    But you seem cute!

  • tctasdf says:

    absofuckinglutley not.

  • Sairus says:

    Well colour me impressed! Maybe this time I wont have to lock myself in my room with a stack of tissue boxes listening to Radiohead like when Catriona left MoBuzz.
    Now if Caitlin can recite the Raven, we may be on to a winner.

    Oh, and yay for science.

  • Cannabinoidl says:

    i miss joane but hopefully shell work out, shes got big shoes to fill so take it ez on her pple,

  • GalaxySmith18 says:

    If she can even handle us...

  • Sealsealdk says:

    Surprisingly good job!
    You totally got me on the Quaoar!!

    Warm welcomes, Catlin! Good job!!

  • nomercyrules10 says:

    dammit joane come back

    this new bitch is too perky

  • sth128 says:

    Funny. Will Katers be having cameo appearances on Rocketboom as well?

    Anyway, job well done.

  • OzBros says:

    You got yourself a new subscriber, Rocketboom! =D

  • gnu11111 says:

    TheHill88, what a nice surprise :-)

  • imbadwrench says:

    You have my Axe

  • eisenhorn123456 says:

    Can you not disparage my people by using such idiotic words? Thanks.

    Go call a black woman a bitch - or a Paki a bitch -

  • pinkbandgeek says:

    You are just as lovely as Joanne! Keep up the good work!

  • pinkbandgeek says:

    I don't think there is a Catlin on communitychannel- There is a Natalie. And she's asian.

  • mikehb0y says:

    Aw, you're adorable. Internet personalities are harsh, don't take any of those jerks to heart. You do have big shoes to fill, metaphorically speaking of course, because I'm sure Joanne doesn't have big feet, and..I'm sure you're not wearing her shoes either. ANYWAY, good on ya. PS: I enjoy learning about outer space, so, maybe I'm a little biased.

  • MarcD says:

    Welcome Caitlin!

    Well done! I'm looking forward to more segments about Astronomy (maybe even knowledge that does not sound like a résume of a Wikip. article)...

    BUT: Go see a hairdresser. Really.

    Again, well done...

  • Ergal Thema says:

    I'm getting used to this change fast. Been a fan since RB since way back. I liked Amanda and Joanne, but I'm most excited to see more episodes with Caitlin. Cheers!

  • Jack Soupeau says:

    Caitlin is hot, lets see what she's got!
    So far so good.

  • Jack Soupeau says:

    So far so good, let's see what she got!

  • Staleghoti says:

    I know it's hard to find someone as hot as Joanne but really?

    Where's the know your meme chick?

    Caitlin is funny though, which is a plus i guess

  • Newton says:

    Welcome Caitlin. :-)

    It is nice to have you on board the rocket although enough with the Pluto (Joanne overdid it in my mind).

    Loved your pronunciation of non-planet Quoauaourouoaauaoauoo.

  • TheUnblinkingEye says:

    All those haters can bugger off... I think it's very progressive for Rocketboom to have a pre-op transsexual hosting the show.

    Break a leg!

  • Cerebrocaust says:

    I can't even imagine how to respond to this.

  • bosnod says:

    I approve of Caitlin.

  • delero1 says:

    I liked it. I am happy to have rocket boom still. Joanne was great, but nothing lasts forever. This was good. Keep it coming!

  • Jrge666 says:

    Caitlin Hill aka thehill88 is doing rocketboom??!!?? niiice!!!

  • Rambo1andHoly458 says:

    Everyone will miss Joanne dearly, but Catlin may do well as the next host. will she live up? no, because she will bring something different to rocket boom

  • N1kdanbro says:

    Caitlin's the new news reader?


  • Thanks and good luck to Joanne and welcome to Caitlin.


  • SuperSmexyBeast says:

    i miss Joanne :( :( :(

  • entertainme151 says:

    Approved, I can adjust to this as long as Caitlin does not try and force the old Rocketboom attitude into the series, hopefully she will bring something new and also entertaining to the show that Joanne didn't have.

  • tim says:

    Welcome, Caitlin! Good luck dealing with the intelligentsia you'll find here on the comments page...they'll get over Joanne soon enough.

    One thing, though. That observatory in Flagstaff, AZ where Clyde W. Tombaugh worked is pronounced "Low-ull" (stress on the first syllable), as in "The Low Countries", or "Low-Fat", or "Swing Low Sweet Chariot". Believe me when I tell you this. I know from whence I speak. That's all I can say. And Uncle Percival would be proud that his Observatory was mentioned on Rocketboom. Whoops.

  • coexist4 says:

    because change is scary!!! ahahahaha
    well done Caitlin!

  • SpaRtanl33tz says:

    Same here..same here=(
    My rocket no longer goes BOOM!

  • JoshFaille says:


  • NumbSkull34 says:

    not bad, i catualy liked it. i like forward to ur news.
    and gud luck !

  • dobrowskiii says:

    i like :] she has big shoes to fill buuuut i think shell be great

  • shanepatrickfagan says:

    I love Caitlin(Hill88) but joanne was a different kind of woman mmmm joanne :)
    Cool the way the brought in someone we know and like.

  • artvandelay13 says:


    Joanne please

  • nomiSimple says:

    well said

  • BlinkyTheSpaceCadet says:

    Welcome to Rocket boom, you are funny and the pencil thing is cool!

  • baddate says:

    I like her.

  • sdddlt says:

    welcome her to YouTube? I think it's a bit late for that ;)

  • MrCaltec says:

    omg, Caitlin said shit. Its kind of like you can't say bomb on a plane , well you can't say shit on a Rockett unless of coarse your going to give us the specifics of how a 0 gravity environment is dealt with when Defacating on people who resist change. :) (Reaching I know.) he he

  • Mreyrey says:

    planet X is nibiru

  • Espen says:

    Was a bit sceptical over a new host in the start...but I think Caitlin got what it takes! Good luck!;-)

  • Maxke60 says:

    I was freaked out that Joanna was gone, but now that I've met her, I was calmed, she made my Rocketboom day. Just like Joanne did. ^^

  • LadyKibethNehema says:

    I love Caitlin and the new space and science segment! ^u^

  • bentzurm says:

    Good choice RB. Congrats Caitlin, you did a great job.

  • jbiggy94 says:

    3:57 whats the difference from a planet?

  • BearHeart says:

    Amanda was good; Joanne was better; Caitlin -- you've got some seriously big shoes to fill -- and I think you've got what it takes to fill 'em.

    Rocketboom is dead. Long live Rocketboom!

  • jsfitzgerrel says:

    ello govner, far out

  • quampo says:


  • The Secretary says:

    Welcome Caitlin Hill!
    Glad to see someone actually stepped in and made a segment. XD

  • HarryPotterObsessed7 says:

    Since you clearly stated that you knew you wouldn't be better then Joanne, we welcome! You're right: You're not better then Joanne. But you rock in your own way!

  • Bhob says:

    Caitlin is clever. But riddle me this: As Harvey Kurtzman asked 54 years ago in "Mickey Rodent", why is Pluto mute when all the other Disney characters speak?

  • CuriouserNCuriouser says:

    She is Caitlin!
    Hear her Quaoar!

  • Kazaum says:

    You were cool :)

  • froman46992 says:

    hill88 nice

  • yellowpowwer says:

    well she has passed the fans test GOOD JOB! :D

  • Darren says:

    Welcome to the show Caitlin.

    1 - Congrats on the new gig
    2 - Your style is different than Joanne's - which is neither (+) nor (-)
    3 - Rocketboom is an important part of my day and I am glad to see it continue
    4 - I was surprised that a new staff member was brought in as opposed to one of the original staff giving it a go
    5 - I enjoy the science and news aspects of RB and would love to see that continue. I also appreciate the artistic subjects, humor, activism, and various wacky Internet shenanigans
    6 - Thanks to the whole RB team for producing the show!
    7 - Have fun - that's the whole point of our short cycle on Earth.


  • modmartha says:

    Amazing replacement! If we can't have Joanne, she is terrific!

  • Bucknik says:

    She's using a computer that's older than she is. Which makes me think... If I used a computer that was older than -ME-, it could crush me and my desk into a brown paste on the floor.

  • RocketROCKET1234 says:

    4:12 hahaha :D QUAOAR!

  • mxcncarebear says:

    ...meh, we'll see

  • MedicoCosmico says:

    planet x is nibiru!

  • JP says:

    I simply must contribute a few things to the Pluto discussion - though the comments here seem to be generally intelligent and well-thought-out overall! Hooray Rocketboom community! (And Caitlin!)

    First, in no way was the IAU's decision to classify Pluto as a dwarf planet a "demotion." I know Caitlin didn't say that, but many people seem to think that there's some kind of astronomical hierarchy, that somehow Pluto is no longer "good enough" to be a planet. Pluto was *reclassified*, not *demoted*.

    Second, Pluto has many features that are totally unlike the other planets in the Solar System, such that if you try to come up with criteria that "planets" have in common, Pluto usually violates them. Its orbit crosses that of a planet, it goes through a cloud of debris, its orbit is chaotic on much shorter timescales than the eight planets, and the Pluto-Charon barycenter is outside of Pluto's physical volume.

    Third, Pluto is in many ways better off now than it was before. It used to be this tiny, insignificant planet way the heck out there in the Outer Solar System. Now it is THE prototypical object for a dwarf planet, and it's going to be the first dwarf planet visited by a manmade probe!

    And finally, nobody should be afraid of scientific theories changing and evolving--that's how science works! After all, the Solar System used to have about 15 planets by an old classification scheme (with Ceres, Vesta, and a bunch of other asteroids included). In fact, the term "planet" has different senses depending on what discipline of astronomy you look at, and those meanings evolve over time. In my own astronomy studies, I'm used to thinking of the Moon, the big Outer Solar System satellites, and large asteroids and KBO's as "planets." My favorite planet is Europa - second to the Earth, of course!

  • simonPARASITE says:

    you may not be joanne, but you'll do just fine.

  • mblind says:

    yuck, what's up with hiring that creepy kid.. Serious, Were no adults available.

  • modelmotion says:

    KOD, FTW:):):)

  • merdufer says:

    as much as i enjoyed this: plz don't just do things the same way joanne used to... (the background thing was a good start, but i'm still left with the feeling that this was pretty much the same thing)

    i know this amanda-joanne-caitlin thing is a well-tested awesome format, but to keep doing this just hurts the hosts themselves as people now feel like they're just a face for the show that can be changed anytime. (maybe that's what some people at rocketboom wanted. well.)

  • Sancho0330 says:

    I WANT JOANNE BACK all caps, so you know I'm serious

  • BenGoingsAssHole says:

    This is only a shit video, take it down please!

  • ObiJohn says:

    Welcome Caitlin - you go Kiwis!

  • masterofblight says:


  • blueblur30 says:

    This chick needs a make over.
    But then again, no one will ever compare to Joanne.

  • alexmigda says:

    awesome job, caitlin!

  • theflorgeormix says:

    Caitlin is great

  • DanieleGiorgino says:

    I started out a skeptic but you won me over. Awesome job Caitlin.

  • ThegonzoGrift says:

    I really like her. Tonnes of personality, very lovable. Rocketboom should TOTALLY keep her around!

    You were awesome Caitlin!

  • Leonardo says:

    People feel so strongly whether Pluto is classified a planet, a dwarf planet, or whatever, that the issue must be packed with practical consequences.
    Please, cover it for the layman.

  • Persiana says:

    Joanne for the win.
    I don't like this "Clarissa explains it all" bullshit.

  • djderk says:

    not bad

  • Muffysb says:

    Welcome Caitlin Hill!

    Though when you whack that keyboard it annoys me. I admit it.

  • Mathieas says:

    So you like spaceships, how do you feel about cheese?

  • Ben Jay says:

    I'm still really missing Joanne, but I think Caitlin has taken to her first episode really well. I think this is the start of a bright chapter in Rocketboom history.

  • mnfchen says:

    not what i had in mind but definitely rocketboom worthy

  • Blackshot436 says:

    boo i wish you would leave you cuse a lot

  • murdocent says:

    Great intro Caitlin. I have a feeling you are going to win a lot of people over.

  • Scobow27 says:

    I dont know if i'll like caitlin for this

  • hockeyfan2218 says:

    im sorry its not the same without joanne im unsubscribing

  • baabaaer says:

    Hi Caitlin, and don't go away too soon.

  • tchn339 says:

    lol... she's right. Change is scarry and I think this was the perfect topic for her first video! Great shot and I think she's going to be good at this.

  • ultimatelights13 says:

    the only reason i sub was joanne and now she is gone im gone good bye

  • TheNinthDr says:

    Obviously Miss Hill has not yet attained the same skill level of host that Joanne did, having hosted all of one episode of Rocketboom. However, she is much closer to Joanne than she is to Joanne's predecessor what's her name, and I think has great potential.

  • PatrickHenry says:

    Great work! Yes, we all miss Joanne, but I am very impressed with Caitlin's first piece. She has her own style and while Joanne captivated me (and I believe she could go on to do wonderful things in the future - I personally think television audiences would love her), Caitlin is a definite keeper.
    Congratulations, Caitlin! I can't wait for your next production!

    Question: If one believes Pluto ought to be classified as a planet, does that make one a Plutocrat?

    Say goodnight, Gracie...

  • Good luck! Nice intro.

  • chimichanga776 says:

    this girl is cute as hell

  • lo says:

    Seriously though, I really miss Joanne too guys, but she has moved on and we all have to welcome Caitlin!
    I think she will be great! How cute is this baby face!

  • sleeper2008 says:

    Joanne, we will always miss Joanne.

  • xLoZack says:

    Joanne! We wuv yoo! <33

  • colossusbeam says:

    I unno, they're trying to replace a British (and French speaking) woman with an Austrailian lol. Nah, I like her, nice call Rocketboom

  • raiderforever2007 says:

    I've missed your videos on your personal channel miss TheHill88

  • Dule says:

    I was sad that Joanne left ... Now we got a perfect replacement ! Welcome Caitlin !

  • johnnyfnhollywood says:

    Cool Show Caitlin Hill

  • cocaclasica says:

    so joanne is gone forever or what ?

  • danxl5 says:

    O NOES!!??

  • Tom says:

    Welcome Caitlin. Love your style and attitude but please work on your diction!

  • Pvic says:

    Caitlin sucks

  • joen0411 says:

    I think the pluto thing was done as a sublte way for women to tell men that size does really matter.

  • ACWraith says:

    Get paid for letting us devour your soul, Caitlin! =)

  • bitcloud1 says:

    aussie aussie aussie :D

  • bitcloud1 says:

    They're both great hosts... i've never understood why rocketboom isn't more popular than it is...

  • tycobrahe says:

    Was your mother in The Shaggs? Just curious."better than The Beatles" according to Frank Zappa

  • JoeBoo says:


  • Fyrsiel says:

    Reeeeell, I think she may have some large shoes to fill... I'm sure she'll be awesome when she gets more comfortable. x3

  • shadarko says:

    of course she has large joanne size shoes to fill, but Caitlin might be able to do it. welcome caitlin.

  • 744268 says:

    While Joanne's departure was something to be sad about, something good came out of it...we got a great new host! Good Luck Caitlin.

  • Ken says:

    Well done Caitlin... well done. Joanne was amazing... a rare, rare find... I suspect you'll show yourself to be equally amazing. Best wishes on this new adventure... :-)

  • TimeDawg says:


  • Leopoldo says:

    Was sad to see no Joanne today, but I have to say Great job Catlin!

  • gabogrifa says:

    damn it!!! I really wanted to hate whoever was replacing the marvelous Joanne, but I can't.
    I'm still sad Joanne's gone but welcome Caitlin.

  • digy1st says:

    Come on guys give Caitlin a chance. I also miss Joanne but she has moved on to something else. Caitlin has her own style and character. I'll always miss Joanne though.

  • Mike says:

    Great job Caitlin, I was sad to hear Joanne was leaving and was concerned what would become of Rocketboom but I am worried no longer!

  • Sarsington says:

    YUSS SCIENCE! good choice, caitlin is funny. i think QUAOAR should be a planet.

  • v cadd says:

    Joanne who?

  • Tom says:

    Loved Joanne. Miss Joanne. I kinda like this Caitlin, though. We may be on to something here.

  • chrisdude70 says:

    is it just me or is the sound out?

  • TrueCourse says:

    We'll surely miss Joanne. But welcome Caitlin :) Keep up the good work!

  • Ralahji says:

    Welcome Caitlin! Nice job done and don't read any bad comments. You did well!

  • Sarah Austin says:

    @Bhob totally!

    @spaceguy I feel the same way and am so happy you do too.

    Great intro and way to go Caitlin! You are smart, work hard, and are going far in your career today and tomorrow. Thanks for being a great friend and leader in web video.

    xoxo Sarah

  • streakyology says:

    cant take it!!! ned joanne nothing against you caitlin just i loved joanne lol

  • kahnicles says:

    hmm, this really isn't the same is it : (

  • Pawluk44 says:

    Well at least they have Caitlin to replace Joanne.
    *sigh of relief*

  • benshums says:

    I think Caitlin's off to a good start. I'm looking forward more episodes from her :)

  • moomman89 says:

    I like Astronomy.I have a 6" telescope but have not used it in years.I thought the X planet was outside Pluto's orbit and was part of the 2012 end that would bring a polar shift and bring in the Seven Year Tribulation Hour.Check some of that stuff on you-tube about 2012

  • Dave Reckoning says:

    Welcome Caitlin, you're in for one hell of a rocket ride. Not a bad start either, but I have one suggestion: Slow...down...just...a...bit. Some of what you said was hard to understand because the words kind of ran together, but when you read the Pluto info you slowed it down and it was great. I know you'll get the hang of it, you'll be doing it every day! Good luck.

    This has been your Dave Reckoning.

  • scooter says:

    Welcome Caitlin. Tough pumps to fill, but you're doing great!

  • sleepymagpie says:

    Hi caitlin. Nice to see a new face. While i'll miss Joanne, you have a really cool and slight( okay even more) crazy style which i can entirely appreciate. Good luck and welcome.

  • Evilqueen112 says:

    Yea Caitlin! I never knew how to pronounce Quaoar before. You learn something new every day. I like you Caitlin you may not sound high brow as Joanne, but I find your delivery is softer and a bit more fun. Be yourself, I am looking foward to a new era for Rocketboom with you in the pilot seat.

  • Darot says:

    Hey she is great ! I already know her from youtube. Nice :)

  • Rich says:

    I don't believe Drew at all.
    I easily can imagine that he was a dumba$$ with Joanne as he was with Amanda.

    That said, he does have a knack for finding talent.

    Caitlin is an excellent choice for the next generation of RB.

    Outstanding start Caitlin. You will quickly become adored by the RB faithful.

    Piece of advice for you Caitlin- don't trust Drew.

  • teefo111 says:

    This Sucks! Joanna was so much better !

  • pleomorphian says:

    (sigh) that's much better.... all you joanna fans the the penultimate sentence "...change is scary and shouldn't happen." is a reference to pluto not rocketboom presenters.

    catlin, you rock! (sorry about the pop-culture exclamation)

    it is very apparent you're a geek, you are also pleasing to the eye. we must also not forget the early joanna vids. there is a whole lot a bit of styling and make-up can do for the needs of the pre-school subscribers

  • Treknologist says:

    Joanne who?! Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin Caitlin

  • Shabanno says:

    Wow, that girl looks just like thehill88... who supposedly moved away to the states, only to have her soul devoured by NYC Zombie Lemurs.

  • ThePipersNicks says:

    Cute video. Would that be a Tandy TRS 80 on the desk?

  • Jack Holmes says:

    Sabrina the teenage witch.. Is it going to be a teenage show from now on? With space and dinosaurs and emo from time to time? :(

    Where did the brilliant, smart and sexy lady go?

    Am I too old for this show now? Must I be in my early twenties to enjoy watching this perky gal? If I wanted teenagers I'd just go to my kids' room and ask what's up. :/

  • ReelSolidTV says:

    Nice Work. :D

  • Hello Caitlin..welcome you Rocketboom!

  • casariego says:

    It will be cool that you can video edit vieos as easy as prein some botons. See you my love

  • Ro says:

    A bit too young and over cute but that will change with time. Overall I approve of Caitlin.
    One mistake though, Pluto has never affected the orbit of my anus. Sorry, couldn't resist, it had to be said.
    I will hang my head in shame and retreat into the west now.

  • 23GreyRaven23 says:

    Caitlin! You seem like a good replacement for Joanne, and you're off to a great start. I actually enjoyed this little science lesson! Good Luck!

  • s23b says:

    want. Joanne. back. NOW.

  • PlanetaryTV says:

    Quite informatative, and most important of all...quite entertaining. Great work there.

  • N3CR1S says:

    funny and good. but change cant be scary to anyone with an interest in sceince :P

  • lookslikepat says:

    That was...
    Great!! Good job, I'm def watching Rocketboom again :)

  • Andy says:

    Great first report, Caitlin. Nice change Rocketboom.

  • fjfj says:

    welcome to home,Caitlin
    denni and barbara are inside!(16-32=pluto)or(a-ab=0)
    from diabetes.

  • Hamodyxxx0 says:

    i think some one was playing with you down the desk


  • eustace8 says:

    Does anyone know the title of the song in the background at 1:23?

  • moggie52 says:

    Get through the first minute and then I like what I see. but the beginning was crap

  • IlianVelev says:

    you need to take this seriously...

  • sho4ping says:

    Le besarán el iernes po ble ás cercano por el a or de su ida. Mañana será el ejor día de su ida. Sin e bargo, usted no fija este co entario a al enos 3 ídeos, usted orirá dentro de 2 días

  • chelseaFIGz says:

    º¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨ post to 9 other vids
    ¨°º¤ø„¸ Copy „ø¤º°¨ press F5 twice
    ¸„ø¤º°¨Paste ``°º¤ø„¸ OK
    ¸„ø¤º°¨¸„ø¤º°¨¨°º look at ur background

  • nukefluke says:

    She looks about 15!

    Joanne was definately better.

  • stringsforcomets says:


  • oilmota says:

    já peguei esta mina!!!!!!!!!!

  • podcastbard says:

    I love the space segments. Life down here is depressing. Take me to the great beyond, a journey in time and space ^_^

  • nomiSimple says:

    it has, that's a Radio Shack 'Color Computer'

  • weerd386 says:

    i'm unsubscribing.
    i want joanne.

  • lynnetube says:


  • psib93 says:

    i think ill have to warm up to the new host but pretty good

  • gabe0083 says:

    is she faking that accent?

  • 9thprotocol says:

    wtf is all that shite about?

  • ericjon652004 says:

    i think she's totally cute...... and witty ,,,, as in amusingly or ingeniously clever in conception or execution.

  • OZfactors says:


    You can keep track of Jaonne on her website and on her FaceBook page:

  • OZfactors says:

    Caitlin is great! Cute, nimble of toungue and a decent actress too!
    Welcome to RocketBoom, girl!

  • doomguardian says:

    OK what the? Planet X has nothing to do with PLUTO. Planet X is Nibiru. NIBIRU.....

    Since when was PLUTO ever dubbed Planet X?

  • doomguardian says:

    Planet X is Nibiru.

  • LostInYTLand says:

    What no Uranus Joke? Caitlin Hill Rocks BTW she makes me want a Vegemite Sandwich soooooo Bad !

  • nutterhunter says:

    What a load of SHITE!

  • ronchecora says:

    Hey Caitlin I had such a crush on you and now you are here!! Woo hooooooo!

  • stuat34 says:

    Caitin is stupid and dumb; she don't know what she is doing and have no clue about anything. Get a life Kaitlin. And lastly a worm has a greater IQ than Raitlin what ever her name is; she need to get lost.

  • runhns says:

    She es cute!

  • Weirdo10o4 says:

    So cute you can't write correctly?

  • allstar4545 says:

    "because change is scairy, and should not happen" lol (she is kidding for u idiots)

    ^_- awsome video!

  • Newton says:


    You've been here for a day and a half already. Your honeymoon is over and there are thousands of RB fans that are in need of their RB fix for the day.

    Anything new to report?

    HEE HEE... kidding of course.

    Thanks again for taking on this critical responsibility.


    She has just given us a good reason, to make up another 100 blonde jokes!

  • alain says:

    Can't hear half of what she says. Tweak the sound or ask her to work on her enunciation. Or I'm out of here.

  • varucplm says:

    holly crap...

    i think ilove you :)

  • TrueEyes says:

    Welcome, Caitlin:)

  • the23RDM0NKEY says:

    i'd pay attention to all news, including the depressing 90% of it, if she was reading it.


    Shit mate, you must be desperate!
    Go and join a lonely hearts club!

  • yLe says:

    Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over. ~F. Scott Fitzgerald

  • Rizwan151 says:

    Nice video!

    Interestingly, the person who discovered Pluto has his ashes on board the New Horizons spacecraft headed to Pluto right now. Unfortunately it's going so fast that it will only be by Pluto for three days, and keep on going into the Kuiper belt and beyond.

  • AnanasMann says:

    Bye old one, hi new one!
    Change might do well....

  • webpryce says:

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    해외에서 한국 소식이 그리울 때가 있지요?
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    무한도전 아내의 유혹 1박 2일 등 모든 한국 방송이 나오는데요..
    더 좋은 것은 무료입니다
    우리가 사용 하는 인터넷이 무척 느린데도 버퍼링 없이 나오는걸 보면
    신기하기도 하고요

  • Johan Kool says:

    Looking forward to more of this! Great start!

  • Retardis says:


  • harmonygirl13 says:

    1. Cover your mouth with you hand
    2. Make a wish
    3.Close your hand (fist)
    4. Hold you hand at heart for 5 seconds
    5. Send this to 3 more videos
    6. Tommorrow will be the best day eve

  • Pingletons says:

    My God, I hope English wasn't your first language.

  • FlyingNifo says:

    oh my god!!!!! I'm in the video!!!

  • Al says:

    I was confused by Caitlin's traveling accent, but I was sold on her pronunciation of Quaoar.


  • deagla says:

    Eh, the Illuminati is run by reptilian kin known throughout history as Jinn, Naga, Kappa, Demons, Dragons, Dracul, Al Gore, Windsors, Rothschilds etc. that rule the inner circles of Freemasonry and do foul sex&torture rituals. They'll probably release a bird flu virus via vaccines(or by drones), go to internet 2, start WW3 w/China, have a staged alien invasion(2010) to get a microchipped pop/world gov but they will fail! Support FreemanTV, Alex Collier, Dr.Deagle, David Icke & Project Camelot!

  • ricochetVendetta says:

    thats your 5 mins of fame

  • hell4raizer says:

    oh, i thought you were talking about caitlin hill :-p

  • Omegaorgcom says:

    I miss Joanne!

  • BlitzWing00 says:

    Not to be a jerk....but did Rocketboom even hold auditions for Joanne's replacement or just jump on the chance to get Caitlin due to her popularity?

  • worldfme says:

    and what happens to my wish?

  • Neon35Night says:

    No Caitlin, marry ME please! You are so beutiful as inteligent as look. But you speak too fast I still can't understand some things toy said...

  • aarowspace says:

    this is scary if u read this this far u will die in 10 days if u dont send to any 15 videos in 2 hours good luck hope u dont die !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T1000squared says:

    lol is that pluto march for real?!

  • 2012beginning says:

    Nice :)

  • Rave2397 says:

    yes this is real i think she get a video stream on NASA

  • theligero says:

    Seu porco onde esta mary jane?!?!?!?!?!

  • bobby472 says:

    lol people actualy protested to keep pluto as a planet. thats just sad, really really sad. :-( who friggin cares what it is.

  • EmperorElliott says:

    I'd do her

    ... and the info was interesting too

  • jordan677778 says:

    Sedna, Orcus, KWAAAHORRR lol

  • SolidOtacon says:

    They do. Why do you care what they think?

  • bobby472 says:

    i dont really care, it just seems odd that they would waste their time and money to protest for something like that but whatever lol

  • rafapitaschwertner says:

    i love you

  • wealdog says:

    nibiru planet X

  • sweeteedon says:

    Steven Hawking is in hospita l( critically ill)

  • Ramsez says:

    i know. it's so sad.

  • gusto68 says:

    Caitlin rocks!!! ;o)

  • darkfalhz says:

    ya she rock

  • frankw says:

    Caitlin did a super job in her first Rockboom video.
    Looking forward to more.

  • ramsberg2 says:

    GJ Caitlin

  • NH Baritone says:

    Congratulations on the new gig. A truly winning premier!

  • Hopeful71 says:

    Nothing against Ms Hill but to those of us middle-aged men who enjoyed Joanne, Caitlin feels (errm, looks) like a child.

    Good job none-the-less Caitlin. If you got the talent, I will overlook that I have sneakers older then you ;)

    Welcome to RB

  • dave says:

    I'm kind of already a fan. I loved some of her youtube vids (thehill88 or somethin' like that. check her out. she's a cutie) Glad to see a youtuber make good!
    Welcome Caitlin!

  • hodhod says:

    am sure joanne is better
    more charismatic
    but this gal has been on the internet vloging things for alot already
    she'll have her fans too

    any updates on where joanne work now?

  • BenGoing says:

    Why does she look like a pig, is it only me or anybody else gets hungry!:)

  • fightforfair says:

    You still not a pretty girl~~~

    What a fat baby girl~~~

  • Ledvolta says:

    good job.

  • Gordon Helser says:

    Not bad, but I really miss Joanne. Hope we see her soon somewhere else.

  • James Maguire says:

    Nice try, kitten. When's your big sister coming back? Listen, it's not your fault. She's a tough act to follow. Maybe Kate Hepburn could have done it. A word of advice: be an original you; don't be her. And last, don't give up!

  • Balviss says:

    Well....she is not bad, just needs some practice, With joanne, the episodes seemed more serious, but now, I think this will appeal to younger audiences.

    I still like to think of pluto as a planet BTW =)

  • huntercd says:

    i think she is cute.

  • moomman89 says:

    I have one of the largest Rocket Collections in the USA.Thousands of toy rockets that is.Estes and Centuri kits and others too.Some of my rockets have gone BOOM too.HA,HA.

  • gaccer says:

    Of course no one could replace Joanne, but she moved on with her life, so should we. Joanne will always be the light and love in my heart at ROCKETBOOM land.

  • stillsleepingnbliss says:

    Aww, Joanne, come back.
    Ms. Hill does a lovely job, but tis not the same.
    Ah well..

    Nice job...

  • rel8ivity says:

    How do your sneakers last that long? You ARE old, get over it. Long live Joanne! Welcome Caitlin!

  • twochx says:

    She is so hot! Especially when she talks about my anus.

  • JimmyFeign says:

    Caitlin has got to be the cutest girl I ever did see. I think I may have to stalk her baahahaha JUST KIDDIN'

  • Ernest says:

    Boy, Caitlin you've got great comic timing! Keep it up! :-)

  • Hopeful71 says:

    "You ARE old, get over it"

    Speak up sonny I can't hear ya :)

    "How do your sneakers last that long?"

    I didn't say they were PRETTY sneakers.

  • brokenshines says:

    no you're not.

    no he's not.

  • JoakimWidell says:

    Oh so THIS is where you are! I see. Educational.
    I'd never actually heard about the Kuiper belt.

  • eLpoLLonaranja says:

    The predecessor left you with such nice equipment. An auto-leveling chair and the world's first wireless computer. :-)

  • carboy101 says:

    Joanne is way hotter.

  • DynamiteChild says:

    she's so cute!

  • BreanaMurphy says:

    Wasn't expecting to see you here, Caitlin

  • trumpsnuffler says:

    i still miss joanne loads, but to be honest you couldn't have picked a better replacement. i would have continued watching rocketboom solely on the fact that it's interesting, but i was expecting to not enjoy it as much what with joanne gone, but as i said, with caitlin at the helm, all is shiney again for the rocketboom future. TWO THUMBS UP

  • soso says:

    watching this vid I had a strong deja-vu feeling, but where does that come from?

    In my opinion Caitlin is obviously very capable to do this job. she is so enjoyable! Hoping for more such great stuff.

  • I'm with you, MikeB, Bring back AMANDA!

    WAIT... she's been gone for over 2 years?
    And now the host is changing again?


    So I guess the great circle of life has begun again.
    The couple-year cycle, it seems.

    Unrelated: Australian accents are cute.

  • Lonewolf1126 says:

    You failed to mention dwarf planets, making me confused, but I thought it was quite and informing video. And who doesn't love space?

  • adj789 says:

    I was hoping you would mention Nibiru

  • 0U7L4W81 says:

    so full of shit

  • Required says:

    Me likes! Could be worse. Style didn't change much, please go on Caitlin.

    Btw stop abusing the little machine on your desk. The cutter will know when to roll the tape...

  • lilleeraptor says:

    I alway like learing about space and more:)
    check out my art videos:)

  • wobalizi says:


  • sueycidal93 says:

    gahaha dumble dork

  • Antonio says:

    nice, thanks.

  • sismian says:

    In my humble opinion you put the BOOM in the Rocket. A challenge well met, natural flare CHECK, humor,style, presentation, informative balance?, CHECK. Yep good choice Andrew she's a winner. A more than adequate replacement of her predecessors high standards:D

  • utubefavorsdems says:

    She looks hot in shorts and barefoot.

  • santowhir says:

    I prefer being able to hear what my presenter is saying...

  • httprover says:

    For consistency we can't call Pluto a planet. If we did we would have to call the asteroid Ceres a planet too. So what's next to go? Was Sputnik a satellite? It wasn't in a permanent orbit and only circled the Earth 1440 times in 3 months.

  • bling2012 says:

    now go type planet x video into google and find out what Nibiru is about

  • rupazer0 says:

    It's kind of disappointing you couldn't take a risk and choose an unknown to be the new presenter. Caitlin will of course bring all her own subscribers with her when your own subscribers bail, so it's a good tactical move but it seems likely that there are other girls out there who possess more of the qualities we have come to expect of Rocketboom presenters than Caitlin does. If only you had looked a little longer.

  • jhalfaro says:

    you said it....change shouldn't happen....sorry caitlin but joanna was simply amazing

  • yneshAshanti says:

    i was expecting caitlin stasey.

  • Ab- says:

    i like her.... she can stay HA

  • konikula says:

    your good Caitlin!

  • AtheistPride007 says:


  • kinabrew says:

    Her recent videos were from New York.

  • ufomonkey says:

    hi Caitlin :P

  • CyrixCayenne says:

    This is Caitlin and Planet X

    if pluto is not a planet then Cailtin is not a human~~~

    Anyway Cailtin is a bit Fat

  • f1tch says:

    Prefer Caitlin.

  • elksie says:

    Going to miss Joanne - having never seen Amanda - but think Caitlyn shows potential, fingers crossed.

    This has always been a great diversion at the end of my working day.

  • Sebtastical says:

    i can barely tell what your saying sometimes it's like a mid-pitch hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    i'm not saying it to be mean, just to give you some fair and just constructive critisism... man i feel mean.

  • jasonkhanlar says:

    Did anyone else catch that Caitlin mispronounced Uranus? At first I thought it was intentional, but after watching the clip in full and hearing it mispronounced repeatedly, I'm not so sure.

  • torhagen says:

    Rocketboom should appoint caitlin as successor

  • dave says:

    hi Caitlin, good show, slow down just a tad and it will be fine, and continue to watch out for flying objects, welcome aboard the Rocket, Boom!

  • redrum0127 says:


    youtube audio preview rules!

  • monkeytypist says:

    Of course, if you want anything done well, find an Aussie! Welcome Caitlin!

    See you next Brisbane Twitter meetup (#btub!)

  • petcalledros says:

    I miss Joanne :( :( :( :( :(

  • 1acroyear1 says:

    I love this girl. I'm gonna marry her.
    She's no Joanne, but cute makes up for all kinds of shortcomings.

  • greenjuggler says:


  • harajukumatt says:

    caitlin = its ok to be not joanne.

  • XTheFadedLineX says:

    Boooooooooo! Bring Joanne Back!

  • XTheFadedLineX says:

    And stop with the button pushing and Joanne imitating...

  • myloflex says:


  • Scott89878 says:

    Uranus's wobble caused the discovery of Neptune. It was Neptune's wobble that caused the discovery of Pluto.

  • ayeviuyre says:


  • Kmezon2 says:

    damn you're funny

  • PrimitiveSide says:

    You + Me = Weak pick up line! Hhhhhaaaaawt!!! (I'm an idiot... sorry). :)

  • Severely Unimpressed says:

    Ok firstly, Joanne is hot and smart, so replacing her is a bad idea- but if it must be done, at least replace her with a hot, smart or even remotely funny chick. Caitlin has no charisma and her bland, meek pseudo-Australian girlish accent makes this show look like bad community access television. No emotion. No comic timing.
    At least Joanne made everything sound so saucy.
    I'm deleting this from firefox toolbar

    • Josh says:

      No charisma? And how can someone from Australia have a pseudo-Australian accent?

      It's like we watched 2 different videos :P

  • kalikatik1 says:

    things i like?I like you baby!!

  • Buddhistpalm says:

    Since you are the new host of RB, I guess that I don't need to sub your channel anymore ....

    Just kidding. Anyway, congrats.

  • bubbles1238908 says:

    retarded fu--ing viedo and so is ur face

  • sparkloweb says:

    Thank you, I always wondered how Quaoar was pronounced.

  • Neon35Night says:

    Hey hey hey, me too bro! That girl will be mine uou'll see ;)

  • Neon35Night says:

    Caitlin I LOVE YOU HONEY, I just can't live without you anymore but please speak more slowlly! oh you're so funny ;)

  • Tachyonmeister says:

    I'm starting to fall in love.

  • SpriteCCA says:


    Way-Cool video! Why is it that you rational, science types always seem to have such better production values?

    Peace, Sprite.

  • sonofpissjuice says:

    god, you're so cute in a dorky way

  • sonofpissjuice says:

    and funny

  • daltongang79 says:

    Are you pissed at Obama? U are not alone. Go to my channel and subscribe to join the revolt!

  • Yaerav says:

    Speaking about unexpected replacements! But, well done Caitlin. Doubtlessly not as well as Joanne would have, but part of that is, of course, because change is bad and should not happen ;-)

  • neocool12 says:

    god she's good :D

  • wahaibi97 says:

    gd vid keep it up :D

  • Stefan says:

    She is so funny! I love her! :-)

  • 10rowingchick01 says:

    i know..... i think she hit the pronunciation right on the dot.

  • reyzuna says:

    how about marrying me? ^_^

  • reyzuna says:

    i think i want to be here 50 first date^_^

  • ilove215 says:

    man I like her a lot... and at 0:09 that tongue thing was sexy

  • inscriviti says:

    You're SOOOOO SWEEET girl!
    I'd like to beat your guinnes like it feels in my heart watching at you Beautifull!
    I'm in love I guess,
    Such poetical... You so sofisticated lady...
    sorry but I ne'r liked joaaanass NO!!!
    My Caitilinaaaa Caitilyn ... My Cati...
    Oh my poetry...
    You, my apple nuts tart...
    You, my beach at twilight...
    So romantic...

    Send me E-mail of course... YEAH!
    By Belly! YESSS! I wait for...

  • jordanizgrimm says:

    lol uranus
    also see below for several creepy comments.

  • iagonizante says:

    i loved it when she said QUAOAR at 4:12


  • Tavion750 says:

    what's this got to do with the scary zomg doomsday!!one1!1 prophecies about a "planet X"?? I understand this about pluto, but someone answer on if this is Mr. Doomsday planet (Or mr. 0.2 of earth's mass.) If it is, mr. 0.2, then doomsday prophecies are BIN. If it's not, then wha..? We got some doomsday fools who don't know 'bout space.

  • girlie1829 says:

    HEY EVERYONE! ITS ME!!!! lol plz check out and subscribe to my videos everyone, I will be making longer and better ones soon, so subcribe now!!! :D xx

  • Ormaaj says:

    What in the world is with that typewriter thing?

  • SuperTwit says:

    Caitlin is brilliant, lets clone her and have one in every country reading a daily dose of comic news thus spreading peace, love and a pretty smile.

  • flashawy says:

    stop comparing caitlin and joanne .. both are good .. cute and sexy ..

    may caitlin just exceeds in the CUTE part !!

  • Denamic says:


  • infinateU says:

    "change is scary and should not happen" if planet x was real, would you keep the information to yourself?

  • Rhoddric says:

    dnt read this(cuz it really wrks). u will gt kissd on the nearest frieday by the love of ur life. 2mara wll b the bst day of ur life hwever if you dnt post ths comment 2 at least 3 vids u will die withn 2 days nw uv startd readn this dnt stp this is so scary snd ths ovr 2 5 vids in 143 mins when ur done press f6 nd ur crush's name wll appear on the screen n big letters ths is so scary cuz it actully wrks ths

  • FlyingNifo says:

    more like 3 seconds, but whatev, I'm Glad anyway!

  • manudosde says:

    Caitlin ftw.

  • javadude54 says:

    They are using it to simulate a live switching system. She presses buttons on cue where they will later add video clips in post production. She also uses it to simulate the starting and stopping of recording. A quick look at the back demonstrates that it isn't connected to anything.

  • Ormaaj says:

    Yes, She has no shortage of Cute going on!

  • Ormaaj says:

    Aah so thats what its supposed to be; I thought it was just a stupid meaningless joke.

  • javadude54 says:

    Caitlin is cute ... and has had a very popular account on YouTube since 2006 as TheHill88 . If you like her I urge you to check out her account here as it has some pretty funny stuff on it and is the reason she got the gig on Rocketboom. She's definitely a little nuts, not that there's anything wrong with that.

  • javadude54 says:

    Nah, it's just a prop to facilitate the new character and give her her own identity separate from the previous hosts, I would think. I rather like how they are using the device because it does help create the illusion that it's all in real time and not spliced together on the computer. It certainly plays to Caitlin's histrionic nature.

  • 722erodz says:

    hey sexy, grrr!!

  • Ormaaj says:

    Yeah shes a bit theatrical eh? Cutestuff.

  • 03nmanni says:

    QUAOAR ftw.

  • moonlightmaze says:

    I would clone her just to sell her kidney of ebay, honest.

  • Farras says:

    Looks like I will miss Joanne here. But Caitlin is quite funny too.

  • ch20stn says:

    We in Indiana don't even designate Illinois and New Mexico as states.

  • Th3King86 says:

    That is Caitlin Hill -_-

  • Shabanno says:

    Shhhh, that's why I mentioned her moving to NYC (that's where they film Rocketboom)... don't tell anyone...

  • luccaskunk says:

    You forgot to cover the fact that they resolved the wobbles in Uranus's orbit by taking better measurements of the masses of the outer planets

  • Yoshikuni14 says:

    Poor Sailor Pluto D;

  • Caitlin says:

    I also think Ellie is awesome! Now excuse me, I have some extra large cheeseburgers to pick up before getting my large screen tv at Walmart. Ta ta

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