• shadowIbunny says:

    F*cking AWESOME!!! GO AFRICA!!

  • EccentricInTexas says:

    15 cents per kilo is better pay then what I get for Scrap Iron.

  • CirqueDuCloud says:

    I didn’t know that racist fuckers were interested in watching anything for the sake of learning about the world; something such as rocketboom.

    Spewing the word n*gger everywhere is not accepted well here on youtube. >.>

  • Lefkada18 says:

    that’s so interesting. using plastic bags to build houses. that’s genius.

  • d2gizzo says:

    So all it takes is one average young guy, and already Kenya is making a bigger effort than both Europe, and America. Isn’t that fucked up? Considering both Europe and America have more money, why can’t we do something similar?

  • d2gizzo says:

    This just proves that all you need is a brain, like this guy.

  • pinkbandgeek says:

    This guy is a genius!

  • oscarry says:

    Hey hey Nederlands, dat is echt netjes ^_^

    Don’t have to read the damn subtitles then lol

  • ELuhn says:

    Marvellous. While most of the world is beating their heads and waving signs, here and there are people quietly making things better. Way to go.

  • oscarry says:

    Because there is no need for products as so and the streats are not littered by bags. There is 0 demand for those products in Europe or America, way to think bud…

  • pakelc says:

    excellent! If only business used waste and turned it into primary necessities the world would be free from it.
    Its genius, to make a house of waste plastic bags!

  • Peacenik says:

    great story very inspirational

  • JesusSavesAtCitibank says:

    People who live in plastic houses can throw stones!

  • RuddyWasHere says:

    Wow, this guy is brilliant, plastic support beams, 100% genius, you get rid of the plastic waste + supporting the environment + getting money

  • d2gizzo says:

    As this smart guy said, it’s about the environment.
    Way to think, bud.
    This is exactly the rationale that is ruining the environment.

  • Maplesyrup41 says:


  • oscarry says:

    Except for I don’t want to be using 3rd world country stuff in a nation like this…

  • bananaman22 says:

    this is very good.
    rocketboom is moving close to the onion’s standard!

  • d2gizzo says:

    We could just use our own plastic waste. And anyway, the intense head required to melt the plastic would kill any “germs” that may be present.

  • d2gizzo says:


  • shizvids100 says:

    how old is she??

  • oscarry says:

    Not worried about bacteria at all, but people prefer their woods, steals and other things as the such. Plus you would have people saying that melting the platic reases gas that cause my favorite myth, global warming.

  • archaedemos says:

    The machine is called an Extruder. Very cool

  • yeheyz says:

    Almost 18.

  • giantenemycrabX says:

    she looks so much better when she does something with her hair.

  • TheBratKingJareth says:

    It’s been proven fact, genius.

  • hhairball9 says:

    wow…nothing speaks “success” like a DVD player in the car…

  • CrimsonDusk says:

    It’s so strange to hear someone saying there allot of plastic to be collected in Africa or being a pour country they have to deal with allot of waste disposal. That’s very strange and shows how ignorant I can be. Thanks for the news and keep it up.

  • FreezyExp says:

    why a dutch documentary?

  • Fex13 says:

    Prolly ´coz we´re popular :P

  • prgmmer says:

    Even I don’t have a dvd player in my car. It’s surprising that plastic beams could be stronger enough to be support beams for houses though.

  • Sarsington says:


  • mofonyx says:

    a plastic house? no thx.

    but what a great idea to turn plastic into fence poles!

  • barakuda1111 says:

    Now all you need to start this is 10 000$ to buy a machine and probably 5000$ to cover the expenses until the business catch up. How didnt anybody else think of this.

  • SalchichaPolaca says:

    Men’s Clubs should order some plastic poles for their dancers =P

  • Firster says:


  • SpaRtanl33tz says:


  • oscarry says:

    It has not been proven and has been disporoved many times, thanks captain shallow facts on your input though.

  • punkmonkoffunk says:

    Wow this is an epic win for someone comin out of Kenya.

  • dronexmail says:

    That’s should give people solving the plastic bag problem in the world…

    But that needs more people to involve.

  • ofeydofey says:


    i love you hill <3

  • todd76705 says:

    dronexmail, your comment is incomplete. you said, “that’s should give people solving the plastic bag problem in the world…..” my question is, give the people solving the plastic bag problem in the world what??? what would it give them???

    then you said, “but that needs more people to involve.” my next question is, more people to involve what???

  • todd76705 says:

    barakuda, the dollar sign goes in front of the dollar amount, not after it.

  • CarylCake says:

    Their profile says they’re from Hong Kong, give them a break.

  • jsfitzgerrel says:

    i like the posts better than park benches. plus no termites

  • Leonardo says:

    *) Of course there should be no plastic bags at all, neither in Kenya nor everywhere else. But it’s particularly depressing to think of a country like Kenya under siege by plastic. My thanks as a Mother Earth’s son to these guys.

    **) For the little it matter I’m definitively green-lighting Caitlin. Further nasty remarks to her, especially those in the smart-ass stripe, will be read by me as a whimper on the tune “Oh please, get the male audience another ideal girlfriend this loser here can fancy”.

  • nomiSimple says:

    20 – Fact

  • Helmutlozzi says:

    wish more of this would come out instead of all the fucking genocide and corruption. :(

  • sth128 says:

    African men and their poles…

  • AreonLee says:

    LOL, “He drives a nice car with a dvd player on-board” xD

    Because that’s so expensive to have now.

  • Nenlos says:

    A worthwhile investment without the guilt.

  • Edhilthoniel says:

    Err. In Africa, that probably is more than 99% of the population has, small-minded man.

  • todd76705 says:

    carylcake, dronexmail may be from hong kong, but hong kong used to be a british territory, therefore there are more people in hong kong that could speak better english that you or i. just because the guy’s from hong kong doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to speak or type english.

  • AreonLee says:

    I am not a man, I am, A TRAIN!!! :D

  • TheBratKingJareth says:

    Actually it has. Check the British Scientific journals of the last ten years. What was disproven was the exaggeration of how severe the effects are. It’s true the polar ice caps are deteriorating but at a very, very slow rate. The Earth’s temperature is rising but only at about one degree per 100 years. Most don’t view this as a serious problem but if you consider the ‘mini ice age’ (the colder aspects of the dark ages which were about five degrees colder than centuries proceeding it) (con)

  • CarylCake says:

    Of this I am aware, being British myself. You know, the two comments you’ve made here so far are to correct people, rather than to actually talk about the video. What’s your opinion on the plastic bag thing? You know, the topic?

  • TheBratKingJareth says:

    (Fin) A slight change does a great deal to the way of human behaviour and environment as well as cultivation. Whatever you were reading chose careful wording to appease you but yes, Global warming is an accepted fact of the world scientific community. I studied theoretical physics a year ago. Its true that Global warming isn’t severe as some environmentalists would have you think but still one degree per 100 years gives a long term toll on the over all planet with many negative repercussions.

  • Rampage1017 says:

    i love how hes watching an ice cube vid in his car… but that aside.. hes doing a great job

  • 4ndr15 says:

    Wow, this is really inspirational. But I was kind of wondering, isn’t that producing harmful gasses? But anyway it’s still better than just waiting for 1000 years. And I doubt that we have that much time.

  • oscarry says:

    One of the poles ice caps are melting, the other one’s is growing. Mar’s temperature has also been going up at a slow rate (no humans there) showing that it is natural. What I mean to saying with “global warming myth” is yes, the exaggeration, but also the fact that us humans are the reason. And it is even less than 1 degree C every 100 years. We are on merely on a cycle, the were worried about an ice age in the 60s and I personally feel, that that is next.

  • dcstrike says:

    Yeah that’s the catch-22 with recycling. The transport, processing, and redistribution of renewable materiel is in itself a polluting process. But you weigh the economic/environmental costs and benefits and hope that you are doing more good than bad. Leachate from plastic breakdown is especially harmful and toxic to organic lifeforms (including humans), and as long as the new product is being used, I think the net benefit is there :)

  • funnybleh says:

    The hot plastic fumes coming off that new pole must be pretty fragrant. Good thing the Kenyans have universal health care to take care of the factory workers when they get sick from doing their jobs. Otherwise more power to them!

    • Leonardo says:

      Good point. Actually the aromatic compounds emissions are notable, and the workers there don’t even seem to use a protective mask. Right now I don’t know the recycling rate of plastic, but it’s considerably lower than paper.

  • darvin1023 says:

    good on him!

  • MajinFrahma says:

    Pretty impressive.

  • pwND001 says:

    that guy operating the machine should wear a mask, he would be getting mean poison fumes in his face

  • Sleeper says:

    Hey Caitlin, What’s with all the boob shaking during the intro?

  • PrivateSlacker says:

    There is no cash incentive to collect plastic bags here in the US like there is for soda cans.

    In my neighborhood, poor people gather up every soda can they can find to redeem the 5 cents each. If they can get even 1cent per plastic bag, the streets would be clear of those too.

  • martinordulal says:

    Need to know.

  • hodhod says:

    ppl do stuff out of plastic garbage every were i think
    it’s not all that new and all

    here in egypt atleast we do

    but the plastic outcome is not that nice to use
    the stuff is kinda smelly and low quality and every one likes to use the non garbage stuff instead

    and what’s with the house thing
    even if it wasn’t garbage, who’d make a house with plastic poles??????????

    any way good for the guy it’s good business
    but not worth mentioning

    congratz on the dvd “his toyota rocks”

  • baklapharm says:

    dutch guy talking FTW!!!

  • sismian says:

    Inventive, i am really not a fan of plastic bags. Anyone who can turn them into something really useful i salute :P

  • jeromermod says:

    jobs for the youth and poor & making kenya a little bit cleaner. so creative! im really impressed. i wished the big media would pay africa more attention

  • Nohbdysmyname says:

    this has got to be the COOLEST MOST AWESOME thing I’ve EVER SEEN!!!! in my entire LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nukefluke says:

    I love the fact that when it said “it’s still about saving the enviroment”, they showed a pic of his SUV!

  • kkyy23 says:

    yup at about 2.57

  • kkyy23 says:

    how old are you

  • gamedeep says:

    That is awesome! Go COUNTRY!!!! WOOOOOO!!! That guy is my hero now.

  • BlueSundew says:


  • ZoKy94 says:

    1.take your middle finger and put on ur nose.
    2.say a name of someone u like.
    3.that person will ask u out or say they love u tomorrow.
    4. here’s the thing copy and paste to 2 other vids its true i tried it yesterday and it worked lol

  • saintvinasse says:

    You need these kind of car in Kenya. Roads are a mess and without 4x drive, you won’t get far.

  • mihtnick says:

    Well done!

  • vamptor666 says:

    finally, a video not about caitlin, it took so long

  • MikeyClarkeSprout says:

    Using plastic garbage to build houses.

    Very cool, awesome to see this happening.

  • penutwi says:

    you know the guys that walk around collecting cans would start grabbing bags too lol.

  • MickOfThor says:

    Why make fencing poles when they could make their own 50% trash bins and 50% plastic-bag bins, so that people could throw their plastic bags in them and they could just take the bins of bags over to the factory instead picking up all the bags by hand…then they’d keep the trash of the streets AND make money from recycling plastic bags.

  • Snotnarok says:

    I thought the show was Caitlin Boom :)

  • vamptor666 says:


  • hodhod says:

    it’s a problem to convince ppl to throw plastic trash in “plastic trash cans”

    it’s already hard enough to convince ppl to throw garbage in trash cans already

  • jumbolarge108 says:

    So he drives a nice car, meanwhile he only pays his workers 15 cents a kilo?

  • Kazhstanley says:

    Then people around him and those who work for him would be unemployed and they’d be envious of his success..
    Also theres no monitering of wheres the bins etc. are so they’d lose them all and people would use them for daily uses (like storing their food)

  • Kazhstanley says:

    Dude atleast he is bringing employment to his people
    thats the least one from a country such as that could do, seeing almost all of them are borng with HIV and die from malnurishment

    you need local startups

  • lexandxlove says:

    I love Dutch!

  • kudohazama says:

    Yea, we should start doing good stuff with our garbage…

  • 2bornot2b1984 says:

    Score one for the “envillloment”!

    All joking aside, this is awesome. What a cool dude, and a cool idea.

  • truzod says:

    You rock, and your pretty too! Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  • pinto1203 says:

    Hopefully we’ll see this idea spread to other third world countries afflicted with plastic bag problems at that magnitude.

  • Marc M says:

    I would’ve never imagined that such a simple process could be that profitable. I suspect he might have more competition if he did this in the US. Good for him. That plastic will last a lot longer than wood.

  • encibaduyut says:

    I’d like to bang you!

  • Bmud says:

    Simply fantastic!

  • hdl13 says:

    Stop spitting on my screen dawg.

  • 14dimitri says:

    Thanks, we are honored :P

  • 14dimitri says:

    grad idea, way doesnt very chantry use it?

  • 14dimitri says:

    Fantastic idea, way doesnt every country do this instead of chopping trees

  • bumisworld says:

    this is excellent, and i hope this business grows. Recycling is pretty bad in many african countries, so this is fantastic to know

  • jtoznel says:

    Seeing as we (America) can’t even seem to change over to the same measurement system as the rest of the world. It is going to extremely hard for everyone to recycle. However, i think that with enough work, and determination. Recycling should be the number one priority for all country’s around the world as soon as possible. We need to get in the habit of recycling, and without the governments hep, it will be hard for people to get in routine.

  • ir8mum says:

    i want to do this in Tanzania

  • Dalenbourg says:

    What an incredible idea… plastic junk into fences, houses… hell maybe bridges or rafts at some point… Genious idea for developing and modern countries!

  • sowkay1 says:

    Hey, i have tried to reach this guy with the mindset of reapply it in Nigeria but to no avail.

    Has any one got an idea how i can reach him .. or his contacts maybe?

  • datzfast says:

    so , the money he spent on the car could have bought 3 more machines. i do not want this man as a business partner

  • wolfie672 says:

    Kudos to this man

  • sloppymantis says:

    Hey man.. thats neat and all, but don’t get close to that smoke hehe inhaliong plastic fumes no good! make you become dead

  • VerbotenDingleberry says:

    Capitalism takes a problem the government can’t handle and turns it into a business.

    Paying attention?

  • willie17mac says:

    thats a real good job man helping the environment but buy more machines makes the process faster make your company grow ya dig.

  • FridaySternShow says:

    10,000 for that piece of junk!! what a rip off.

  • TheUnknownHarbingers says:

    commercial machinery is very expensive.. I think he got a good price

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