Online Photo Editing Apps

Today on Rocketboom Tech, host Ellie Rountree gives us a rundown of some of the best online tools for making your photos pop! Click here for show credits!  Photo Tools ExplainedSumo Paint 2.0- Online Image EditorPixlr- Photo Editing ServicesUpload Sharing Site by PixlrLunaPic Online Photo EditorPicnikAutoStitch- Panorama appRollip- Polaroid EffectsTilt Shift MakerRsizr- Intelligent image resizingAnimoto- The end of Slide ShowsPixelmator- Image editing for the rest of usSplashup, Picjuice- With picjuice you can easily edit your photos: resize, crop, rotate, flip and adjust contrast and color levelsAviaryDrPicBefunky- Photo Effects and Photo Editing with One ClickMypictr- Make a Profile PicturePhotoshopTourist RemoverDarkroom- Remove Red Eye, etcAcorn- Image Editor for HumansRoundPic- Rounded Corners for Avatars and Images

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Online Photo Editing Apps
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  • ComputersTechHelper says:


  • karlisown says:


  • mihomis says:

    Great video with lots of alternatives to Photoshop!

  • AKAnanaki says:

    totally cool :D

  • mickeydubbeldekkers says:

    lol i already use about half of them =D

  • The95Alex says:

    awwww ♥

  • Cutlesnap says:

    I love Rocketboom. You’re watching a hot girl for a few minutes and at the end you think: “Wait, I just learned something!”

  • BigAndTall666 says:

    Oh Ellie, so cute! :-)

  • VWLPT says:

    GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a Linux based editing software that has also been ported to Windows and Mac. Being Linux based, this means that the software is free and is being constantly updated by members of the freeware community. It’s actually a really extensive piece of kit and while it is different to Photoshop, it has pretty much all the tools you could want for advanced image editing and is a great alternative for people short on cash.

  • BigAndTall666 says:

    @VWLPT Haha, i was just about to suggest gimp and as it comes with a sh*tload of options and filters it´s basically just like a free photoshop…! -Paintnet is a more user friendly alternative…

  • kirmokin says:

    i noticed that the iCarly girl looks like a mini version of ellie rountree

  • Mekimaru19 says:

    thanks Ellie :D now its all about sumo paint :)

  • OmegaDeman says:

    Great vid.

  • Hulkmania316 says:

    thanks rocketboom, this has nothing to do with those anoying animals. Die already stupid animals!!!

  • jkjkjij22 says:

    i used picnik to make my youtube Chanel background

  • BlackJeopardy says:

    Eh, Picasa is pretty good too, Free AND User Friendly.

  • indiangoku says:

    I Like!

  • SuperTheBear says:

    Microsoft Paint is for pros

  • httprover says:


  • BrewmasterFuzzball says:

    I was hoping for an open source download of something like photoshop or Illustrator

    Is any of these like that? or are they all webbased?

  • JoeDull says:

    MS Paint or gtfo

  • DaleMurph says:

    Very informative.

  • foolofatook84 says:

    @BrewmasterFuzzball Try “The Gimp”. It’s pretty decent… Just Google it.

  • FreedomAtRisk says:

    you are fine woman

  • vukeidge says:

    GIMP is better. It’s really similar to Photoshop but free.

  • ukimalefu says:

    No mention of Aviary!?

  • falafel1995 says:


  • Issasaur says:

    Are there any free design applications that work with vectors? Similar to illustrator? it would be interesting to know those… if there are any.

  • stagecoachjoe says:

    Nice review. How about video editing apps (other than iMovie, AfterEffects and the like)?

  • internet155 says:

    No one pays for photoshop

  • pinkblackwitch says:

    @BrewmasterFuzzball Like others have said; The GIMP is a really nice choice. :)

  • Probewitch says:


  • JotaLegendOfficial says:

    Thumbs up for incompetech music!!

  • iSometimesWriteMusic says:

    Ellie > Women of planet earth.

  • Phaselift says:

    how about Aviary?

  • cary123 says:

    Nah, ill just pirate adobe stuff.

  • captainBernd1 says:

    how bout Photoshop

    you can buy it on Torrent and on Rapidshare^^

  • foreverheenim says:


  • lilballerina says:

    sounds to radio-ey

  • silivrenisil says:

    If you want to download something GIMP is great :)

  • mrdinh1 says:

    good info

  • JIYkp says:

    Informative, I like that.

  • andreous7 says:

    Nice hair Ellie :-)

  • icegryphon says:

    Like everyone before, you forgot GIMP.
    GIMP is a must have for the simple fact.,
    Photoshop – The License Cost + Opensource = GIMP.
    Also if you care, you should atleast send them a few bucks.

  • ChiriConCarne says:

    ninja Domo-kun… hiding in the bushes~

  • jjesus0329 says:

    where’s domo
    oh wait there he is lol

  • thejobloshow says:

    Nice video, I need the raw awesome power of Adobe Photoshop but I want to check picnik out.

  • LifeInspector says:

    Thank you so much! This is incredibly useful!

  • fossilman123 says:

    We need more Ellie

  • PixelBrainMush says:

    Wash your domokun! Jeez, there’s a plant growing out of it!

  • thesharifstrike says:

    deviantART’s Muro and Photoshop Express.

  • DemonicSymphonic says:

    This girl is nice naked. Nice vageena

  • ThatRandomGirlAndrea says:

    You forgot =)

  • WretchedAaron says:

    Nice. Thank you, Ellie.

  • DONOTWANTplease says:

    Awesome Video!

  • SolBuster says:

    @DemonicSymphonic lmao “vageena”

  • pyromaniacchica says:

    very useful video, thanks!

  • fdeink says:


  • namretsbol says:

    I so hate the word app….
    Thank you Apple…

  • vuxpyra says:

    you forgot Adobe photoshop online!

  • rickcheyne says:

    Great review Ellie.

  • nathanredd says:

    wow thats pretty awesome

  • ejaywillie says:

    Ellie is so pretty ♥crush♥

  • Arat1t1 says:

    Look out, the grue in the plant is going to eat her!!!

  • yeheyz says:

    Oh man! She gave us her email!

  • elspethjane says:

    @vuxpyra I didn’t! It’s listed in the description along with many other suggested apps!

  • elspethjane says:

    @rickcheyne Thanks Rick!

  • elspethjane says:

    @pyromaniacchica Glad you like it!

  • elspethjane says:

    @WretchedAaron Glad you liked it!

  • elspethjane says:

    @ThatRandomGirlAndrea I posted about them in the episode description along with many other suggestions. I love Aviary and use their browser plug-in!

  • elspethjane says:

    @LifeInspector Great!! Glad you can use the information!

  • elspethjane says:

    @thejobloshow Picnik or Aviary would be a good choice for you to try. They’re a little laggy, but that’s to be expected.

  • elspethjane says:

    @JIYkp Glad you think it’s informative! There are also lots of other suggestions in the video description!

  • elspethjane says:

    @stagecoachjoe That’s a good suggestion! I have it written down as an idea for an episode. Maybe that’ll be next?

  • elspethjane says:

    @ukimalefu I do in the video description! There’s a whole list of other options there too!

  • SmokingWickerman says:

    @yeheyz Dose this mean I can hunt down Molly???

  • adamlyons87 says:

    Ellie to the rescue!! Thanks, just coming back from holiday with lots of photos and needed info like this :)

  • elspethjane says:

    @adamlyons87 Great, glad it’s so useful for the holiday season! Anything else you’d like to see?

  • ginonijssen says:

    how about

  • I usually watch the videos and don’t comment but this was by far the most informative video so far… at least to me. For a guy who refuses to spend another $700 on photoshop for MAC (Because I already have it on my previous, little used, windows machine) These free alternatives are just what I was looking for. Great work!

  • sutacarligmarian says:

    I like Sumo Paint…

  • sutacarligmarian says:

    I like Sumo Paint… Useful, friendly, and agreable advices, informations…

  • XanderVonDeMax says:

    best rbtech vid so far – more like this please!

  • kristenmknust says:

    mspaint is for faggots

  • leonidash15 says:

    I still prefer GIMP!

  • samuelbellpierre says:

    I’ll stick to my pirated photoshop.

  • confusedlook says:

    I’d love for you to do one of these for music editing software. Really want a program that just does basic music cuts but have no idea where to start looking or if there is anything free out there.

  • Stradigos says:

    Best one in a while!

  • shadowace421 says:

    i want photo edeting apps that turns photos into anime photos!!!

  • Elliottslingsby says:

    Who buys adobe products?

  • Supuhstar says:

    dA Muro is a new one

  • emilayhun says:

    Lookup and easy

  • BelgianGeneral says:

    great and informative video, thanks!

  • kickassmage says:

    Gimp ftw

  • kareemDC says:

    hey elli u single

  • kroz775 says:

    finally a rbt that is actually relavent to me!

  • OkNowImWatching says:

    I can’t believe you skipped on Gimp. Why?

  • P0LIO says:

    @OkNowImWatching “online photo editing apps”
    applications that are ONLINE and not downloaded

  • cxjiek says:

    @OkNowImWatching Gimp is offline

  • cxjiek says:

    I think you are trying to list too many options in a single three and a half minute video. This video wasn’t helpful to me, it just gave me a headache. I’m surprised with such a long list though.

  • jason24568 says:

    There is an example of photo editing online is PiZap (I tried it for memes)

  • OkNowImWatching says:

    @P0LIO Thanks for the clarification. ;)

  • OkNowImWatching says:

    @cxjiek I see, so that’s why.

  • Axertion says:

    @OkNowImWatching Gimp is not an ONLINE option ;)

  • OkNowImWatching says:

    @Axertion I understand now, thanks. ;)

  • box6666666 says:

    one o fthe best RB tech videos in awhile. mostly because i didn’t know online photo editing sights even existed.

  • bmecoli says:


  • shanepatrickfagan says:

    Gimp is awesome

  • adamlyons87 says:

    @elspethjane Hmm… not sure really. How about ‘Ellie’s predictions for 2011′ in terms of tech that’ll be big next year? Or even more exciting, predictions for 5 years time!?

  • MsHojat says:

    MS paint is complete crap… be it the new version or the old version.

    Offline editing, or simple stuff owns. For more advanced stuff, GIMP is where it’s at.

  • ZacharyHere says:


  • Jan Skvaril says:

    Hello, it is great video. May be you can also make something like Online Video Editing Apps. It would be very useful.


  • tjksvids says:

    MS Paint is for noobs!

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